The Byrd House Country Store

Home Grown, Homemade, from Our Home to Yours

Welcome to our country store.

 Here we have a collection of things that we enjoy making a sharing with others.  We hope you find things that you like. 

All Soaps are $5.00 per bar while supplies last.

I will try to keep stocks updated.  If I run out of something when you order, I will contact you to make a substitution.

  Due to the fact that the shipping options on this site are wierd at best.  Now all soap sales are lumped into one buy option. 

When you got to checkout, please list the scents you are ordering and quantity of each.  This way you bet the best shipping option.


Byrd Bath Soaps

Hand-made Lye soaps

Our Lye soap is made of high quality, natural ingredients such as pure olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, honey, herbs, and essential oils.  Our soaps gently cleanse your skin and smell wonderful while doing so.  They are naturally good for your skin.  They work with your skin's ph level to clean and soften your skin. 


Healing Salves

We are vert excited about our salves.  These are made from all natural ingredients.  We have searched out the properties of all ingredients used to get the best skin healing properties we can.

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