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RAYADILLO SG was imported into Australia in late 2009 as a foal at foot to his dam, Lujosa SG, a magnificent tall, black mare of excellent breeding by the Calificado stallion Habanero XLI.  There is also a double generation of Calificado mares on the side of Lujosa's dam.  Lujosa SG herself was awarded NSW State Champion Female after her arrival in Australia.  RAYADILLO's sire is the beautiful buckskin stallion - Meloso PM - bred by the world renowned Paco Marti stud, a world leader in breeding dilute coloured PRE's and with whom we are very familiar through our other imported horses.

Still only a young, growing stallion RAYADILLO SG is already eye-catching to say the least with his shimmering metallic golden coat which is accentuated by his luxurious mane and tail. 

Shown as a two year old in 2011 and again in 2013 as a four year old, RAYADILLO SG remains undefeated, in open company, and has won Champion of every section he's entered.  Started under saddle in 2012 RAYADILLO proved to be an excellent example of the trainability and outstanding temperament of the breed learning quickly and willingly to the point where he served a mare on one day and rode out with a mare in season the following day - without a sideways glance - and all with only half a dozen rides under his girth at the time!


RAYADILLO SG is the only buckskin PRE stallion in Australasia. 

DNA colour tested ggEEAaCrcr RAYADILLO does not carry grey genes and therefore cannot sire grey foals to non-grey mares.  Statistically 50% of his foals will inherit a cream gene resulting in a buckskin foal.  RAYADILLO cannot sire palomino foals regardless of the mare's colour.

RAYADILLO SG is inscribed into the Spanish Studbook (PRE) and has received his breeding approval (APTO), he is registered with the AHAA and also with Dilutes Australia.






 Lebrero XIII



 Carmelo II





 Baturra XI


 Meloso PM






 Pegaso IV



 Narbona III
















 Habanero XLI (Calificado)





 Salerosa XI


 Lujosa SG









 Cubanera (Calificado)





 Mengua (Calificado)



RAYADILLO SG is standing at stud for the 2014/2015 breeding season with a limited book to quality mares of all breeds.  It is anticipated that we will have chilled semen available if demand dictates, please enquire for full details.

STUD FEE - $2,750 inc GST (LFG)