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Meet Picaro PM as the feature stallion in the June/July 2014 issue of Baroque Horse Magazine!


Picaro PM greeting Majestic Melodia (as he does every evening when he's turned out).  Melodia is his very best friend!

The proof is in the progeny...

From the first Picaro progeny to ever be shown we are seeing very positive feedback and results - including...

2013 AHAA Victorian State Championships - Reserve State Champion Junior Spanish Female

2014 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Junior Spanish Female

2014 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian (beating the Supreme Champion Spanish Entire)

2014 AHAA National Championships (Qld) - National Champion Junior Spanish Gelding

2014 AHAA National Championships (Qld) - Picaro PM - Winner of Progeny Group (represented by two progeny)

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Jnr Spanish Entire

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Jnr Spanish Female

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Jnr Spanish Gelding

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - Supreme Champion Spanish Gelding

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - State Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian (2nd year in a row winning this award but with a different horse)

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - Picaro PM - Winner of Progeny Group (represented by three progeny)

2015 AHAA Victorian State Championships - Champion and Reserve Champion High Points (Led)

2015 National Dilutes Championships - Champion Dilute (Buckskin) Colt/Stallion

2015 Royal Adelaide Horse Show - Champion Junior Buckskin

2015 Royal Adelaide Horse Show - Champion Junior Dilute Ancillary



                                   Picaro PM - December 2014


What is meant by the expression 'dilute'?

We wish to make it clear that our imported dilute horses are Pure Spanish Horses - P.R.E.  They each have their official Spanish passports and are inscribed into the Spanish studbook and valorated where indicated.  The term 'dilute' refers only to their colour and the inclusion of the CREAM gene which gives the coat buckskin and palomino colours.  A double dilute, like Picaro PM, has two cream genes and so is guaranteed to pass on one to each of his foals, ensuring they are buckskin or palomino (excluding the modifying grey gene).  To date we have had two double dilutes colts born, both sired by Rayadillo SG.






  • The first and only double dilute Studbook PRE (Pure Spanish Horse) in Australasia.
  • From the world renowned stud of Paco Marti.
  • The result of generations of selective breeding.
  • DNA tested for the genetics to breed buckskins and palominos.
  • Superbly expressive with correct and straight, elevated movement.
  • Impressive with unrivalled conformational qualities.






Once again Picaro PM is the centre of attention at the Mareeba & Tropical All Breeds Show for 2013 with so many competitors and spectators alike wanting to be near him, touch him and have their photo taken with him!  Remembered from last year people came up to meet the 'Golden' horse once again.  Picaro did not disappoint winning both his sections and taking out the Champion Dilute, Champion Purebred Spanish Male and Overall Champion Purebred Spanish Andalusian awards, receiving the judges' comment of "Going through the standards of excellence for the breed - he ticks every box, and wow! can he move!".



                 PICARO PM




Not just another horse....

Bred by PACO MARTI - renowned breeder of dilute PRE's

From a line of superbly moving horses

Genetics to produce buckskin and palomino

Does not carry grey genes

Excellent conformation with perfect height/length equality

Typical laidback Andalusian temperament

Expected to mature over 16hh

Sire of Superb Buckskin Pure Spanish and PRE Colts & Fillies

Expressions of Interest Invited for his next crop of foals, due from September 2014


Follow this link to check out Picaro PM's superb movement on his NEW YouTube video... "PICARO PM - JAN 2013"

Some of the many comments we've received about Picaro PM...

  • Taking this breed to the next level 
  • Moves beautifully, so balanced and with elevation
  • Just Spectacular!
  • Movement to burn...
  • Wow - he is sensational
  • His movement is spectacular
  • Very special horses, the likes we haven't seen in this country before!
  • So much drive from behind and lift and stretch in front
  • Wow - they are certainly something special
  • Movement is to die for
  • Incredible presence
  • A dream to handle - not a mean bone in his body
  • VERY, VERY impressive
  • He is stunning
  • Love his 'come to bed' eyes
  • Amazingly beautiful - Wow
  • A VERY exciting prospect for Australia
  • Picaro is a superb young stallion and his conformation is faultless
  • His stunning beauty moved me to tears
  • What a special horse
  • One of the most magical looking Andalusians ever!
  •  The image of perfection
  • A World Class Individual
  • Such a Flawless Stallion
  • Wow, wow, wow, boy can he move
  • I'm drooling over him and very excited
  • What a mover!
  • Your very lucky to have such a GREAT stallion
  • Such a stunner, and the movement!!!!
  • "I cannot fault" (Spanish Assessor)
  • Perfection
  • "Exquisite" (MABHS Judge)
  • "Faultless" (MABHS Judge)
  • He is seriously the most beautiful, breathtaking horse I have seen
  • He's stunning!
  • He is spectacular
  • He has no equal
  • He's such a beautiful horse
  • Picaro leaves them in the dust!!
  • Probably the best conformed horse I've ever seen
  • Magnificent
  • So very baroque
  • He's a beautiful horse
  • I really loved his temperament and Spanish style
  • He to me is what a true Spanish Andalusian should look like
  • Now I've seen him in the flesh, I'm not disappointed
  • Just look at him!
  • Such unique, beautiful horses
  • He is just divine
  • Magnificent
  • Such a proud beauty
  • Unique
  • I can't find fault with his conformation
  • I just ADORE Picaro!!!!
  • This guy is really something special
  • He is an absolute asset to the Spanish breeds in this country
  • He's ridiculously beautiful!
  • He is my favourite!
  • He is just stunning
  • Oh God.... I'm in Love!!!!
  • I want that horse SOOOOOO bad!!!!
  • What a stallion
  • Congratulations with him!
  • Picaro is a very fine example of Paco Marti's progeny
  • He is divine - I've never seen a horse like him
  • Amazing Mover
  • It's like he's chiselled out of marble
  • What an amazing mover
  • I liked him as a colt but I LOVE him as a stallion!
  • Going through all the breed 'standards of excellence' he ticks all the boxes
  • There is nothing like him
  • He has no competition
  • He holds rockstar status
  • Stunner
  • Fantasy horse
  • The closest thing to a unicorn




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