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Hello everyone! 15th September 2012

Hi all,

It's been a long time since this site has been updated, and I've come to the decision that this site is going to be closed. You're still free to browse the site but the information is completely out of date and won't get an update in the future.

Thank you to all who have shown support to the site in the past, and I hope you all continue to visit my other websites:

MJF's Stories

Forget Me Not... A Lucie Silvas Fansite

Primeval Stories Online 

See you all around!


Oh dear, two "Merry Christmas"'s in a row...

Wow, I'm really falling behind with these updates, the last post on here was last Christmas...

But I hope you all have a brilliant day today and get all you want! Don't forget, "The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe" is on BBC1 and BBC1 HD tonight! :)

And the updates will be coming after Christmas... ;) 

Merry Christmas!

I'd like to wish all visitors to this site a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a great time and get everything you want! Also, enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas special. ;) (If you didn't know, it's on at 6:00pm on BBC1 and BBC1HD on Xmas Day.)

Favourite Series 5 Doctor Who Story?

What was your favourite story from the latest series of Doctor Who? Did you love the new Daleks in Victory Of The Daleks? Or the return of the Silurians in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood? Or maybe you loved the idea of the Alliance in The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang? Vote for your favourite now!

LAST TIME: 2 people rated The Big Bang 6/5, and one person each rated it 2/5 and 5/5.

Just to let you know, there will not be a poll next week due to it being Christmas Day next Saturday, so the next poll will be on the 1st January (hopefully!). 

Christmas Template

We have a new background for the rest of the Christmas period. Enjoy! Afterwards, some point in early January, the usual background will return.

Doctor Who 5.13: The Big Bang

We find out whether Amy was really dead, how Rory returns from being plastic to human, how The Doctor gets out of the Pandorica and whether River Song survived the TARDIS explosion.

What did you think?


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated The Pandorica Opens 6/5. 

Doctor Who 5.12: The Pandorica Opens

The Doctor and Amy trace River Song to a Roman camp. They then travel to Stonehenge, and find that underneath there is a box called the Pandorica, which The Doctor thought was a legend. But there are loads of spaceships above Stonehenge. Why though? And how is Rory back?


LAST WEEK: The Lodger received 2 votes, and both rated it 5/5. 

Doctor Who Christmas Special Title Announced! 13th November 2010

The 2010 Christmas Special of Doctor Who has had no name until yesterday, when it was revealed as A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill with Katherine Jenkins and Michael Gambon guest starring. 

Weekly Poll

I will be keeping the poll up for another week due to absolutely no votes. Remember to cast your votes on The Lodger!


New Look! 30th October 2010

The website has a new banner and colour scheme! For the moment, it is a trial run. If I like it, and gets positive comments on our Facebook page, then it shall stay. If not, I will bring the old one back. As I said, please leave comments on our Facebook page (link given above).

Thanks to Noddyholder for the insignia! 

Doctor Who 5.11: The Lodger

The TARDIS takes off without The Doctor, but with Amy. The Doctor has to live with a human. But what goes on upstairs? And how will he fit in?


LAST WEEK: 1 person voted, because I forgot to put the poll up.  That one person rated Vincent & The Doctor 3/5.

Primeval Series 4 News 30th October 2010










Click on the picture to enlarge.

This magazine article on the forthcoming fourth series of Primeval (due to be broadcast very early January) contains some interesting information, including news about the character of Sarah Page (Laila Rouass) who will not be returning. For that bit, read the section on Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield).

Series 4 of Primeval welcomes back Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt) and Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) for the whole series. Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) will be returning for three episodes only due to the actor's other commitments. These three characters were trapped in two different prehistoric eras, and make it back, but not straight away. Captain Becker returns from Series 3 along with James Lester (Ben Miller). Lucy Brown (actress, not character!) is set to return, but it is unknown whether she will be playing Claudia Brown or Jenny Lewis, or even another new character, and how long she will be back for (permanent, a few episodes, one episode, cameo, etc.). There are three new characters this series. Matt Anderson (Ciarán McMenamin) is the new team leader, Jess (Ruth Kearney) runs the day-to-day operations from within the ARC and Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) is now the joint owner of the ARC.

For more information (SPOILERS IN THE LINK), read this: 

Doctor Who 5.10: Vincent & The Doctor

The Doctor and Amy meet Vincent Van Gogh, and together they have to fight a creature that only Vincent can see...


LAST TIME: 3 people rated Cold Blood 6/5, whereas 1/5, 4/5 and 5/5 got one vote each.

Really sorry about the lack of updates! I'll try and get back on track.  

Doctor Who 5.9: Cold Blood

The Doctor, Amy and Rory and friends have to make an alliance with the Silurians that could change Earth forever...


LAST TIME: 6 people rated The Hungry Earth 5/5, 3 6/5 and one vote for 1/5.

An Evening with Lucie Silvas - Live at the Bedford

Lucie will be hosting a Nashville style acoustic evening at The Bedford on Tuesday 26 October with special guests Bailey Tzuke and The Bonfires in aid of children's cancer charity Clic Sargent. 

Lucie's young cousin Euan was diagnosed last year with Retino Blastoma and Clic Sargent has played a huge part in supporting Ewen and his family during his treatment and recovery. Lucie's sister Mia will also be running the London Marathon for Clic Sargent in April 2011, and this event will be part of Mia's fundraising efforts for this challenge. 

I hope you will join us for this wonderful intimate evening at one the best venues in London, The Bedford. Entry is just £15, which also includes one raffle entry. Tickets can be purchased from and go on sale this FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER from 9am (just click on the flyer below). As you may already know, The Bedford is a small intimate venue and tickets will be limited, so make sure you get yours quick!

Doctor Who 5.8: The Hungry Earth

The Doctor, Amy and Rory land in the future. The Doctor and Amy investigate a drilling project, whole Rory investigates graves where coffins have gone missing. Amy gets sucked beneath the earth. The Doctor works out that it's the Silurians, the race that lived on Earth long long ago. They capture one, called Alaya. The Doctor and his new friend Nasreen (Meera Syal) go below the Earth in the TARDIS, and see it is a whole army of Silurians, ready to be awoken from their sleep.


LAST TIME: Only 2 votes were cast. One vote went to 5/5, and the other to 6/5. 

Doctor Who 5.7: Amy's Choice

The Doctor visits Amy and Rory 5 years after they'd left the TARDIS, to find Amy's pregnant. Then they wake up in the TARDIS, where they meet the Dream Lord. They keep switching between the worlds and have to decide which is real, while facing a deadly threat in each.


LAST TIME: 4 people rated The Vampires Of Venice 4/5, 3/5 and 6/5 got 3 votes each, 0/5, 2/5, 5/5, I don't care and I don't watch Doctor Who all got 1 vote. The only option without a vote is 1/5.

Doctor Who Figures 14th August 2010

All Doctor Who Figure information has now been transferred over to our sister site, Doctor Who Figures.

Moving Around 19th July 2010

You may notice things moving from here. All Doctor Who figure related info and reviews will be transferred over to the new site. Go there now (it is unfinished!) by clicking here!

Doctor Who 5.6: The Vampires Of Venice

The Doctor picks up Amy's boyfriend, Rory, before sending them both on a romantic date to Venice. But instead of that romantic date, they have to deal with alien vampires...

What did you think?


LAST TIME: 1 person rated Flesh & Stone 5/5. 

Doctor Who 5.5: Flesh & Stone

The Weeping Angels are drawing closer as The Doctor, Amy and River Song are trapped in a forest. What tricks to the Angels have up their sleeves? What is happening to Amy?

What did you think?


LAST TIME:  2 people rated The Time Of Angels 5/5, whilst 1 person each said 4/5 and 6/5.

Doctor Who 5.4: The Time Of Angels

The Doctor meets River Song again, and they both have to work together to find a Weeping Angel that escaped from the crash of the Byzantium. What dangers are lurking?

What did you think?


LAST TIME: 1 person rated Victory Of The Daleks 6/5.

Doctor Who 5.3: Victory Of The Daleks

Churchill has summoned The Doctor and Amy to World War II to show him his new way of winning the war. But they are actually Daleks, and they are more deadly than ever...

What did you think?


LAST TIME: 5 people rated The Beast Below 4/5, and 3/5, 5/5 and 6/5 got one vote each.


Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You Album Review

On the night of the 13th April, on John Kennedy's Xposure show on XFM, Kate Nash was in the studio for an Album Playback, where the whole album is played with a track-by-track interview. I reviewed each of the songs as I listened, and here is my full review:

My Best Friend Is You
Release Date: 19th April 2010
Chart Position: Not yet released
Format: CD, Download

Star Ratings Out Of 5:
Kiss That Grrrl: 5
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?: 5
I Just Love You More: 4
Do Wah Doo: 5
Take Me To A Higher Plane: 4
I’ve Got A Secret: 4
Mansion Song: 2
Early Christmas Present: 5
Later On: 5
Pickpocket: 5
You Were So Far Away: 3
I Hate Seagulls: 5

 A nice upbeat song, very catchy. A big change with the breakdown bit, but then we go upbeat again! It'll have you singing "You'll never listen to me" all day! 

Kiss That Grrrl: A great start to the song, very beat-y. It contains the sentence "I bet her feet don't even stink" in true Kate style. It sounds a bit horrid to the man in the chorus, but the happy beat to it really makes you forget what it's about sometimes. Not too keen on the higher notes at the end of the first, second and fourth lines of Verse 3, but the instrumental before the slow chorus is short but amazing!

Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?: A nice re-make of the song from the Merry Happy single. The new music really makes it seem like a different song. She sings it beautifully all the way through, and then we get to the monologue bit, where she has a bit of a rant. It can be quite funny, until you get to a word that you don’t want to hear, and it’s not what you’d expect in this sort of song.

I Just Love You More: A nice beat to it. It gives a different feel to Kate. She basically repeats “I just love you more”, then adds “than anything” onto the end of the last one before starting to scream, before starting all over again. A bit basic, but it is quite funny!

Do Wah Doo: A very girl-group type of song, with a good introduction. Kate starts singing about how she hates a certain woman. She then goes on to say that’s he reads a book instead and that she doesn’t care, before going into a tag of “bum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum”. She then sings the chorus and the tag again. It has a really lively feel to it.

Take Me To A Higher Plane: A nice start to the song, loud and proud. Kate says how she needs to get away, and goes into an Avril Lavigne type of style, before slowing down a bit. It’s a very loud sort of rock song, where she brings out her inner “punk” side that we’ve seen in Model Behaviour and I Just Love You More.

I’ve Got A Secret: Kate starts off singing the lyrics “I’ve got a secret, I can’t tell you”, then saying that people would judge her on the secret. She repeats this, which makes it really catchy. The song breaks down a bit, then starts building up again with loads of background noise. A drumming piece starts going at the end.

Mansion Song: Horrid opening monologue, really quite rude, but the song bit isn’t much. The whole song is generally rude and I’m not a fan of it. There isn’t much to it.

Early Christmas Present: Got a nice tune to it, sounds quite happy, but it is about a depressing issue. Kate does bring this across in the song, but her vocals sound really calm and lovely. There are some backing vocalists during part of the song just going “aaah”. Really nice song.

Later On: Very catchy tune actually. Nice vocals from Kate, and I like the drums. The chorus is very catchy aswell. She sings about how she didn’t mean to let her boyfriend down. The shows how upset she is. I don’t see the point of the counting in the middle of it though.

Pickpocket: Lovely song, but don’t get the pauses in the middle of lines. Love the atmosphere created during the chorus when it slows down, then picks up again. Really great song.

You Were So Far Away: A much slower song, with not as much “oomph” to it. Not as exciting as others, but it is a nicer song to listen to, despite a bit of bad language. A bit boring, though.

I Hate Seagulls: Nice backing music for quite a funny song. Kate lists many of the things she hates, before moving onto things she likes. At the end she says that she loves someone, but doesn’t know how to say it. A really nice song if you think about what it is actually about.

Full Album Review:
So, that’s the full album! Well worth the wait. I went through a lot just to listen to this album, including waiting about 3 hours! I suppose it’s nothing compared to the 5 days we have to wait to own it.

So, the positives. Most of the album has got a 5 star rating, which is always a good sign. The highlights of the album are Tracks 1-5, Early Christmas Present, Pickpocket and I Hate Seagulls, with I’ve Got A Secret and Later On also being very good.

There is only one negative on the album, and that is Mansion Song. I really hate the monologue, and think most of it is unneeded.

Overall, I would give this album a 5/5. All of the good songs overrule Mansion Song, which is a very good sign!

Doctor Who 5.2: The Beast Below

The Doctor takes Amy Pond to Starship UK, the new home of the British people. Is all what it seems though? What are the Smilers? And what happens inside the Voting Booth?

LAST WEEK: 4 people rated The Eleventh Hour 6/5, 2 rated it 4/5 and one gave it a 3/5 rating. 

Doctor Who 5.1: The Eleventh Hour

The Doctor has just regenerated and is crashing down to Earth. He meets a young girl called Amelia Pond, and her life gets changed forever. The Doctor the meets her as an adult woman after saying he'll be back in 5 minutes. Amelia, now going by the name Amy, is unsure about whether she can trust this stranger or not, but she is the only one who can help The Doctor as he has 20 minutes to save the world from Prisoner Zero.

What did you think of the episode?


LAST TIME: 1 person each said that they love Survivors, they like it, they hate it and they don't want to watch it.

Doctor Who Series 5 Friday 2nd April 2010

The fifth series of Doctor Who starts this Saturday at 6:20pm on BBC1 and BBCHD. The Eleventh Hour (5.1) is the first episode starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

In other news, the weekly poll will return on Sundays for you to vote about the latest episode.

New Doctor Who Trailer

A new Doctor Who trailer is now out! You can watch it here:

Timeslip 20th February 2010

‘The Curse of Bodmin House’ – the 6th episode in the ‘Doctor Who: Timeslip’ comic series – is now available to read, after a year in production, over on!

Timeslip asks the question “what if the 9th Doctor had arrived at Henrik’s one minute earlier and saved HP Wilson from the Autons instead of Rose?” and sees the Doctor and Wilson (or, as he’s better known, Peter) travelling through time and space instead.

Episode 6 has been hit by many delays but finally it was released tonight, after a really exciting ‘Timeslip Week’ leading up to it – seeing loads of new Timeslip content making its way onto the site from both Timeslip creator Seb Hamilton and members of Doctor Who Figures Online!

‘The Curse of Bodmin House’ stars Donna and Wilf (a customised figure from the genius Babyjelly), but there are dangerous predictions abound and death has never seemed so close to our favourite Chiswick family...

You can read Episode 6 using the link below, and please feel free to leave feedback here (on the Guestbook for me to pass on), on the 
Doctor Who Figures Online forum or send it to the creator Seb Hamilton at




The final episode of Series 2 of this drama on BBC1 is to be broadcast on Tuesday, but have you been watching? Do you like it? Tell us in our weekly poll!


LAST TIME: 2 people said the new Doctor Who episode titles are excellent.

Survivors Page 20th February 2010

A new page for the BBC1 post-apocalyptic drama Survivors has been added. It has yet to be finished, but do check it out!

Doctor Who Series 5 Episode Names

3 episode names for Series 5 (or Series 1 or Series 31 if you like!) have been revealed recently in this month's Doctor Who Magazine.

5.1: The Eleventh Hour
5.2: The Beast Below
5.3: Victory Of The Daleks

Do you like these? Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 2 people said 2009 was an OK year, and 1 person said they hated 2009.


2009 might have been over a whole month ago, but what was it like for you?


LAST TIME: 13 people rated the 10th Doctor 6/5, 5/5 and 4/5 got 2 votes each and 1 person rated the 10th Doctor 3/5.

David Tennant

David Tennant's era of being The Doctor has now finished, but how would you rate him?


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated The End Of Time Part 2 6/5, with 1/5, 2/5, 4/5 and 5/5 recieving one vote each.

Doctor Who - The End Of Time Part 2

The 10th Doctor's time is up, but how will it all end? Why are the Time Lords back?


LAST TIME: 1/5, 2/5, 5/5 and 6/5 recieved one vote each.

Doctor Who - The End Of Time Part 1

The Master is back, and The Doctor recieves help from Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble's grandad. But what does The Master have planned this time? What is the Immortality Gate?


LAST WEEK: 1 person said they were looking forward to Christmas.

Primeval Stories 22nd December 2009

The Primeval Stories are now on their own site. There is one single page with a link now to take you to it.

Lack of Updates 22nd December 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I haven't found the time. I have updated the Figure Reviews page (with Primeval Figure reviews aswell), the Doctor Who 5" Figures page and have deleted the News Archives page, as all news stories are back at the bottom of this page. Remember to read the Primeval Stories!


It's that time of year again! Are you looking forward to Christmas? Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST TIME: 3 people rated The Gift 6/5, 2 people each rated it 0/5 and 4/5, and there was 1 vote each for I don't watch SJA and 3/5.

The World Of MJF wishes everyone one of you, your family and your friends a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Gift

When Blathereen turn up, they give Sarah Jane a gift. What is it? What can it do?


LAST WEEK: The Eternity Trap got no votes, and 1 person rated Mona Lisa's Revenge 4/5.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Mona Lisa Revenge

When Clyde wins a painting competition, he wins a prize to visit a museum, where the Mona Lisa is being kept temporarily. What lies ahead when she comes alive?


LAST WEEK: The poll was put up late, and therefore gained no votes. It will be staying up, and the results will be announced with this week's poll next week. If there are no votes in either, the next poll will be added along with these 2, and will keep running until they get votes.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Eternity Trap

Sarah Jane, Rani and Clyde join Professor Celeste Rivers and her assisstant Toby as they investigate a haunted house. What mysterious things will happen to them?


LAST WEEK: 1 person voted The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith 6/5, and another one voted it 5/5.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

The Doctor joins Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde, Rani and K-9 in this amazing episode. What do you think?


LAST TIME: 1 person said The Mad Woman In The Attic was 6/5, and 1 person said 4/5.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Mad Woman In The Attic

The 2nd story (episodes 3 & 4) of Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures have been on. Did you like them? Rate it in our weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 3 people rated Prisoner Of The Judoon 6/5, 1 for 2/5 and 4/5 and 2 for 5/5.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Prisoner Of The Judoon

Prisoner Of The Judoon, the first 2 episodes of Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, have premiered. What did you think? Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 3 people said they were happy that Primeval was coming back and 1 person said that they don't really care.

Primeval's Back!

Thanks to funding from BBC Worldwide, Primeval will be coming back for 2 more series in 2011. BBC Worldwide signed a deal with ITV, Watch and Impossible Pictures to commission them. Series 4 will premiere on ITV1, then be shown on Watch, well as Series 5 will premiere on Watch, then be shown on ITV1.

Are you happy with this news? Vote in the (not-so) weekly poll!


LAST TIME: I haven't had time to update the website, but will try to do it at least once a week (Saturday)! 17 people said they liked the 11th Doctor's costume. 2 people said they don't and 5 people were in the middle.

My Collection 25th August 2009

Be sure to check out the new pictures of my figure collection, featured at the bottom of the Doctor Who and Primeval figure pages.

Matt Smith & Karen Gillan

Series 5 of Doctor Who has started being filmed, and we have seen Matt's costume! We have some pictures here:

What do you think of his costume? Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST TIME (late, sorry!): 29 people were very happy that Primeval was axed, 2 said they're not bothered, 3 said they're quite sad and 19 said they were very sad that it had finished.

Primeval Axed!

Primeval had been axed by ITV, after the 3rd series aired. The main reason is that it costs too much money. Over on Gallifrey Base (the successor to the Doctor Who Forum), people are saying that the creators of Primeval (Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges) are in talks with the BBC about the show!

What do you think about the cancellation? Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST TIME: 12 people said they enjoyed the last series of Primeval, 1 person said they missed some episodes and 2 people said that they don't watch Primeval.


The Primeval finale is on tonight, and some people may already have watched it through the DVD (like myself). So, once you've watched it, vote on the overall series in our weekly poll!


LAST TIME: 3 people said they loved it, 3 poeple said it was OK, 1 said they hated it and 1 said they didn't know.

The New Companion

The new companion for the 11th Doctor Matt Smith is revealed to be played by...







Karen Gillan!


Karen may not be very well known, but I'm sure she'll do a great job!

Primeval - Anomaly Incursion

The weekly poll returns, and this one is about my first comic, called Primeval - Anomaly Incursion. A few boxes down you can read the comic if you haven't already done so.


LAST TIME: 5 people each voted Diet Coke and Other as their favourite fizzy drink, 3 people voted Lucozade and 1 person each voted Dr Pepper and Lemonade.

Holiday 14th May 2009

I have not been on here for a while, and there will not be any updates for a while yet, as I am going on holiday next Friday (22nd May). There is no time for another weekly poll.

But don't worry, when we come back (on the 29th May), there will be loads of updates! I will put up the Weekly Poll (about my comic), and do any updates I need to.

Primeval - Anomaly Incursion

I have made a Primeval comic. Please read! You can share your poinions in the next weekly poll.

(click to enlarge)


Fizzy Drinks

Most people like fizzy drinks, even though they are not good for you. But which one's your favourite? Tell us in this weeks poll!


LAST TIME: 10 people said they read Defenders of Earth, and loved it, 1 person said they didn't like it and 1 person said they'd like to read it.

Collection 3rd April 2009

The site has not been updated on a few weeks, due to me being busy with my birthday on the 11th March. But, as of tomorrow, the polls will be back, and remember to ask in the Guestbook if you want to see the polls again!

Also, my new figure collection pictures are up. All pictures are on my Doctor Who 5" Figures page, even SJA, Torchwood and Primeval.

Defenders Of Earth

The Comic Series I mentioned below has sadly finished for the moment, but did you read it? if not, I recommened you do it! Vote in our weekly poll!


LAST WEEK (OK, it was a week late, sorry!): 2 people said they prefer this template, well as 1 person said they prefer the other template with the large logo.


The old template's back, and it is definately staying, but which one did you like better? Tell us here!


LAST WEEK: 2 poeple said they had loads of snow, and 1 person said they had a little bit.


Another poll on snow, but this time, did you get snow today (Monday 2nd February)?


LAST WEEK: 4 people said they have got a detention, and 1 person said they haven't.


Come on, we all hate them! Have you ever got one? Tell us here!


LAST WEEK: 3 people said they like snow, and 1 person said they're in the middle.


Many places in the UK have had snow ovet the last few months, but do you like it? Vote in the weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 3 people said they like Matt Smith, 1 person each said they don't like him, they'll wait and see, and didn't know.

The 11th Doctor

What do you think of 11th Doctor Matt Smith? Do you think he'll be a good Doctor? Tell us in the weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 1 person voted Rock as their favourite music.

The 11th Doctor 3rd January 2008

On a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential, the 11th Doctor was revealed as...











Matt has appeared in Ruby in the Smoke (alongside Rose Tyler actress Billie Piper) and Party Animals plus many more shows.

New Doctor Who Matt Smith


What's your favourite type of music? Tell us in the weekly poll!


LAST WEEK: 7 people said they like Christmas, and 1 person said they don't.

Happy New Year! 1st January 2009

Just want to wish everyone who visits this website a Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2009. :)


Christmas has been and gone, but do you like Christmas? Tell us here!


LAST WEEK: 1 person each rated Enemy Of The Bane 0/5 and 5/5.

Fortnightly Polls 21st December 2008

OK, I'm changing them back to weekly now, as The Sarah Jane Adventures has finished. But if I find I don't have the time each week, I shall change it back to fortnightly.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Enemy Of The Bane

Mrs Wormwood is back, but this time asking for Sarah Jane's help. She wants to stop the Bane from taking over the world! She sets Sarah Jane to look for the Tunguska Scroll, with the help of Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordan Lethbridge-Stewart. But what is Mrs Wormwood planning with Sontaran Commander Kaagh?

My opinion: 6/5


LAST WEEK: 4 people rated The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith 6/5, 3 people rated it 0/5, 2 people each voted it 3/5 and 4/5, and 1 person each said 5/5 and I missed this episode.

X Factor 14th December 2008

Well, Alexandra won! Thank you to all who voted for her.  She would be very happy.

Pictures 11th December 2008

OK, as promised:

X Factor - Alexandra Burke 7th December 2008

My new campaign has been launched:




We need as many people as possible to help her in the final, you can vote more than once!

So, Saturday the 13th December, pick up the phone and vote! The number changes every week, so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for the number on the show.

Christmas 3rd December 2008

OK, as it's approaching Christmas, I shall be posting new Christmas piccies on the 3rd and 11th of December (my 2 luckiest numbers). So, here are the first ones, Doctor Who Christmas Header Cards!


Santa Claus:



Christmas Tree:

2 new pics will be up on the 11th.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith

A lost boy accidently comes through a time fisher, which leads back to Foxgrove, July 1951, when Sarah Jane's parents were alive! So, Sarah Jane and Luke go through the portal, and find out it is August, not July! The day Sarah Jane's parents died! Can Sarah Jane resist the temptation of stopping the accident? Who's behind the whole thing?

My opinion: 6/5


LAST TIME: 2 people rated The Mark Of The Berserker 5/5, and 1 person each rated it 6/5, 3/5 and 1/5.


OK, we've got a new template. Slightly different, but hopefully not too much.  Also, we have a new logo. The bad news is, the old template cannot be brought back, so it's this one or a worse one in my opinion. Anyway, do you like it? Please comment in the Guestbook.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Mark Of The Berserker

Clyde's Dad turns up, and steals this alien pendant from Sarah Jane's attic. The pendant can give the person who's holding it control over anyone! Only one thing, each time you use it, the more it takes oiver you, and you soon become a Berserker! And what's worse, Sarah Jane's away on holiday! What could possibly stop him? Could Maria help?

My opinion: 5/5


LAST TIME: 2 people each rated Secrets Of The Stars 2/5 and 3/5, and 1 person each voted it 4/5, 5/5 and 6/5.

Paradise Towers Elections

OK, the elections ended some time ago () and the results are:






We didn't win!

But, we have formed an alliance with The Dream Ticket (the winning team) and have become The Dream Council.

The High Council Of Gallifrey

Some people from Outpost Gallifrey may know about this. We are having Elections in the Paradise Towers section of the forum, and we need your votes.


Just remember, you need to be a member to vote.

You can also join us here:

Children In Need

Previously, as part of Children In Need there has been 2 specials. One set between The Parting Of The Ways and The Christmas Invasion (called Born Again), and one called Time Crash, after Last Of The Time Lords, but before Voyage Of The Damned. This year, there will be no special for Children In Need. Instead, the BBC will show the first 2 minutes of the Christmas special "The Next Doctor"!

The Doctor to Regenerate in 2010

On Wedensday at the NTA (National Television Awards), David Tennant confirmed that he would step down from playing The Doctor after the 4 specials next year. But don't worry, he's not gone yet! We've got the Christmas special coming, called "The Next Doctor", and David goes back to Cardiff in January to film 4 specials that will cover 2009.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Secrets Of The Stars

Martin Trueman has popped out of nowhere, and suddenly has the power of the ancient lights. Sarah Jane, Rani, Luke and Clyde must stop the ancient lights, before Trueman has control of the world - through starsigns!

My opinion (overall): 6/5


Please only vote if you have seen both parts.

LAST POLL: 4 rated The Day Of The Clown 6/5, 2 rated it 4.5, and 1 person each rated it 0/5, 3/5 and 5/5.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Day Of The Clown

New girl Rani Chandra moves in to Bannerman Road with her mum Gita and her dad Haresh. Haresh is the new headteacher of Park Vale. A sinister clown is haunting school children, and what's this about the legend of the Pied Piper?

My opinion (overall): 6/5


Please only vote if you have seen both parts.

LAST POLL: 9 rated The Last Sontaran as 4/5, 8 rated 6/5, 3 voted for 3/5, 2 voted for 5/5 and 1 doesn't watch SJA.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Last Sontaran

Sarah Jane, Luke & Clyde have to save the world from Sontaran Commander Kaagh, as Maria faces a big decision.

My opinion (overall): 4/5.



LAST TIME: 9 votes for Devastator, 3 for All of them and None, and 1 for Ultimate Monsters and I can't decide.

Weekly Poll - Fortnightly Poll?

I cannot update my polls every week, so I'm now doing them fortnightly (every 2 weeks) on a Saturday. What do you think about this? Tell me in the guestbook.

Battles In Time

GE Fabbri's trading card game has 5 sets - the Exterminator set, the Annihilator set, the Invader set, the Ultimate Monsters set and the Devastator set. But which one is your favourite?

My opinion: Devastator


LAST WEEK: 7 people voted for Series 4, 4 can't decide and 1 voted Series 2.

Doctor Who

What has been your favourite series so far? Was it Series 1, with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, or Series 2, when Rose left The Doctor for the first time? Or maybe it was Series 3, when Martha Jones joined The Doctor, or Series 4, with mouthy Donna as the companion. Vote here!

My opinion: Series 4


Last week: The biggest result yet! 14 people voted 6/5, 4 voted 5/5, 2 voted 4/5, and 1 voted 3/5.

Doctor Who Series 4

Well, the series has come to an end, but we don't have to wait too long, as Christmas isn't too far away! What did you think of the series as a whole?

My rating: 10/10 - Not a bad episode!


LAST WEEK: 3 people voted Journey's End as 6/5, and 1 person each voted it as 2/5 and 0/5.

Journey's End

The Doctor and all his companions join forces to fight Davros and the Daleks, but the prophecy delcares one of them must die...

My rating: 10/10



They are back! Keep checking the Poll page, as I update it with polls for Midnight, Turn Left and The Stolen Earth!

NOTE: These are now up on the poll page.

The Stolen Earth

The Doctor and Donna arrive on present day Earth, to find nothing is wrong. Meanwhile, the Earth shakes, and The Doctor's companions notice too, and they, with the help of Former Prime Minister Harriet Jones, try to contact The Doctor. But an old enemy is waiting in the shadows, with a message for the human race, "EXTERMINATE!"

My rating: 10/10

NEXT WEEK: I rate Journey's End.


The Doctor and Donna visit the planet Shan-Shen. Donna gets her fortune read, and the fortune teller makes her re-make a decision, so she never meets The Doctor again, so he dies. As the world collpases, and the darkness approaches, the only person who can save Donna is a mysterious blonde woman from another universe, who never speaks her name...

My rating: 10/10.

NEXT WEEK: I rate The Stolen Earth.



The Doctor is trapped with a bunch of strangers on the Crusader 50 bus on the planet Midnight, while Donna is in the spa. And what is that knocking?

My rating: 10/10

NEXT WEEK: I rate Turn Left.

LAST WEEK'S POLL: 2 people rated Forest Of The Dead 6/5, 1 person rated it 5/5 and 1 person rated it 0/5.

Dr Who Figures Online

Why not take a moment to visit this amazing site about figures? And also check out the forum!

Forest Of The Dead

What happened to Donna? How will The Doctor and his new friends escape? Who actually is River Song? Share your thoughts on Forest Of The Dead on this week's poll.


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated Silence In The Library 6/5, ad 1 person each rated it 3/5 and 4/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate Midnight!

Silence In The Library

Count the shadows...or vote in this week''s poll!


LAST WEEK: 3 people were not happy that Doctor Who took a break, 1 person was happy and 1 person was a little happy and a little not.

NEXT WEEK: Rate Forest Of The Dead!


Are you happy that Doctor Who took a week's break? Vote in the poll!


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated The Unicorn & The Wasp 6/5, and 1 person rated it 3/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate Silence In The Library!

The Unicorn & The Wasp

A murder mystery and Agatha Christie. Could it be Lady Eddison, the Vicar, Robina Redmond, Colonel or a giant alien wasp? Rate this episode in this weeks poll!


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated The Doctor's Daughter 6/5, and 1 person arted it 5/5.

NEXT WEEK: Are you happy that Doctor Who is taking a week's break?

No Updates

There will be no updates throughout next week, as I am on holiday. I shall be back on Saturday, and upload the weekly poll a bit later then.

The Doctor's Daughter

These episodes just get better and better! Rate it in this weeks poll:


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated it 6/5, and 1 person each rated it 1, 2 & 4/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate The Unicorn & The Wasp!

The Poison Sky

Personally, this is the best Doctor Who episdoe yet. Unfortunately, on overnight ratings it only got 5.9 million viewers. Rate it in this weeks poll!


LAST WEEKS POLL: 2 people rated it 6/5, 1 person rated it 4/5 & 1 person rated it 3.5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate The Doctor's Daughter!

The Sontaran Strategem

This episode of Doctor Who got 6.4 million viewers on overnight ratings. Why not rate it in this weeks poll?


LAST WEEK: 2 people rated "Planet Of The Ood" 6/5, and 1 person rated it 4/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate "The Poison Sky".

Planet Of The Ood

This episode of Doctor Who got 6.9 million viewers with overnights. Rate it in this weeks poll!


LAST WEEK'S POLL: 2 people rated it 6/5, and 1 person rated it 4/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate The Sontaran Strategem!

The Fires Of Pompeii

This episode of Doctor Who Series 4 got 8.1 million viewers on overnight ratings. Vote on your opinions in the poll!


LAST WEEKS'S POLL: 4 people rated it 5/5, 2 people 6/5, and 3 people 4/5.

NEXT WEEK: Rate Planet Of The Ood!

Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime (Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 1) was on last Saturday, and got a stunning 8.4 million viewers! Did you like it? Vote in this weeks poll!


In last weeks poll, I asked you what episode name you preferred. Well, 4 people chose Forest Of The Dead (WINNER), 3 people chose River's Run (2nd), 2 people chose both (3rd) and 1 person chose None (last).

NEXT WEEK: Rate The Fires Of Pompeii! (Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 2)

The Fires Of Pompeii is on 12/4/08 at 6:45 on BBC1.

Doctor Who Episode 9 Name Changed

Episode 9 of Doctor Who Series 4 has been changed from "River's Run" to "Forest Of The Dead". I preferred River's Run, but what do you prefer? Vote in this week's poll.

Last week's poll winer: Call The Shots with 2 votes.


Poll Winner!

The majority of people voted: Yes, in this weeks poll. 3 people voted yes, 2 voted no, 0 voted some, and 1 voted What dogs?

Poll 2:


Poll closes on the 5th April (DOCTOR WHO SERIES 4!).

Doctor Who

Be sure to tune in to BBC1 on the 5th April 2008 at 6:20pm for the first episode of Series 4 "Partners In Crime"!

Weekly Poll

As a quick thing, I shall be adding a weekly poll. There shall be a page added soon with the archives, so you can continue voting!

Poll 1:


I shall say the winner next Saturday (the 29th March).

Doctor Who Series 4

The official start date of Doctor Who Series 4 is Saturday the 5th of April. Remember to tune into BBC1 then! The time is yet to be confirmed.

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