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     Farmer Brown's Animals (updated with a new title and edited version)


                     Farmer Brown's Weird Menagerie
                      by Mario S. Fedele
                  Edited by Skye McLeod      
                    (Copyright 2004)

        The animals on Farmer Brown's farm were really ticked off with him. The hens were the most annoyed. They were sick and tired of him taking away their eggs every day. All that hard work on their part and nothing to show for it! So they had a meeting.

        Broody fluttered her feathers and shouted, "What shall we do about Farmer Brown?" After some thinking, Cluck-Cluck fluttered her feathers and shouted back, "Keep our eggs away from him!" So it was resolved that they'd guard every one of their eggs.
        One group decided to hide the eggs. A few tried to hoist them up to the barn loft. Some hid them by putting them atop Farmer Brown's roof. Some hid them in the eaves. One daring chicken even hauled them up to a huge tree limb.

         Others tried easier things. L
ike throwing the eggs far into the pond. Some threw them down the well. They didn't think about how they'd ever get them out. For the moment they were safe, and that was all that mattered.
        Another group decided to move the eggs as far awa
y from Farmer Brown as possible. They laid them carefully in safety boxes at the local bank. They moved them into storage on padded trucks. They sent them with armed guard to Fort Knox where all the gold was kept.
        Some shipped them by Fedex to nice, warm places such as
Florida and Hawaii. It was a lot of work for the hens, but they never felt more content.

  The horses were another group who were annoyed with Farmer Brown. Their taste buds were getting dull from always being fed the same boring old food—oats and hay! So they had a meeting.
        Old Dobbin, their leader, stam
ped his foot and shouted, "What shall we do about Farmer Brown?" After some thinking, young Whinney stamped his foot and shouted back, "Find ourselves better food!" So it was resolved that a variety in their diet was called for.      

        They straight away headed in to raid Farmer
Brown's fridge. They gobbled up all the veggies, fruits, and cold cuts. Even the dreaded broccoli and spinach. They stuffed themselves with an assortment of cheeses. They even finished a great big roast. Finally, they washed the new food down with every sort of drink they could find—milk, juice, and soda pop.

        Since a few of the bottles contained wine, they became slightly tipsy. But they were not driving. So it did not matter.
        They had so much fun, that next day, they decided to order out. They ordered a dozen pizzas, 10 buckets of fried chicken, and 5 jumbo packs of Chinese food. They also asked for 20 large bottles of pop, but no wine this time.

        When all the food arrived, they charge it to Farmer Brown. He would have to pay for it. Then they dug in. They ate every last bit. It was a feast to rival a king's. The horses enjoyed their new diet so much that they couldn't wait for the next day to come and go at it all over again.
        The sheep were another bunch that were annoyed with Farmer Brown. No sooner would they grow a nice, fat coat than he'd shave them bald. 
So they had a meeting.

        Black Bleaty bobbed her head and shouted, "What shall we do about Farmer Brown?" After some thinking, Curly Sue bobbed her head and shouted back, "Make sure he doesn't get our wool!"So it was resolved that Farmer Brown would never put his clippers to their backs ever again.

        Some groups chose to wear clothing to prevent Farmer Brown from getting at their woolly coats. A few dressed up in smart suits, though most liked a
more casual look.

        For some nothing but the latest styles would do. They also added tons of make-up and jewelry to fancy up their selections.
There were a few who wanted a bold
er look. They draped themselves in punk gear—nose rings and choke collars.

       Several actually donned monster costumes in the hopes of frightening Farmer Brown off. One even wore a scary wolf's hide.

        A small number d
yed their coats with dye in a rainbow of colors. Thus, the wool would be of no use.
        Some used oodles of gel to spike their woolly coats. Others went for braids and bangles. They had no wrists, so had to put them on their legs.                    

        One desperate creature even endured a tar and feathering to keep Farmer Brown away.                                 

        The sheep were a weird bunch, but none cared. For now, they still had their long, wooly coats covering them.

        Word soon spread that Farmer Brown h
ad the strangest looking animals around. He had chickens that hid their eggs in unusual places! He had horses that ate actual "people" food! And he had sheep that dressed up in fancy ways! Visitors came from far and wide to have a peek.

        Soon, the crowds were so large that Farmer Brown started charging admission. He made a lot of money—far more than he ever could have had he kept to his old ways.

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I regret to inform that God's Gift will no longer be
Thank you to all those who purchased a copy!

God's Gift
"A touching memoir of overcoming insurmountable odds and how faith, love and family can be the glue that binds."

I had no clue in how to raise a child and engaged in the endeavor as well I could. The task would have been daunting enough had our baby been healthy, but with the medical problems that ensued, the challenge became frightfully overwhelming. In reading this book, the reader will be drawn into our struggles and tribulations, and will come away having gained valuable insights into areas such as behavior modification, temper tantrums, dietary concerns, cataracts, cleft palate, scoliosis, night-bottle syndrome, Reye's syndrome, Stickler's syndrome, and so much more. Interspersed in this mix are humorous situations to add levity and fascinating snippets to keep the reader well entertained. In spite of all his limitations, I consider our son to be a true gift from God. Hence, the title of the book, "God's Gift." In fact, the meaning of the name, Shaun, translates to "God's gracious gift."  

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Quotes from readers

 Mario S. Fedele has written a story not only about the challenges of raising a child with special healthcare needs, but a story of family life and the everyday tests each of us face as we make this journey through life.
Debbie Oliver

Executive Director AboutFace, USA

I read God's Gift in one sitting! I really enjoyed it. I felt so drawn into your I was a fly on the wall so to speak.
 I'm even using some of your ideas for my non special needs 8 year old for whom all other traditional methods of discipline have failed!
Christy Prescott

My copy of "God's Gift" has changed hands so many times I've lost track of it!
Good things are always worth sharing.

Christy Prescott

I really did enjoy "God's Gift" - and completed it all in one sitting! I would recommend "God's Gift" - not just for people dealing with a child with limitations - but to anyone who has ever felt sorry for themselves.
 Josephine Odierno

"God's Gift" is one of faith, hope, and endurance. It's a marvelous resource for parents who are experiencing serious problems of their own.
Vicki P. Bowman

If you enjoy stories of families that are dealing with children with special needs, then this book should not be missed!
Karen Fidler

"God's Gift" has so much to offer and will make an impact on whoever reads it. Some of the helpful strategies used in the book would be beneficial for anyone.
C S Richard

I just finished "God's Gift." It was great! I laughed. I cried.... I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Bonita Poulin

"God's Gift" was such a treat to read. I found it so fascinating that I was sad when it was over. This book should be in all school libraries.
Bessie Harvey
Skills for Life Assistant

Mr. Fedele, I thoroughly enjoyed "God's Gift" and was humbled by your stamina, courage and somewhat envious that you retired at 38!!!
Rita Laurendeau

"God's Gift" contains a wealth of insights into life, health, medicine, and family that are thought-provoking, poignant and refreshingly unconventional. This memoir is a testament to the strength of family and the ability to overcome personal struggles even when all hope seems lost.
Lisa Inglis "Senior Writing Editor" (Manhattan, New York)

I found "God's Gift" particularly inspiring, deeply personal and courageous. I predict that this title will be on Oprah's recommended book list one day soon.
James Shepherd

I hope that you don't mind, but I e-mailed Ophrah on your book. We need more of these subjects on TV. It truly helped my daughter and myself!
Debbie Brogdon

"God's Gift" needs to be read by everyone, especially those dealing with a chronic illness or dealing with a loved one with a chronic illness. It helped me dealing with myasthenia gravis and I bought a friend a copy and she loved it.
Debbie Brogdon

I will definitely mention to my pastor about "God's Gift."
There is no way a person can read this book and not be inspired and touched.
Debbie Brogdon

If you enjoyed the movie Lorenzo's Oil, then you will love "God's Gift."
It was soooooooo good. It'll have you in tears one minute and jumping for joy the next.

I just wanted to let you know that I finished "God's Gift" today, & it was fabulous. It gave me great inspiration for dealing with Ryan's deafness.
I am so thankful that God guided you to me during this time of need.
Angela Plummer

If you never read another book this year, a must read is "God's Gift."
 It will move you and make you realize that all things are possible with the love and support of family.
God has blessed Mr. Fedele will the gift of words so that he could share this with the world.

Karen Dietrich

I've lent your book out to a few of my friends, and they've given it rave reviews!!!
Stephanie H.

Usually if a book doesn't grab my attention within the first few pages, it won't. But once I started reading "God's Gift," I didn't want to put it down.
Kim, a reader
Your story helps others in their struggles to learn how to triumph over theirs. You are a bright light in the universe and we need to surround ourselves with as much light as we can.
Danabeth Frye

Your writing is very moving.
I absolutely loved "God's Gift," and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

A. P. Sleightholm

Finally finished your memoir, "God's Gift." Breathtaking stuff and wonderful book!
Bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, but exhilarating for it's message of love and hope.

I highly recommend this book - and I don't think you need to be a parent to appreciate it.
Adrienne Mann

I got your book in the mail yesterday when I got home at 5pm. I had it read all the way through by 10pm ( I am a speed reader).
Your book was wonderful and I fully understand everything you have gone through.
Thanks for your insightful book. I am sending it to my parents and grandparents to read.
Jennifer Oliver

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