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In the ligh of the terrible mass murder of 76 people in Norway we can take some time to think about the evolution of the way of handling the immigration and how people associate with each other and other cultures.

Anders Breivik's ex-stepmother Tove Oevermo and Breivik's father divorced around the time that he became estranged from his father. Clearly we do find somebody who needed affection and a father to talk to, but did not find one. It was a soil for going astray.

Breivik would often speak of a book he was writing, Oevermo said. He was proud of the book, but was evasive about its contents.

Breivik spoke about politics "like every normal person does, not more than that. He never touch Islam and this hatred for it he must have had for it," Oevermo said.

As for the attack itself, Oevermo said she was horrified to learn the "quite informed and well spoken" man she had known.

"People say, 'I'm shocked.' They don't know what shock is all about, physically and psychologically. It was so unreal. I couldn't believe it. I refused to believe it," she said. "If I'd had some kind of suspicion — some kind of idea that something was not right with him, it would have been easier, I think."

But that is a general proble, we do not see a lot of things in time.

So we should be aware of the possible danger of political instability, like in Belgium, economical inbalance like in Italy, Great-Brittain and the downgliding United States of America.

We should see were there is the substrate or were the matrix is coming above for a growing or becoming stronger fascist group or underlying factors for discrimination.

When a politician in a party in Italy's governing coalition called some of Norway massacre suspect Anders Behring Breivik's ideas "great" a light bulp should go on. And when the leader of a British far-right group to which Breivik claims links called the attacks a sign of "growing anger" in Europe against Muslim immigrants we should take that to heart.

More and more people are as Mario Borghezio, a European parliamentarian who belongs to Italy's right-wing Northern League party, sympathizing with some of Breivik's ideas.

There is a growing frustration with the immigrants flowing over Europe like a big stream. We see more groups coming out with theri increasingly virulent anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic rhetoric.The fact that so many people are scared should make us alert and we should listen to those people.

"People should look at what happened in Oslo and understand that there is growing anger in Europe," said Lennon, 28. "You suppress people's rights you suppress people's voices and people will just continue to go underground - but that doesn't make the problem go away."

Some consider native-born and homegrown terrorism not the macro-threat to the continent, but a burgeoning Muslim presence in a Europe that has never known mass immigration, its failure to assimilate, its growing alienation, and its sometime sympathy for Islamic militants and terrorists.

With her native-born populations aging, shrinking and dying, Europe's nations have not discovered how to maintain their prosperity without immigrants. Yet the immigrants who have come - from the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia - have been slow to learn the language and have failed to attain the educational and occupational levels of Europeans. And the welfare states of Europe are breaking under the burden.

Politicians dare not take the right measurements of openly oppose certain ideas.

Peopel who dare to speak out, are more often those who think like Mr.Buchanan who's writing is the biased idea of the predisposed general people opposing a growing cultural amalgam and a danger and prevention to cultural diversity. It are those ideas which are also a threat for the evolution of a inter-cultural global society
He is clearly creating a soil for anger against something which can only be attributed to a few fundamentalist groups which sickens all the rest.

Others should look out and also be careful for the extreme right wing ideas.


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