Majestic Spanish Horses

Not just another horse, not just another stud...


Majestic Bolero has left for his new home in Victoria where he'll begin training for his ridden career in Medieval Mounted Skills amongst other pursuits.  We look forward to sharing his progress.


We couldn't be happier that Majestic Amara (left) and Majestic Bodecea (right) are staying together for life with Robyn in NSW.  The girls have settled in well and are reported to be 'just so calm', 'just so sensible' and 'just calm and easygoing' - sounds like these two girls to a T!


Our sweet natured, quick learning and intelligent Santoro left recently for his new home with Emma in NSW where he'll spend a few years growing with plenty of space and playmates on an elite stud property.



Our very special and very playful Arenoso recently arrived in South Australia where he has settled in very well in his usual confident manner.



When the perfect horse-loving family home presented itself, Zaphira was the natural choice to fill dreams & make the girls very happy and in return Zaphira is much loved and receiving oodles of TLC and pampering.


The beautiful, expressive and extremely tall, Symphony now lives not too far away on the coast with his paddock mate, Majestic Pegaso.



Soon to celebrate his first birthday, Pegaso now lives with Symphony on the coast not too far from here.



Sweet little Caressa has travelled well to NSW where her new neighbour is our own Senorita!  Update - Caressa has settled in well to her new life.


Another recent departure was Alazaro who is currently making the long trip to his new home in WA.


Sweet Brea - the last of our available 2014 born foals - has not long arrived in her new home in SE Qld where no doubt she'll be an enthusiastic student for liberty before progressing to her ridden career.


Allure recently headed off to her new home in NSW where she has arrived safely and is settling in well.


Aura is staying in Queensland and her journey south takes her directly to her trainer where she'll be started under saddle before heading west where she'll be in the company of other Baroque horses and working stock.
**May Update**  Aura is now progressing well under saddle and is currently being prepared for her first competition.
**October Update**  Aura has just successfully competed in her first dressage competition and placed a respectable 2nd and 3rd in her classes.


Romano has made a relatively short trip to central outback Queensland where he's settled in well and is enjoying progressing with his education having recently been lightly started under saddle.


Magnificent Oro has journeyed across the length and breadth of Australia to his new home in WA where he has settled in well and is described as a 'mystical' being as he floats across the paddock.


Beautiful little Senorita now resides in NSW and is charming everyone who meets her.



DeOra quickly made herself at home with Julie in SE Qld - the night she arrived there was a childrens birthday party immediately adjacent to her paddock, complete with bonfire, balloons and lots of kids!  DeOra was unfazed by it all despite the new environment and she has proven to be 'cool, calm and collected', a filly who is 'a pleasure to have around'.  We're looking forward to seeing DeOra out and about as time progresses.

**October update** News just coming through from DeOra's first major show outing.  A clean sweep at the 2016 Qld AHAA championships - State Champion Junior Spanish Female, Overall State Champion Spanish Female and Supreme Led Exhibit of the show.  Wow!



Rohnda describes Serafina as a delightful filly who is the sweetest and most easiest little horse to handle.  We thought so too!  Serafina is settling in to her new home well all the way down in South Australia.



Sweet Romero has travelled down to Victoria to live with Kim who says of him "my dream horse is in my paddock".



Beautiful Estrella, younger sister of Majestic Emperador, has left us for her new home joining her older sister, Majestic Enigma, not far from here.  It will be exciting to watch Estrella mature and we look forward to sharing her updates.



Our very handsome Dorado, son of Picaro PM x Leyenda, headed off today on his new life adventure with Fiona in SE Qld.  We will be keenly following Dorado's progress and look forward to sharing his news as time goes.

**Update**  Dorado has travelled well and is now settling in - cosy in his rugs and once again with a full belly!

**October Update**  Dorado has attended the 2016 AHAA Qld State Championships and he was successful in his events - State Champion Junior Spanish Gelding, Overall State Champion Spanish Gelding.  Just as important Dorado was 'chilled' and calm for his first ever show.  Congratulations Fiona and Dorado!



Pico's little sister, Picada, set off on her new adventure today, she'll be based just south of the Queensland border with Leanne.  Gerry will especially miss Picada's cuddles but Leanne will surely enjoy them!



Having first wanted to purchase Taniosa from us back in 2011 Kelly has finally succeeded and Taniosa will return to a southern climate, residing in NSW.



Our elegant (and tall) 2013 Spanish WB - Majestic Pico - has now left us for his new home with Sarah in SE Qld.  We look forward to hearing updates as Pico matures into what promises to be a stunning horse.  **Update**  Pico is confident in his new environment and is settling in fast.  He's also enjoying his sessions playing with the hose on the hot days - he's quite the water baby!



It has been a long wait for Kristen but our cruisy dude Lobo is finally on his way south to join her in Victoria.  Lobo, a full brother to Lirico, will be trained up for Working Equitation and we look forward to hearing of his progress in due course. 

**Update**  Lobo has arrived safely, with his charming character intact, and he is settling in well.  Kristen and Lobo are enjoying getting to know each other and Kristen reports back "I just love his attitude.  He is a smart little guy and runs away from nothing.   Ahhh....just love him"  but to hear that he whinnies out and runs over to meet Kristen means the bond is obviously both ways already.  Perfect!

**Update**  Kristen took Lobo to his first ever show earlier in the year - the 2015 Victorian AHAA State Championships.  Lobo was very well behaved, winning his horse/handler class and taking out the 'Supreme State Champion Gelding'.  Well done Kristen!



With what would have to have been the hardest good-bye so far, our very special filly, Mireya, left us today for her new home with Sally & Bruce.  This sale was only considered due to the outstanding home and developmental opportunity being presented to Mireya and we know she will be very much loved by Sally and very much missed by us.

**Update**  Mireya travelled well and is settling in very quickly, sharing lots of hugs!  Sally agrees that she is 'an absolute gem'.

Mireya's beautiful temperament is ever apparent and Sally reports that 'NOTHING phases her, had a 30 tonne excavator digging next to her paddock and she didn't even stop eating grass ha ha!!'

*December Update*  Sally & Mireya have attended their first show, in Canberra, coming away with Reserve Champion and Champion in different sections.  Congratulations Sally - Mireya is glowing!



Zorro, our 2013 Aztec gelding, confidently left us today destined for his new home in Tasmania with Mary where he'll be able to prove his versatility. 

**Update**  Zorro didn't falter for his long trip to Tassie with his calm and sensible nature and he arrived in absolutely fantastic condition thanks to NQ Horse Transport and Tasmanian Horse Transport.  Mary is delighted with him and reports "Zorro and I are going to make an awesome team!"  We're very much looking forward to the updates as Zorro will be undertaking some 'Led Trail' classes with Mary in due course.

Zorro, who recently turned 1yo, is settling in well and has started some groundwork, Mary reports back that Zorro is 'very sensible' and she is 'Just thrilled with his nature'.  He's certainly looking great and looks right at home.  



Sierra, our 2013 filly with amazing, powerful movement, is also headed to Tasmania where she'll join LeeAnn and her horses.

**Update**  Sierra arrived to some inclement weather but a thick, warm rug was on hand!  Sierra is quickly winning hearts with her sweet nature - LeeAnn already has someone offering to buy Sierra although she's not for sale as LeeAnn is planning on utilising Sierra's spectacular movement for dressage.

Sierra has adjusted well to her new environment and LeeAnn tells me that she is 'very pleased with her and she continues to impress visitors'.  Thank you for the update LeeAnn!



A true sweetheart and winner of Hoofbeats & KER's 'Best Foal' 2014 competition, Emperador has captured hearts since he was born, including those of Karen & Ally in Victoria, where he's headed to begin his new life.   **Update** Emperador has safely arrived in Victoria, Ally says he is adorable and she absolutely loves him!  Awesome! 

**Update March 2015**  Majestic Emperador went to the 2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships where he won State Champion Junior Entire and State Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian.  Congratulations to Ally!

**Update March 2016**  Continuing his success Emperador recently achieved Overall Champion Buckskin Colt/Stallion at the National Buckskin show and at the 2016 AHAA Victorian State Championships he has won State Champion Junior Colt, State Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian and State Champion Entire!  Best of all Emperador is impressing everyone with his incredibly mellow, laid back attitude. Go Ally!



Izarra, one of our 2013 Spanish Warmbloods (Picaro PM/Jive Magic), has headed off to NSW to join Anna's Baroque dressage team.  We look forward to hearing of Izarra's progress over time and have high hopes of a successful career ahead for her.



Having been with us for many years and produced some spectacular foals Tique left us recently to join Angela and resume her ridden career, her departure from our broodmare herd making way for some of our young imported fillies to move up!



Eros recently left us and is now settled into the routine of his new home with Bev who says of him "What a little champion, nothing phases him."  "It's like he's been here forever, and what a nature, OMG!!!!!!!"  We're excited to see what the future holds for Eros and hope that he'll be out and about at the SE Qld shows in the not too distant future.



We are delighted to report that the first person to view Boss thought him to be a perfect match for them and he left almost immediately for his new home on the Capriconia Coast where he's settling in well and impressing those who meet him.



Our very lovely yearling gelding, Sorrento, left us recently,  bound for his new home in SE Qld with Emma.

**Update**  Emma reports that Sorrento has settled in perfectly and everyone loves him!  There's already a queue of buyers for him but I doubt Emma will be parting with this special young horse anytime soon!



Lirico is very lucky to find himself joining Caminante at home with Courtney in SE Qld and we're looking forward to hearing of his progress. 

**March Update**  Lirico has blossomed in Courtney's care and recently attended his first show outing where "he was an absolute gentleman and took it all in his stride!"  "Everyone loved him and said how beautiful he was!"  "No-one suspected he was still a yearling"

**April 2014 Update"  Lirico's second show was none less than the 2014 AHAA National Championships where he achieved National Champion Junior Spanish Gelding.  See Lirico in the Horse Deals Gallery.

** October 2016 Update **  Lirico continues to grow impressively and has been awarded Reserve State Champion Spanish Gelding at the 2016 AHAA Qld State Championships.



The last of our Andaluka Vaqueta foals, Caminante, has headed off to south east Queensland to join forces with Courtney.  At only 8mths old Caminante has a lot of growing to do but is already pretty special!

**April 2014 Update**  Despite being in the midst of a gangly growth spurt, Caminante made an appearance at the AHAA Nationals recently (his first show outing).  Caminante performed well and placed respectably against older competition.  He also joined forces with Majestic Lirico to win the Progeny Group class on behalf of Picaro PM.

**2015 Update**  Caminante continues to mature into a spectacular colt.  He has attended a number of shows now and is placing well and receiving very positive comments from the judges.  He'll be the one to beat in future!

*2016*  Maturing well and recently turned 3yo Caminante is turning heads wherever he goes - for all the right reasons!  Most recent photo by Cassie Steele.

*Oct 2016*  Caminante is awarded State Champion Junior Entire at the 2016 AHAA Qld State Championships.



Our lovely young 2012 colt, Picasso now resides in South Australia with David & Charyse.  By all accounts he has settled in well and keeps everyone amused with his antics!



Our beautiful filly Sonata left us mid-October to start her new life journey in SE Qld with Pennie & Sarah.  We're delighted that Sonata's paternal sibling and paddock mate, Mirada, will be joining her (see below)! 

**Update**  Sonata has relished the attention she's received and quickly took to starting her ridden career without ever seeing a roundyard or arena.  She now enjoys beach and trail rides.



Whilst Pennie & Sarah were here viewing Sonata, Mirada made it quite clear that she was picking them as her new owners!  We couldn't be happier to know that she will be joining Sonata for a lifetime of adventures together!  **Update**  Mirada, in her usual cruisey way, looks like she'll be just as easy as Sonata to get started under saddle with her early introduction indicating it's 'like she's already broken in TOO!!'.



During a recent visit Angela fell instantly in love with our beautiful Romanza the moment she laid eyes on her!  We're delighted that Romanza, who is due to foal soon, has found such a perfect, loving home and we look forward to hearing all about her foal and following both their progress over time to come.

October Update.  Angela says Romanza has "such a beautiful natue, she often comes up and just rests her head on my shoulder and if I go across the paddock she comes to make sure I say hello to her", "Romanza has been life changing for me" and that she "has been great for my soul".  How awesome is that!  As a double delight Romanza recently gave birth of a beautiful buckskin colt who is impressing everyone.


***May 2014 Update***  Romanza has recently attended her first show with Angela and took out Supreme Breed Exhibit!  Congratulations Angela!  We're also delighted to hear that Romanza is getting out as a breed exhibit at expo's and has started being introduced to Riding for the Disabled children (and she's enjoying the interactions).

**2015 Update**  Romanza has won another Supreme award at the Townsville Ag Show!



Having spent the first two years of her life with us on grow out agistment, Mariquita soon leaves us for her new home in NSW.  Following a change in circumstances Mariquita will now be joining Rhonda where she'll be pursuing a career in dressage.  We look forward to hearing of Mariquita's progress and expect that she will continue to wow everyone who meets her.  Rhonda reports back that Mariquita is 'so sweet and a real pleasure to do things with. Love her to bits. !! :-)))))'

**March 2016 Update**  Mariquita has commenced her ridden education and is progressing well.  She has also attended her first show (NDHD Hack Show & EKKA qualifier) with Rhonda 'for the education and experience' as it is a large, well attended show.  Mariquita wowed everyone and swept the board - taking out Supreme Led Exhibit!  Congratulations Rhonda!  

**October 2016**  Growing up and greying out Mariquita has never looked better!  Congratulations to Rhonda on winning State Reserve Champion Partbred Senior Mare at the 2016 AHAA State Championships.  It was also Mariquita's first time under saddle at an event and she performed very well and calmly in her dressage test.



Congratulations Natasha on your purchase of Duquesa.  We are very confident that you'll enjoy great success with this lovely young filly.

This is what Natasha has to say about Duquesa "Duquesa arrived safely around 8am this morning, she is the most stunning little girl and has been so well mannered. We live right next to the train line and none of it seems to fase her. She is so inquisitive and has been checking absolutely everything out since she arrived, left no place unexplored. I have been brushing and playing with her all morning, I went inside a few times to tend to household duties and when I came back out to love her, she greets me with a whinnie. Thank you so much, she has exceeded all my expectations and more"   

**Update**  A few months ago we were very saddened to hear of serious health problems in Natasha's family that resulted in Duquesa being reluctantly advertised for sale.  We needn't have worried because Pennie & Sarah (owners of Sonata and Mirada) immediately bought Duquesa and quickly fell in love with her - "another Majestic sweetheart".  Now under saddle "Duquesa still hasn't put a foot wrong, she is a really sweet natured girl", "she is brilliant".  Of course, we're delighted to know the three sisters are being spoilt in their new home, together!



We are delighted to announce that Monarco recently headed south where he will be widely campaigned in hand and under saddle before undertaking stud duties. 



2011 PRE Filly by Picaro PM (IMP)

Congratulations Sharryn on your purchase of Pandora - the first Picaro PM foal and the only Australian-bred buckskin PRE filly in Australasia at the time of purchase.  We wish you every future success with this outstanding young filly and look forward to hearing of your journey together.  Left October 2012.  Early November Update - Pandora has arrived safely in Victoria and after introducing herself to Sharryn's other horses she put her head down to enjoy the grass!  "Thank you so much Rita, I just love her"  Perfect!

**March 2013 Update**  Pandora wins Reserve State Champion Junior Spanish Female at her first show outing.

**March 2014 Update**  Pandora has won State Champion Junior Spanish Female and went on to be awarded State Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian - beating the Supreme Champion Spanish Entire on the way - a noteworthy win for a 2yo filly!

**2015 Update**  Once again Pandora placed well at the 2015 AHAA State Championships, winning State Champion Junior Spanish Filly.

**Feb 2016 Update**  Pandora has just had her first ride under saddle and didn't put a foot wrong - "She is a dream".




2011 Australian Andalusian Gelding by Rayadillo SG (Imp)

Majestic Vventuroso out of Mystique of Coolalee and by Rayadillo SG (IMP) this has been a highly successful combination of genetics and 'Chilla' was quickly reserved by Dean and Pam.  Vventuroso left us earlier in the week for his new adventures in central Queensland and we hear he is settling in well, having negotiated his first trip in a float like a professional.  Vventuroso has a lot of growing to do - having shot up 2 inches in the last two months alone - we look forward to hearing more as time goes.

*December 2014 Update*  Time Flies!  Vventuroso has just been started under saddle and it's reported that he hasn't put a foot wrong with his trainer commenting that it's rare to have a horse who's so trusting and easy to work with.  Photos coming soon!

**October 2016**  Vventuroso recently delighted Dean at his first horse-back archery event - winning their event and scoring a perfect bullseye!



2009 Pure Spanish Gelding by Blue Blood Acoso

Ace, as he is affectionately known, has recently left us for his new home in Tasmania with Anna.  It's a good job he's grown a decent winter coat - he might need it after the tropics- although it seems Anna is going to be spoiling him rotten judging by the look of his cosy new, top-of-the-range rug!  We're looking forward to hearing how Ace progresses and will post updates as they're available.  Sold June 2012.

1st July update - Ace has arrived in great condition and is quickly and quietly settling in to his new home.  Anna reports that he is "exactly how I imagined him to be and more".

1st December update.  Ace has just returned from being started under saddle using Natural Horsemanship methods (pictured being ridden by Camille, his trainer, on day three of the two week process).  This is what Anna has to say about him.  "I've ridden Ace in the arena and we've been out on a trail.  He was beautiful to ride.  Very willing and rode the trail like an old pro.  He blazed through thick bushy terrain with confidence.  He's been through dams, up and down steep embankments, he's just done so well.  I'm so happy with him.  all the desensitising you do with your young stock is of such benefit and i believe thats why Ace has been so.accepting to training".  Anna has great plans for Ace and we look forward to the next installment!

November 2013 Update.  Family and work commitments resulted in Ace relocating within Tasmania and he now lives with Paul who enjoys natural horsemanship and trail riding through some amazing country with him.  Describing Ace, Paul writes "He is a real character & easy to get on with.  He is a very intelligent horse & a quick & willing learner."  and "he is a real treasure".  It's clear from the photos Paul's sent that Ace is enjoying a perfect life in Tasmania!


2009 Pure Spanish Gelding by Blue Blood Acoso

Majestic Serenade left us today for his new home locally with Mike and Eliza.  With his extraordinary movement we look forward to watching Serenade progress in dressage and hope to also see him compete in jumping events where he can utilise his natural jumping ability!  Sold January 2012.

July Update.  Mike tells us that Serenade is going well and is now undertaking trail rides around his home town with Serenade preferring to be the front horse!  We're also wondering how tall Serenade will end up as he's grown close to a hand since he left us - making him almost 16.2hh already!

 December 2012 Update.  Mike has been riding Serenade regularly and writes " He is progressing really well and a pleasure to ride. Each time I ride him I feel him becoming more confident and understanding of the aids.  I've taken him along to Pony club a few times and introduced him to dressage, x-country and show jumping and he seems to enjoy it."



Having made the hard decision to part with Acoso, our foundation stallion, we are extremely happy to see him heading off to stud in NSW to continue producing exceptional progeny, which, to date, includes Royal, State and National Champions.  Acoso has given us many truly wonderful foals during his years with us and some of his beautiful fillies will be retained to carry his bloodlines into our new breeding direction.  Sold December 2011.








I am delighted to have found a wonderful, loving home with Collette in NSW for my very special boy, Romeo.  It is intended that Romeo will be enjoying a well-rounded career in a variety of disciplines with a preference for dressage.  We will be keenly following Romeo's progress and will post updates.  Sold October 2011.

March 2012 Update - Romeo is currently being broken in and is and described as 'amazing' and a very 'sensible boy'.

December 2012 Update.  With the arrival of better weather Collette has been riding Romeo and reports that he is a good boy and very sensible.  Best of all she tells me "I love him so much and I know we are going to have a good life together". 

June 2014 Update.  Romeo will soon be off to his first dressage competition!  Now rising 5yo Romeo is an impressive young horse measured at over 16hh and still growing!  Collette says "I love him to bits and thank you for breeding a wonderful horse".  August 2014 - Romeo behaved perfectly and scored well at his very first dressage outing and gained many admiring comments.  Hopefully there'll be a photo to post soon!


   First Ride

This stunning and powerful 3yo Australian Andalusian filly was broken in locally before heading off to live with Alexes near Mackay, Qld.  Sold Sept 2011.

February 2013 Update.  An unexpected pregnancy when Vventisca arrived with Alexes meant there has been some delay in her ridden progress, however, Vventisca is described as 'Adventurous, Brave, Strong & Fearless' and Alexes goes on to say "My whole family was impressed with her friendliness" and "I must thank you for breeding such a lovely horse and for all the work that you did on her as she was growing up.  I can't wait to see her as she develops, I am enjoying her more and more each time I ride her".



My much-loved riding partner, Vvivaz, now lives with Gill Kennerley (Australia's Working Equitation Founder) where he's training in this new and exciting sport.  Sold July 2011.


Our beautiful 2010 filly, Majestic Enigma, will soon be off to her new home with Terry where we know she will be spoilt rotten.  Whilst she will be sorely missed Enigma is staying local and we'll be keenly following her progress as she matures into a stunning young mare.  Sold May 2011.

August 2013 Update.  As expected Enigma is maturing into an impressive young mare - she already measures 16hh and has just been started under saddle.  Terry tells me "she is the most beautiful natured and intelligent horse I have ever owned".  We're looking forward to seeing more of Enigma and Terry out and about!

**Update**  Terry has recently taken Enigma to her first ridden clinic (Working Equitation) where she impressed everyone with her type and character.  Someone even expressed interest in buying her but she's definitely NOT for sale!







Our 2009 filly, Majestic Marquesa (PRE), is now with Toni, starting her new life!  "She has constantly amazed, with her intelligence and because she is so quiet".  October 2011 Update.  Marquesa has been to her first show - she is reported to have behaved really well and placed 2nd in each of her classes, in open company with good class numbers.  Congratulations Toni - looking forward to hearing of your continued successes.  Sold March 2011.

July 2012 Update.  Reluctant to purchase a new saddle whilst Marquesa still has a lot of growing to do, Toni has progressed Marquesa's ridden education to the point of cantering around the paddock - all without a saddle!  Toni reports Marquesa to be 'quiet and responsive' and 'a pretty special horse'.

August 2012 Update.  Toni has found a suitable interim saddle and has begun riding Marquesa out on trail rides.                    

October 2012.  Congratulations to Toni and Marquesa who attended their first ridden show.  They won 2 x 2nd's in the Led classes and Reserve Champion and no less than 5 x firsts in the ridden classes!  Even trying the dressage.  More important than ribbons was that Marquesa was calm and well behaved.  What a great start!      

May 2014.  Attending her first big agricultural show at Blackbutt recently Marquesa won Champion Led Baroque and placed very well in other ridden and led classes against strong competition.  Congratulations Toni, she's looking beautiful!  



Nero left us for his new home with Colleen - not too far from here - so we'll be seeing him often.  Nero has much growing to do and we look forward to seeing him mature, expecting that he will be much like his older sisters - Majestic Chispa and Majestic Carisma.  Left April 2011.




Congratulations Andrew on the purchase of our gorgeous little Poesia.  We are extremely confident that you will both enjoy many great adventures together over the coming years and we hope that you enjoy exploring as much as Poesia does with her 'go-get-'em' attitude to life!  Sold November 2011.



This beautiful young PRE mare will stay with us until her just-born (23rd November) filly (see photo) is old enough to travel, then they'll head to their new home in central south Queensland with Bev.  It is planned that once her filly is weaned Alegre will be broken in to ride.  Sold November 2011.



Cha Cha (PRE filly) as she is affectionately known will soon head off for NSW to join Liz and her Andalusians.  Sold October 2010.



Affectionately known as 'Blue' Infanta will be heading off soon to her new home in NSW (as soon as the floods recede!), together with her filly, Majestic Gitana.  Sold May 2011.







Vvaltz recently left us for her new home down south with Lucy, Lorraine and  her new equine companion Paddy.  "She is everything we wanted and so much more!"  "She fits in sooo well with our family".  PERFECT!  Sold October 2010.

UPDATE - MARCH 2012 - Vvaltz has had ongoing groundwork and is now being broken in to saddle in preparation for a career in eventing.  Given her bold and confident nature and super jumping ability we are sure she will prove to be something special in that career.



UPDATE - Ellie has now arrived into Marilyn's care and despite the atrociously wet weather conditions Ellie has settled in and is bonding well with her new family.  Sold February 2010.

Ellie (Purebred Spanish 4yo filly) has just left our care for her new home in SEQ.  Marilyn fell in love with this beautiful filly the moment she laid her eyes on her, who wouldn't?



Congratulations to Terry (NSW) on her recent successes with Sorpresa.  Reserve Champion at her first show and in open company!  Sold December 2009.

UPDATE - January 2013.  Described as 'one in a million' Sorpresa has matured into a beautiful young mare.  She is now a proud mother of an equally lovely filly!

UPDATE - May 2015.  Sorpresa has recently been started in harness and has taken to it 'like a duck to water'.


Paloma (1X Hispano Arabe yearling) has moved in with Inga and her family in NSW.  Paloma has made herself well at home and is thoroughly enjoying her exciting trips away from home to such places as the beach where she recently swam for the first time.  Sold December 2009.  Paloma is 'adored by us all'

**April 2014 Update**  Paloma still lives with Inga and is a much loved family member.


Bo, my special friend (Australian Andalusian) now resides in SE Queensland and is loved by his new owner.



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