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This site is about learning that the simple and most important thing to know is that we are loving spirits - coming into this world for an adventure but then losing our way because of the ego's valuing of the body and time and thus separation - but walking together as kindred, back into the light of Love and Wisdom.


As many years passed and I searched for the spiritual fulfilment, I discovered I truly am a Spiritual Being. But I am not a religious Being.



Life or God surely does move in mysterious ways. When we are on track the doors truly do open for us; and the path although it can be hard and difficult and test us to the limit, it is still the path and we know it as some level. All that is required is faith and trust and it will all work out; the right people find us when we need or we are ready for them to find us, the opportunities present themselves only when we are ready for them. All we have to do is be brave enough to take the first step.


I am in awe of life, we all met for a purpose, we all have something to teach and something to learn from every contact we have from another. I also personally believe, if we as humans do not take account of our actions and responsibilities as we interact with all life, and come to understand our need for each other and all creatures that walk this Earth with us, we will destroy ourselves out of ignorance and greed.



To me spirituality is a personal experience of God in one's own life. Bur the first requirement is to love unconditionally. In more simple words, love the soul not the clothing.

What you believe in is not the question. The question is do you believe in you and the guidance from the higher source to fulfil your destiny?

The spiritual journey is all about walking together into the Light, with God - and not the ego – showing us the way. Walk with me and we will learn from each other.


Please continue to enjoy this site as it matures. Check back often to see more that I want to share with you.


 Love and light       




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