The Young and the Restless

Episode 8,742:  Friday 5th. October, 2007

David informs Nikki that Victor owns the drilling and mineral rights
to Clear Springs, so it doesn't matter if Nikki succeeds their or not
he'll still make a fortune.Nikki confronts Victor about his plan for
Clear Springs.Victor's furious at her for flaunting her relationship
with David in front of him.Nikki tells Victor that she never married
him for his money,she fell in love with him for the man he was.They think
back on all the good times they've had together,but neither one reaches
out for the other person.They agree that they have changed too much
over the years to reconcile, and that they will start their divorce
proceedings.Amber can't stand watching Cane and Heather's date at the
coffeehouse.Across the room ,Cane suggest going to the GCAC for
dinner so that he doesn't have to be around Amber.Amber and Cane are
both shocked to see each other at the G.C.A.C. When Colleen and Lily
arrive, everyone is surprised all over again.J.T. prepares the
arrangements at the B&B, where he's going to propose to Victoria.
Victoria arrives at the Clear Springs B&B .She gazes around the room
that J.T. has set up with candles. he presents her with a box of her
favorite perfume and they kiss.Later after dinner.Victoria receives
a text message.When she reads it she shrieks, seeing that it was from
J.T. asking her to marry him.Victoria is shocked.They make a list of
the pro's and cons of getting married, and realize that they get along
perfectly and love each other so much.J.T. presents her with A
citrine ring which will be the baby's birth stone.Victoria tells J.T.
that she is superstitious with anything having to do with the
baby, and will put it on after the baby is born. J.T. is ecstatic
that she is saying that she will marry him..

Episode 8,743:  Monday 8th. October, 2007

Sharon is furious with the tabloid's article about her kiss with Nick.
Daniel confronts nick about cheating on his mom, and he states that
he and Phyllis are already working it out.Later,Daniel visits Phyllis in
jail to tell her what he read about the kiss!! Phyllis is furious,
but only because she knows how much this is going to hurt an already
beaten down Jack..Meanwhile Neil walks in on Brad and Nick arguing
over Sharon.Jack asks Sharon if he should give up his Senate seat to
concentrate on his family but Sharon reminds him that they always tell
Noah never to quit or give up on something.David reveals to Maggie &
Paul that Jack went to talk to Ji Min on the night he was murdered to
get Ji Min to back out of the interview.Maggie tells Jack to meet her
at the police station for more questioning in lieu of some new evidence
about Ji Min's case.Nikki asks if Victor will keep the news of their
divorce quiet so that her Clear Springs investors don't get scared off
but Victor refuses.Victor confides to Neil that he and Nikki's
relationship is over.Nikki worries that she won't find the right
investors to back up her payments to Victor.Victor receives word that
the methane fields in Clear Springs are twice the size he originally
thought which means more of a profit for him.The mysterious man
whom J.T. been following shows up at the Clear Springs Restaurant.
Then,Victoria sees David Chow enter and shake his hand

Episode 8, 744:  Tuesday 9th. October, 2007

Neil invites Karen over for dinner - assuring her that they won't be
discussing business. Neil's jokingly insulted - he has NO plans to
work tonight - they're celebrating Lily acing her test - with ice
cream - You coming or not? Karen agrees - and will even let him win
whatever board game they play that night.

At CL's, Lily boasts to Devon about getting 98% on a midterm test -
wahoo - it's ice cream night. She's delighted when Cane brings her a
book - on the origins of Australia. Devon busts her - you're not
taking cultural anthropology. Lily covers - she's taking it next
semester. Thanking Cane, she tells him to keep the CD - then glares
at Devon - thanks for embarassing me. Devon apologizes - next time
tell me you're interested in old men, he teases before leaving to
pick up the ice cream. When Colleen joins Lily, they read the book`s
inscription 'I'd love to show you my country some day'. Lily's
thrilled that Cane's thinking about her.

Now home, Lily and Devon complain that Neil`s invited Karen to ice
cream night - and grumble when he insists they wait until she arrives
(to eat).

When Karen arrives in a hat that`s wild and fun``, Lily hurries off
to the bedroom (leaving Neil to explain that Dru had a hat just like
it). Turns out Karen bought it at a thrift shop - the hat IS Dru`s.
Karen apologizes and wants to take off. Neil shows her the humour -
Dru`s up there laughing her head off right now - and encourages her
to stay. Ice cream night - and the proceeding card game`s strained.
Karen`s mortified when she drops ice cream all over the table - and
cards. Later, Neil thanks Karen for coming - You made my night, he
assures with a hug (while Lily and Devon make fun of her as they
clear the table). Before leaving, Karen gives the hat to Lily - take
it as a gift (from both her and Dru). Once alone, Neil scolds the
kids on their rudeness. He`s ashamed to call them his kids tonight -
guests should be treated with kindness, respect and love - even if
you don`t like em. The kids stammer that they like Karen. Neil
continues - he heard them making fun of Karen while they were
cleaning up. He loves them but is so embarassed - if you act like
that again you can beat it - hit the streets - if I`m in YOUR home
and you treat a guest like that, I`m leaving and never coming back.
Hit the streets - NOW, he barks. Lily and Devon apologize then leave
Neil to pout.

Arriving home with Sharon, Jack lists off the reasons he's in hell -
ending with being suspected for homicide. I love you, Sharon purrs
at 'Senator Roadkill' with a hug. Jack wonders if he SHOULD go to
talk to Maggie without a lawyer. They don't/can't have anything on
me. Sharon agrees - they might think you have information that could
help them - and if YOU help THEM ... They have to help me, Jack
understands where she's going.

At the club, Maggie asks Paul what Jack's afraid of - why won't he
talk to me? I want to talk about his business partner's homicide -
why does that threaten him? Paul mulls over the case with her. Maggie
gets a call, and leaves telling Paul that the lab's found something
that might indicate whether Jack killed Ji or not.

Jack meets Kay at the club, warning her there might be bad press (for
him and her) - and asks that she play the innocent victim with the
assistant DA - just Kay`s presence will be persuasive. He'll arrange
a meeting as soon as possible and get back to her.

Meanwhile, Maggie questions Jill - did Ji Minh ever own a dog? No -
he was allergic to dogs? Jill replies - WHY are you asking me about
dogs??? Maggie leaves - I'll update you as soon as I can. Kay joins
Jill (who relays that Detective Sullivan asked if Ji had any dogs).
Sounding intrigued, Kay thinks it's turning into an interesting

the Abbott's sit down with Heather and Kay. As requested, Kay plays
innocent. Jack tries to convince Heather that it`s a waste of time to
charge him with fraud - Kay will be the one to pay the price - and
she`s completely innocent. Irritated, Heather stands to leave - then
sits when Kay and Sharon ask that she hear Jack out. He wants to help
the investigation - but wants to protect himself from more abuse from
the press. If they can guarantee he won`t be charged with fraud,
he`ll talk freely. Heather leaves, thanking them for their time. Jack
thanks Kay - I owe you. Now alone, Sharon concludes she hates the
ADA - and the legal system. Jack gets the call he wants - the DA`s
agreed - Jack gives anything he has on Ji Minh and they won`t file
fraud charges.

Heather and Maggie come out to the Abbott Estate. Jack talks candidly
about the night Ji Minh died - he met with Nikki that morning - then
went to his office - Victor dropped by (no appointment? Maggie`s
interested) - then Kay came by (she also wanted me to stop the
interview). Jack then relays he had a phone conference with his chief
of staff. Maggie wonders how he persuaded Mr Kim not to give the
interview. Jack balks - who said I did? I was eloquent and he saw the
light. Maggie continues her line of questioning until Jack admits he
bought Ji`s grandparent`s land and was using it as leverage (pausing
to apologize to Sharon for doing that). Jack admits Ji was
justifiably angry - but no, it didn`t get physical. While an
aggitated Sharon wants too know what`s going on, Maggie stoops to pet
Fisher - what a cutie. Before leaving, Heather updates the Abbott`s
that Ji had a fight with someone - he fought to his death.

Jack now worries about speaking without a lawyer present. Sharon
thinks they were looking for a reaction of guilt - but you`re not
guilty - there`s nothing to confess to. Jack wonders who saw Ji after
he did - and feels paranoid over a homicide he had no part in.

At CL`s Heather and Maggie discuss Jack`s reaction - it`s too close
to call. After Heather calls it a night, Maggie updates Paul - she`s
dropping off a sample of dog hair at the lab.

Episode 8,745:  Wednesday 10th. October, 2007

At the club, Vikki tells Nick she's 'helium balloon happy' over her
engagement to JT. Showing him the ring, she explains why she can't
wear it - yet. Nick worries that she could use some help at NE - the
solution? ME. Nick's ready to resume his duties as co-CEO. We're
unstopable together - let's call the folks and give them the good
news. Vic calls. Perfect timing, Nick answers - and asks both him and
Nikki to join them for lunch. Vic agrees - we have some news too
(having just told Nikki that he wants a divorce as soon as possible).

Vikki confides to Nick that JT's undercover to investigate a kickback
scam at Clear Springs. Nikki and Vic join them - and hear Vikki's
news first. When her engagement announcement's met with silence,
Vikki explains that she's happy - I laugh - I wish you'd be happy for
me. Vic and Nikki both unconvincingly claim they're happy for her.
Nick goes next - he's going back to NE. Vic has news too - your
mother and I are getting a divorce. Both kids are sad - but not
shocked. Vic says it's more than he can take - Nikki moving into a
hotel room with another man. Nikki makes it clear that she moved into
her OWN room and wouldn't have sought the company of another man if
her husband weren't emotionally unavailable. The bickering soon
begins - what do you want me to do? Nikki leans across the table to
hiss. I detest you, Vic growls - then leaves after giving Vikki a
quick kiss.

Nikki wants to proceed with lunch - let's order some sparkling cider
and talk about the engagement. Vikki's no longer in the mood to
celebrate - and Nick goes to talk to Victor (sometimes the only
person a father will hear is his son). Now alone, Vikki tells her Mom
she's a terrible liar - completely transparent (implying that she's
crying on the inside). Nikki would much rather feel angry
than 'this'. She dabs at her eyes, refusing to cry in public - I have
no one to blame but myself.

At the office, Nick suggests building a cradle with Vic (who doesn't
think he'll have the time - he's too busy). Undetered, Nick wants to
use birch - it bends but doesn't break. Vic gets the anaolgy - but
wants to get to more pressing business - stop the sentimental
claptrap. Nick leaves, suggesting Vic take a look at the plans for
the cradle - let's build it.

In JT's Clear Springs room, Paul congratulates JT on his engagement -
but it's a big committment. JT assures he's ready for all the changes
in his life. After JT takes a business call, they discuss Joe from
the construction site. JT relays that David Chow was talking to him -
and wants to get to the bottom of it.

David leaves a message for Nikki - he needs to discuss the low sales
in Clear Springs - by the way, I miss you - a lot. In Vic's office,
Vic wonders aloud if the message is from Nikki's paramour - you're
happy sleeping with one man while being married to another. Clearly
bitter, he agrees to be civil in public.

Vikki and Nick compare notes at the office - both Mom and Dad are
hurting. Vikki blames hormones for her feeling sentimental - we can't
fix Mom and Dad and will raise our kids differently. Vikki's the
happiest person in the world right now. Good to know, Brad saunters
in. Congratulations on the pending nuptuals - but how is it JT's
baby? Vikki asks for a minute alone with Brad. She's sorry this is
how Brad found out - I would have told you. When? Brad scowls - if
the baby's my son, no amount of Newman money in the world will keep
me from raising him.

At the Clear Springs restaurant, a friendly Paul tells David that
he's there keeping an eye on things for Victor. JT interrupts and
accuses Paul for not paying him. Enjoy your meal, he pats David on
the back then marches off.

David later calls JT over - offering to buy the coffee, he wants to
know why Paul's poking around. Make it a beer, JT's willing to
cooperate. David talks about JT switching from investigator to
construction worker - perhaps Victor sent Paul here to keep an eye on
US (I'm involved with his wife - you with his daughter). JT's soon
updating Paul - the bait's in the water - let's see if the shark will
take a bite. David later gets a call from Nikki alerting him that she
and Vic told the kids that they're getting a divorce.

In Vic's office, Nick and Vikki will respect whatever decision Vic
makes - but be kind - don't be cruel to Mom. On cue, Nikki arrives,
surprised to find the kids there. After they leave, Nikki states that
they're upset. Vic would think that they'd be more upset about their
mother flaunting her affair - how does it feel to fail in business
and as a wife? Not too good, he answers his own question - If I were
you, I'd turn to the arms of anyone who opened them as well - slam.

Vikki calls to tell JT that she misses and loves him .. Nick's also
on the phone - tell my wife I love her very much - I don't care what
your policy is - just give her the damn message! he orders.

At the club, Adrian updates Colleen that the book's been sent to his
editor. Dean Lamonte interrupts and would like to speak to Adrian
about an available position at the University. Colleen reminds Adrian
that he can't teach and be with her. Brad chats with Colleen - you're
stressed, he notes - what's Adrian doing with the Dean? he looks
across the room. Now, you know why I'm stressed, Colleen says. Brad
hates Colleen being so stressed out. She's fine - just tired after
working double shifts etc. Brad gives her a check = to cover the rest
of her tuition as well as books and etc. - he even plans to cover the
rest of her tuition. Colleen's reluctant - I'm still with Adrian.
Brad promises he'll never withdraw his financial support again. Thank
you, Colleen says with a hug. Meanwhile, the Dean explains that the
teacher of Romanesque architecture came down with flybitis (sp?) -
he's her first choice to fill in. Adrian makes it clear that he's
seeing Ms Carlton.

An edgy Colleen chats with Heather - then manages to dump a tray all
over a customer's $2,000 suit. As Colleen babbles apologies, Heather
interupts the angry man's rant - and points out that HE was at fault -
unless he wants to be escorted off the premises for causing a
disturbance, he should just take the towl. Scowling, the customer
marches off (while Adrian watches Colleen thank Heather). Adrian's
sooning telling Colleen that he set his own terms with the Dean - but
if he had to make a choice, he'd choose her. She just can't take the
class he's teaching. Later, when Adrian thanks Heather for sticking
up for Colleen, he's surprised to hear she'll be in the class he's

Episode 8,746: Thursday 11th. October, 2007

On Nick's birthday, he brings Summer to visit Phyllis in Jail,
Nick updates her about Victoria's engagement and going back to
co-CEO.He wants Phyllis to work for him.Phyllis realizes how much of
her daughter's life she is missing out on. Lauren host a birthday
party for Nick.They watch in amazement as Fen takes his 1st steps.
Nick hopes that Phyllis will be released from Jail with her appeal
today so that she will be able to see Summer's 1st steps.Michael sees
a fax come through and grabs it.Colleen lets Heather borrow a book
for school and they get to talking about all the things they have in
common.They realize that Colleen has a statue that belonged to Heather's
deceased roommate. Adrian walks walks in and states that Macey's parents
gave that to him as a way to thank him for helping rectify the
situation with her death. In jail Jana continues to hang around Phyllis
until she flips, telling Jana to leave her alone. At the Jail,Kevin
tells Jana that she wasn't in the right mindset when she killed Carmen
He wants to make a website for people to sign a petition to set her
free. Maggie introduces herself to Jeff Bardwell saying that she worked
with William on some cases, including the Jabot case that hasn't been
solved.Jeff tells Gloria about why he and William were really estranged.
He says that he dated and fell in love with Miranda before William, but
once she met William. she fell in love with and married him.He tells
Gloria that history sometimes repeats itself- he is staying around
town because he is drawn to her
On Nick's birthday, he brings Summer to visit Phyllis in Jail,
Nick updates her about Victoria's engagement and going back to
co-CEO.He wants Phyllis to work for him.Phyllis realizes how much of
her daughter's life she is missing out on. Lauren host a birthday
party for Nick.They watch in amazement as Fen takes his 1st steps.
Nick hopes that Phyllis will be released from Jail with her appeal
today so that she will be able to see Summer's 1st steps.Michael sees
a fax come through and grabs it.Colleen lets Heather borrow a book
for school and they get to talking about all the things they have in
common.They realize that Colleen has a statue that belonged to Heather's
deceased roommate. Adrian walks walks in and states that Macey's parents
gave that to him as a way to thank him for helping rectify the
situation with her death. In jail Jana continues to hang around Phyllis
until she flips, telling Jana to leave her alone. At the Jail,Kevin
tells Jana that she wasn't in the right mindset when she killed Carmen
He wants to make a website for people to sign a petition to set her
free. Maggie introduces herself to Jeff Bardwell saying that she worked
with William on some cases, including the Jabot case that hasn't been
solved.Jeff tells Gloria about why he and William were really estranged.
He says that he dated and fell in love with Miranda before William, but
once she met William. she fell in love with and married him.He tells
Gloria that history sometimes repeats itself- he is staying around
town because he is drawn to her

Episode 8,747:  Friday 12th. October, 2007 (courtesy of Sue from friends of y and r)

On the phone (and at the office), Jack reports to Sharon that he had
a successful trip to Madison - Great - Noah got an A- on his
presentation. The bad news? Phyllis' appeal was denied.

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Mike are both devastated that the appeal was
denied - with little explanation. I don't understand - this is a
nightmare! No offense, but Phyllis thinks she needs another lawyer.
Mike claims no one will fight harder than him - I'll do everything I
can. Phyllis begs - I have to get out of here - please, please. Mike
lists their options - we don't give up hope - we can get the sentence
commuted and pardoned - Nick's working on things his end.

Jack calls to rake Mike over the coals for losing the case and the
appeal - what the hell kind of lawyer are you? Mike thinks Jack has
SOME nerve - if it weren't for HIS delusions of grandeur, Phyllis
wouldn't be in this mess.

Visiting Phyllis, Jack's pleased that she's determined to fight the
ruling. When Vic's name comes up, Phyllis updates that he had a work
release in mind (but wanted her to turn on Jack - I never betray my
friends). Touched, Jack will work every angle he can to get her out
of there. The Chaplain arrives and is introduced to Senator Jack
Abbott - we've met before. Jack flashes back to visiting his confused
father in prison - dictating a letter making him sole executor. Put
it in your pocket and give it to the prison Chaplain, Jack instructs
(the Chaplain delivered the letter after John's death).

Sorry to hear about her appeal denial, Jana tells Phyllis that she
has access to the Internet and has printed out some press articles on
her. Phyllis makes it clear she's not interested in that - but IS
interested when Jana gets a visit from David Chow (at Jana's

Jana appeals to a bitter David all meek and apologetic. She called
him because the anniversary of Carmen's death is in a few weeks - she
wants to contact her family to say how sorry she is. Prompted, Jana
explains Carmen found her with something she stole from Victoria
Newman - my illness took control over me. When David describes how
Carmen's death devastated him, Jana wants to atone for her actions by
spending her life helping people. Jana later whines to Phyllis about
the horrible things she's done - I'll never forget the look on
David's face today.

Disappointed in the ruling, Nick asks his Dad to call in favours -
get my wife out of prison NOW. He's having another lawyer look over
the case to see if anything was missed.

David tells Nikki she'll be more than happy with the firehouse
restoration - and mentions the ex-wife he hasn't spoken to in years.
Nikki wonders if that will be the case with her and Victor. With
sales down 17%, David suggests a day of pampering (by him). Nikki
asks David if he cheated on his wife - then apologizes and asks for
(and gets) details. David reports he gravitated towards Carmen AFTER
his marriage was over.

At the office, Nikki gushes over baby Summer. As Nick eavesdrops in
the hallway, Nikki details all the fun things they'll do - pretty
soon you'll be dating - and when you find a husband, make sure he
loves you - doesn't matter if he has money - make sure he loves and
respects you. Your Grandpa used to adore me - until I decided to be
independent. Nick walks in and warns Nikki not trash talk his wife -
then OK's her spending more time with Summer. Nikki's sorry to hear
Phyllis' appeal was denied - and insists the divorce from Victor IS
necessary. She's sure he'll call in the loans - Vic will do anything
to get his way.

Going to his Dad, Nick hears him gripe about Nikki's behavior - how
much do you think I'm willing to take? You bet it has to end in a
bitter divorce, Vic stubbornly concludes.

Colleen gives Adrian a 'back to teaching gift' - his slides. Adrian
confides he's not hopeless - he just wanted to spend time with her.
Heather interrupts to drop off the book, but after Colleen leaves for
class, realizes she left the book in her office. She has questions
about her first paper, but Adrian doesn't have the time to answer
them - we'll talk another time.

Another time proves to be too soon. As Colleen's distracting Adrian
from his work, Heather shows up with the book (much to Adrian's
dismay). She reports talking to Macy's parents - they don't remember
giving you the figurine. We all had a lot on our minds back then.
Adrian suddenly remembers Macy gave the figureine to him - not her

Engaging in friendly chit chat at Crimson Lights, Paul invites
Heather out to dinner with him and Maggie (who'll call him with the
plans). Heather takes a call - then makes another (as Paul watches
her intently - almost with paternal pride). She calls Macy's parents -
having a question about something that once belonged to their
daughter. On the patio, Heather explains she was jealous of Macy
having a family - and recalls her stepfather, Robert, abusing her
mother - even hitting HER once when she tried to defend April. My
real father never wanted to get to know me. A call from Macy's
parents interrupts. I ran into Professor Korbel, Heather states - he
still has the figurine you gave him. Really? she frowns, puzzled - he
said it was a gift. Later, at the club, Paul relays the conversation
to Maggie - feeling guilty that her stepfather abused her. How can I
tell her the truth? Paul balks at the suggestion - I'm the father who
rejected her.

Inside the coffee house, Colleen chats with Uncle Jack. She has good
news - Dad paid my tuition (and will reimburse you). Colleen thanks
Jack for all his help and was happy to hear Aunt Ashley's engaged. As
she runs off, Mike calls Jack - I have a way to help Phyllis - meet
me in Vic's office asap.

Once there, Mike lets the insults bounce off him and suggests they
work together. Nikki points out that Phyllis has one more chance at
an appeal - let's get an expert lawyer. In rebuttal to Jack's snide
insults, Mike claims that no one is more qualified than him to handle
Phyllis' case - and tells them about a work release program - Phyllis
must be urgently needed at the job she had at the time of conviction -
he needs the 3 of them to make a case that the Clear Springs project
needs Phyllis - you can't succeed without her. In agreement for once,
Nikki and Jack ask Vic to help - for Summer's sake.

David asks Nikki about the meeting - good news for Clear Springs? No -
it's about Phyllis, Nikki replies - Mike wants us to pull together
to get her released. Nikki wants Phyllis out - Summer needs her
mother. David worries about Nikki - what do YOU need?

Phyllis hugs Nick tightly - her fight's not over by a longshot.
Phyllis isn't happy to hear Summer's spending time with Nikki - she
hates me. I HAVE to get out of here! Nick relays that thanks to his
mother, it might happen.

Tolerating more of Jack's comments on his competence, Mike assures
he'll do anything to get Phyllis out of jail. Make this happen! Jack
orders bossily.

Episode 8,748:  Monday 15th. October, 2007 on behalf of Sue (

At NE, Daniel apologizes to Jack for missing a staff meeting - then
hears his mother's appeal was turned down - there's hope - a pilot
work release program. BUT, the odds are against her.

Jana's not going to the gym - too many scary women there. We're scary
too, Phyllis points out (now, for some reason friendly). Jana
suggests they work out together - become lean, mean fighting
machines. Phyllis can't help but be disappointed that she's not home
with her husband tonight - but won't feel sorry for herself. They
then play 'Who's life sucks more' (with Jana winning and joking about
getting prison tattoos - we can get matching ones). Cheers, they
toast. Later, Jana tells Phyllis that she wants kids - maybe two. If
I had a daughter, I'd name her Carmen. Phyllis mopes a bit about her
appeal - and doesn't appreciated being reminded about Nick kissing
his ex. Jana knows just what Phyllis needs - a website -

Sharon tells Nick she's sorry that Phyllis wasn't released - she can
appeal to the Supreme Court, right? She then distracts him with
something positive - Cassie's Challenge - she needs a co-host
(despite Jack's disapproval). Sharon asks Jack if she can work on the
benefit with Nick - we're just friends - I'm worried about him - he
could use a distraction. Jack can't say he's not bothered by it - you
and Nick both know why. Sharon has an idea - stay here - I'll call

Sharon speaks to Nick and Jack about moving the benefit to Jack's
Casino. He loves the idea - while Nick balks at having it a gambling
establishment (or having it associated with Jack's scandal). Sharon
persists - think of the crowd it'll attract. Nick doesn't like using
his daughter's memory to restore Sharon's husband's image. Later,
Sharon helps Jack practice for his meeting with the ethics committee -
getting all the right answers. Wish me luck, he says when the
chairman calls. He's pleasantly surprised to hear his appearance
before the committee is delayed indefinitely - they won't be pursuing
fraud charges. Jack credits Sharon for making him telling the truth -
I couldn't have done this without you. Let's celebrate with beer,
Sharon smiles as Jack hugs her.

At CL's, Amber pastes a smile on as she serves Maggie and Heather
(who requests non dairy creamer). Maggie updates there could be a big
break in the case of Ji Minh's death - the lab results on the dog
hair will be back soon. Cane joins them to flirt with Heather and
talk about his job supervising constuction on CS's. Amber's all
smiles as she delivers the cream - let me know if you need anything
else. Cane pressures Heather for a date - all work no play makes
Heather a dull girl. On her way to the lab, Maggie advises Heather to
take Mr Ashby up on his offer (as Amber hovers nearby). When Cane
returns, he asks her to go out on an official date. At the counter,
Daniel follows Amber's eyes to Cane and Heather - realizing why she's
in a foul mood. Daniel's bummed too (due to his mother's appeal) -
let's get out of here - blow off some steam.

Daniel and Amber are soon slamming the basketball against a wall - I
feel better already. THIS is for hanging out with Cane, Amber
pretends the wall is Heather's head. On cue, Cane and Heather show up
too (last place I expected YOU to be, Cane sneers). Cane refuses to
leave - let the lady have a turn. The only lady Daniel sees is Amber.
The pairs are soon engaging in some two on two. After winning the
match, Cane rubs Heather's leg cramp. Don't stop, she whispers, as
Amber scowls.

Now dressed and in the club, Daniel tells Amber that Cane's obviously
moved on - where will you get the money to fund your music career? he
wonders. Amber explains that she works - and invests. Daniel's
surprised to get a call from Jana (who's calling for Phyllis).
Leaving him to chat, Amber casts a suspicious look around. She makes
a call - I have the money to record the album - a rich Uncle just
died. She then ducks into a closet at the club - and after a nearly
getting busted, climbs up to the vent to remove the stashed cash
(escaping with it in yet another large tote bag).

Cane continues to flirt with Heather - then asks how the
investigation's going. He again tends to her leg. Feels good, Heather
says. Cane then scoops Heather up and carries her out to get her
jacket (giggling apologies as she nearly takes off diners heads with
her dangling legs). Still in his arms, Heather returns Cane's kiss
(as Amber watches).

Jack makes a call - can't wait to start celebrating - Love you ...
He's stunned to see Maggie at the door. Re: Ji Minh, Jack wouldn't
call it an altercation - it was a discussion - a serious business
discussion. What's your point? When Fisher comes out, Maggie points
out that he was the last person to see Ji. Jack denies he laid a hand
on the man. How do you explain YOUR dog's hair on Ji Minh's clothing?
Maggie wants to know.

Sharon updates Nick why she and Jack are celebrating - gotta go. Nick
thanks her for the work she's done on Cassie's Challenge - and
grumbles about Jack's attitude. Both miss Cassie so much. Nick agrees
to go have a look at the Casino - make sure it suits our needs - not
just Jack's.

Phyllis passes messages on through Jana (who's called Daniel) - your
Mom's a stong lady - she's doing OK. Daniel vows to get her out of
there. Tell her I love her too. Jana then praises Phyllis on being a
good Mom to Daniel. The warden suddenly barks that there's been
contraband found in Block C - the day room is limited to 1 hour per
day per prisoner. When Phyllis politely protests, the Warden reminds
that she's been in segregation before - and is lead out in cuffs.

Next: In four days - There will be no warning - no sign of help - Who
will rise out of the ashes? The promo shows rapid clips - an
explosion - screams of 'help!' - Nikki and Vic crying on one another -
a bloodied Amber ... Paul: We're not gonna be down here too much
longer!... Lauren, JT, Maggie - Sharon looks immobile... What if they
don't find us??

Episode 8,749: Tuesday 16th. October, 2007

When Jill relays (at the club) how devastating it was to find the man
she loves dead, Maggie reluctantly explains they found dog hair -
from a Golden Retriever - like Jack Abbott's dog - he claims he never
touched Ji Minh - but he was the last person to leave before Ji's
body was found. It's circumstantial, Maggie concludes.

Cane and Heather are still snuggling on a bench on the basketball
court - her leg cramp seems to be better - there's worse places she
could be on such a beautiful evening. Inside, Cane's updated by Jill
(about Jack's dog hair) - she doesn't need the law to tell her who's
guilty. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Heather that Jack's not telling them
everything he knows.

At home, Jack grimly updates Sharon that he's THE person of interest
in Ji Minhs's Death - then points at Fisher as the reason - Sullivan
made it seem like I had something to hide - I need to hire an
attorney. Sharon thinks they would have arrested him (if they had
proof) - it'll blow over. Jack whines - either way it'll make the
tabloids - it may be one scandal too many. Sharon reassures Jack - no
one's accusing you of anything - if so, I'd be there for you. Jack
appreciates Sharon being her usual non-judgemental self.

Jill shows up at Jack's door - what are you celebrating? - figured
out a way to explain how YOUR dog's hair wound up on MY dead fiance's
body?? Sharon and Jack explain it could have gotten on Ji any number
of ways - who knows what happened. YOU do, Jill accuses - you put a
stop to the press conference. Jill doesn't think Jack intended to
kill him - just fought - and left him to die. Jill then asks Sharon
if she knows her husband was the last person seen leaving Ji's room.
Sharon looks briefly confused - but refuses to listen anymore. Jill
leaves as requested - sure that Det. Sullivan has found the killer
(and soon everyone will know).

Alone again, Jack notes Sharon's been quiet since Jill left. Sharon
IS upset that Jack didn't tell her about the surveillance tapes - and
he lied about not threatening Ji Minh (after buying the ancestoral
land in Korea) - I DON'T have doubts - I KNOW you didn't do this -
but when will this nightmare end?? After Sharon goes to pick Noah up,
Jack gets a visit from John. He tells Jack that Sharon is the best
thing in Jack's life - but she's not the only person looking out for
him. John suggests Jack think about what he has control over and what
he doesn't - find the killer yourself.

Back at the club, Cane asks Heather if they have enough evidence to
arrest Jack Abbott. Unwilling and unable to talk about it, Heather's
ready to call it a night. Maybe there'll be a next time (if Cane can
understand that there's things she can't tell him). Cane calls
Heather to make sure she made it home safely - and to apologize for
making her uncomfortable.

Phyllis looks depressed as she survey's the prison surroundings - the
Chaplain watches her with compassion, then asks how she is. Phyllis
confides the Warden's not too happy with her (over closing the day
room). The Chaplain offers prayer - or a talk. Phyllis is researching
the work release program - Yes - she has a job in mind - the Clear
Springs Development website. Jack needs all the help he can get. The
Chaplain thinks faith can help if she gives it a chance - John Abbott
carried some heavy burdens but knew how blessed he was.

Gloria's distracted - and announces she can't babysit Fen - she has a
date with Jeffrey. Mike worries that her brain has completely ceased
to function - he's a man with a plan - he covets your inheritence AND
would like to see you in prison for manslaughter. Gloria doesn't
trust him - she's just going out on a date - he won't get a dime of
my money. He handed over the cream and has been nothing but cordial -
keep your enemies close. Mike grabs her arm - it's dangerous. Gloria
won't be deterred - relax - I have everything under control. Not
feeling ANY better, Mike huffs off.

Mike goes to visit Phyllis to talk about the proposal for the work
release program (and isn't happy to hear she had a disagreement with
the warden). Phyllis claims she's a model prisoner - even talking
with the Chaplain (the same Chaplain John spoke to). Mike remembers
it being the time John wrote Gloria out of his will (thanks to Jack).
Phyllis thinks it ridiculous - maybe John changed his mind. Both
accuse the other of being unobjective where Jack's concerned -
disagreeing on whether he's responsible for Gloria being written out
of John's will. After Mike leaves, Phyllis asks the Chaplain about
the last few weeks of John's life.

Gloria and Jeffrey exchange compliments and flirtations upon meeting
at the club - shall we? Over wine, the faux friendliness continues as
Gloria tells Jeffrey about John - he was the perfect man - he loved
his grandchildren and Jabot. His son Jack is responsible for him
leaving me out of his will. Jeffrey can relate - he'll never know if
William was manipulated into leaving HIM out of HIS will. Gloria
thinks the scenarios are very different - and wonders how Jeffrey
alienated both his brother and Uncle. Jeffrey explains he was
independently wealthy until his company went belly up. Jeffrey then
confides he's looking into investing locally in real estate - No, he
doesn't expect Gloria to invest. Jeffrey pays the tab - I'd like to
see you again - he just got a little taste of who the real Gloria is.
You have no idea Brother-In-Law, Gloria smiles. Jeffrey then notices
Jill make a beeline for the bar for a Martini (and makes a beeline
for HER - buy you another?). Jill confides she dated William for a
while but he married someone else - Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell.
Sure, Jeffrey knows her - and thinks William made the wrong choice.

Mike's startled to find Gloria in his darkended, empty apartment.
They update one another on their evenings - Jeffrey wants to get to
know her and didn't mention anything suspicious - you'd think he'd
try something - he didn't talk about her past - or the cream William
sent him - Jeffrey Bardwell's a gold digger. Mike agrees - stay away
from the man.

ONLY 3 MORE DAYS until we find out Who will RISE OUT OF THE ASHES!!!
Episode 8,750: Wednesday 17th. October, 2007

Vikki gets a call at CL's. JT's making progress in the kickback
investigation - and looks forward to updating Vikki in person
tonight. When Nick brings Summer for a visit, Vikki's cautiously
optimistic that nothing will go wrong - it's MY turn - I hope. Jill
joins them and claims to be 'coping' - it helps looking at a
beautiful baby, she coos at Summer. Watching Jill, Vikki feels life's
unfair - people get lucky or unlucky. On the NE elevator, she and
Nick discuss the slow sales at Clear Springs - and how to jump start

In Vic's office, he gets an update on Clear Springs - then hands
Vikki a gift (as a neglected Nick pouts humourously - then updates
Vic that Vikki's superstitious). Vikki loves the baby name book and
vows not to be superstitious anymore - I'm going to enjoy this, she
glows, then throws out some names. Colin? If he's short he can me
semi colin, Nick jokes. Igor and Jack are both ruled out quickly, as
Vikki hugs Vic (who's thrilled at being a grandpa again).

Nick's soon busy looking for a nanny to take care of Summer for a
couple of days while he's in Clear Springs. Vikki would - but she's
going too. She suggests the name Christian (Vic's real name - and
Nick and Noah's middle name). Vikki badly wants the baby to be JT's -
and can't wait til this job's over. She's edgy - like if she were a
cop's wife.

Back at CL's, Cane joins his Mom (who fresh off admiring Summer, is
able to joke about missing Cane's childhood). After Jill leaves, Cane
looks at the doodle he drew (when telling Lily about the Southern
Cross). Cane? The tap on his back comes from Heather - Hey you, she
smiles. Cane can't do a rematch right now - but offers dinner and a
movie another day. Can you handle that? I can handle you, Heather
matches his grin as she flirts. Cane gets a phone call from JT
(updating on his progress) - and he too is on his way to Clear

At the University, Adrian informs Colleen that he has to go to Clear
Springs - bye. On the computer, Lily whines about getting a C+ and is
frustrated that she doodled Cane's name in the margin of her test.
She gets an IM from IBRomeo - I miss you. She's sad that it's not
Daniel - it's a friend from boarding school who doesn't know they
divorced. I'll just tell her, Lily frowns as she types (with Colleen
looking on).

At CL's Daniel's on the computer when he asks Amber to do some work
with him for Jack - the job pays $10 per hour. Agreeing, Amber has a
plan to get Cane back - she's focussing on her designs - AND writing
a song (about Cane). It's better than therapy - he was seriously
making out with Heather - My ex is playing YOUR ex.

Bumping into Daniel in the school hallway, Lily babbles an excuse and
hurries off. Daniel alerts Colleen that Cane's also into Heather.
Colleen doesn't think info from Amber's reliable. Colleen then heads
to CL's - where she gives Adrian a good bye kiss. Heather suggests
they get a room and hears Adrian's leaving on a business trip. Adrian
doesn't smile as he agrees they should all hang out when he gets
back. Now alone, Colleen and Heather discuss love. Heather isn't sure
she wants to fall in love - I like control. As she asks about Cane,
Colleen cuts Heather off when Lily joins them. Unaware, Heather
rambles on about her great kiss with Cane (which sends Lily running
off yet again). On the patio, Lily tells Colleen that she just needs
to get a grip where Cane's concerned. Lily recalls falling in love
with Daniel - and would do it all again - that's how much I loved
him. How did we end up like this? Divorce happens to other people -
it's hard to get over that - her crush on Cane helped - until know.

Later, at the club, Jill relays her dream about Ji dying to Cane -
and that Jack's a prime suspect. Cane doesn't think Amber did it -
but denies he still 'fancies' the girl - he's looking for someone who
has class and brains - someone who's sweet - and has inner beauty -
innocence. Jill suspects he has a woman in mind - a blonde, right?
No, Cane shakes his head and changes the subject. Cane enjoys his
fish and chips (Ji's favourite meal at the club too). Jill adds that
she and Ji Minh never worried about the age difference - and advises
it shouldn't matter to Cane either - if you love her, go for it. Cane
hugs his mother good bye - I love you, he smiles at her - then
looking at the doodle - as he calls Lily (who ignores his call).

On the phone, Amber assures she has $15,000 for recording - in cash.
Later, at NE, Amber types while Daniel dictates. Nick busts in and
asks Daniel to babysit Summer for a few days. Yes - Daniel can work
from the tackhouse. You don't work here do you? Nick scowls at Amber
(and is told she's doing work for Jack). Insulted, Amber's sure
she'll show up all the people who dissed her one day.

On the construction site, JT tells the foreman that the concrete's
poured too wet. The boss will look into it - get back to work. He
later calls Vikki (who insists on driving herself up there). Sounding
happy and in love, Vikki hopes their baby has his big heart.

Nick and Vikki are in the CEO's office - where Vic's playing with
Summer - and looking forward to spending more time with his
grandkids. Looking at all of them, he realizes he and Nikki did
something right. Vic later suggests he and Nick build the cradle for
Vikki's baby. Nick also wants to drive Vikki to Clear Springs. When
she rejects the idea with a hug, she agrees to call her concerned
brother when she gets there.

Next: In two days - Rivalries will fall - and heroes will rise ... An
injured and trapped Sharon takes a painful, shallow breath - a dirty
Jack and Nick huddle in cramped space - She's in there, Nikki says
grimly...Who will rise out of the ashes?

Episode 8,751: Thursday 18th. October, 2007

Phyllis glows as she updates Mike that her work release is effective
in 2 days - she'll be released to work during the day - then return
to the prison at night. Mike warns her that she's not being released
to play with her child - or have 'relations' with her husband.
Phyllis gives Nick the great news - can you believe it!? Neither can

At the office, Nick thanks Neil for stepping up while he was gone -
Now, he's back and ready to manage things like he used to. Yes - Vic
knows about this. Neil makes a beeline to Vic (who's in his office
playing chess online - check mate) to tattle that Nick wants to
resume his co-CEO duties. Neil hopes he'll keep his position - and
gets confirmation that he will - Vic has to think about what's best
for NE.

Nick and Neil butt heads while getting an update on construction -
with Nick caving to Neil's suggestion. Call ME, Neil insists over
Nick (who gives Neil a stare once Cane leaves). Neil then meets with
Vic to discuss Clear Springs - sales are dismal. After Neil leaves,
Nick arrives to thank Vic for Phyllis being released. Vic's pleased -
and again suggests they get working on building that cradle. Nick
relays that Vikki insisted on driving herself up to Clear Springs -
and plans to work his butt off at NE. They exchange 'I love you's' -
and will talk later.

Neil whines to Karen (his hottest motivator) - worried he's about to
be demoted due to Nick's return. When he leaves for a meeting with
regards to a skin care line, Karen tells Neil that he's pretty hot

Nikki's at the club with Kay when she gets a report from David (who's
in Clear Springs - and will check out Fenmore's next). Hanging up,
Nikki then confides that she and Vic are getting a divorce - we both
reached out limit. Nikki likes the way David respects that she's a
business woman - but isn't leaving Vic for him. Kay points out that
Vic was always at her side - through your darkest times. Fighting for
a marriage is harder than walking away.

Jack continues to field calls at NE - and whines about being called
Teflon Jack in the online blogs. Sharon suggests a break - Clear
Springss. Jack hugs his wife - I won't let it get me down now. Jack's
a bit more thrilled than Sharon when Phyllis calls to say she's
coming back to work.

In Clear Springs, JT and Vikki discuss how to get proof on the
kickback scam - let's ask for something. JT talks to Joe about the
concrete - it's substandard - it should be tested. Get back to work,
Joe barks. Later, Vikki bumps into David at the Clear Springs
restaurant - and is introduced to the construction manager, Joe.
Vikki gets her coffee - and watches David closely. She's tells JT all
about the meeting between Joe and David (who might be involved). Keep
an eye on both of them, she insists. Back onsite, Joe thanks JT - he
was right about the concrete. Vikki shows up to praise him on the
Pavillion - and work JT's previously done for her. Suddenly, Joe's
bumping JT up to supervisor. JT later gets a call from Paul - Joe's
made several large deposits to his bank account - he's coming up to
consult on Fenmore's security. JT will update Cane. Overhearing,
Maggie wrangles an invite to join Paul at romantic Clear Springs. JT
stops massaging Vikki long enough to take a call from Joe (who's
giving him a 25% raise). JT isn't impressed (he'll remain an
excellent employee only if he gets cash). Vikki looks worried upon
hearing that Joe wants to discuss it face to face.

Back at CL's, Amber shows Lauren her designs. Put them on my desk,
Lauren requests - then gives Amber her new schedule and a file to be
messengered. Have a nice trip, Amber says - then runs after her - you
forgot..... Stopping in her tracks, Amber wears a scheming look -
then leaves a message for Lauren to say she left some papers behind.
Now in Clear Springs, Lauren's relieved and grateful that Amber will
bring the papers up. At the club, Mike promises Lauren a stress free
night at Clear Springs - and boasts that Phyllis will be out on work
release in 2 days. Mike's cell interrupts their kiss - and he's
summoned by Victor and will have to meet a disappointed Lauren in
Clear Springs tomorrow.

Arriving at NE, Nick thanks Mike (and is warned not to blow the work
release - if you get caught bending the rules, she'll be sent back).
He's not convinced when Nick agrees to follow the rules.

Nick and Neil talk shop with Vic (who's impressed with Nick's work).
Vic has news - he's decided who'll be co-CEO. He makes Nick head of
the Venture Capitol Division - and Neil co-CEO of Newman cosmetics.
Vikki will be in charge of real estate. All 3 are happy with the
arrangement. Nick then joins Sharon and Jack - he's told Noah that
Phyllis will be released. Jack's disgruntled that Vic's getting all
the credit - while he gets none. As Jack takes a call, Nick announces
he's goiing to see Phyllis - then will be heading up to check out the
casino - and be back for when Phyllis gets home. Jack returns to
grumble about his personal line being called all the time.

In Vic's office, Nikki talks to Vic's portrait - still the man I fell
in love with. She wipes tears away as Vic arrives - and announces
he's calling in the loan effective immediately. Needless to say,
Nikki's outraged - but her assurances that she can turn it around
fall on deaf ears. I'm pulling the plug - you got it!!?? Vic is
allowiing her to leave the marriage with some money and her dignity -
get the hell outta here!

Nick and {Phyllis have much to celebrate - her work release - Nick
returning to work. He'll be back from Clear Springs for her first day
out. Phyllis will be wearing his favourite colour the next time she
sees him - red.

Next: Who will live? Who will die? ... Anybody? a scared Vikki
utters... Kay and Cane are trapped with JT ... She's in there, Nikki
says to Jack and Nick (as Sharon lays trapped)... A horrified Nikki
weeps as she leans on Victor (with the emergency lights going off in
the background).

Episode 8,752: Friday 19th. October, 2007

Vikki and JT go over the baby name book in their Clear Springs suite.
She's off to tour the town with Adrian that afternoon and will be
wearing the engagement ring JT bought her - I'm not gonna be scared

At CL's, Amber's busy sketching designs - Fenmore's having a grand
opening fashion show! Daniel approves - these are really good. Amber
plans to have her music recorded by then - who cares about Cane??
Daniel then takes a cranky Summer to see their imprisoned Mom (and
boasts about finally getting a good grade).

Onsite, Lauren and Maggie are enthused about Clear Springs as Paul
joins them for breakfast. Lauren's surprised to find Kay with Cane
(whom she's very proud of). Alone again, Kay needs to talk to JT
about the kickback scam.

Jack's busy on the phone - let's hope the whole thing is put to rest
soon. Noah and Sharon tell Nick all about their great day. Nick can't
bring Phyllis there. Unless it's work related, Jack chimes in. Nick
OK's the casino as the locale for the benefit and takes a call from
Phyllis (who also chats with Noah - who'll be able to see her all the
time as he's stuffing envelopes for Jack). Noah takes off to say hi
to Paul and the police lady. Jack gripes that the detective seems to
be following him - and admits to Nick that he's a person of interest
in Ji's death. Nick's not impressed that his son lives with them -
what do they have on you? Nick and Lauren hug - thrilled that Phyllis
is being released. Nick asks Lauren to watch Noah so he can meet with
Jack - and assures the worried investor that they can turn Clear
Springs around.

Noah whines when his Dad can't take him to the skate park just yet -
this isn't fair. I don't wanna go with Lauren (who hears - and
pretends to be insulted). Paul saves the Day - let's go fishing.
Maggie bows out (prefering to go shopping with Lauren). We'll meet in
an hour.

David meets Nikki as she parks her car - this parking garage is HUGE.
Nikki then whines about Vic calling in the loan. David has some
connections worth trying. Unfortunately, here's no phone reception.
Bumping into Kay and Cane, Nikki has a word alone with Kay to update
her that Vic's calling in the entire loan - I'm finished. Kay doesn't
understand why he'd do that and will extend her end of the loan and
halt construction - but she simply can't afford the entire loan. Kay
calls Vic - please don't do this to Nikki - Yes she asked for a loan -
I had to turn her down. Vic rests his case.

JT tells Cane and Kay all about the substandard products and
shortcuts being used. Kay thinks there's enough trouble as is - let's
keep this low key - the potential lawsuits could be staggering. On
the job site, Kay chats with Joe - while a flashlight toting JT's
checking out a flimsy and cracked wall - which crumbles easily when

Nick finds his Mom working on the phone to rally funds (and isn't
happy to hear they're holding Cassie's Challenge at Jack's casino).
She then tattles that Vic called in the loan - Why? Because he can -
the entire amount. Nick's upset - this isn't over without a fight. He
wastes no time scolding Victor (who bluntly tells him to stay out of

Adrian suggests he and Vikki meet in the 4 level parking garage in an
hour - Level D. See you there. Vikki's then happy to see her Mom -
isn't it great? Cane did an extraordinary job - everything's coming
together. Vikki shows off her ring - she wants to be a mother more
than anything in the world.

Lauren thanks Amber profusely for delivering her plans - and is shown
Amber's sketches (in hopes she might consider her for the fashion
show). Very nice, Lauren nods - then takes a CD of Amber's songs she
could use for the show. Want me to change the name to Amber's? Lauren
jokes (but seems receptive and promises she'll have a presence at the
opening). Maggie then chats with Lauren (who wonders if she's met his
mother yet - and tells a funny story about Mary's famous ribs).
Maggie's then stunned to hear she's Paul's ex wife - and seeing Paul,
wonders what other secrets he's keeping. Lauren returns with Noah -
how about we all go fishing? Maggie agrees and the foursome heads

From the backseat of Jack and Sharon's car, Nick asks if Jack killed
Ji Minh. I've seen you lose your temper - why do they suspect you?
Sharon explains the dog hair to a suspicious Nick. In the underground
parking, the trio bump into Adrian and Vikki (who are off to tour
some restored homes). Nick takes Vikki aside (assuming Nikki told her
about Vic calling in the loan). What!? Vikki's equally disappointed -
he can't do this. Wasting no time, Vikki also blasts Vic - all you
care about is hurting her. It's selfish and vindictive. Vic's
stubborn - he'll run HIS company any way he wants - CLICK! Vikki vows
to Adrian that she'll show her father how much she really IS his

Amber tells Cane and Kay that Fenmore's fashion show will feature her
designs and music. Good for you, Cane mutters lamely. He then gets a
call from JT - you better get down there - I found something really
big. Witnessing the shody workmanship, Cane and Kay are angry - this
will cost a fortune.

Walking through the parking garage, Nick won't let up on Jack - step
back and think about what all this will do to Noah when he finds out.

Nikki even goes to Jack for a loan. While Jack doesn't want to see
Vic running the development, he can't get his hands on enough cash to
save her. She whines to David - I've never been so angry at him -
ever - I'm done! David assures her that another project will come
along - not even Victor Newman can keep you down, he assures with a
hug - then both turn to see scaffolding and construction workers
noisily plummeting to the ground amidst a cloud of dust. As the
camera pans the collapsed parking garage, it zooms in on a trapped
Sharon - who emits a sudden gasp as her eyes open wide

Episode 8,753: Monday 22nd. October, 2007

Vikki and JT go over the baby name book in their Clear Springs suite.
She's off to tour the town with Adrian that afternoon and will be
wearing the engagement ring JT bought her - I'm not gonna be scared

At CL's, Amber's busy sketching designs - Fenmore's having a grand
opening fashion show! Daniel approves - these are really good. Amber
plans to have her music recorded by then - who cares about Cane??
Daniel then takes a cranky Summer to see their imprisoned Mom (and
boasts about finally getting a good grade).

Onsite, Lauren and Maggie are enthused about Clear Springs as Paul
joins them for breakfast. Lauren's surprised to find Kay with Cane
(whom she's very proud of). Alone again, Kay needs to talk to JT
about the kickback scam.

Jack's busy on the phone - let's hope the whole thing is put to rest
soon. Noah and Sharon tell Nick all about their great day. Nick can't
bring Phyllis there. Unless it's work related, Jack chimes in. Nick
OK's the casino as the locale for the benefit and takes a call from
Phyllis (who also chats with Noah - who'll be able to see her all the
time as he's stuffing envelopes for Jack). Noah takes off to say hi
to Paul and the police lady. Jack gripes that the detective seems to
be following him - and admits to Nick that he's a person of interest
in Ji's death. Nick's not impressed that his son lives with them -
what do they have on you? Nick and Lauren hug - thrilled that Phyllis
is being released. Nick asks Lauren to watch Noah so he can meet with
Jack - and assures the worried investor that they can turn Clear
Springs around.

Noah whines when his Dad can't take him to the skate park just yet -
this isn't fair. I don't wanna go with Lauren (who hears - and
pretends to be insulted). Paul saves the Day - let's go fishing.
Maggie bows out (prefering to go shopping with Lauren). We'll meet in
an hour.

David meets Nikki as she parks her car - this parking garage is HUGE.
Nikki then whines about Vic calling in the loan. David has some
connections worth trying. Unfortunately, here's no phone reception.
Bumping into Kay and Cane, Nikki has a word alone with Kay to update
her that Vic's calling in the entire loan - I'm finished. Kay doesn't
understand why he'd do that and will extend her end of the loan and
halt construction - but she simply can't afford the entire loan. Kay
calls Vic - please don't do this to Nikki - Yes she asked for a loan -
I had to turn her down. Vic rests his case.

JT tells Cane and Kay all about the substandard products and
shortcuts being used. Kay thinks there's enough trouble as is - let's
keep this low key - the potential lawsuits could be staggering. On
the job site, Kay chats with Joe - while a flashlight toting JT's
checking out a flimsy and cracked wall - which crumbles easily when

Nick finds his Mom working on the phone to rally funds (and isn't
happy to hear they're holding Cassie's Challenge at Jack's casino).
She then tattles that Vic called in the loan - Why? Because he can -
the entire amount. Nick's upset - this isn't over without a fight. He
wastes no time scolding Victor (who bluntly tells him to stay out of

Adrian suggests he and Vikki meet in the 4 level parking garage in an
hour - Level D. See you there. Vikki's then happy to see her Mom -
isn't it great? Cane did an extraordinary job - everything's coming
together. Vikki shows off her ring - she wants to be a mother more
than anything in the world.

Lauren thanks Amber profusely for delivering her plans - and is shown
Amber's sketches (in hopes she might consider her for the fashion
show). Very nice, Lauren nods - then takes a CD of Amber's songs she
could use for the show. Want me to change the name to Amber's? Lauren
jokes (but seems receptive and promises she'll have a presence at the
opening). Maggie then chats with Lauren (who wonders if she's met his
mother yet - and tells a funny story about Mary's famous ribs).
Maggie's then stunned to hear she's Paul's ex wife - and seeing Paul,
wonders what other secrets he's keeping. Lauren returns with Noah -
how about we all go fishing? Maggie agrees and the foursome heads

From the backseat of Jack and Sharon's car, Nick asks if Jack killed
Ji Minh. I've seen you lose your temper - why do they suspect you?
Sharon explains the dog hair to a suspicious Nick. In the underground
parking, the trio bump into Adrian and Vikki (who are off to tour
some restored homes). Nick takes Vikki aside (assuming Nikki told her
about Vic calling in the loan). What!? Vikki's equally disappointed -
he can't do this. Wasting no time, Vikki also blasts Vic - all you
care about is hurting her. It's selfish and vindictive. Vic's
stubborn - he'll run HIS company any way he wants - CLICK! Vikki vows
to Adrian that she'll show her father how much she really IS his

Amber tells Cane and Kay that Fenmore's fashion show will feature her
designs and music. Good for you, Cane mutters lamely. He then gets a
call from JT - you better get down there - I found something really
big. Witnessing the shody workmanship, Cane and Kay are angry - this
will cost a fortune.

Walking through the parking garage, Nick won't let up on Jack - step
back and think about what all this will do to Noah when he finds out.

Nikki even goes to Jack for a loan. While Jack doesn't want to see
Vic running the development, he can't get his hands on enough cash to
save her. She whines to David - I've never been so angry at him -
ever - I'm done! David assures her that another project will come
along - not even Victor Newman can keep you down, he assures with a
hug - then both turn to see scaffolding and construction workers
noisily plummeting to the ground amidst a cloud of dust. As the
camera pans the collapsed parking garage, it zooms in on a trapped
Sharon - who emits a sudden gasp as her eyes open wide

Episode 8, 754: Tuesday 23rd. October, 2007


Episode 8, 755: Wednesday 24th. October, 2007

Vic's on the phone informing whomever that there's no word on Jack.
Neil comes along to add that a supervisor was on the phone when the
building collapsed - they have 2 kids. Oh no, Nikki sighs. A
firefighter reports they can't find Jack where they were told to
look - he's likely trying to make his way out.

As Daniel leaves his third message for Amber, she's seen in a car -
bloodied and unconscious. Awakening, she whimpers more from fear than
pain. Come on! she honks her horn - then stops when a pile of debris
falls. Nooooo! Amber screams, then kicks the window out of her car to
clumsily climb out - talking to herself - I will NOT let you win! she
babbles about childhood memories that were worse than this - she and
has to get her sketches. Still chattering, she crawls around as dust
rains down around her.

After Nikki touches base with Brad - she's accosted by a terrified
Jill - Cane was with JT in the parking garage! Paul runs off to relay
the info to the Incident Commander (while Nikki hugs Jill - it'll be
alright). Nikki gives the firefighters a shirt of Vikki's (for the
dogs to sniff) - they're working on getting something of Adrian's.
Paul encourages Jill - Cane knowing the structure gives him an edge.
It's dark and dusty down there - but there's lots of safe areas, he
assures - top professionals are working this - Cane and JT are likely
with your Mom - she's one tough old broad.

Amidst the rubble, Kay tells Cane and JT that she's holding them
back - this is no time to be heroic - go and find somebody and bring
them back - I don't want an argument about this. Needless to say,
she's outvoted - we can't go any quicker. When their progress is
halted by falling debris, Kay points out a light - an elevator. With
all three inside, Cane hoists JT up to check for an escape route. Kay
continues to nag the boys into going ahead. JT appreciates everything
she's done for him - we're coming back for you, he finally agrees.
Before Cane joins JT, Kay rambles useless advice about documenting
the back of photos. I'm coming back for you, Cane vows - stay put.
Atop the elevator, Cane and JT begin to climb up the cables -
chatting about the things they have in common; rugby. Ladies? JT
boasts that he's happily engaged.

Kay and Amber are happy to find one another. Now what? Amber asks.
Ground floor, Kay jokes (between saying 'ow' and 'ouch') - then
updates Amber that Cane and JT left to get help. Here we go again,
she chuckles, when Amber refuses to leave her - and gives Kay a
chocolate bar from her purse - I already ate one, she claims. Amber
recognizes Kay's sling is made from Cane's jacket - and clips a
broach on the sleeve. As the ground shifts, they think it time to go.

Jill worries to Nikki - but agrees that Kay will likely outlive them
both. Also waiting, Daniel whines to Kevin that there's no word on
Jack - or Amber. Kevin's sure Amber will be fine - she always figures
out a way. Vic's on the phone - arranging free accomdation for family
members - order another trailer for the volunteers. Neil comes in to
announce that the rescue team's found someone.

Jill's thrilled when JT - followed by Cane emerges (alerting them
that Kay's down there). Where's Victoria? JT asks the Newman's.
Daniel mentions to Cane that they can't find Amber either. When the
firefighters won't allow Cane and JT to go back down, Cane claims he
was a member of the AER - I'm more trained than any of the men you
have here - we're wasting time. No - Jill protests - then hugs Cane
before he goes back down (in full firefighter gear).

Amber brings floor mats for her and Kay to sit on - and a pair of
fuzzy dice. She assures Kay that she loved Cane - still do. I made
stupid mistakes out of desparation. Kay thinks they have something in
common - making dumb mistakes because of dumb men. Amber regrets a
lot of things - but I was never unfaithful to Cane. Their bonding is
interrupted when Cane calls out that he's back with reinforcements.
We're down here, Amber calls out - good to see you. Kay gushes about
Amber being good company and taking excellent care of her. Cane
thanks Amber - then gives her his mask. She stares at him adoringly
as he rubs her back. Kay looks at the rescue harness - then at Cane
and Amber - oh - this is going to be interesting. Soon, she's being
hoisted up to safety through the elevator shaft.

Thank you, thank you, Amber wobbles out to applause (lead by Kevin
and Daniel). Kay's out on a stretcher - I love you, she repeats over
and over to a relieved Jill. The gurney they stops for a few jocular
words with Nikki - on a more sombre note, Vikki's still missing. Jill
scolds Cane for being a hero (and is further infuriated to hear there
IS no AER). Getting a bottle of water, Amber pauses to flirt with a
firefighter. When opportunity knocks, I'm home, she tells Kevin
(who's glad she's OK - depsite her always leaving the toilet seat
down). Her laughter then gives way to tears - I'm sick of being
brave, she hugs Daniel.

Back down the hole, Jack's crawling around - losing steam - and hope.
Resting, he picks up a flyer - then removes a pen from his pocket.
Coughing, he writes a letter to his wife. Now hunched over, he makes
his way through the garage - stopping at another pocket of space -
more rumbling and dust ensues. He reads his letter: Dear Sharon -
right now my only strength comes from imagining you in my arms. My
love for you is literally keeping me alive. In this last hour I've
had so many thougths about my life - the good - the bad - I know I've
disappointed many people - but I want you to know - You, Noah, Kyle
and my sister's - remember one thing - I could not have loved you
more - I'm so very proud - so lucky to have been your husband - I
love you. Exhausted, his head slumps to the side as he clutches the

Episode 8, 756: Thursday 25th. October, 2007

Never mind her fractured leg, Sharon's worried about Noah - and
Jack's still down there - alone - he must be terrified. Nick's
waiting for good news about Noah and Jack before calling Phyllis -
she DOES know he helped us out. The doctor reports a few cracked ribs
and a ruptured spleen (which may need to be removed). While Nick goes
to do paperwork, Sharon's wheeled in to see Noah.

Later, Nick updates Sharon that Vikki's purse has been found. Adrian
will help her, she assures (as it's Sharon's turn to be strong - as
she caresses his face briefly - then rubs his shoulder.

Colleen delivers Adrian's shirt to Kevin - who, in turn, gives it to
the firefighter - then reassures Colleen that both the 'toxic' Jack
and Adrian will be OK - we don't know Adrian and Vikki are even down
there - they could be elsewhere - David and Brad are looking for
them. Colleen frets further - Adrian would have cleared the full
message box on his cell. Full of happy thoughts, Kevin reminds they
lived to tell the tale of being trapped in a burning freezer.

While Neil updates the press - there's been no fatalities, Nikki's
given a purse - Oh My God! This is Victoria's purse, she wails

Never mind her leg, Sharon's worried about Noah - and Jack's still
down there - he must be terrified. Nick's waiting for good news about
Noah and Jack before calling Phyllis - she DOES know he helped us
out. The doctor Noah has a few cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen
(which may need to be removed). While Nick goes to do paperwork,
Sharon's wheeled in to see him.

Later, Nick updates Sharon that Vikki's purse has been found. Adrian
will help her, it's Sharon's turn to be strong - as she caresses his
face briefly - then rubs his shoulder.

The firefighter allows Daniel to help unload the supplies being
delivered from town - and Vic's ordered the latest video equipment
for narrow spaces. David has no news to report to Nikki (who updates
that Vikki's purse was found - I don't know how much more stress she
can take - I can't lose her). Vic warns JT not to do anything stupid
that will endanger Vikki further.

Adrian!!!! Can you hear me? Vikki shouts - then coughs. I'm gonna get
us out of her, she promises her kicking baby. Thank God you're
alright, she hugs Adrian tightly as he stumbles through rubble (and
immediately asks about the baby - then her). Adrian begins to stack
blocks - relaying the last thing he remembers - a mini van saved my
@ss. Not minding his profanity, Vikki thinks her baby wants his @ss
saved too. Adrian picks a fine time to tell her he was never a Boy
Scout - and that he really admires her. Vikki's glad as hell he's
there - it was creepy being alone. They discuss their air supply -
Adrian's read lots of books about disaster - people trapped in small
spaces - a good attitude is key. Needing a rest, Vikki takes the
jacket Adrian offers - and is sure her family will make the rescuers
find them. She relays one time she took off - Vic had a plane sent
up - a skywriter ordered her home. Adrian expresses his love for
Colleen (telling her is the first thing he'll do once they get out).
Vikki'd like to go back to Italy - paint a masterpiece - maybe just
be a Mom - marry the man I love. You'll be a terrific mother, Adrian

A caucasian male's found - pronounced dead on the scene. Colleen
sobs, fearing the worst. Neil updates the press about the dead male -
he hasn't been identified - I'm begging you to respect that the
rescue team has to focus on their job. JT delivers a hug and bad news
to Colleen - it seems Vikki and Adrian are trapped inside. Oh god,
she weeps - then later tells JT that she's glad he's OK. Both hope
the other's lover is OK.

Back at Memorial, Nick updates the first casualty is being brought
up - male, caucasian. Sharon calls Nikki - is it my husband? Find out
for me please. Nikki will. The body on the gurney is looked at by
Vic - I've never seen him before. JT identifies him as Joe - the
construction supervisor. Sharon's relieved. They're soon told that
Noah will need a full spleenadectomy. Sharon and Nick console one
another over poor Noah. The doctor later reports Noah will make a
full recovery - the spleen has been removed. He'll need to be closely
monitored - not having a spleen makes him susceptible to infection.
Nick reminds a snivelling Sharon that their son IS alive.

Vic watches the camera with interest - turn it to the left, he says
into the mike (as Nikki and Neil watch over the firefighter's
shoulder). Another firefighter reports the methane gas is at
dangerous levels - making an explosion more likely. He then addresses
the crowd with a bullhorn - all civillians must leave the premises
(officers - let's move them out). JT insists Colleen go back to the
diner - Vic insists Nikki leave too. JT's angry to hear they may have
to call off the rescue operation - due to methane levels. While JT
argues with the firefighter, the Newman's are excited to see Vikki
Adrian on the camera. Equally excited, Vikki learns that JT and
everyone are OK. Suddenly an explosion sends folks flying. As the
injured are helped up, Vic learns that the explosion relieved the
methane gas - and grabbing a tank, runs down into the carnage.

Updated, Neil tells the gathered press that there's been an

Vikki shakes Adrian - wake up! Awwww, he grimaces in pain. There's a
piece of re-bar stuck in his thigh - we can't pull it out - you might
bleed to death. Help, she screams - then tells Adrian the explosion
made an opening. Go!! Meanwhile, Vic removes his mask as he makes his
way towards a pair of legs - then pulls debris off a body: Jack. He's
soon being dragged out by the firefighters - he has a pulse - go, go,
go. Watching as JT darts into the hole, Vic points out the mask to

Sharon updates Nick that Jack's alive - sorry, no word on Vikki. JT's
soon down hugging Vikki - rescue workers are around the corner, he
sends her ahead. - then helps Adrian hobble out. Vikki's on the arm
of a firefighter, waving at her folks when a falling chunk of brick
hits her above the eye. Tumbling, she and the rescue worker both go
down. Immediately, JT and the Newman's are crowding around an
unconscious Vikki.

Episode 8, 757: Friday 26th. October, 2007

At Memorial, Nick updates the Baldwin's on what little he knows about
Victoria - then watches with worry as she's wheeled by - unconscious.
JT goes to see her while Nikki and Vic are devastated with worry.

On one crutch, Sharon stands vigil over a sleeping Noah - then takes
a call from Jack (who's down in the ER recovering from some bumps and
bruises). How's Noah!? That poor kid. He reports Adrian and Vikki's
injuries - they were on the chopper with him. Stay with Noah, Jack
encourages Sharon - I'll be up there as soon as I can. Sharon assures
a groggy Noah that everyone's fine.

The doctor orders a fetal monitor stat. JT watches with worry as
she's wheeled by. In his bed, Adrian asks for info on Vikki - and
then asks about Colleen (whe was on the next medivac with her
father). Vic's happy to hear they've registered the baby's hearbeat -
but wants to know about his daughter.

Still in Clear Springs, Neil's impatient as he updates the press -
then is joined by Karen. He wishes he knew how Vikki was doing - Vic
would call if he had any news. Neil can't go upstairs to rest - look
around you. Karen assures she can handle the press - go. Neil
declines - wanting to hear how Vikki's doing. Karen delivers coffee
and listens to Neil (who's glad his kids weren't up there). Since
Dru's death he worries more about the kids. Karen got bad news on her
way up there - but will tell him some other time. Her funny
wilderness stories are interrupted by a call from Victor.

Being treated for methane injuries, Brad's more anxious about Vikki
and the baby than his damaged eyes.

Mike calls Gloria to check on Fen and advise they'll be home soon. He
then joins Lauren who's praising Noah on his bravery. Sharon and
Lauren then explain that he's had his spleen removed - you'll be OK
without one - rest. Leaving the Baldwin's to watch Noah 'the amazing
kid' sleep, Sharon goes to visit Jack. Leaving you was the hardest
thing I've ever done, he says solemnly. Jack can't believe Vic was
the one to save him - then wants to check on Vikki - and needs to see
Noah - I'll get my CAT scan later.

Colleen visits Adrian - updating that her Dad's worried about Vikki -
when's surgery? Adrian asks her to take a picture for his book cover -
make sure you get the leg. Colleen obliges. Later, Adrian talks
about his harrowing experience - the inky, infinite silence.

Meanwhile, the doctor's hopeful that the baby's irregular heartbeat
will settle down - but they need to relieve Vikki's blood pressure,
not knowing why she's unconscious or when she might come to. The
Abbott's ask Nick about Vikki (who's gone for a CAT scan). Nick's
really glad Jack's OK - I should have stayed. They all eye poor, sad
looking JT.

The baby's heartbeat has stabilized - Vikki's blood pressure is
heading back to the normal zone - she needs a CAT scan. Nikki begs
the doctor to make sure their daughter comes back to them - please!

Sharon visits Brad (who's eyes are now bandaged). He'd give both eyes
if it meant the baby would be OK. Sharon then takes Jack to visit
Noah (who was worried he didn't make it). Noah and Jack compare
ordeals - were you scared? Jack was - it's a normal reaction. He
praises Noah for helping Lauren - it's the little things that make a
difference - I'm proud of you. Soon they're all laughing - Jack saved
our lives - he held the beam so your Dad and I could get out, Sharon
boasts. Jack downplays - I drew the short straw. Jack admits how hard
it was being left alone - all I could think about was getting back to
you and your Mom - it got me through everything.

The Newman's kiss the unconscious Vikki as she's wheeled out. JT
bends down - I love you - I'll be waiting. He follows the gurney as
she's away. Nick tells JT about leaving Jack behind - I just assumed
Vikki was OK. JT feels badly about sending Vikki ahead - why'd I do
that? Meanwhile, Vic relays finding Jack to Nikki (who thinks he
should have left him to the rescuers - the extra seconds could have
made a difference). Vic couldn't live with himself if he left Jack to

Shaking his hand, Jack thanks Vic for saving his life. The doctor
then suggest Vikki has DAI - diffused actional injury - there's no
brain damage - we have to watch and have every reason to be hopeful -
the baby's fine. As JT storms off, Vic sighs - I guess we wait. And
pray, Nikki adds with eyes closed. JT's frustrated when the nurse
won't let him stay - you're not family. She won't even play Vikki's
favourite song on his iPod (unless the family OK's it). With one sad
look at his fiance, JT gives up and heads out.

Now back at Paul's, Maggie raves about Noah - he rocked. Paul has a
question - ever thought about having kids? At this particular moment?
she laughs - I could be talked into practice, she answers with a
passionate kiss. Both remove shirts and take their kiss horizontally
to the sofa. Afterwards, Paul relays that helping Lauren helped him
too - she's had problems with panic attacks before - I recognized the
signs. You two seem close, Maggie notes. Paul will always care about
Lauren. Maggie understands second guessing oneself in a crisis. Over
wine, Maggie and Paul agree you can't dwell on the bad stuff they see
on a daily basis. Maggie's grateful Paul 'gets her' - and returns his
slow, soleful kiss.

Lauren relays her terror to Gloria and Mike (who's upset he wasn't
there with her). The silence was deafening - the horrible noise of
the building shifting - I didn't know if they'd find us - I thought I
was gonna die - thank God for Paul calming me down. It's OK, Mike
assures with a kiss. Lauren tears up when Fen's brought out - I would
have missed this, she whispers to herself.

To the strains of Vikki's favourite song, the Baldwin's play with
cheerful baby Fen - Nick ruffles Noah's hair as he sleeps (with Jack
and Sharon standing by) ... Colleen kisses Adrian, biting back tears
as he's wheeled off to have the rebar moved from his leg ... Karen
joins Neil - rubbing his arm as he gazes up to the heavens with moist
eyes ... Paul and Maggie continue to make out ... Nikki prays - then
stands to sob in David's arms ... Vikki remains unconscious, Vic at
her bedside - laying a hand on her shoulder, stroking her hair - his
eyes filled with tears, he talks gently ... Outside, JT listens to
the song on his iPod: Forever. Removing the earphones, he stands
alone - waiting outside - and very much an outsider. 

Episode 8,758: Monday 29th. October, 2007

On the office phone, Jack would be with Sharon at the hospital - but
it's Phyllis' first day of work release - call if there's any
changes. Sharon's pleased with the Dr's report - Noah should be able
to go home tomorrow. Joining them, Nick chats briefly, then updates
the Baldwins (who've brought Fen). Mike warns him not to bend the
rules of Phyllis' work release.

An impatient Phyllis whines about the Warden being 22 minutes late to
release her - and agrees to pass along a wooden motorcycle Jana's
made for Kevin. With the Warden, Phyllis assures him she knows (and
will follow) all the rules - I won't blow this. Her driver, Daniel,
pops up.

At Memorial, Vic's on the phone offering to double the specialists'
fee - tell him Victor Newman's calling. In Vikki's room, JT coaxes an
unresponsive Vikki to squeeze his fingers - come back to us Victoria.
Vic then asks for news from Dr Ryan (who reports nothing new with the
second CAT scan). Getting a call from Dr Webb, Vic makes it clear
that Dr Ryan's to take advantage of the experts' expertise - thank
you. Back in Vikki's room, JT's relieved by a chatty Nick (who
wonders how she can put up with the unshowered JT and credits her
with Mom and Dad not fighting - we'll laugh about this once it's
over). Slumbering blissfully, Vikki stubbornly refuses to squeeze his
hand. Outside, the doctor has little info for the Newman's and JT.

An enthusiastic Nikki brings some gifts for Noah to draw with - maybe
later (Noah's stomach hurts). Sharon's sure he'll be able to have an
extra thick strawberry milkshake soon - but looks worried when Noah
doesn't recall Nick and Jack visiting.

At the office, Cane tells Kay and Jill that it's his fault the garage
collapsed - then calls Nick - our thoughts are with you. Noah's on
the mend - no change in Victoria, Cane continues to blame himself.
Jill reads, and edits Kevin's website press release, while Cane and
Kay decide to head out to the hospital. Once there, JT updates Cane -
and blames himself. Cane promises to find out what happened.

Lily visits Noah armed with a bag of comic books - but Noah's more
concerned with people still being trapped in the garage. Lily assures
him that the rescuers will get everybody out.

Daniel delivers Jack's assistant - Phyllis (who hugs her boss - it
feels SO good to be here). She reluctantly announces that she can't
see Summer (who's in the daycare). Jack overrules - go get Summer.
Phyllis expresses her doubts - it's not real life - she'll cry - and
I won't come - she won't understand. Phyllis doesn't take Summer -
but is happy to see her. Jack then insists Phyllis call her husband
(and is soon asking how Noah and Vikki are). Her next call's to Noah
(who asks her to come by - and hands the phone over when Phyllis
explains she can't). Sharon tells her that Noah's healing like a
champ - and agrees to explain to Noah why she can't be there. She
then wimpers to Jack (who's certain everything wil be OK - and again
downplays being a hero - HE wouldn't be alive if it weren't for

The Newman's update Kay and Jill (who grumbles about Jack being
hailed a hero). Vic disagrees that HE'S a hero - I can't even save my
own daughter. Kay and Jill agree that CI won't accept blame - but
will handle it honourably. Jack's somewhat surprised when Jill gives
him the cold shoulder - not considering him a hero - it doesn't make
up for what you did - I know who you are and what you did - and I'll
damn well never let people forget it, she spits out.

Awakening in a panic, Sharon's alarmed when Noah won't let Jack
leave - and wants his Dad.

The Newman's update JT that Dr Webb's flying out to treat Vikki.
Asked if he wants to hear the heartbeat, JT suggests Nikki go first.
She offers to let Vic go first (since he saved a life). With the
stethascope on, Vic beams as he listens to the strong heartbeat.

Phyllis is pleased when Daniel delivers snacks and java to the break
room - but it's not as good as being with her family. She feels
guilty that Nick's leaving them to come see her. I am caged heat,
Phyllis giggles. She's soon talking to Kevin (and passes on the
wooden motorcycle). He thinks of her and Jana as twisted soririty
sisters. Mike's nervous when he takes an excited Lauren to see
Phyllis - if you so much as hold someone's hand here you'll be sent
back to prison.

Phyllis and Nick resist temptation - he's there on official business
but whispers 'I need you'. I need you too - but we can't, Phyllis
whispers back with a smile.

Back home, Mike dissuades Lauren from returning to the hospital - and
fails to convince her to nap. Suddenly, Lauren tears up - Michael.
Michael, she gasps. It's OK, he reassures gently.

At CL's, Lily comforts Cane - looks like you need a friend. Cane
worries about Noah having nightmares about his ordeal - and Vikki -
this is such a mess. Lily absolves him of responsibility - no one
knows what caused it. Cane thinks about the numerous contracts he
signed - is that the moment he sealed Vikki's fate - or put a little
boy in ICU? It's all my fault. Online, Lily reports that almost
everyone missing has been found. Cane was so happy to have found his
family - but if he's let his grandma down, doesn't deserve them. Lily
can relate - why did Sharon live while her Mom died? She'd love to
blame someone - but sometimes bad things happen. Family doesn't turn
away when you make a mistake - you DO deserve them, she takes his
hands (as Daniel watches from the counter).

Episode 8,759: Tuesday 30th. October, 2007

At the office, Phyllis reports to Nick that the bloggers are saying
saboteurs are out to get Victor Newman - and that the inspectors were
paid off. She finds it even more ridiculous that she can't kiss her
husband. It kills Phyllis that she can't 'be there' for Nick - it
kills him that he can't touch her. They're all business when someone
walks in the break room. Alone again, Phyllis isn't sure she can do
this. David sneers at Phyllis - when did YOU get out? Have Jack call
me when he gets in, he orders. Across the desk, Nick calls Phyllis -
and tells her he's staring at her - thinking of all the things he
wants to do to her. He then hovers behind her to see what they're
saying about Jack online - good press finally. They then disagree on
whether Jack's a killer (accidentally or not). In Jack`s office,
Phyllis pulls out the flyer - and reads Jack`s letter on the back
(with Jack watching from the doorway). Taking the letter, Jack
downplays his ordeal - admits he was terrified - then, the strangest
thing happened - a peaceful feeling came over me - I knew I`d be with
my Dad. Thanks, Jack says simply as Phyllis goes to get a fax.

'Turn around', the fax reads - it`s Nick holding Summer in her
Halloween costume (reducing Phyllis to tears). Later, she gives Nick
some papers - check the file. Inside, there's a get well card for
Noah. At the end of the day, Phyllis assures Jack that he won't be a
suspect in Ji's death for long - everyone loves a reformed sinner.
Phyllis assures him she's doing great - see you tomorrow. In the
elevator, her lip trembles as she breaks into tears.

Vic and Nikki - and JT talk to the unconscious Vikki - assuring her
she'll be looking through the baby name book soon. The doctor reports
the baby should continue to grow inuetero. The doctor from John's
Hopkins has been sent copies of Vikki's tests. In the hallway, the
doctor's abrupt with Brad (who will have to speak to the family for
news on Vikki). Brad grumbles to a concerned Jack - you know as much
as I do about Vikki. Jack updates on Sharon and Noah - and would
rather Brad didn't drop by to say Hello (call Sharon's cell, he
concedes). Nikki comes out to update Brad on Vikki and the baby's
condition (but won't allow him to see her). Vic's on the phone
ordering whatever equipment is needed to find out who's responsible
for the disaster - they won't get away with it - click. Nikki walks
in on Vic talking to Vikki - apologizing for being so stubborn about
Clear Springs - I always want what`s best for my children - I didn`t
want you or your mother to get involved - sorry I didn`t listen to
you - I was wrong not to talk to you about calling in your mother`s
loan. Vic refuses to leave while the nurse gives Vikki a pain test
(though Nikki has to leave the room). The nurse pricking Vikki's hand
gets no response.

David tells Nikki about the talk of sabotage against the Newmans - as
well as pay-offs. He hugs the distracted Nikki (who hasn't heard a
word he said).

Brad complains to Logan that he can`t get any information about Vikki
(and gets tons of it from blabbermouth Logan). Right now, the baby's
OK. She gives worse case scenarios - one sign to look for is if her
hand starts to claw etc. etc. Logan now realizes she's giving him too
much information. No - Brad wanted to know.

JT's on the phone talking about inspections - you can't release that
information - we can't vilify Chancelor Industries - we have to get
our facts straight. Vic's overheard - you knew there was a problem
with the garage? You will not set foot in that room until you tell me
everything. JT admits why Cane hired him - and learned the concrete
was being watered down - Paul's looking into David Chow (he met with
Joe a couple of times). Nikki and David interrupt - is everything
alright? Vic asks David what he knows about kickbacks at Clear
Springs. What's your rleationship with Joe? David isn't surprised to
be blamed - it has to do with my relationship with Nikki. Whatever
Joe was involved in, I have nothing to do with it. Vic warns him that
he better not find out anything different.

JT apologizes to Vikki - we should have shut the building down - I
won't forgive myself for that. JT allows Brad to come in - and leaves
him alone with her for a minute. Brad sits at her bedside and talks
gently - the baby's doing just fine - hang in there.

Ester tells Amber that Kay's not up to accepting visitors - is that
Amber? Kay shouts out - Come in! It's SO good to see you, Kay hugs
her new BFF. Her arm in a sling, Kay's thrilled with the scarf
Amber's brought to replace it - I just may create my own line.
Pausing her doting on Amber, Kay dismisses the loyal Ester with a
wave of her hand. The pair then commiserate about their ordeal. Amber
feels they all got second chances - and plans to make good use of
hers. Kay has a gift her Amber: a broach (to replace the one Amber
gave Kay). Amber's blown away - and goes to put it on. Returning
home, Jill and Cane don't look too excited to see Amber. Now seated,
Cane updates that they`re investigating the collapse - wishing he`d
closed it down. When Amber suggests they start a fund for the
families, Kay and Jill think it a great idea. Jill thanks Amber for
being such a comfort to her mother. When Amber asks if Cane would
like to go grab a bite, he agrees - and follows her out. Kay tells
Jill that she and Amber talked about how something like this could
change lives. Jill assures Kay that no matter what she loves her. Kay
talks about Vic throwing his and power around - I always thought he
was a bully - and I did the same thing with you and Ji Minh - can you
really forgive me? Jill already has.

Later, Maggie visits Kay - not to talk about Ji Minh (as assumed by
Jill). Maggie assures Jill that she'll be the second to find out if
Jack's arrested. Unimpressed with the investigation, Jill calls the
reporter to tip him off that Senator Jack Abbott's a major suspect.
She then lets Victor in - he accosts Cane - you should have shut it
down - Vic then blasts Kay for putting her inexperienced grandson in
charge - not shutting it down may have cost his daughter's life.

I'ts no longer a search and rescue operation - the insurance
investigators are moving in. Nikki hopes he's not involved in any
kickback schemes. David swears he knew nothing about it - I'm just as
angry as everyone else.

At CL's, Jill gripes about Jack being hailed a hero. On cue, Jack
arrives to a standing ovation - I did what anyone would have done he
claims (given coffee on the house). Jill continues to tell Cane that
she and Jack were family - business adversaries - friends - sometimes
more than friends. Now, she thinks he's a cold blooded killer.

At CL's, Amber thanks Cane for saving her life - and doesn't blame
him for being angry at all she's done. Cane's not proud of the things
he's done to her either. Amber realizes she must have really hurt
him - only somebody that you love.. um care about could make you do
something like that (the anger sex). Nick arrives and orders a
strawberry milkshake - then asks Cane if there's news on the
collapse. Cane says they're bringing in the heavy machinery and looks
sad as Amber asks about Noah and Vikki.

Episode 8,760: Wednesday 31st. October, 2007

Back in prison, Phyllis would rather be alone than talk to Jana or
the Chaplain about her day of freedom - it's not all it's cracked up
to be. However, she's soon whining about the flaws in the work
release program. Phyllis and Jana disagree on whether Jack's a hero
or not, then listen as a new bulletin reports Jack's a suspect in the
death of Ji Minh Kim. Jana won't quit bashing Jack - rambling on
about all Jack did to Gloria - if that's not pure evil, what is? Jana
won't let up - suspecting Jack of having John change his Dad's will.
Phyllis goes to the Chaplian - fishing for info on John Abbott - he
was reevaluating his life - he cut Gloria out of his will. The
Chaplain doesn't see the relevancy. Phyllis covers - she merely means
that John would be proud of his son. .

At Memorial, Vic barks orders to double manpower and find out what
happened at Clear Springs - he's hired private investigators. If this
is sabotage against the Newman's, he wants to know who the hell has
upped the ante. In Vikki's room, a joking JT and Nikki butt heads
over the wedding - Nikki thinks a DJ more suited to a prom than her
daughter's wedding. Asking Paul and Maggie, they give different
opinions simultanously. Paul and Nikki encourage JT to leave -
practically forcing him to go home and take a shower. Nikki sits for
some 'girl time' with Vikki - taking her hand and gently kissing it.

On his way out, JT chats with Colleen and Adrian (who feels
responsible - Vikki should have gone ahead without me - I owe her big
time). Go talk to her, JT encourages. After Nikki leaves Adrian to
talk to Vikki, he hobbles over to offer words of thanks and
encouragement. This child will be perfect - like his Mom. He then
bends down to tell the baby how strong his Mom is. JT halts his
conversation to accuse David Chow of being part of the reason Vikki's
in there. David again claims he was merely checking on construction -
any more public accusations and he'll sue for slander!

In Noah's room, Sharon thanks her hero Jack for saving her life. He's
outraged to get a call alerting him that the press now knows he's the
prime suspect in Ji's death - someone on the force leaked it. Bumping
into Maggie, Jack blasts her for the leak. She isn't responsible, but
will find out who is. Back in Noah's room, the kid gets good news on
his pending relase - and a visit from his Dad dressed as a Musketeer
(including cproviding both candy and eye candy). Jack soon arrives
and finds Sharon in a leopard cape and hat. Nick encourages Sharon to
go out for a bite with Jack - he's brought Noah's video game.

Paul updates Vic - reminding him that he was trapped too - if Chow's
connected I'll find out - you'll be the first to know. Vic's back on
the phone - I expect an update in the morning. He then updates Nikki
that there's no official news. Nikki doubts David's involved - but
would want to know if so - that's OUR little girl in there. Vic vows
that whomever is responsible will pay (and suffer). David later tells
Nikki that he'll stay away from the hospital - looking out for us -
and NVP. Nikki's sorry for what he's going through - but her only
concern is Vikki's recovery.

By the time Nikki visits Noah's room, he's received so much candy
that he's OK with missing trick or treating. Nick then takes a turn
talking to Vikki about childhood memories - show me how tough you
are - wake up, he urges. Wheeling Noah around the hospital (in a
matching costume), Nick hands the phone to him so he can talk to

Vic makes his way to the chapel - and makes a solemn plea for Vikki's
life - and finding those responsible - I need some help - that's why
I'm here. As tears flow, when it comes to one's child, one must
appeal to a higher power. When Nikki joins him, they reminisce about
Vikki as a child (holding vigil with her sick pony). She's as strong
and stubborn as her father, they agree. There's always hope, Nikki

Now showered, JT returns with his guitar - after doing some research
online. JT tolerates Paul's humourous teasing - then finds Nick
laughing hysterically as he continues to reminisce with Vikki - we'll
be laughing together real soon, he pats JT's arm before leaving him
to warble a song to Vikki and the baby.

In the lounge, Jack has a heart to heart with Sharon (who thinks him
an amazing husband and father) and won't hear of him resigning his
Senate seat. Jack's reassessed his priorities - nothing is more
important than her and Noah. Sharon supports him 110%. John appears
beside her to agree - I know I didn't raise a quitter. He sits with
arms folded to listen to Sharon and Jack debate him resigning (with
Sharon concluding that he'll make the right choice). Later, Jack's
angry - there must be thousands of dogs with yellow hair - even
Victor Newman has one (a light seems to go off in Jack's head). He's
told by phone that the hairs can't conclusively be linked to Fisher.
I've been outed publically as a murder suspect without ANY evidence,
he ends his rant.

Episode 8,761: Thursday 1st. November, 2007

At the Estate, Cane ignores a call from the Chronicle - and rants
about the press throwing out accusations with no evidence. On cue,
Maggie arrives to discuss the press leak with Jill - wouldn't know
anything about that would you? What about YOU Mr Ashby? Both deny it -
and are focussing on solving the Clear Springs collapse. Once alone,
Cane scolds his mother for the leak. Jill claims she just gave them a
push in the right direction. When Cane again blames himself for the
collapse, Jill's just glad he's OK.

At the condo, Lauren's family fusses over her - then react negatively
when Gloria takes a call from Jeffrey - and agrees to have dinner
with him (if he wants to spend an evening telling me how fabulous I
am, who am I to ruin his fun? I'm not gonna marry him). Warning
everyone to 'be nice', the 'ravishing' Gloria welcomes Jeffrey in.
Lauren thanks him for the flowers and turns in for the night. When
Jeffrey suggests treating them all to dinner one night, Kevin stuns
Gloria - I'm free now. Despite Glo's best efforts, Jeffrey would be
delighted - shall we?

Despite being in comfy PJ's, Lauren's not comfortable (but should be
sleeping soon thanks to some anti-anxiety meds). Every time Lauren
closes her eyes, she's trapped under concrete - I know I'm safe - but
I'm frightened. Mike's as supportive and understanding as can be -
and when she awakens from a nightmare worried about Paul, he calls
Paul (who's been chatting with Heather - then at the club discussing
with Maggie whether he should tell Heather that he's her father - how
can he drop a bomb like that? What if she hates him?). Of course
Maggie doesn't mind him going to see Lauren - she needs you more than
I do right now.

Out for dinner, the blunt Kevin asks Jeffrey what his intentions are
towards his mother (who blushes like a schoolgirl while Jeffrey
chuckles - then admits he can't leave town - your mother's cast her
spell on me - the more I learn about her, the more I want to know).
Talk of the collapse leads Jeffrey to relay a story of a schoolyard
bully - he came after me, fell and broke both his arms - plently of
people blamed me. Gloria understands him wanting to protect a friend.
She'd do the same thing. Glo's thanks Jeffrey for a wonderful
evening - then gets scolded by Kevin for falling for the flattery.
Glo insists she's not - if he thinks he's good at playing people he's
got another thing coming. In his room, Jeffrey plays his micro
recorder (which has taped the entire evening).

Unable to sleep, Jill calls out for Cane - then calls his cell - this
will sound silly but I wanted to make sure you're safe. Cane tells
her not to wait up - see you in the morning - click. He and Heather
then discuss their similarities - Cane grew up without knowing his
mother (Heather never knew her real father - but fantasized about him
showing up). Cane can relate - he used to scan crowds for women who
could be his Mom. Heather confides that her stepfather was abusive -
and is bitter that her real father didn't care - I invisioned him
cold and hungry on the streets - what sort of heartless person
doesn't even send a single Christmas card? No - she has NO desire to
meet her father. Cane needed an answer to the all consuming question -
why did his mother give him up? The answer? She was tricked - and is
a good person. Heather knows her father is NOT a good person - I
don't care who he is.

When Paul arrives at the Baldwin's (and chugs beer with Mike),
Lauren's embarrassed - I ruined your date. I owe you a romantic
dinner - you and Maggie, she quickly corrects. Paul confides that
he's been thinking about his regrets and mistakes. He has a second
chance to make things right - he's conflicted, torn - confused - I
think about it all the time. Lauren asks that if it was his last day
on earth - would you tell her?

Meanwhile, Heather's on the phone with her Mom - telling her she's
having a good time and has met a man. April ends the call to take one
from Paul - he's been thinking of telling Heather the truth.

Back home, Cane sees his Mom's waited up for him anyway - and tells
her he was out for drinks with Heather - Yeah, I like her - goodnight

Episode 8, 762: Friday 2nd. November, 2007

The Chaplain hears Phyllis whine about not being able to take her
daughter trick or treating - then likens her friendship with Jana to
that of John's friendship with Todd Schiller. When a well meaning
Jana later suggests she look into John's stint in prison, Phyllis
dissuades her.

When Noah gets an enthusiastic welcome home from Fisher, the dog
reminds Jack that he's a suspect in a homicide investigation -
Victor's likely next on the list - he had motive. When Sharon brushes
dog hair off the sofa, Jack warns her not to get any on her (or
she'll be suspected next). Jack wonders why Vic isn't a suspect - he
raced up the stairs that day (and likely punched Ji then left not
knowing he was dying). All Jack knows for sure is that HE didn't kill
Ji Minh.

Vic and Nikki continue to hold vigil at Vikki's bedside - talking
about taking a trip to Italy. Paul visits - any change? In private,
Paul updates Vic that he's still investigating the collapse - the one
guy who can tell them about the kickback scam is dead - Joe was a
pro - he covered his tracks. Vic orders Paul to uncover his tracks -

On the CL's patio, Kevin pokes fun of Gloria's 'Zelda' attire and
claims he only tagged along last night to get to know his new father.
Glo insists on going to see Jana with him - the CS's disaster has
caused a change of heart - I accept that you love Jana. In the
visiting room, Jana tells Gloria and Kev there was a prison riot -
I'm the cell block leader now, she deadpans (then is sorry to hear
about Vikki being in a coma - and Lauren's anxiety attacks). Kevin
jokes about Jack's life being in danger - and him writing a will.
Jana then asks Gloria about John's friend Todd - and his will. Both
Glo and Kevin are sure Jack it. Left alone for some privacy, Jana
asks why Jack would forge the will - and suggests they prove it -
thereby proving that John really loved Gloria. Bidding Gloria - and
then Kevin good bye, Jana promises to look into her suspicions about
John's will.

Neil informs Devon that he'll be working with Phyllis. Joining them,
Nick's told the same thing - and updates them on Vikki (whom Neil
claims will be a perfect mother - she'll get through this). Neil
assures that he can hold down the fort at NE. Nick thanks him for
stepping up - we won't forget it. Neil has a meeting scheduled with
Kay and Cane - hopefully they'll have some answers on the collapse.
Neil then calls Vic for an update - and again hears the baby's doing
well. Gently pressured for answers on an account, Vic tells Neil to
cancel it - his focus now is Victoria.

In the breakroom, Phyllis and Mr Newman chat - it's crazy that
Phyllis can't go visit Vikki. When an employee briefly walks in, they
switch to work mode - but are soon joking and flirting again. Worried
about being caught, Phyllis gets back to work (calling Todd Schellar -
but hanging up quickly when Devon arrives). Phyllis shares that
there's rumours that the same person responsible for the jet crashing
also sabotaged Clear Springs. When Devon goes out for some lunch,
Phyllis sends him across town for a sub, then calls Todd again. After
Phyllis leaves, Devon takes a message for Phyllis. Back for her
purse, she's told that a woman just called about a Todd Schillinger.
After Devon leaves, Phyllis reads the message - Todd's out of town -
I'll have him call when he gets back.

Nick takes Summer to Vikki's room to visit his folks - then jokes
with his unresponsive sister - no snappy come back? he taunts (while
Nikki's smile fades).

At the Estate, Cane continues to blame himself for the collapse - the
workers are good - why didn't they come to me? I knew somthing was up
when the copper wire went missing - most of the work was well done -
only the garage was shoddy workmanship. When Cane offers his
resignation, Kay points out that Joe's actions reflect on her - not
him - her worst fear is the possibility of having to tell her dearest
friend that she's responsible for her daughter's injuries. Paul
arrives - and is pressured by Kay and Cane to get to the bottom of it

Meeting Maggie at CL's, Paul exchanges a few words with Heather (then
relays that April doesn't think if a good idea to turn Heather's
world upside down). Maggie's sure Paul will make the right decision -
then talks about a case she was talking to Heather about. Paul knows
the crooks involved and has some surveillance tape that might come in
handy. Paul's looking for a former associate of Joe Boddington -
trying to tie him to other structural failures. Maggie takes the name
he jots down and will check the files.

Jack, Kay, Cane and David Chow meet at NE. Neil wonders why JT was
working at the site. Man needed a job, Cane shrugs. Neil never bought
the public blow up with Paul - he was working for you. Prodded by
Kay, Cane admits JT was hired to investigate stolen supplies - then
came the kickback scam - followed by the substandard concrete. Kay
calls Neil and Jack off - I want answers as much as you do -
Chancelor Industries will take responsibility if need be - or find
out who IS responsible (and ensure justice is served).

Paul later visits the Estate to tell Cane and Kay that he has nothing
to prove David and Joe's relationship wasn't anything but
professional. From Crimson Lights, Paul asks Heather to meet him -
it's not urgent but it'll take more than 5 minutes. Heather will
check her schedule and get back to him.

David calls Nikki to relay they're wating for the NIST report to get
an official answer - he'll call when he hears more. Nikki then tells
Nick that Cane admitted substandard materials were used in the
development. An angry Nick links that to Kay - if he finds out her
company caused Vikki's injuries, he'll sue until there's no Chancelor
Industries left.

At Memorial, Jack expresses condolensces to Vic - adding that he's a
suspect in Ji's death - the police found dog hair - they'll be
knocking at your door next. Vic chuckles as Jack reminds him that he
races upstairs to confront Ji Minh. Vic claims no one answered the
door - probably because you already killed him. Maggie arrives in
time to overhear Vic say that he won't confess to a crime he didn't
commit. Getting an update on Noah and Vikki, she's invited to visit
Noah and will say a prayer for Vikki. Nikki tells Vic that she's off
to the loft to pick up some of Vikki's things. Nikki ignores Jack's
condolensces and leaves him to warn Vic that they have as much
evidence on him. Are you accusing me of murder? Vic scowls - I just
saved your life - if I had to do it over again, I'd leave you in the

Cane and Kay get a visit - Mrs Chancelor, we know what caused the
structure to collapse. Looking worried, Kay stands to hear the news

Episode 8, 763: Monday 5th. November, 2007

Kay and Cane are relieved when the initial findings report that there
was nothing whatsoever wrong with the construction - the garage was
structurally sound - everything was up to code. Thank God, Cane
exhales - the crew will be relieved. The visitor will have to wait
for the final report to determine the cause of the collapse. The gas
fill explosion caused the collapsed, Cane concludes - the police have
opened an official homicide investigation. Kay will sue that company
for everything they have - poor Vikki - I wonder if her parents know
yet. Kay answers the phone - no comment! And now knows the drilling
company is owned by Victor Newman.

Cane's on the phone - please make sure the crew knows their work had
nothing to do with the tragedy. He updates Kay that Newman dotted all
his I's and crossed his T's - why did the city issue him a permit?
Kay now realizes why Vic didn't care about the CS's delays. He'd make
money either way. A man died because Victor wanted to make his wife
pay. My God - does Nikki know? Cane will drive Kay there himself.

David and Neil are both on the phone regarding Clear Springs - David
needs to know if any of the buildings are salvageable. Neil talked to
another inspector from NIST - there are no safety standard
violations - or siesmic activity - no traces of a bomb. What the hell
did this? David wonders aloud.

Vic goes over the NIST report that was faxed to the hospital.
Flipping through it, he reads that his company followed all safety
recommendations - it was an accident - one of the monitors was broken
and didn't tip the workers off to the accumulating gas (that caused
an electrical short). Your mining operation - your wife's project,
Jack scolds - your daughter protecting the archetectural heritage -
it was a unique project. If Vic knew there was a problem, he would
have shut it down. Your grandson could have died, your daughter's
comatose etc etc. Jack rants on. Get out, Vic barks. Now! You think I
did this intentionally? I do, Jack sneers before walking.

At the loft, JT helps Nikki pack some of Vikki's things. She notices
a photo of Victor on the dartboard. It's a stress reliever, JT jokes.
Nikki thinks she should get one of those - and doesn't buy that her
photo's never been on there (don't lie to your mother in law). Nikki
then pauses over the bag of baby clothes she bought for Vikki
(flashing back to Vikki expressing her superstitions).

Nick and Sharon are at NE discussing Noah not being himself - he just
needs some space to process it all, Nick assures Sharon (who's
already placed a call to the therapist for his opinion). Neil calls -
seen the news? Victor's drilling caused the collapse. Nick makes a
beeline to find out what Neil knows. Neil knew Vic owned the drilling
rights - he used a subsiduary of NE - no one knew it was connected.
Neil takes a call - no statement - thank you - click. Neil tells Nick
he's really, really sorry. Vic can't be reached - his phone's off.

Back at Memorial, JT leaves David to give Nikki the latest news -
drilling by Victor caused the accident - something to do with
displaced gas and an electrical short. Nikki's in denial that Vic's
to blame - you're telling me he's responsible for this disaster? That
can't be!

Jack arrives home to see Sharon's reaction to the news bulletin.
Jack! she runs to hug him. Yeah, Jack's heard - and has talked to
Vic - he's making excuses - Victor Newman will pay for this. Later,
the Abbott's worry about Noah - playing the same game over and over
again. Jack suggests to Noah that they take the dog for a walk.
Continuing his game, Noah's not interested. Later, Sharon tells Jack
that Noah doesn't even want to eat dinner. Jack's sure he'll come
around - he himself still having nightmares. He reads the blogs
online - they're having a field day with Victor - he can't sue
everyone who's accusing him of playing dirty. Sharon thinks it
ridiculous - Victor's suffering. Jack thinks her a much nicer person
than he is - I think he should fry.

Vic wonders why the engineers would give him the go ahead - send me
the fax to the hospital - I want to know who operated the defective
monitor - I want names. He turns to see Nikki glaring at him. If you
did this, she says coldly - I will never, ever forgive you - I pray
to God, for your sake, that you had nothing to do with it. How dare
you accuse me, Vic responds. Nikki marches off as Neil arrives to
tell Vic that everything was done by the book - it was an accident -
not your fault. Nick interrupts - is it true? You ordered the
drilling? Please tell me you had nothing to do with this. Vic had NO
idea this would happen.

In Vikki's room, JT talks about bridal showers - wouldn't it be fun
if it was co-ed? My buddies and your girlfriends... He tells Vikki
that the ants are back - marching in formation - and whistling, he
jokes. I didn't spray - sprinkled baking soda around the baseboards.
Victor pops his head in - I'll be back.

Neil tells Kay that he double checked everything himself - it
couldn't have been predicted - it was an act of God. Perfect, Kay
sneers - Victor loves playing God.

Back at the Estate, Kay and Cane gripe about Victor - it's time for
the cavallry to charge - he'll need an army of lawyers to handle the
lawsuits Chancelor is about to file - that bastard! Kay spits.

Nikki tucks Vikki's quilt about her and relays all the people that
have been stopping by. JT adds that Adrian's up and around. Nick says
she better wake up soon - before he and JT go to pick out the baby's

Nikki gripes away to David about her marriage to Victor - I thought
about walking away many times - when my son's plane went down, he
left me alone - publically humilated me by supporting Jack. He bought
the mineral drilling rights to spite me - if I'd left him, none of
this would have happened - Vikki wouldn't be fighting for her life.
Arriving in time to see Nikki sobbing in David's arms, Kay remains
rooted to the spot - watching. Approaching, Kay offers support then
admires a ribbon Vikki won for horseback riding. Nikki thought Vikki
might want it in her room. Meanwhile, Cane tells JT that faulty
concrete's not to blame - Victor Newman's drilling is. JT stops
Victor - is it true what they're saying? He looks disgusted when Vic
says they're still determining what happened. At Vikki's bedside,
Nick tells his sister that their old algebra teacher's in the
hospital having a baby. You're missing your favourite show tonight -
I'm recording it for you. Vic enters, tearing up as he urges Vikki to
get better - hoping to soon hear her beautiful voice. Out in the
hallway, Vic says he'd trade places with her in a heartbeat. Nick
knows he didn't deliberately do this - safety measures were in place -
they just didn't work. Vic blames the operator who wasn't doing his

In his office, Vic cries as he holds a framed photo of Vikki that
sits atop his desk. Neil arrives - it'll be a couple of weeks before
they get the full report. Vic has no statement for the press. Neil
has to point out that it's having an effect on their business
associates - anything else I can do? It was an accident, Neil
continues - it was a business decision to protect your investment.
Vic's been telling himself that - but he wanted to humiliate his
wife. Declining Neil's dinner invite, Vic wants to be alone - kindly
close the door behind you. Alone as requested, Vic mopes around

Episode 8, 764: Tuesday 6th. November, 2007

Jack's on the phone expediting checks for victims of the Clear
Springs disaster (sure the good deed will go unreported by the press -
who're camped out awaiting a statement from Victor). Not willing to
cut Vic any slack, Jack can't promise Sharon that things will
stay 'cool' if the two run into one another. At CL's, Jack greets his
favourite crime fighting duo (Heather and Maggie) and boasts that he
may be able to crack their case - which one? The one he's 'a person
of interest' in. Ever play the game Clue? Victor Newman in Ji Minh's
room with an uppercut to Ji Minh's jaw. Sitting, he lays out Vic's
motive - I saw him go upstairs myself. The ladies are skeptical - he
wasn't caught on camera. Have you even interviewed him? Test his dog,
Jack insists to no avail (challenging Maggie directly before storming

At CL's, Cane flirts with Maggie and Heather - griping when the press
calls and text messages his cell phone. Batting her eyelashes,
Heather can't even imagine what they went through trapped beneath the
garage. Lily finds Cane working on the patio - and understands that
he still blames himself - it can make a person kinder - more grateful
and aware. Cane didn't know she she was so wise. After studying, Lily
again chats to Cane about the collapse - I was worried about you.
Cane admits he didn't think he'd make it out - he thought about his
family and friends - the last conversations he had - the crazy things
he's done (like climbing). Lily's interested - and open to a lot of
possibilities. Smiling deep into her eyes, Cane likes that (and asks
her to give Vikki's family his best). Glad he's safe, Lily gives Cane
an impulsive hug - then a kiss on the cheek. He caresses the side of
her face, then grins to himself as she walks off.

JT continues his one sided conversation in Vikki's room - spraying
perfume on her wrist. Colleen's welcomed in - you don't have to
whisper. Colleen thinks Vikki looks beautiful - like she's posing for
a painting. Joining them, Brad takes a turn offering encouragement to
Vikki - come back to us. Uncomfortable, JT points out that the nurses
don't want a bunch of people in there at once. When Colleen goes for
coffee, JT squirms some more as Brad strokes Vikki's forehead - then
finally can take no more - meet me in the hallway. JT bluntly says he
needs to be alone with Vikki right now - it's tough having you in
there. Brad understands - call me if you need anything. Meanwhile, in
the hallway, Colleen tells Lily that she's pulling for her Dad to be
the father of Vikki's baby - it'd be nice to have a baby brother. Now
seated, Lily shares her run in with Cane - the conversation got
really deep - I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek - ran out
before I could read the look on his face. She invites Colleen (and
Adrian) to the club tonight - Enrique Eglasias is performing. Colleen
encourages Lily to invite Cane too. Brad then tells Colleen that he's
leaving - yeah, JT asked him to go. He mopes a bit about how hard it
is to see Vikki laying there like that - wonder if I'll hear her
voice again. Keep talking to her Dad, Colleen says with a supportive
hug. Colleen then appeals to JT - asking that he ease up on her Dad.
Agreeing to try - JT will allow Brad to spend some time alone with
Vikki. He's glad that Colleen's there - and that they can be friends.

Thoughtful Neil delivers tea to Vic - he's spoken to their engineer -
your miners followed all safety regulations - no one could know the
gas monitor was defective - doesn't change the outcome - but it WAS
an accident. Leaving Victor alone to his thoughts, Neil fields calls
from the press - then gets a visit from Lily (who had to show ID to
get into the building). Neil updates her that a company Vic owns was
behind the explosion - he's devastated. Lily connects the dots and is
way too relieved upon realizing that Cane's not responsible. Now
Neil's the one left alone to think.

Vic summons Neil and Karen - he wants to set up a press conference -
he'll write the statement himself. Sure, both agree, then file out to
do Vic's bidding. Karen's soon reporting that she's hand picked the
reporters herself - let's go. Introduced by Karen, Vic takes the
podium and announces he'll ensure the accident will be investigated
to the fullest extent - his heart goes out to those effected - and
asks for prayers for the injured - thank you for coming. As the
reporters fire questions, Vic walks out - ignoring both the
reporters - and Jack (who's been watching).

Following Vic to his office, Jack comments on the press conference -
do you ever plan to take responsibility for what happened? Vic
wonders if HE'LL take responsibility for Ji Minh's death. Jack
doesn't (as he's innocent). Petting Zapato, Jack praises the pooch
for standing by Vic when no one else will. Vic's tired of Jack
wasting his time - kindly get out. In the hallway, Jack smiles smugly
(holding a handful of dog hair). Passing Brad storming off the
elevator, Jack knows where he's headed - he's in his office.

Barging in, Brad blasts Vic - if anything happens to Vikki and the
baby it'll be because of your obsession and greed. Vic tells the self
serving son of a bitch to get the hell out. Brad says if Vikki knew
what he did she wouldn't even let him in her room. Rearranging his
desk, Vic again tells Brad to kindly get out (which he does).

Vic has another heart to heart chat with Vikki - I'm partly
responsible for this disaster - I ordered the drilling - wanted to
humiliate your mother - those feelings have dissipated and I'm left
with guilt, remorse and sadness. I'll never forgive myself for doing
this to you. I hope you can forgive me. I love you with all my heart.

Summoning Maggie to the CL's patio, Jack hands over a baggie of
Zapato's hair. Maggie talks to him about chain of evidence (not
wanting to get it from civilians). Test it, Jack urges - what do you
have to lose? - you can get another sample if you need it. Why would
I do that? Maggie asks. Apparently not interested in 'the truth',
Maggie watches Jack leave before throwing the baggie in the garbage.

Impressed with the way Karen handled the press, Neil massages her
shoulders in the break room and invites her to the club to see
Enrique Eglasias.

Heather flirts with Cane on the patio - and invites him to see
Enrique Eglasias tonight - I'll text you the details later. She
leaves when Lily shows up - see you later. Lily also invites him to
see Enrique. Cane would love to - but has already made arrangements
to go with someone else. Being so wise and all, Lily guesses it's
Heather - and covering her rejection well, claims she's invited a lot
of people. Next time a pop star comes to town it's a date, they

From his usual spot on the sofa, Noah talks to Sharon about Grandpa
being on TV - he had a nightmare about the collapse but would rather
play his video games than talk about it - no, he's not afraid to go
to sleep. Sharon then calls Victor - it's not your fault - I know
you're suffering. Vic will drop by and see Noah later - it was very
kind of you to call.

Episode 8, 765: Wednesday 7th. November, 2007

At the office, Neil and Karen are both on the phone dealing with the
fallout from Vic's press conference. Neil almost had to drag Karen
out - it's a huge night - Enrique Eglasias' charity performance at
Indigo. Devon hands over some files, then leaves to pick up Roxanne
(pausing to glance disapprovingly at Karen). Neil assures Karen that
despite their rudeness the last time they got together, the kids
accept them hanging out together.

On the CL's, patio, Maggie's excited about going to see Enrique - but
she's no groupie. Paul taunts his eager date - then notices that
Maggie's in pain (from an old gunshot wound) - we should get you
checked out. Maggie refuses - off to the concert.

At home, the Baldwin's snuggle on the sofa - a massage COULD be fun,
but Mike would like to go out - to Indigo - You love Enrique
Eglasias - Glo will babysit. Lauren denies she's locking herself
away. Mike comes out dressed for the club - live music and Enrique
Eglasias, he entices with jokes, kisses and promising an evening of
fun and romance - plus, the proceeds go to charity. Lauren finally
caves but once there, is soon on the phone with Gloria regarding Fen
(leaving Mike to learn from Paul and Maggie that Vic's responsible
for the collapse - Vikki is in the hospital because of her father!?,
he huffs off in a rage). Slamming into Neil's office, he accosts the
club owner - you knew about Victor's drilling the whole time!? Karen
interrupts and confirms Victor's conducting an investigation -
everything was done by the book. 'The book' almost killed my wife!
Mike seethes.

Amber's 'hardass' boss Kevin, jokingly tells Daniel to feel his rock
solid butt - you headed to Indigo? Kevin can't go - it'll be all
couples - go have fun. Amber insists he come along. Waiting for Kev
to finish work, Amber raves about Enrique (whom she'd love to do a
duet with) - then thanks Daniel for being such a good friend. She
admits that when trapped she reevaluated her life - and realizes she
got Daniel in a lot of trouble - you're my best friend. With a hug,
Daniel thinks she deserves the best.

Cane calls Heather - asking that she meet him at Indigo - and
thanking her for asking him to go. Meanwhile, in Indigo's back
office, Colleen tries to talk Lily into going out into the club and
have a good time (despite Cane's date with Heather).

Meeting at the club, Karen and Maggie and their dates are soon
yukking it up over Karen dropping Neil - twice. Karen would love to
work out with Maggie some time - but her smile fades as Neil
reminisces about the hurricane force that was Dru.

Arriving at the club in a micro shirt/dress, Amber wonders who to hit
on first. Daniel soon points out his target - see you later tonight.
Amber laughs when his perfect woman turns around - Heather.

Spotting Daniel, Lily calls her Dad and brother off - his being there
doesn't bother her. She then drags Roxanne off to question her about
Devon. Roxanne's dated a lot of losers - Devon's the coolest guy
she's met at GCU.

Maggie's again in pain - an old gunshot wound - a woman named Sheila
Carter 'happened', she tells a concerned Heather (who then confirms
lunch plans with Paul). He thinks it time she finally found out the
truth. When Cane leaves Heather alone as he takes a call, Kevin
compliments her dress - then asks what Jana's chances are of getting
out of the Pen - she was sick. Heather thinks she needs a good
lawyer - know any? Watching them, Amber teases Daniel - Kev's making
moves on your girl.

Inside, Heather and Cane clink glasses as she tells him how she knows
Paul - he's a good guy - the best. Across the room, the
lawyer/cop/PI/store owner foursome then talk about Sheila Carter -
the gift that keeps giving. Jumping up, Lauren suddenly needs air.

Cane and Lily exchange compliments until Heather interrupts. Have
fun, Lily manages to say - then walks away to pout. Finding her
outside, Neil puts his coat around her shoulders - and guesses her
mood's due to Cane - your feelings go way beyond friendship. It isn't
a good idea. There's nothing going on, Lily assures. Neil hopes to
keep it that way - you both just got divorced - plus, he's too old
for you. Back inside, Lily's chats with Daniel (who's grateful her
Dad didn't throw him out). Lily lies - I'm having a great time. She
then watches as Cane talks to Amber (thinking the broach Kay gave her
looks pretty on her). Trying to strike up conversation with Daniel,
Heather at first strikes out - then is advised to try her cell
outside (where the reception's better).

In the alleyway, Mike tries to calm Lauren down - it's over - Sheila
can't hurt you again. She can haunt me, Lauren replies - then wants
to stay and work through her panic. Paul comes out and wonders if
there's anything he can do. Lauren expresses her anxiety - and
doesn't blame Paul (who thought he was protecting her by kidnapping
Sheila - if he did it over again, he'd make sure she didn't escape).
Closing the door, Heather looks shocked by what she's just heard -
then tells Cane she just got some shocking news. Joining the trio
outside, Maggie sees that Lauren's fine now - and grateful for
everything Paul's done for her - enjoy your date - pretend this ever
happened. Agreeing, Paul and Maggie head inside - leaving the
Baldwin's to cuddle outside.

Colleen and Kevin try to talk about nice, normal happy things. Sex?
Kevin jokes - then toasts: here's to mud in your eye. Adrian thanks
him for keeping his girlfriend company - I won't be dancing anytime
soon. He's just happy to be there.

Neil thanks the audience for coming out to support the Clear Springs
relief fund - then introduces Enrique Eglasias - who's glad to be in
GC supporting the cause. He belts out his new single - Somebody's Me.
Pan around the crowd - Lily (then Amber) turning to look at Cane and
Heather ... The Baldwin's kiss and dance in the alley ... Devon pulls
Roxanne closer...Karen and Neil smile contendedly... Adrian watches
Colleen prouldy - as Kevin puts a friendly arm around her ... Neil
kisses Lily's forehead ... Paul looks from an enthralled Maggie to
Heather (puzzled at her unfriendly glare back).

Episode 8, 766: Thursday 8th. November, 2007

Heather flashes back to overhearing Paul's admission that he
kidnapped Sheila Carter - then tells Cane she could definitely use
another drink. At the bar getting it, Cane's joined briefly by Lily
(while Heather's busy primping in her compact mirror) - who asks him
the name of the song Enrique did with Lionel Ritchie. Not knowing the
answer, Cane returns to his date (as Lily watches them sadly - then
feels even more lonely watching her Dad laughing with Karen).

Heather asks Cane a hypothetical question - what if you learned a
good friend committed a big crime? Cane thinks that as a prosecutor,
she has higher accountability. He then entertains her with stories of
his bounty hunter days. Let's get out of here, Heather suggests.
Noticing them leave, a sad Lily asks her Dad if he wants to get
something to eat - then offers to help close up. Deciding they don't
need her help since Karen's already offered, Lily bids them a good
night and leaves.

Alone in the club, Neil and Karen sway in one another's arms. Neil's
thinking about how they found one another - if you'd told me I'd be
with this gorgeous lady, I'd say you're crazy, he kisses her slowly.
I can't believe I'm here. Karen tells him to take his time - no
pressure. We'll know when the time is right. Neil delivers a more
passionate kiss as an equally hungry Karen unbuttons his shirt. They
giggle as Neil scoops her up - sweeping her off her feet. Afterwards,
on the sofa, with Karen wearing his shirt, Neil assures he has no
regrets - after he lost his wife, his kids kept him going. They'd
resent any woman he'd be with. Karen thinks Dru would want him to be
happy. Neil hasn't experienced happiness like this in so long - he
doesn't want to be alone.

In Cane's parked car, Heather invites him up for coffee. Cane
declines - he has to get up early - next time. Heather declines him
walking her up, then gives him a good night kiss - talk to you later.
Once alone, Cane looks stressed. Now home, Heather makes a call -
pull all the files we have on Sheila Carter.

With Maggie and Lauren off to the ladies room (before they take the
party back to the Baldwin's place), the boys discuss Lauren - yes,
Mike's worried about her. Once at the apartment, Maggie accepts
decaf. Lauren's the only one who finds it chilly. Both she and Maggie
are having trouble sleeping. Paul tells Lauren to cut herself some
slack - Fen's not picking up on her anxiety - stop beating yourself
up. Maggie agrees - it'll take a while to get back to normal. Mike
brings Lauren her favourite sweater then goes to get her some warm
milk. Lauren panics as she tugs at her zipper - I can't get my
sweater off - I can't breath! Once free of her sweater, Lauren
hyperventilates into the paper bag Mike brings. Lauren's attack
continues - the medicine should be kicking in. Paul guides her in
slow breathing - she'll make it through. Now calm, Lauren apologizes
for scaring everyone - but now worries about the building collapsing.
She's furious to hear about Vic's drilling - he's responsible for
this? When the Baldwin's go out for a walk, Maggie notes that
Lauren's special to Paul (who assures there's nothing romantic
between them). The Baldwin's come back relaxed from their walk. Paul
and Maggie assure Lauren that she doesn't have to pretend with them.
When Lauren goes to check on Fen, Mike mopes - Lauren's back where
she started from thanks to Victor - it's not acceptable - the man has
to take responsibility.

Vic's drinking in the office - thinking about how he's responsible
for the Clear Springs debacle. The janitor's done in his office - you
can go back in now. Ignoring him, Vic remains where he is, then calls
for his car - I'm going to the hospital.

JT and Nikki are talking animatedly to Vikki when the machine emits
beeps and a worrisome siren. JT runs to get a nurse - who, without
urgency, tells them it's registering an elevated blood pressure
reading - there's nothing to worry about - her blood pressure's
normal - we'll replace the unit. JT and Nikki calm themselves down -
she's OK. Adrian and Colleen drop by with JT's favourite - a meatball
sandwich (which he doubts he can eat). Wheeling a new unit in, the
nurse reminds that visiting hours are over. Nikki insists she speak
to the doctor then tells the story about Vic hiring the skywriter.
Adrian's grateful that Vikki's the person he was trapped with - and
at her bedside, tells Vikki that the restored buildings were saved -
and he's filling in for her on the committee. JT walks Colleen and
Adrian out while Nikki stays by Vikki's side. In the hallway, JT eyes
Vic (who rudely marches right past him into Vikki's room). Nikki
tells him about the minor scare - but there's been no change. JT
notices that Vikki's hands are swollen. He's right, Nikki agrees.

The doctor orders some tests, then takes the trio outside to report
Vikki's blood pressure's gone up. He won't speculate on her swelling
hands and will tell them more when he knows something. Vic will call
every specialist in the world if it'll help Vikki get better.

At home, Colleen tells Adrian not to blame himself. He talks about
sharing confidences with Vikki while being trapped - she'll pull
through this - we should focus on the good in front of us. Adrian
prayed he'd get to hold Colleen again - kiss those lips. A knock at
the door brings a disturbed (and pathetic) Lily - I feel so alone.
Looking around at the club all she saw was couples. Everyone has
someone except for me. Lily's cell rings - it's him. Cane's driving -
To Love A Woman - that's the name of the song you asked me about. His
buddy looked it up on the Internet for him - it was driving him
crazy. Good night. Thrilled, Lily shares that Cane must have taken
Heather home. From total despair to floating on air, Adrian comments.
Lily thanks her friends - and hugs Colleen before leaving. Now alone,
Adrian won't say Lily's a Fruit loop (as he doesn't want to sleep on
the couch). They then worry about Vikki's baby - and JT's a total
wreck. Sending JT a message, Colleen's told he'll call her once they
speak to the doctor.

Episode 8, 767: Friday 9th. November, 2007

Phyllis defends both Victor and Jack to Jana, then heads off to work -
leaving Jana to request an appointment with the Chaplain. She wastes
little time bringing up Gloria Abbott. The Chaplain relays John's
praise of Gloria - the will was unfortunate - he can't discuss
private conversations though. Jana confides that Gloria needs
closure - would anyone else be able to help? Jana quickly ends the
chat once she gets the name of Todd Scheller - and calls Kevin with
the info.

Sleeping Beauty
In Vikki's room, Nick joins his parents and JT - and hears they're
awaiting word on her tests - it's possible the high blood pressure's
damaging her kidney's - the baby's doing well, he's a Newman after
all. Nick tells Phyllis he may not go to work today. Jack startles
her - and hears Vikki's blood pressure's elevated.

The doctor delivers good news - all seems to be OK and they'll
continue to monitor Victoria. Nikki chases down the doctor for more
news - do everything you can to find out what's wrong - run EVERY
test - I need to know what we're facing - understand!? Joining a
sobbing Nikki, Vic looks grim as he pats her shoulder.

At the club, Paul's unable to reach JT so will stop by the hospital
before meeting with Heather (planning to tell her he's her father -
today). They rehearse the announcement - how about a singing
telegram? Maggie offers back up - I'm a call away.

Ghosts From The Past
At CL's, Kevin exchanges banter with Heather - then talks about
Sheila Carter - she kidnapped my nephew - we're all better off with
her dead and buried.

Heather shows up at Lauren's to ask about Sheila Carter - No, she's
not alive - I want info for the file. Heather suggests Lauren seek
therapy - and asks about the most recent events. Lauren tells how
Sheila got plastic surgery and kidnapped Fen. She flashes back to the
battle over the gun - I couldn't tell her and Phyllis apart - both
tried to convince me. I protected my family, Lauren concludes. Mike
interrupts as Heather asks about the cage We don't have time, he cuts
her short - here's your coat. Once alone, Mike wonders why she's
asking about Sheila - ADA's don't make house calls to tie up loose
ends. After Lauren leaves a message for Paul to call her, Mike leaves
to work on Phyllis' appeal - but don't mention it.

At CL's, Heather goes over cases with Maggie - getting to Sheila
Carter, Maggie relays the events leading up to her getting shot - I
don't know how Paul found me. Heather claims she's preparing a report
on repeat offenders.

Next, Heather gets stonewalled by Phyllis - I never saw the cage.
Lauren shot and killed Sheila Carter - end of story. Phyllis hints
that her cooperation should be worth something to her upcoming

Where There's A Will There's A Way
Phyllis talks to Jack about the Chaplain being supportive of John -
she's been hearing rumours insinuating HE had something to do with
his father's new will - did you? Jack denies he wrote it - guess John
finally saw Gloria for what she is (thanks maybe to his campaigning).
Jack later passes a message on; Todd Scheller called for you.

Phyllis again talks to Nick on the phone - then hopes Jack's not
going to kick Vic when he's down - you're better than that - he saved
your life. Jack makes clear his harsh opinion of Victor Newman - then
asks if she's still seeing the Chaplain. Phyllis is - don't know what
I'd do without him.

Lauren joins Phyllis to work on the relief effort. I'm on business,
she clarifies. After Jack leaves them to it, the giggling girls catch
up. Jack returns to update on his good deeds - but doesn't want to
take any credit - this is no publicity stunt. Phyllis crumples up
Todd's message - I won't need it after all.

Mike arrives to tell the trio that Phyllis' appeal will be
reconsidered by the court. Phyllis is thrilled - but slightly bummed
that she can't share the moment with her husband.

At the club, Kevin hands over the name Todd Scheller to Gloria (who'd
love to prove Jack manipulated his father). Call the next one, she
instructs. Kevin updates that Todd was out - and we're not the only
ones looking for him. He then gets a call from Todd's secretary and
asks that he call when he's back in town.

More Of Memorial
Back in Vikki's room, Nikki dozes - then jumps up as the alarm goes
off again. The nurse reports all's well - it could be a good sign. As
Victor utters a prayer, JT leaves the room. Following, Nick asks how
JT is. JT confides that Vikki has a bedtime ritual that includes that
poem. He's losing hope - the numbers going up and down can't be good.

Entering Vikki's room, Paul's told that Vikki's been taken for tests.
Vic expresses how disconnected he feels - the worse pain he's ever

Back from the tests, Nikki tells Nick that the baby's kicking like
crazy - but stops him from updating Brad. She WILL wake up, Nikki's
sure (then breaks into tears on Nick's shoulder). Brushing back her
tears, Nikki regains her composure and heads back into Vikki's room.

Dr Grant comes in with and assures the Newman's that she's more than
capable of handling the matter - then gives a good prognosis (we're
doing everything possible to find out why Vikki's in a coma).

The DA And Her Dad
Paul gets a 'good luck' call from Maggie - then is snuck on by
Heather; looking for me? Paul relays that he was a carefree teenager -
especially with the girls - got one pregnant and didn't step up - I
got married really young but couldn't handle it - we decided it was
best if the child was raised without me etc. etc. I was hoping that
when she looked in my eyes she'd remember the few times I rocked her
to sleep - I wanted to tell her the truth but promised I wouldn't - I
kept that promise until now. Heather, you're my daughter, a weepy
Paul concludes (as a stunned Heather shakes her head).

Episode 8, 768: Monday 12th. November, 2007

At the office, Phyllis hears about her appeal bid being reviewed.
Mike's optimistic - we just got another chance. Daniel arrives to
rave over the news (having managed to get out of community service
that day).

In the elevator, Phyllis hopes Sharon won't report her. For what?
Sharon asks innocently - then listens as Phyllis then calls Nick on
Daniel's phone for an update on Vikki. Nick reports Nikki's about to
fall apart - Dad's on a mission to call in every specialist. She then
tells him about her appeal.

Karen tells Neil he's rented The Departed and her favourite movie -
Prizzi's Honour. Rushing out - and soon returning, Neil's asked why
he bolted - and explains it was Dru's favourite movie. When Karen
repeats her dinner invitation, Neil can't - he has to meet Sharon to
help with a Clear Springs matter. Karen's offer to wait up for him is

Neil interrupts Sharon and Karen working on Clear Springs - whaddaya
know, it's all been done. Neil leaves quickly - on to his next fire.
Karen tells a puzzled Sharon that Neil just got busted.

At CL's, Sharon tells Neil that she heard they're supposed to be
working late. Neil thought he was ready - but Jack Nicholson changed
his mind (explaining how Karen rented Dru's favourite movie). Maybe
if we found the body he'd be able to move on. Drawing on her
experience from Cassie's death, Sharon's sure Dru would want him to
be happy.

Back at the office, Neil tells Karen that she better quit working or
they'll miss their dinner reservation - get your coat.

The Motionless Mommy
At Memorial, the specialist from John Hopkins reveals Vikki's been
stabilized - we'll continue to monitor her - If you'd like to consult
someone else.... As Vic chases after him, Brad's upset - no one
called to tell him Vikki's blood pressure was fluctuating.

While Vic vows to call in every specialist he has to, Nikki doesn't
want Vikki poked and prodded - and assures Brad that they didn't mean
to exclude him.

At Vikki's bedside, Nick talks about Phyllis' appeal - sure would be
great if she was released before you had the baby. After he leaves,
JT puts his hand on Nikki's shoulder as Brad feels the baby kick. In
the hall, JT offers to keep Brad updated. Both just hope Vikki and
the baby come out of this healthy.

The specialist announces he's ordering more blood and kidney tests.
Vic doesn't understand why they can't make a diagnosis. The doctor
won't take drastic action til he knows more. He later updates that
Vikki might have preclamphsia - a pregnancy related circulation
problem - a serious disease that can effect both mother and baby -
there's no cure - it could be mild or severe - they might have to
deliver the baby. All are devastated when Vic concludes his grandson
might not survive.

The Pouting PI
Heather reels from the news that Paul's her father - why didn't you
tell me? With Paul in tears, Heather guesses he's now fessing up
because of Sheila - the woman you kidnapped - don't think I won't
press charges. Paul denies it - You're way off base - I had no idea
you were looking into it. If you open this up, the person you'll hurt
the most is Lauren - she's suffered enough. Heather insists it's her
duty to prosecute him (and now doesn't feel bad about it at all).

The foursome meets at the Baldwin's. Mike's aghast - she's your
daughter!? Now he understands why Paul helped her during Phyllis'
trial. He rants - you kidnapped Sheila! You went along with it, Paul
quietly reminds. They mull over the situation - Heather's talked to
both Maggie and Lauren. Paul assures he'll take care of it. Mike's
not convinced - you're the last person she'll show leniency to -
we'll all go down with you - this is NOT good. Mike WILL figure out a
way to stop her. She has no proof. Maggie agrees - it's heresay. She
has nothing solid if we don't talk. Paul and Lauren are still
worried - we could all go to jail. Lauren pleads with Paul not to
tell Heather the truth. Exiting, Paul again assures he'll handle it -
in his own way. The Baldwin's are left to worry that Paul will do
something they'll all regret. Mike chides Lauren for keeping
Heather's paternity a secret from him - Phyllis would have had an
easier time if Paul hadn't helped his daughter - Now, he could bring
us all down.

Heather scolds Daniel for missing his community service (and will
talk to his PO about the violation). Phyllis calls and asks Daniel to
check on Summer - who then brings her for a quick visit. Of course,
Heather catches them - this a violation of your release program.
While Daniel takes the blame, Phyllis explains Summer's sick - to no
avail. As Heather dials, Daniel rants in disgust - until Heather
hangs up.

Following Heather to apologize/thank her, Daniel finds her crying -
and hands her a napkin. Heather chuckles at his humour and allows him
to dab at her running make up. Daniel thanks Heather for being human.
But once alone, Heather calls to order random inspections on Phyllis
(which Daniel wastes no time warning Phyllis about).

At CL's, Paul gets the cold shoulder from Heather - he admits he
should have told her long ago - I was wrong. Heather doesn't think it
changes anything. Paul stops her from leaving by talking about how he
followed Sheila to a warehouse - saw a cell that looked like the
nursery - I locked Sheila in her own cell - I should have called the
police (but every time she escaped someone died). Wanna charge me
with a crime? he challenges - for what I did to Sheila - or what I
did to you?

Episode 8, 769: Tuesday 13th. November, 2007

Nick gives Phyllis the grim news - Vikki may have pre eclampsia and
they may have to deliver the baby early. Throwing caution to the
wind, Phyllis shuts the door and hugs him.

At Vikki's bedside, JT chatters on about baby names - Webb? (after
the specialist). Grave faced, Nikki informs JT that Dr Webb wants to
speak to them.

In the hallway, Vic confirms he's donated the latest ultra sound
equipment. Dr Webb should have news for them in a few hours - but the
baby may not survive if delivered soon. Vic makes a point of offering
more equipment if needed - and wants to hear the entire truth. Dr
Webb confirms they may have to deliver the baby to cure Vikki.

Nikki expresses her sorrow to David - and to think Victor's
responsible. Vic greets David (who's praying for Vikki and the rest
of the Newman's). Vic thanks David, then goes to speak to the doctor
again. Nikki doesn't find it hard to be around Vic - there's no other
man she'd rather have in Vikki's corner. David's unable to persuade
Nikki to eat (a suggestion Vic's pushing as well). Nikki's pushed all
thoughts of divorce out of her mind - nothing else matters except

Colleen brings Abby to her Dad at NE (as he's reading a newspaper
article on Vikki) - excited about spending some time with her sister.
She's even made a gift for her baby brother. When Colleen and Brad
gently explain that Vikki's in a coma, Abby wants to go see her.

Nick arrives at the office to update - tests are being done to see if
the baby's viable. Brad knows the baby should be at least 22 weeks.
He appreciates Nick's offer of a ride - then asks if Abby should see
Vikki - As a father, what would you do? Phyllis marches in and tells
Brad he better get used to seeing her - I'm not going anywhere. Brad
finds it unbelievable - but is steered back to focusing on the one
thing they agree on - the welfare of Vikki and the baby. Now alone,
Nick thanks Phyllis for helping more than she knows.

On the CL's patio, Colleen makes plans for her day out with Abby -
who's excited, but soon asking to see Vikki again.

JT encourages the baby to grow - swim - do whatever it takes - get
bigger and stronger. Vic and Dr Webb interrupt - the equipment's on
it's way - they have to leave - the tests will take an hour and a

Nick arrives and hears the test's being done. Nick has some work that
Vic needs to look at - how about lunch? When Nick convinces her to
come along, Nikki goes to tell David (who encourages her to be with
her family). He's just happy that she finds him indispensable and
will head back to the office - call me with good news.

Nick fails to convince JT to leave the hospital - or even have him
bring something back. Unable to think about food, JT wants to be
there for Vikki

Brad arrives and asks the Newman's if Abby can visit Vikki - she
WANTS to see her. The Newman's can't think past the test.

Kevin shows up at Memorial to sympathize with JT (having felt like
him when Jana was sick). JT updates that Vikki's on steroids and
talks about holding the baby - and has made a lot of offers to God -
I'll be the best husband and father I can be.

Out for lunch, Nick updates Phyllis - and has been researching
preemies. Lots end up just fine, Phyllis assures - then gripes about
not being able to be with him. Call when you hear anything - love
you. Nikki's happy they can be together (regardless of how she feels
about Phyllis). Vic doesn't want to talk business - Nick and Neil can
handle it. They then discuss how healthy Noah is. Vic's sure Vikki
and her baby will be celebrating Christmas with the family soon -
learning to ride his pony.

JT badgers the medical staff for info - but gets none. Brad arrives
with Abby and is told Dr Webb's still in with her. Abby's given some
paper and markers to draw with while they wait. No - she hasn't
changed her mind - but it smells funny in here. Brad tells her that
both she and Noah were born there. She wonders how the baby can be
born if Vikki's in a 'comma'. Brad assures the baby's getting big and
strong - hopefully, Vikki will be wide awake when the baby's born.

Colleen offers JT support and prayers. He updates that they're
testing to see if the baby can be delivered - they better get it
right. Vic brought in the best - what's taking so long?

The Newman's come back from lunch and converge on Dr Webb - he's
asking for a second opinion before making his recommendation. Vic
believes that means it's a close call.

Abby talks to Vikki - telling her not to be scared - we love you. She
slips a drawing of a dream catcher onto the bed - to catch her bad

All listen (with Phyllis on the other end of Nick's cell) as Dr
Webb's ready to make a recommendation - the fetus isn't able to live
outside the womb at this time. There's no guarantees - but Vikki has
to remain stable. Vic asks the doctor to stay 24/7.

Ain't Nuthin' But A Glo-digger
At CL's, Gloria's proud of what Kevin's doing for the relief effort -
but is more interested in setting up a meeting with Jeffrey (who pops
his recorder into his pocket). She ignores Kevin's warning that she's
flirting with danger - and won't be beat at her own game.

At the club, Jeffrey's been looking at property downtown - she's the
reason he'd be sticking around town. He gives her the address - the
perfect place for a franchise. If only he could figure out what
William was trying to tell him. Glo mentions she's been using the
cream - and is reminded of William. They go over his good qualities -
he never let anyone lie to him - the truth always won. Jeff steps
away to take a call, leaving Gloria to go through his pockets - and
find the recorder. He returns for his pen, and is handed one Glo
scoops off the waiters tray - then pops the recorder back into
Jeffrey's pocket. He's moving ahead with the property and plans to
stick around. Not looking pleased, Glo closes her cell phone (having
sent Kevin a message: taping me).

Gloria tells Kevin she has one option - test the cream on herself.
He's unable to stop her from dabbing some on her wrist. WHY did you
DO that!? Anything? Gloria feels nothing - maybe a little tingle. How
about now? How about now? Kevin repeats. Nothing! Gloria concludes
(much to Kevin's relief). Proves Jeffrey's toying with her - he's
holding onto the evidence himself. I'll get that cream from him - no
matter what I have to do, Glo vows.

Episode 8, 770: Wednesday 14th. November, 2007

Paul confesses to Michael and Lauren that he admitted to Heather
that he kidnapped Sheila.Michael and Lauren can't believe he would
do that because that means he also implicated them. Daniel tells
Amber that he saw Heather crying.Lauren goes to see Heather to try to
convince her of what a good man Paul was trying to be by catching
Sheila.Sheila had wanted to kill Lauren and kidnap her son.Lauren
wants Heather to forgive Paul.Lauren wants Heather to forgive Paul.
Daniel tells Heather that he's only known his mother for four years
but has come to truly love her.Heather is stunned.Heather thinks Daniel
is incredibly gullible for forgiving his mother for abandoning him.
Heather calls Paul to meet.Heather demands to know who Paul has told
about her being his daughter.Paul admits that he told his close circle
of friends.Heather says that she isn't going to press charges against
him. but she wants him to go back to being a business associate and
not acting like her father.Gloria steals a housekeeping key and is
about to get into Jeff's room to get the cream when he shows up and
foils her plan. Gloria divulges to Kevin that she's going to meet
with Jeff later and try to seduce him in his room. Gloria will need
Kevin to
to come knock on the door to interrupt them.Gloria reveals the details
to Lauren about her date with Jeff. Lauren adamantly tries to convince
her that it's a horrible idea to try to steal back the tainted cream
Jeff invites Gloria up to his room and they kiss.They order room
service and wine. Gloria asks Jeff if he'll clean his glasses since
they are "dirty" When Jeff is gone she looks through the box of
items William sent Jeff. Gloria reads a letter from William, stating
that "she" was responsible was responsible for the tainted cream
Kevin arrives to "interrupt" Jeff and Gloria.Gloria rushes out of the
room telling Kevin that Jeff knows what she did to the cream.

Episode 8, 771: Thursday 15th. November, 2007

Phyllis sees Nick in the conference room.They lock the door and
rush into a huge kiss. Phyllis gives Nick a pillow that she made for
Victoria. Phyllis assures Nick that Daniel is going to bring in his
cell phone so that she can hear what is going on in the court room.
Nick is afraid that he doesn't think it's allowed and that Daniel
could get in trouble if he is caught..Michael,Jack and Daniel head to
the courthouse for Phyllis's appeal.Daniel makes one last plea with
Heather to be fair to his mom.In the courtroom Michael argues to
appeal Phyllis's Jail sentence.The judge sees that Daniel has a cell
phone and confiscates it.Daniel is escorted from the courtroom.
Heather gives her rebuttal and the judge takes a recess. J.T. informs
Colleen about Victoria and the baby's prognosis.J.T. confides that the
baby is younger than they thought therefore it looks like it could
really be his baby.Brad comments to Sharon that he's been doing some
research about Victoria's condition online.Brad is scared about all
the birth defects the baby could have if he needs to be born anytime
in the next 2to 3 weeks. Dr. Webb takes Victoria's blood pressure and
confirms that it keeps rising.The doctor informs the Newman's and J.T.
that he is going to have to deliver the baby to save Victoria's
life,but the baby most likely will not survive.

Episode 8, 772: Friday 16th. November, 2007

Neil asks Lily and Devon if they want to do Thanksgiving at the
G.C.A.C. this year,but they disagree.Even though Dru isn't there,
they still want to be at home.Lily inquires if they can invite
Sharon's family over.They also agree that it would be OK for Karen to
come to dinner.Karen overhears Lily and Devon discussing how they
wished Karen
wasn't coming for dinner.Karen goes to Neil and lies about going home
for Thanksgiving after all. Gloria divulges to Kevin that she is trying
to think of a solution for getting Jeff out of town.Gloria mulls it
over and then decides that she's going to make Jeff fall in love with
her.Gloria researches his interest on the computer.Gloria calls Jeff
to find out if he's found her makeup compact.Jeff has the makeup, and
Gloria remarks that she'll be right over.When she arrives,Jeff invites
her to stay for some champagne.Gloria admits that she's falling for
Jeff and he reciprocates.They kiss,but she leaves with him wanting more.
Jeff takes out the cream William sent him.He puts some on his hands
and begins to wonder why it burns.Davis confronts Neil about being
served a legal notice over Nikki's loan being due.Neil decides to put
the loan on hold indefinitely.Nick enters Victoria's hospital room
with the pillow Phyllis made for her.His family tells him the
devastating news.Victoria's baby needs to be delivered immediately to
save Victoria's life but the baby may not survive.David comes to
the hospital so that Nikki can sign business papers.He brings a
bottle of lotion for her and one for Victoria.Nikki is overcome by
David's thoughtfulness .They embrace. and Nick observes how close
they've become.Victor and J.T. are alarmed when Victoria's blood
pressure spikes again. Dr. Webb informs them that they need to perform
a C-section immediately if they want to save Victoria.Nikki tells
Victor,Nick and J.T. that Victoria would not want her baby to die.
She demands that they let the baby keep growing inside of Victoria for
as long as possible, even if it means losing Victoria.
Episode 8, 773: Monday 19th. November, 2007

Episode 8, 774: Tuesday 20th. November, 2007

Episode 8,775: Wednesday 21st. November, 2007

Nikki brings some of the crafts that Victoria made when she was a
kid to her hospital room.Victor,Nikki,Nick,J.T., Brad,Phyllis,Summer
all gather in the hospital waiting room.Victor is too upset to talk to
anyone.At the waiting room,Phyllis and Nikki spar back and forth with
each other.Daniel brings Phyllis a pie.Summer knocks it on to the
floor,and Nikki starts to uncontrollably sob.Brad brings Victoria a
corsage and states that he gives Thanks today for all the time they
shared together.Later on in Victoria's hospital room,everyone is there
praying for Victoria.Victor enters and wishes Summer a happy
Thanksgiving.Devon samples the food that Lily has made for Thanksgiving
but it all taste awful.Devon calls Neil to tell him what happened and
thinks it really just hit Lily hard that Dru isn't going to be there
for dinner this year..Lily calls Cane to inform him that she's not
going to be at Thanksgiving dinner.Cane hangs up the phone and updates
Amber.He's not going to go to the Winter's for dinner.Amber invites
him to eat with her at the coffeehouse after they finish serving their
free meal.Neil finds Lily at the gym.Lily explains that it is still
to hard for her to do Thanksgiving with out Dru.Neil understands and
excuses her from eating with their guest.Karen sees Lily and sits down
with her.They talk about how important traditions are in a family
and Karen tries to convince Lily that this is her chance to start a
new family tradition.Later,Lily calls Cane to explain to him that she's
going to her dinner after all and hopes that he will come
Sharon,Jack,Noah, and Cane arrived at the Winter's home with
various Thanksgiving dishes.Daniel comes to the coffeehouse to have
dinner with lonely Amber.He lets her know that Cane felt bad that
she's eating alone. Michael and Lauren stealthily pick up their
Thanksgiving dinner from Gina at the GCAC.They then go home and put it
in normal serving dishes to pretend like they made it. Kevin enters
and announces that he is going to propose to Jana today.In jail
Jana is ecstatic to see Kevin when he visits her in prison. He
proposes to her,but Jana replies that she can't answer him right now

Thursday 22nd. November, 2007: No show: Thanksgiving. The Price is Right was broadcast instead.

Friday 23rd. November, 2007: No show- college football

Episode 8, 776: Monday 26th. November, 2007

Michael tells Victor and J.T.that their will be a court appointed
advocate for Victoria who will hear both Victor and Nikki's sides
and then decide what they think is best for her.Victor is frustrated
saying that they don't have that much time.

Jack and Sharon are discouraged at the recent newspaper article
saying that Jack has had two strikes against him. He can't possibly
be the best senator for the state.

Gloria e-mails multiple anonymous letters to the state ethics
committee voicing her displeasure with Jack Abbott.

Michael introduces Victor and J.T. to Ms Norton, the administrator
hired to hear both sides to Victoria's situation.

Nikki thinks about fleeing the town so that she can't be served the
papers to show up in court,thus giving Victoria's baby a little more
time to grow.
A deputy comes to the hospital with papers to serve Victor and Nikki
No one knows where Nikki is.Victor is furious that Nikki would walk
away from trying to reach a decision and says that proves that she is
unfit to make such a decision regarding Victoria and her baby.
Victor finds Nikki in the Newman conference room and demands to know
why she is stalling, but Nikki says that she isn't going to answer him
when he can't talk to her reasonably.
The ethics committee in Madison calls Jack saying they've scheduled
a hearing to see if he is fit to retain the position for Senator
for the state.
Brad stuns Michael and Victor by saying that he's petitioning the
court to become tne guardian for the fetus.

Episode 8,777: Tuesday 27th. November, 2007

Phyllis confides in Daniel that she suspects Heather is the one
trying to bring down Jack from his Senate seat(it's not Heather it's
Victor),Heather reassures Phyllis that when the D.A.'s office retries
her case,if she pleads guilty to a lesser charge.heather will see to
it that she has a reasonable probation period. The only condition
is that Phyllis will get Daniel off her back.Heather invites Cane
to ride with her to a charity dinner.Lily divulges to Colleen that
Cane came to Thanksgiving at her house but he barely talked to her.
Colleen reassures Lily that Cane probably didn't want to act improper
in front of her dad.Jill and Gloria have lunch and discuss ways to
disassociate Jabot Cosmetics from Jack Abbott's name.They see Lily
and call her over to inquire why women her age wear makeup. Cane
comes over and remarks to Lily that she's a knockout, or natural beauty
Lily becomes embarrassed. Later, Lily is about to ask Cane if he likes
her but heather interrupts.Crushed,Lily lies to cane and instead ask
him to donate to a charity she volunteers for.Jana calls Kevin to let him
know that she's going to the hospital for another CT scan.Kevin rushes
to meet her.Gloria wishes that Kevin would move on from Jana.Kevin
request that Gloria give Jana a chance because she maybe her
daughter-in-law one day.Phyllis sees Jana in the hospital and Jana
divulges to her about Kevin's proposal.Jana decides that she'll only
agree to marry him if she is going to die soon.If that is the case
then she wants Phyllis to be her maid of honor.Gloria and Kevin meet
Todd Scheller at the coffeehouse.However they soon learn that the
man they are looking for is his father,Todd Scheller,Sr, and he has no
idea where he is.Todd Scheller does reveal that he found a letter
addressed to a Gloria Abbott in his dad's duffel bag and will look for
it.Jack gives Daniel a phone number and wants him to call and to
set up an appointment with a woman before the press conference. Daniel
then delivers her an envelope.Jack reaffirms that this is a top
secret confidential operation.At the press conference.Jack's plant
asks what he thinks about Victor Newman also being a suspect in Ji
Min's homicide investigation.The reporters go abuzz with this new

Episode 8, 778: Wednesday 28th. November, 2007

Law n Disorder
As Phyllis does JT's suit tie up for him, JT can't believe Nick's not
going to court to fight for his sister - Nick can't prove it as JT
asks - she'd do anything to save this baby, he argues.

When Brad and Nikki arrive at the hospital, JT takes a shot at Nikki
too - not able to show respect someone who'd let their daughter die.

In the break room, Mike tells Vic not to get angry at the Judge -
stay composed. Neil offers support - and agrees to run things in
Vic's absense. Godspeed, he murmurs as Mike and Vic leave.

In the boardroom, Jill finds Cane working away on the Clear Springs
rebuild - it'll cost hundreds and millions of dollars. Jill tells
Cane to do what he has to do (assuming Vic's insurance will foot the
bill). Cane then calls Neil - we need to determine who'll cover the
clean up cost. Stalling, Neil wants to wait until all the reports are
in - gotta go. Cane chases Neil down at NE - if we're at fault, we'll
make it right, Neil assures. Cane says Vic better get involved. Neil
claims Vic has more important things on his mind. Cane's back's up
against the wall - he can't, and won't wait. Neil agrees to read the

At the courthouse, Mike continues to prep Vic - Brad wil testify
last - he has no legal standing, Mike assures. Arriving, a shaky
Nikki needs Brad to open the childproof lid on her meds (that she's
soon choking on). Brad gives her water. That baby has no chance to
live! Nikki vents towards Vic. Phyllis runs up with a call from Nick -
he has news on Vikki - her protien levels are higher - they're
watching for signs of kidney failure. Phyllis relays the news -
they're monitoring Vikki's blood. The parties are then called in to
tesitfy (with Brad escorting a weak Nikki). At Vikki's bedside, Nick
tells Vikki that her put a ding in her car - wake up.

The hearing begins with the testimony of DR Webb - who summarizes
Vikki's condition at 23.5 weeks gestation - the baby's delivery is
the best option for the mother - I recommend a C-section - the family
is deadlocked. On the stand Vic agrees with DR Webb - an expert in
the field. The opposing attorney asks if he'd sacrifice his life for
his children's. Vic has to answer Yes.

In the hallway, Vic wags his finger at Nikki - how dare you have your
lawyer question me that way - you're playing games with my daughter's
life! After Mike calls Vic back in, Nikki also steps back inside.

On the stand, Nikki doesn't want Vikki to die - but has made
judgement based on what Vikki would want - DR Webb has never talked
to Vikki - I know how she feels - I want her AND her baby to live.
She would sacrifice herself to save that child. Mike seems reluctant
as he gently asks Nikki how she'd know her daughter's wishes. Nikki
can't say that they ever discussed it - nor does she have proof of
her daughter's wishes.

The Judge wonders what qualifes Brad to be guardian - you're
divorced. Brad's experience with (and love for) Vikki makes him
qualified. Mike wastes no time bringing up Brad's affair - and that
he could be the father of the baby. Brad believes he can be
objective - but hopes the child is his. Brad also has no proof of
Vikki's wishes - but getting off the stand (and with a recess
called), Brad suddenly has an idea - and rushes out.

As Nick's at Vikki's bedside, the monitor emits a siren that sends
the nurses rushing in. Nick updates Phyllis - who in turn tells the
Newman's. Aside, Phyllis tells Nick that the Judge will be making his
decision soon.

JT's ignored as he announces he's going back to the hospital -
leaving a frustrated Vic to rant at Mike about the delay. Back at the
hospital, JT's overcome with grief - and doubles over in physical
pain at the sight of Vikki.

Vic lashes out in court - the Judge is about to rule when Brad races
in - I have a letter you have to read - it proves Vikki would want to
save her baby!

Part II
Gloria tells Kevin that she needs to see the letter to 'my beloved
Gloria'. Kevin's anxious for word from Jana's doctor. Glo gets a call
from Jeffrey and agrees to meet him - then asks Kevin to help with
her strategy - I need to convince him I'm pure and innocent. Jill
interrupts to announce her new idea - a contest - looking for real
women of all generations - all shapes, sizes - who have an inner
light that shines. Glo jumps on the bandwagon - I see it - thousands
of women nominating their friends - or themselves - what about
videos? We'll treat the winners to a day of pampering and a photo
shoot - Faces of Jabot: the beauty is YOU. It's brilliant!

Gloria later has an idea - 'don't let HER get away witih it' - 'she'
could be anybody - how about making Jeffrey believe the note was
about another woman; Jill. Glo then hustles Kevin out before Jeffrey
arrives (with a yellow rose). They agree on Gina's lasagna. on cue,
Kevin comes in ranting about Jill Abbott - she's an expert on
everything. Jeffrey knows she dated William. Discreetly thanking
Kevin, Glo heads out to dinner with Jeffrey - seed planted.

At the club, Gloria talks about how Jill and Kay hate one another -
Kay cut Jill out of her will - then her fiance died under mysterious
circumstances - they could put all that power into something
positive. Jill's more ruthless - I don't know WHERE she'd draw the
line. Jeffrey ask a few questions - there must have been reason for
the sudden break up - could she have done something criminal? Glo
supposes so - but she's smart enough to take precautions not to get
caught - it's just gossip. Jeffrey concludes William was smart to
break it off with Jill.

Lily joins an irritable Neil in the breakroom. He's ticked by the
coffee pot being left empty - and his run in with Cane - demanding
Vic cover the clean up cost for Clear Springs - where's his heart?
Neil apologizes - I know he's your friend. Lily found a PDA - but
it's not Neil's. Going through it, Lily's delighted to realize it's
Cane's (and so delivers it at Jabot). He's impressed that she stands
by her Dad - and her coming over is the highlight of Cane's day. They
agree to go for coffee when he's not so busy. Walking Lily to the
elevator, she and Cane are interrupted by Jill - who thanks Lily for
the marketing idea - and tells her about the contest - you should
enter. Cane thinks it a wonderful idea - but agrees with Jill that no
one who has anything to do with Jabot can be allowed to compete (to
avoid another Amber/Catwalk disaster). In Neil's office, Lily primps
in her compact as she replays the words of Jill and Cane - you're a
natural beauty - a knockout.

Gloria touches base with Kevin - sure that Jeffrey will shift his
focus to Jill. On cue, Jill bumps into Jeffrey at the club bar - what
do you know about Gloria? Jill agrees she's an interesting woman
alright - but I wouldn't trust her.

Next: Jack tells Sharon that his every survival instinct tells him he
should finish Victor off while he still can ... In the courtroom, the
Judge proclaims that in light of the new evidence, Mr Newman should
have a chance to speak. Brad waves the letter - you heard the words -
she loved the baby more than life itself.

Episode 8, 779: Thursday 29th. November, 2007

Kevin notifies Amber about the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest
and she exicitedly exclaims that she would be perfect for it.
Cane advises her that no family is allowed to enter,and besides,
after"Extreme Catwalk" Jill probably wouldn't let her enter anyway.
Lily decides that she's definitely going to enter the contest. In
the courtroom, Brad reads the handwritten letter to him from when
Victoria was pregrant. It states how she now understands why parents
go to great lengths for their children, and how she already would
for her unborn child..Victor states that he still doesn't think
that Brad shoeld be appointed Victoria's guardian since he's ok with
letting Victoria die.The judge takes a recess and say's he'll be back
later with his ruling.J.T. calls Nick, notifying him that the baby
is in distress and a court decision needs to be made immedieately.
Nick relays this message to Nikki and Victor.They decide to order a
C-section.At the hospital, the Newmans,J.T. Brad and Colleen are all
awaiting word about Victoria's surgery.Dr. Okamura tells them that
Victoria had a placental abruption which has put her in critical
condition.Jack reminds Sharon that regardless of how upset Victor is
about Victoria's condition, he needs to clear his name with the
ethics committee and erase suspicion that he killed Ji Min,Jack wants
to make it clear that Victor should be a suspect.Sharon states that
if he does that to Victor now, in his time of grief, she won't be
able to support Jack any longer.Much to Ben's dismay,Jack agrees
not to do it.Ben questions maggie as to why she isn't investigating
the possibility that Victor could be involved in Ji Min Kim's death.
Beb informs her that any attempt to slander Jack will result in
immediate legal action.Ben leaves, with out noticing that someone has
been recording their conversation on a cell phone. Jack receives a
call telling him about a post on a gossip webpage. Jack sees the video
of Ben and Maggie at teh coffeehouse.Ben gives Jack a package Ji Min's
parents sent over.It's an audio tape of Victor pressuring Ji Min to
record his conversation with Jack.They realize that it was Victor that
leaked that Jack owned Jabot

Episode 8, 780: Friday 30th. November, 2007

Ben tries to convince Jack to let him leak Ji Min's tape to the press
Sharon reminds Jack that he promised he wouldn't try to destroy
Victor in his time of grief.Ben wants Jack to let him take the fall of
releasing the tape. Jack agrees to let him leak it,but only to the
D.A.'s office.Ben brings Maggie the tape of Ji Min and Victors secret
conversation.Jack admits to Sharon that he gave Ben permission to
turn the tape over to the police.Sharon is angry and disappointed.
Maggie reveals to Paul that she received a tape that maybe enough
evidence to issue a search warrant for Victor.Cane asks his assistant
for all the files he can get on Jabot to learn more about the company
Amber puts on a wig and goes into the coffeehouse, fooling Kevin at
first.She points out that this could be her new look for the"Fresh
Face of Jabot" of Jabot contest. Amber bets Kevin she'll fool Cane with
her disguise. Amber in disguise as "Marilyn" successfully fools Cane
into thinking she's a freelance travel writer who has just been to
Australia.She approaches Kevin and declares that since he lost the
bet, he has to help her get into the"Fresh Face of Jabot" contest.
Later, Lily also doesn't notice Amber,but Daniel sees right through the
costume.Brad and J.T. look at Victoria's tiny baby through the nursery
window.Phyllis tries to reassure Nikki that Victoria will forgive
her for the choice that she made to save her life instead of the
baby's.They bond in this time of grief,Dr Webb informs Nikki and Victor
that Victoria's blood pressure could still be elevated for weeks.J.T.
goes into Victoria's hospital room. pleading for her to wake up so
she can name her son.

Episode 8, 782: Monday 3rd. December, 2007

Episode 8, 783: Tuesday 4th. December, 2007

Monday 24th. December, 2007

Nikki,David and J.T. spend Christmas Eve watching over Victoria's
baby in the ICU.j.T. decides to name the baby Reed after Nikki's
maiden name.Adrian and Colleen go to the Newman ranch to deliver a
present for Victoria.The book happens to be one of Victor's favorite
novels,Don Quixote.Victor is touched by the fact that he and Victoria
share a love for the same book.Victor visits the I.C.U. and finds Nikki
David and J.T.,Nikki remarks to Victor that he is acting very happy
for some one that is facing multiple lawsuits charges.Victor fires
back at Nikki and retorts that she is acting happy for some one who
just lost her business and all her money.Jack is pleased that Sharon
decided to wait till after Christmas to inform Noah about their plans
to divorce.Later, Sharon spends her Christmas Eve with Lily,Devon
Neil and Karen, who are welcoming.Sharon announces that she has
donated money in Dru's name to a foster
Nick,Lauren,fen and Summer are gathered together for Christmas Eve.
Jack makes an excuse to leave the party because seeing Noah and the
family is just to hard for him.Michael calls Lauren to inform her that
he is stuck in St. Louis.Michael promises Lauren that he will find a
way home in time to spend Christmas with his family.Noah runs down the
stairs to inform everyone that someone is at the door.Michael enters
dressed as Santa.Lauren is overjoyed that her hubby has made it home
for Christmas after all. Amber confesses to Daniel that she is
hopeful that Kay will ask her over for Christmas,since they have
become friends.Paul asks Heather to join him and Maggie at the
G.C.A.C. for dinner.Heather declines but later decides to join them.
Maggie and Paul asks Heather to join them at Midnight mass and
Heather agrees to go along.Cane ,Esther,Kay and Jill share dinner at
the G.C.A.C..They are happy to be spending the evening celebrating
Cane's birthday and Christmas as a family

Wednesday 26th. December, 2007

Candy Cane
At Crimson Lights, Daniel toys with the expensive new digital camera
his Mom gave him for Christmas. Amber poses cooperatively (and
prvocatively)- but falls off the table when Cane walks in. She then
gives him his tea on the house - and is glad he liked her gift. As
Cane reports he had a nice Christmas, Amber talks to him about New
Years (but uninterested, Cane has paperwork to do). Daniel shows his
BFF a shot of her beaming up at Cane - he's just not into you.
Serving Cane, Amber rambles on about her website and asks how the
contest's going. Cane has to go to a meeting - see ya. Daniel tells
Amber she's making a fool of herself. Amber can't help herself - I
love him. Daniel thinks she's just afraid of being alone. I still
love you BFF, Daniel says as he leaves Amber to close shop - then
take out her Marina get up to make her video (as a returning Daniel
frowns through the window).

Antagonizing The Abbott's
At Chez Abbott, Jack's whipped up a candlelit, succulent feast for
Sharon (while he'll be dining on crow and a humble pie) - he hopes
they can share some water over the bridge. Over dinner Jack shares
his resolution to go green - and get a hybrid car. His most important
resolution is to be the man Sharon can love again - we can put this
together - I love you - and Noah. It can be better and stronger.
Sharon can't do this - I have to go, she snivels off.

In the tackhouse, Phyllis uses her usual methods to try cheer up Nick
(who's upset about his Dad being all over Mom about the loan - it's
vicious - I can't stand to be around him right now). Phyllis leaves
on a mission of mercy - off to get some comfort food and movies -
we'll shut out the entire world. Nick grins and gives her a kiss -
hurry back - be careful.

At the club, Phyllis greets Sharon and asks if her Christmas was
merry. Sorry I'm late, Brad hurries over and gives Sharon a quick
kiss before leading her to a table. Sharon frets - I knew it was a
mistake coming here. She worries how another of her failed marriages
will affect Noah - but wants a man she and Noah can rely on. Brad
reassures - Noah will understand. He needs a mother who's happy - do
what's right for you - don't put off the inevitable.

Meanwhile, Jack goes to the tackhouse looking for Phyllis. Nick
invites him in to wait - she'll be back soon. I'm losing her, a
depressed Jack admits. Over a beer, Nick reassures Jack (as he's also
caused Sharon and Noah pain) - give her some space or she'll run.
Jack worries she already has.

Now at the Abbott home, Jack helps a frustrated Noah build an
airplane. Caught watching them, Sharon hurries off in tears. Later,
Jack takes a sleeping Noah up to bed. He loves you so much, Sharon
says. Jack tells Sharon to do what she needs to do - for you and
Noah - I mean that - I understand and won't push you anymore. He
later watches Sharon as she mopes - holding the plane Noah's

Back at the tackhouse, Phyllis is all over Nick - and the pair are
soon making out - naked on the sofa.

Up at the ranch, Vic and Nikki ignore one another (as he enters and
she leaves). Back at the cottage, Nikki tells David that it's
difficult to see Vikki 'like that'. She can't bring herself to eat
the dinner David's made. He warns that it's about to get worse -
Vic's being served today.

Paul visits Vic (who wants him to prove that Jack Abbot's setting him
up for Ji Minh's murder). He can't interfere in a police
investigation - Maggie's a good cop - she'll put it together - she
won't give me any information. As a PI, Paul thinks it too risky. Vic
thanks Paul for coming by (realizing it was a waste of time).

On the CL's patio, Paul confides that Vic wants him to investigate
and doesn't think him capable of murder. Maggie states the evidence
points to Vic - we'll find out soon enough. Please tell me you didn't
take Vic up on his offer.

Maggie excuses herself as Paul asks Heather to join them for New
Years eve. She thanks him but already has plans. Paul hopes she can
one day understand what he did. Heather can't forget about all the
holidays they missed - it's painful. Later, arriving at the club,
Heather watches Paul as he drowns his sorrows (then exits quickly).

Now served, Vic reads the court papers and grabbing his coat, makes a
beeline to the cottage (where Nikki weeps over Vikki - I can't take
any more). Vic marches in - you're suing me for half a billion
dollars - are you out of your mind!? David rants about the damage
he's caused - ending with Vikki's coma. Furious, Vic throws a chair.
Coming between the two men, Nikki says she'll ease up on the lawsuit
if he eases up on the loan. Fasten your seatbelt - you're in for the
battle of your pathetic life, Vics warns as he slams out.

Back at the ranch, Vic mopes over a photo of a much younger Nikki
(which he smashes to the ground). Back at the cottage, David cuddles
Nikki in his arms as he assures her that Vic won't win - he'll lose
this time - Vikki will wake up - and you'll start your life over -
stronger than you can imagine - David has a plan to take care of all
the money problems - and give her the future she deserves - marry me.

Next: Mike thinks he's put it all together - it's blackmail, he tells
a gaping Kevin - Jeffrey Bardwell is blackmailing Gloria ... Kay
tells Nikki to stand to and face Victor and all those demons as
well... Vic tells david he's out of his league - get out while you
still can.