Leather Men and Bears of Atlantic Canada

Gay guys connecting with other gay guys.



Hello all!!

Our name's are Matthew and Grant and we are the host of this site "Leather & Bear Guys of Atlantic Canada". We are the driving force behind the Group and what it is about. We currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We find it hard to meet other leather, S&M, Kink and bear guys in the city (and we know their are more of us out there!!). We think this website and Group would be a great place to meet other gay men like ourselves who have things in common. We will update the Website and hope to organize meetings when we get interest to set out a mandate for the Group.

This Group is open to all gay men  everywhere.   We want to develop friendships with guys with interests like our own .  for socializing If interested  explore the site  and find out more.

Please feel free to leave your comments and email us with 

Thanks and Bear Hugs

Matt and Grant.