Marie Doro - A Forgotten Star


June 9      Aristocracy               Criterion Theatre          St. Paul, Minnesota

(other parts in St. Paul, then toured in "Naughty Anthony")




Dec 29      The Billionaire     Daly's Theatre       N.Y.C.


?               A Runaway Girl                        (San Francisco)

?               The Circus Girl                         (San Francisco)

Nov   2     The Girl from Kay's                 Herald Square Theatre      N.Y.C.

Nov 17     The Admirable Chrighton          Lyceum Theatre               N.Y.C.


Jan   5       Little Mary       Empire Theatre    N.Y.C.

Jan            Little Mary       Park Theatre       Boston

Oct 24       Granny             Lyceum Theatre   N.Y.C.

Nov 15      Granny            Hyperion Theatre  New Haven, Connecticut




Jan 31    Friquet         Savoy Theatre N.Y.C.


May 3     The Dictator           Comedy Theatre

Sep 13     Clarice                    Duke of York's Theatre

Oct 17     Sherlock Holmes   Duke of York's Theatre

Nov  ?     Clarice                    Duke of York's Theatre 

Return to U.S.A.:-

Dec 15    Clarice                   Park Theatre                                Boston, Mass.




Oct 16    Clarice         Garrick Theatre, N.Y.C.

Dec 31    Clarice         Power's Theatre, Chicago


Feb 18    Clarice   National Theatre  Washington, D.C.

March ? Clarice   Park Theatre         Boston, Mass.

Oct  7     The Morals of Marcus        Park Theatre, Boston, Mass.

(A two-week run extended to four weeks)

Nov 18    The Morals of Marcus        Criterion Theatre, N.Y.C.



Feb 12     The Morals of Marcus  Majestic Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

                (and some other touring performances)

Majestic Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana

July 4  (reported in Paris for 4th July celebrations with Charles Frohman) (New York Times)
July 8  (reported in London in audience Duke of Yorks Theatre for Isadora Duncan performance) (New York Times)

Sep  ?      The Richest Girl     Willis Wood Theatre   Kansas City

Sep  21      The Richest Girl    Park Theatre   Boston, Mass. (two weeks)


? date ?   The Morals of Marcus   Taylor Opera House, Trenton, N.J.




Jan  20   The Richest Girl    Majestic Theatre         Fort Wayne, Indiana

Feb  12   The Richest Girl    Majestic Theatre         Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mar   1    The Richest Girl    Criterion Theatre        N.Y.C.

Apr    8    The Richest Girl     Taylor Opera House   Trenton N.J.

May  12   The Morals of Marcus Majestic Theatre Fort Wayne, Indiana

June   7    The Morals of Marcus   Opera House      Colorado Springs

July  5-7   The Morals of Marcus   Macdonough Theatre  Oakland, California

McDonough Theatre, Oakland, CA. - the theatre is the building on the left.


(Nov 21 Indianapolis Star mentions that she is "now in Paris")






Jan  5    The Climax    Majestic Theatre    Jersey City

Feb  7    The Climax    Performance at Sea on board the "Mauritania"

Feb 26   The Climax    Comedy Theatre     London


Oct 31   Electricity       Lyceum Theatre      N.Y.C.



Oct  26    A Butterfly on the Wheel    Apollo Theatre    Atlantic City, N.J.

Nov         A Butterfly on the Wheel              ?                 Chicago


Feb  26    Oliver Twist    New Amsterdam Theatre    N.Y.C.

Mar 25    Oliver Twist    Empire Theatre                  N.Y.C.

May   6    Patience         Lyric Theatre                     N.Y.C.

Sep  30    Oliver Twist    Plymouth Theatre             Boston, Mass.        



Jan  23    The New Secretary    Lyceum Theatre    N.Y.C.

Return to London:-

Aug  27    The Scarlet Band       Comedy Theatre

Oct    ?     Diplomacy                Wyndham's Theatre

December -  Bassano photographs - see:- National Portrait Gallery, London




Jun  25    The Bill         Price of Wales    London

Oct  20    Diplomacy     Empire Theatre    N.Y.C.




Jan   4   Diplomacy   Hollis Street Theatre,  Boston

April 19 -25 Diplomacy  New National Theatre, Washington with William Gillette and Blanche Bates

Hollis Street Theatre, Boston, Mass.

Notes on Performance Dates

Broadway dates are opening dates from the Internet Broadway Database. Other dates are from "Who's Who in the Theatre" (unreliable), playbills, newspaper reports, and other sources.