Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star

Early Days

The story is that Marie Doro was spotted acting a High School play performance in New York City, and signed up for her first professional performance, in "Aristocracy" at the Criterion Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota, on 9 June 1901. She probably appeared  there in other plays, and then went touring with a company called the Metropolitan Players, in "Naughty Anthony", a then-slightly-risque farce by David Belasco, which had a 90 day run at the Herald Sqare Theatre on Broadway on 8 January 1900, with Blanche Bates in the part of Cora.

The tour performances that I have traced so far are listed below.

Touring Performances


Nov 15    Opera House, Sandusky, Ohio (Nielsen Theatre)    (see Sandusky Daily Star15/ 16 Nov 1901)

Nov 16    Opera House, Elyria, Ohio           (see Daily Chronicle)

Nov 21    Masonic Temple Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana. - one night only; Fort Wayne Journal and Gazette

December 23-24  Grand Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia - two nights only; Atlanta Constitution


Jan 16    Grand Opera House, Galveston, Texas; Galveston Daily News

Mar 15    Burtis Opera House, Davenport, Iowa; Davenport Daily Leader

Mar 22    Opera House, Delphos,Ohio; Daily Herald.



Sandusky Daily Star, Sandusky, Ohio

Marie Doro, who took the part of Cora, a hosiery model, in "Naughty Anthony" at the opera house last night, made many friends. She was a bright, particular star and although her support was little more than excess baggage, she herself peovided an evening's entertainment which was worth going to see. The play was a farce comedy, by Belasco, and it contains much humor when it is well played. Miss Doro proved to be the whole show. There are some risky situations in the production and at times it looked to a man up a tree as if something was about to be doing, but the clever actress always managed to make things turn out all right. Miss Doro is a vivacious, attractive young woman, who is deserving of better things. Her work last night showed that she had made a close study of Anna Held and Edna May.


Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia

"Naughty Anthony", in the hands of a capable company, furnishes an excellent evening's entertainment. With a surfiet of the risque in which alone an imitator of Anna Held could attract public attention, the play appeals strongly to the gallery. Of itself, "Naughty Anthony",  as presented last night, is unworthy of the pen of David Belasco, but this will not necessarily keep the crowds away.

Marie Doro, as Cora, a hosiery model, is an extremely attractice looking person, while her songs, similar to the Anna Held ditties, make up for much that is missing in the cast.

"Naughty Anthony" will be seen again at the matinee today and tonight.



The Theatres

Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral, Fort Wayne, Indiana