The Young and the Restless

Episode 6, 348: Monday 6th. April, 1998 (Wednesday 29th. January, 2003 in Brisbane, Australia)

Episode 6, 349: Tuesday 7th. April, 1998 (Thursday 30th. January, 2003 in Brisbane, Australia)

Episode 6, 350: Wednesday 8th. April, 1998 (Friday 31st. January, 2003 in Brisbane)

Episode 6, 351: Thursday 9th. April, 1998 (Monday 3rd. February, 2003 in Brisbane)

Episode 6, 352: Friday 10th. April, 1998 (Tuesday 4th. February, 2003 in Brisbane)

Episode 6, 353: Monday 13th. April, 1998 (Wednesday 5th. February, 2003 in Brisbane)


Thursday 20th February, 2003 in Brisbane


Victor tells Jack that he'll be away for a while looking after Nikki and that Jack as his right hand man will be looking after things for him.  Jack says he understands perfectly- even though Victor won’t be around, he still expects everyone to act like he’s top dog.  They talk about Diane and Victor asks how she’s doing.  Jack reveals that she’s missing Victor terribly.  Victor was afraid of that.  Victor says he never meant to hurt her.  Victor gives Jack tickets to a concert which he and Nikki were going to go to.

Jack rings Neil and then gives him the tickets.



Neil rings Victoria and she gladly accepts his date of going to the theatre.

Ryan comes into Neil’s office.  Neil makes sure that Ryan doesn’t mind him dating Victoria.  Ryan says there’s a price to pay for dating Victor Newman’s daughter and that he will be dealing with the whole Newman family.


Katherine visits Nikki and Nikki says how she wishes she didn’t have to stay in this room.  Katherine jokes how Nikki is counting down the days until she can go on a marathon shopping spree.  Nikki asks a favour from Katherine about Joshua’s grave.











Christine is trying to concentrate at Nina’s apartment but can’t.  She is thinking about Paul’s ultimatum that she needs to choose him or Danny by the end of the week.

Christine jokingly suggests that she just flip a coin and let fate decide.

A nurse from Genoa City Memorial phones the apartment and tells Christine that Danny is in ICU and asked her to call her.

Nick tells Grace that he's asked Jack if he can work out of town for a while.





Episode 6, 379: Tuesday 19th. May, 1998 (Monday 17th. March, 2003 in Brisbane)

MICHAEL looks uncomfortable, but readily responds to the committee. You are right, he tells them. I should address the last time I was before the censure committee. However, I hope you realize that I am not the same person that I was back then. He begins, but the committee continually interrupts him, but he finally gets his message out. "I am ashamed that the last time, I denied ever having committed sexual harassment against Christine Romalotti, now Christine Williams. At the time, I was not ready to hear and accept the truth about myself, but thanks to a wonderful man that I met in prison, I did come to accept what I had done. The prison psychologist helped me to get a hold on my life. I have turned my life around. The witness that I was expecting was Ms. Williams; she has witnessed the change in my character." However, the committee insist on more convincing evidence that he has changed. They say that neither his work at the law office, his work at the hospital, nor the fact that he gave his kidney is convincing evidence that he has changed, only that he wants something very badly.

Outside in the corridor, Christine remembers the time when she was trapping Michael into repeating his sexual harassment of her and his behavior when he guessed that she was wired.

VICTORIA is in her bedroom when Olivia calls. Vicki tells her that she wants the blood test rerun; there has to be a mistake. Olivia tells her to go by the lab and get her blood drawn then come to her office right away. Just as Vicki is leaving her room, she gets a call from Cole. He wants to be sure that she is doing okay. I always take care of myself, she tells him.

DORIS tells Sharon that she should go home if she has any hopes of saving her marriage, but Sharon will not go back into that house until Nick accepts her daughter as part of their lives. She says that she could talk until she is blue in the face and it won't change the way Nick feels about Cassie; she just has to accept it. But, she agrees that she and Nick need to begin to start sorting out things. She asks Doris to watch Noah while she goes to see him. "You aren't thinking divorce, are you Sharon?"

NIKKI is having coffee when Miguel comes in hand hands her the mail. He turns to leave, but Nikki stops him. Are you all right, Miguel? He tells her that he is fine, but she knows that something is wrong and continues to pursue the subject. "I want to help you, Miguel," she says. He reminds her that he asked for her help once before, but she denied him that help. "I don't understand why you wouldn't help me," he adds. "Especially after all my years of loyal service to you and your family."

"You've never spoken to me in this way before," Nikki chastises him. "Los siento mas!" Miguel responds. He tells her that he had such high hopes for himself and Veronica. He has never asked for anything from her before to his remembrance. He reminds her that he told her how important Veronica was and how important it was for them to live and work at the ranch. It is important having the woman he loves with him; either she doesn't know this or she doesn't care. Now, if she will excuse him, he has to go. "You are coming back, aren't you?" Nikki asks. "I am going to see the woman I love," he answers. "I don't know what happens after that." Nikki is visibly shaken as Miguel leaves the room.

COLE is in Neil's office when Neil walks in. He came to see if Ashley was there; he wanted to invite her to lunch. Neil tells him that she is out of the building and will be gone for a couple of hours. Cole remarks on Neil's "happy face" and Neil tells him that his personal life is looking up! The two compare their love lives for a few minutes, then Cole leaves.

VICTOR returns home from his early morning appointment and tells Nikki that it is such a glorious day outside, they should have Miguel serve lunch out by the pool. When Nikki says that Miguel is in town with his ladylove, Victor remarks that it isn't Miguel's day off. Nikki tells him that she is afraid they are going to lose Miguel over not hiring his girlfriend. Victor is sorry Miguel is upset, but he cannot allow the hired help to dictate what goes on in the household. He resents the pressure Miguel has put them under and if Miguel doesn't like it, he can find employment elsewhere. Besides, he has asked Ellie, the former housekeeper, to come back and apparently she misses them as much as they miss her. So the subject is closed.

NICHOLAS is shouting at someone over the phone when Sharon reaches the office. When he hangs up, she remarks that he really loves his job, juggling six things at once. He asks how she has been and she reciprocates. He asks about Noah and she tells him that he is growing more every day. Cassie is doing fine also, she adds. He tells her that he knows she was out for dinner the other night with Tony; what is going on? Are you having me spied on? Sharon asks. He tells her that he was at the same restaurant and saw her; he only asks because he thought Grace and Tony were still an item. If he is wrong, let him know. Sharon says that she doesn't know what he is implying, but Tony is a good friend; he was there when she really needed one. She cannot just spend every minute in her mother's apartment with the kids; she needs to get out and unwind from time to time. Is there anything wrong with that? She says that she cannot just go on marking time like this; it isn't fair to her, the kids, or even to him.

Nick says that he misses his son; he misses Sharon and he misses how things used to be before . . . "Before you found out I had a daughter?" Sharon asks. "Nick, I need an honest answer. Are things over between us? I think that is how you feel, but you just can't bring yourself to tell me so. Am I wrong, Nick?"

Nick thinks on it for a while, then he tells her that it is complicated. I never stopped loving you, he tells her. And I still love you, Sharon says. I know you want to concentrate on your career, but what about me? How am I supposed to choose between you and my daughter? Nick says that he never asked her to choose, but she says that that is what it all comes down to: you or Cassie. After thinking for a moment about what she has said, Nick asks her if she will have dinner with him tonight at their home. A delighted Sharon says that would be great.

MIGUEL angrily tells Veronica that he is going to leave the ranch, but she tells him that they don't have to live and work in the same house to be together. He is afraid that she is going to leave him, but she says that she has no where to go. She begs him to stay with the Newmans; he will be happier in the long run, she says. She tells him that she knows about burning your bridges. One day, he says, I hope you will trust me enough to tell me about all the horrible things that have happened to you in the past.

After visiting the lab and having her blood drawn again, she goes to Olivia's office. As they are talking, the lab tech brings in the lab results. "It was a false positive, right?" Victoria asks. Olivia tells her that the results are the same; she is pregnant. "How could this happen?" Vicki asks as she turns away. "Obviously you aren't ready for a child," Olivia says. "You don't have to go through this alone. We have some very good counselors here." As she reaches for the phone, Vicki stops her. "NO! No one is to know about this---NO ONE! Do you understand?" What about the father? You are going to tell the father, aren't you? Olivia asks. Vicki tells her that she wants her assurance that she will tell no one about this, especially Neil. Olivia draws herself up and tells her that her professional ethics dictate that she would never tell anything that goes on between her and a patient.

CHRISTINE enters the hearing room and is recognized by the committee. She tells them that she is there neither to support nor oppose Michael's reinstatement, but the committee wants to know how she feels. She says that unless she was 100% sure that Michael had changed, she couldn't support the petition---and she isn't sure. Michael asks permission to ask her some questions. He asks if she opposed his parole and she admits that she did. He then asks her if she believes today that she was right or wrong to oppose his parole. She admits that she was wrong back then. He then asks her if her present difficulty is based on fact or on her memories of what he did in the past. Chris thinks on it for a while then tells him that it is impossible not to remember; you can't just put your memories aside. Michael thinks on that, then tells the committee that he accepts her answer and will ask her no further questions. Michael tells the committee that he can't put those memories aside either. There isn't a day that he doesn't remember the horrible things he did. Because of what he did, he has lost his life; he isn't talking bout his time in prison, he is talking about the one thing that gave his life a sense of purpose---his law career. This is something he has to live with today---in the present.

The committee retires to make their decision. Phyllis tries to encourage him, but he tells her that he was a drowning man trying to grab on to something and missed. He squares his shoulders and says it is just the price I have to pay for what I did.

OLIVIA goes to Neil's office and comments that he is sure in a wonderful mood. Is it his work or his relationship with Victoria Newman. He tells her that his life is GREAT and it is thanks to Victoria. How far has things gone? Olivia asks. What? Neil gulps. Olivia continues; just how involved are you? He tells her that she is being too personal; this is none of her business. He accuses her of running over here to learn all the juicy details of his love life and he isn't the kind of man who kisses and tells. She tells him that they have always been able to talk about anything, but he says that they have never talked about their sex lives. He tells her that he has business to take care of and he is sure that she has patients back at the hospital. She walks out of the office, but outside, she stops and has a horrified look on her face.

MICHAEL tells Christine that he understands why she couldn't support him. He hopes that her bad memories will fade in time so that she can begin living in the present. The committee returns and without preamble, tells Michael that they are denying his petition. Without personal corroboration that he has changed, they don't believe that he has the moral character to practice law.

As the committee begins to leave, Christine stands up and asks to be heard once again. During the recess, she began thinking. Now she thinks that possible she does live too much in the past. Yes, what happened to her was a horrible ordeal, but since his return, Michael has demonstrated that he is not the same man. The old Michael Baldwin would never have sacrificed a part of his body to help someone else. She believes that the past does not rule the present and for the first time, she believes that Michael Baldwin deserves a second chance. Today, she believes that he possesses the moral character and will not be a detriment to the standards of the bar or an adversary for justice.

Michael sits very still while the committee members confer. They turn back and tell Michael that they are reversing their decision, but they are putting him on probation for a year with Ms. Williams as his monitor. She will report to them every three months. I won't let you down, Michael tells them.

Michael approaches Christine and thanks her profusely for her help; he promises that he will not let her down. Just answer my prayer, she tells him, the prayer that I haven't made a terrible mistake today. Michael's face is filled with joy without a trace of guile.

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Thursday 28th May, 1998


Victor goes to see Victoria at her office.


Episode 6, 430: Wednesday 29th. July, 1998 (Monday 2nd. June, 2003 in Brisbane)

  Tony goes into Grace's office and is looking at the scanning machine when Nick walks in.  Tony is curious as to what it is and Nick tells him that it's what they use when they want to copy information or pictures for presentations.  Tony asks Nick if he can spare a minute and tells him he's trying to work out a wedding date but says that Nick is the only one standing in their way.  Tony says that Grace is always so busy that he needs permission from Nick for Grace to have a few weeks off.  Nick says whatever date they choose is fine with him.  Grace comes in and Nick leaves them to be alone.  Tony gives Grace all the brochures which he collected of the places they can go for their honeymoon.  Grace says that that's very sweet of him but she worries whether Nick will let her have time off.  She says that she wants to be a part of some of the projects as well.  Tony says that he understands she wouldn't want to be thinking about work during her honeymoon.  He says he can't wait to make her his wife.

  Jack goes into his office and finds Brad sitting in his chair with his feet on the desk.  Brad says he's been getting a lot of heavy breathing over the phone from Jack and he knows it isn't to inquire about his health.  He tells Jack about the tabloid he received recently detailing Victor Newman's Problems.  Also, he asks if Jack has any plans of ousting Victor.  Jack coldly denies this but Brad is not convinced.

  Mrs. Williams is at home and welcomes Charlie, who has a bunch of flowers for her.  He says he hopes the people from whose gardens he picked the flowers won't find out who it was.  She says she hopes he left some for them.  He replies that they wouldn't mind if they knew the lovely lady they were for.  He says he enjoys it when they go out, but he never knows when he's going to see her again.  She smiles but says that ever since her husband, Karl, has gone she hasn't been used to this sort of thing.  They both agree to take things slowly and to see a movie together.

Monday 28th. December, 1998 (Monday 3rd. November, 2003 in Brisbane)

MIGUEL still has dinner on hold while Neil stands at the window staring down toward the tack house wondering why Vicki and Cole haven't returned. Nick returns from Sharon's and tells his dad that she won't be there for dinner. Neil tries to cheer him up but he is wondering if it is too late. At the tack house, Vicki and Cole share their grief over Eve's death. Seeing the ornament and learning that Cole bought it months ago, Vicki says that she didn't know that he felt that deeply about the baby all that time. He tells her that the baby will always be a part of their lives. She admits that with everyone else, she can put on a brave front but with Cole, she is able to share her most innermost feelings. At the cottage, Cassie is thrilled that Nick framed her picture. Sharon asks if she wants to put it in her room but Cassie says that she wants it to stay in the living room where they can see it and remember that they are a family. Finding one last gift under the tree, Cassie asks if she can open it. Sharon tells her that she can. Cassie says that it is from Nick. Opening it, she is delighted to find a book. "He remembered!" she exclaims. Sharon mentions that the book is too young for her; it is more appropriate for Noah. "That is the idea," Cassie says. "I told Nick to buy it so I could read it to Noah." She wants to read it to him now, but Sharon reminds her that Noah is asleep.

Back at the ranch, Vicki and Cole finally arrive, explaining that Neil had a little accident on the way and they had to patch him up. Cole has a small bandage on his nose. As they are ready to go in to dinner, Nick says that he isn't in the mood for dinner. He leaves the house while everyone else sits down at the table. Victor says grace, reminding them that there are many people who are less fortunate than they are. He is thankful for the food, his family and friends and to be surrounded by those he loves. He gives Nikki and Vicki a kiss.

MARY, CHARLIE, CHRIS and PAUL are preparing for Christmas dinner. Charlie has a toast to the present---his wife to be---and to the past---to the memory of a man who was dear to them all, Paul's dad, Mary's husband and his best friend. Paul seems distracted so when Mary and Chris go in to the kitchen, Charlie tells him that he would never try to take Carl's place. Paul says that he knows that and he realizes that they should just look to the future. As they sit at the table Charlie notices a new Christmas card and asks about it. Getting the card, Mary says that it is from her daughter, Patty. Every year she sends a card form somewhere but there is never a return address. This is the one sadness of her life, that she hasn't had any contact with her daughter all these years. She just couldn't handle it when her father disappeared.

AT THE NORFOLK AIRPORT, Jim arrives home and remembers the vision he had in GC. Ruth is there to pick him up but instead of going straight home, they have a cup of coffee and talk. He tells her that he walked all the streets of Genoa City without remembering anything. He then tells her the experience he had in the church. Ruth suggests that instead of having a memory, he was remembering what someone told him. He says that he needs to find out one way or the other. While flying home, he made a decision. He is going back to Genoa City to see if he can figure this out. Ruth tells him that if he goes back, she is going with him. Her life is with him and his life is back here with her and it always will be so.

MICHAEL and GRACE are having dinner at Gina's. Grace has been telling Michael about a "friend of a friend" who took and adopted baby and returned it to her birth mother. She is hoping that Michael will tell her that this friend did the right thing, but Michael says that if this friend didn't have the adoptive mother's permission to take the child, then her friend could go to jail for life---kidnapping is a crime. Grace is frightened until he laughs and tells her that he is only teasing. However, he does tell her that if the adoptive mother knocks on her door asking where her child is, then she could be in trouble if she doesn't come clean with the woman. "Even if my friend took the child with all good intentions?" Grace asks. Michael reminds her that the road to you-know-where is also paved with good intentions, as is the road to jail.

NATE is trying to stay awake, but his yawns give him away. Olivia sends him to bed after he tells them it was the best Christmas ever. Malcolm and Olivia sit cozily on the couch and remember the day. She asks if he thinks that Callie is gone for good. He says that he thinks that they will never see that girl again. He tells her that now they can get on with their lives. He remembers another present and gets it from under the tree. It is very small and when she opens it, Olivia finds a gold camera charm for her favorite bracelet. He says that this will remind her of her sexy husband.

AFTER DINNER, Neil asks what took so long at the tack house and Vicki tells him about the ornament that Cole had bought for the baby. Neil is sorry for her pain. He says that it is time for him to go home. He tells her to take care of herself. She sees him to the door and they kiss goodnight.

SHARON sends Cassie to bed, promising to go and tuck her in soon. As she walks around the living room, she looks at the picture that Cassie has drawn and at the photograph of her and Nick. She goes to the phone and calls the main house. Nikki answers the phone and tells Sharon that Nick was feeling low and went for a walk. Sharon says that she only wanted to thank him for the Christmas presents. After hanging up, Nikki says that it is a shame that the first time Sharon reaches out to Nick, he is no where around. Victor says that at least she called. Nikki tells him that she has been thinking of what he said at dinner about their blessings. She is so thankful for life with him and if there was hope for them, then there is hope for anyone.

WHEN CALLIE RETURNS TO GINA'S, Gina is excited to see her. She is also very proud of her. She tells Callie that since she left the contract on the counter, she took a peek. This is a chance of a lifetime, opening for Aretha Franklin, and she just hopes that when she is a big star, she hopes Callie will remember "all us little people." When Gina is called to sing, Callie says that the reality is that she isn't going anywhere.

Gina sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and the audience listens appreciatively. While she is singing, Michael casually puts his arm around Grace. She notices but doesn't say anything. Afterward, Callie tells her how beautiful the song was. She asks if she can hang around for a while. When Gina says she can, she says that a part of her feels at home here in Genoa City.

ALICE and AL stop by the hospital to see Millie. Al grumbles because the party is already starting and he doesn't want to be here. A nurse asks Alice to sign some insurance papers. While she does, Al tries without success to pick up the nurse. Once the nurse has left their room, Alice takes great joy in telling her mother that she has met someone who will help her find Cassie, Grace Turner. She sees that Millie reacts to the name and goes on to say that Cassie is her daughter and she is going to get her back and this Grace Turner will lead her to Cassie. Al asks Alice not to yell at her mother like that; he even calls her a vegetable. With only one more snipe---I wish you could talk so I could pry the truth out of you---Alice leaves with Al.