Nisan 14th, Memorial Night

Our Father, blessed is your holy name,
And blessed is your son, who for us came
To live amongst us, and your Word to preach,
And show us, as his sheep, how we should teach.

He told us to remember him each year,
And as obedient servants we are here,
To meditate on what our Lord achieved,
And the crushing weight of sin he has relieved.

The moon is full tonight, as it was then,
His last day as a man amongst men:

His last Passover night upon this earth,
Before he gave that gift of such great worth.

His precious life he gave on our behalf.
We need not sacrifice lamb, bull or calf,
Since he has paid the price no man could find,
The ransom for the lives of humankind.

Just as he showed his love right to the end,
No more for our own selves our lives we spend:
With thanks we show that same love for our brother,
And live our daily lives for one another.

So we must keep our eyes upon the Prize
Of never-ending life in Paradise,

Until the day he takes us by the hand
And leads his servants to the Promised Land.

© 2012 Marie Elizabeth Cadavieco

All poems are copyright of Marie E Cadavieco and may not be copied or publish without permission.

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