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1) LAST DAYS of XMAS SALE! - Ends Monday 12th. 

2) Opening 1.30pm Sun 18th - NADIA BLENKIRON 'Little Art Show' - All Welcome

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1) XMAS ART  SALE  FINAL DAYS THIS  WEEKEND Ends Monday - Details & Web Links Below!

Hello Art (and Curios 'n' Collectibles) Lovers,

Pressenting a special Pre- CHRISTMAS 'ART & CURIOS SALE' happening This Week-end from Saturday the 10th of November from 10am sharp, at Mangaweka 'Yellow' Church' Gallery on SH1. There are some great  bargains to be had, including paintings, prints, ceramics, art tiles, books, curios and other oddments, all on offer at knock down prices as part of a big 'spring clean' clear out!   Well worth a trip to Mangaweka fo a look!

For even more details go to Eventfinder . Simply Click on the Link OR Advert below

Please Note; CashSales/Deposts, local cheques (with I.D.) and internet banking only will be accepted on the day.



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2) NADIA BLENKIRON's 'Little Art Show' 

NADIA BLENKIRON and her "Little ART Show” (Exhibition) – OPENS Sun 18 November at 1.30pm  at Mangaweka ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery, SH1. Nadia is a renowned ‘graphic artist’ producing posters, clipart, and detailed drawings. She was an award winner at the 2017 Mangaweka Fakes & Forgeries. This exhibition features large format full-colour pastel drawings of famous people, places, and iconic advertising imagery. All welcome to the Opening. Complimentary drinks & nibbles served. Everyone most welcome!

Complimentary Drinks & Nibbles. Everyone most welcome from 1.30pm.

Come meet Nadia and see her fantastic artworks in this exhibition.




Article, Pictures and  Links etc all below.


Well YES, most of you guessed, it WAS an ‘April Fools’ prank! 

Yet Thank-You to all those fashion conscious folks who entered the competition, and we can now announce the winners of the BIG prizes! The $50 goes to Simon P. from Auckland, congratulations! The prize of the Walk-Socks goes to Anthony (Tony) T. from Wellington, so we look forward to those being worn, and a resurgence of this fashion icon emerging once again from Wellington!! Thanks to all others who entered. Once we have sorted through all the e-mails we will send you the prommised $5 Voucher to spend in Mangaweka Yellow Church Gallery.


Announcing a New Clothing Line AND Uniform at the 'Yellow Church' Gallery! 


 STYLISH NEW RANGE of CLOTHING and UNIFORM ANOUNCED for MANGAWEKA ”YELLOW CHURCH” GALLERY, SH1 !   Launches April 1st (and throughout the month)

MANGAWEKA ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery on State Highway One is bringing back the ART of Chic Clothing with the launch of a ‘new’ line of clothing, both for sale AND as a new uniform for its employees & staff. The new outfit is inspired by an ‘old New Zealand classic’ the once prevalent combination of ‘Walk Shorts & Walk Socks’ highly popular from the 50’s right thru to the 80’s, before seeing a steady decline, as a more casual and sloppy dress standard increasingly became the norm around and before the turn of the last millennium.

BUT NOW THEY ARE BACK! Having sourced a bulk lot of this iconic clothing from the Civil Service surplus sales department, and also having acquired exclusive patterns and the services of a professional sewing machinist, the ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery has begun production and re-stocking these definitive items that will be for sale from April 1st this year. On the very same day, employees and staff will commence wearing the newly allotted uniforms.

U-Choose! Here we see Gallery owner Richard Aslett (right) and apprentice staff member Michael Cathels (left) inside the Gallery modelling one possible colour variety of the new uniform. 


This version 1) highlights the classic ‘Beige & Browns’ combination, which also harks back to the alternative New Zealand cricket kit team uniform of the 80’s. Very smart and professional looking, and currently our top favored option; Yet we have other possible colour combinations for you to choose from, for your own wardrobe, AND to decide what our staff will be wearing from April onwards !  (Other options are described and shown below).    What do you think?  

Tell us by e-mail and Win at least a $5 Gallery Voucher*, yet one lucky entrant will Win $50 in Cash !


At a star spangled premier review in the gardens of the  ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery, which was attended by a crowd of over two gob-smacked onlookers, still further designs were modeled on the outdoor ‘Cat Walk’ by Resident Artist and Gallery owner Richard Aslett. Image and Option 2) Shows a delightful French influenced ‘Hues of Blues’ combination. Note the Beret and Moustache. All that is missing is a string of Onions!

Option 3) Shows our sultry and darker tones with the ‘Shades of Gray’ combo. You've read the book, now vote for your favourite, or even buy the uniform ! Prices start at just $50 for made to measure Walk Shorts ...  


Option 4) Unveils the cool ‘Cream & Green’ look, in recognition of the lush green fields of the Rangitikei and the milk and cheese produced locally. This look is sure to catch on with Agricultural workers, Sales-yard staff, and  Farm owners accross NZ !. 

OPTION 5) Features the stunning ‘Brighty Whitey’ combination, which reflects the very original ‘Walk Short & Sock’ look, as first allowed to be worn by NZ civil servants in the 1950’s. This is the original 'Trend Setter' and a pure classic 'must-have' for any decerning man's wardrobe. Ask about our very competitive prices !


And finally option 6). Due to unreasonable Union demands, we had to sucumb to a less formal option with the ‘Mufty Monday’ combination. Here we see Gallery apprentice staff member Michael Cathels (left) and 'Yellow Church' Gallery owner Richard Aslett (right) displaying checked and bright coloured Walk Shorts, mismatched Walk Socks, striped Polo-shirts, adorned with perky decorated Ties.


SO… all you have to do now, is e-mail by return (before mid-day 01/04/18) with your preferred colour combination. From the most popular winning uniform we will draw one lucky winner who will receive $50 in cash. ALSO - ALL respondents will receive a $5 voucher to spend in the Yellow Church’ Gallery, So you cannot loose!

Get your response back NOW - Was previously Before lunch-time on April 1st ENTRY NOW EXTENDED TO the End of APRIL - So get your VOTE in NOW !!!– Thanks!


More news and interviews on the new uniforms and clothing range below.

Looking exceedingly elegant and dashing, in his Beige & Brown outfit we asked apprentice trainee employee Michael Cathels what he thought about wearing the new uniform; “Overall I am quite happy as it is similar to what I used to wear when selling real estate in Auckland in the 80’s… though then I had pleats in my Walk Shorts, which I would prefer, yet that was over-ruled. Also I am not too keen on the stiff penalties of docked wages gallery staff will incur for failure to wear the correct components of the uniform* (see below). We have already been told that long pants, or indeed any Walk Shorts that come below the top of the knee while standing, will not be allowed, and I think that could be a little chilly in winter. That said, there is no limit on how long the Walk Socks can be, so I am already having the machinist knit up an extra-long pair which will go right up to my thighs for the cooler winter months” said Cathels with a cheeky grin. Other staff who threatened to go to the Artists-Rights Trade Union (A.R.T.U) were eventually given a concession of a ‘Mufty Monday’ to avert a walk out, pickets and riots. On Mondays the colour-code of dress will be more relaxed and playful, with Polo shirts an option; Yet ties, Walk Shorts and Socks (fully pulled up) will still be absolutely obligatory.

We asked Gallery owner Richard Aslett about the refined ‘new’ look to be introduced at the beginning of April, and also raised staff concerns for non-compliance; “Staff were regularly turning up to work at the gallery in all sorts of differing garb, most of it very unkempt and scruffy, so I decided it was time to lift our game. Once we have settled on the preferred final colour scheme, the rules will actually be quite strict. Straw hats, boaters, bowlers, and berets for sun protection are optional, but absolutely no baseball caps will be tolerated. A becoming Tie must always be worn, with a pressed short sleeved shirt. A Blazer jacket is optional for winter. A basic wrist watch is a must for good time-keeping and punctuality. Walk Shorts should be just that - Short! Nothing that comes near to covering the knee will be allowed. Shoes should be smart, polished, and practical, yet in summer, roman sandals are permitted, always topped by the classic Walk Sock, pulled up tight to cover most or all of the calf. Failure to abide by the new rules will be frowned upon most severely. Minor first indiscretions will attract a verbal caution; a second offence will result in a formal written warning. A third misdemeanour equals instant docked wages! This may seem a little harsh, yet standards must be maintained” said a stern looking Aslett.

Customers and those with an eye for funky fashion are requested to reply to - with their favoured colour combination* for the new staff uniform – With a prize of $50 up for grabs !! !  !  ! Feel free to pass on Via FB - Twitter - Instagram etc - Thanks !



Press Release Produced by Richard Aslett, Resident Artist, Mangaweka ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery, SH1 Tel; (06) 382 5774 Mob 027 52 666 12 - FB Richard Aslett

All images, photographs & design copy-rite of Richard Aslett at Mangaweka ‘Yellow Church’ Gallery

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