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In the old time at the land of Uz (Edom) at the time of the patriarchs we can find a very wealthy man, who did good. Nothing strange, because also today we find enough men doing good. Believers as well as non believers can do good. And you would suppose think it being righteous that everything goes well with such people who do good.

The world does not turn like that.

It is not because we do good that everything goes well with us. Wouldn't that be nice and easy?

In a Book of Books, commonly called the Bible, we can find a Guide Book to Life  and a Guide to our Suffering. In most of those books, which have the power to change us also, of that Best-seller we can find what is in store for us. We can get to know the purpose of our being here. Because is that not something we often question? "Mother why do we live?"
In the different stories we are able to find many examples of people who had to suffer a lot. We also can see how they could cope with it. And from those examples we should be able to learn. Even a non-believer should be able to take his lessons out those ancient stories.

Several people were helped by those stories which were told over and over again, and became printed from the 16th century onwards so that  more people could read them easily. We do not have to assemble any more to hear them being told. We can read them on our own, without anybody else knowing that we do read such old stories. So when you are afraid to be confronted by somebody else because you dare to read the Bible, do not worry. You can keep it in private, letting nobody know that you read it, and you also can tell about the literary artwork of those writings. But you shall get to see that you shall be able to find a lot of wisdom in those books.

Therefore I would like to advice you to take those old writings at hand and to go through them in a good translation which can suit you.

Though Hebrew poetry differs from prose mainly in the rhythmic style it is written and it is written to provide praise, prayer or instruction, here with the Book of Job, which is according to me, the best book to start with, it is a story telling and bringing insight in a problem which is a annoyance to many people, not to say everybody.

The story I would like you to look at is one which likes to impress on us important attitude of mind. It want to show us our environment, the way our friends treat us, how we can live in this world and how we can or should react.

Also today we find a lot of people who are wrongly accused of something. More and more we can find people being bullied. This often because they dare to be different or to do good. It is as if today the world does not like people who want to be goodhearted. Working hard and doing what is expected from you by the higher ones is being looked at as being week. The world today does not like to have people who want to live according to rules, morals and ethics, and they prefer to scum them.

In case we have to face problems it can be good to look at the problems of some one else like Job.

Jobs friends the Temanite Eliphaz, the Subite Bildad, the Naämatite Zophar wrongly assumed that sufferings were punishments for hidden sins which Job probably would have. The younger friend Elihu even was angry with Job "because he justified himself rather than God" and against the three friends "because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned God".

Today even we ourselves do condemn ourselves because things go so wrong. Worse is it when others do condemn us as well. That is often difficult to bear on top of all the problems.

We can come up to a point where we do want to make an end to our own life. We wonder what is the use of it any more to continue in agony.

But, do you know that we also can learn from suffering and that it can make us stronger. I do agree than we have to make a big shift in our attitude how to look at that suffering. But we should be able to manage.

The Book of Job can be a very good teaching tool for us to make a new start or to find new ways to dope with our suffering and with all the problems which seem to be too much for us.

Therefore I would like to advice you to take that Old Book at hand and to read it. Perhaps my Bible Study I wrote on our ecclesia site can help you to go through it and to see solutions to your own situation.


Please do find out in the Bible Study at the Christadelphian Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven.

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