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Some of you may not have previously seen this link on our website.  It is a video of the birth of Majestic Poesia...


For a young horse every experience is a learning one, with careful management we aim to make every experience a positive one.

From the time they are born, our foals are handled daily in such a way that they gain confidence and trust in people which, in turn, sets the foundation for a kind, safe and willing partner for life.  The special relationships we have with our mares, ensures that, in the eyes of our foals, we are a part of their herd and they quickly adapt to our presence without fear.

We put a great deal of emphasis in preparing our weanlings and youngsters to be safely and easily handled.  Early lessons include leading, tying up, picking their feet up, catching, rugging and loading/travelling on our truck.  We also consider it to be important that they are familiarised with some of life's hazards and these are also introduced at an early age - tarps, dark sheds/machinery, dogs, water, vehicles, etc.  We also recognise that each horse is unique and individual and each has a personality of their own - so our handling is tailored accordingly.

The Spanish horse is versatile and their careers are not limited to one particular discipline, as such we aim to nuture the learning experiences of our youngsters and introduce them to a wide range of situations in their early months of life which bodes well for their future.

Please browse through the following selection of photos which are representative of the handleability of our young horses.  You are also invited to view our YouTube videos, please follow this link August 2012 

Another YouTube video of our weanlings has just been added to our account - follow this link to view and enjoy!  November 2012 

May 2015 More videos coming soon!




























Follow this link to view our latest video featuring our "Ball Fighting Horses"




What it means to you...

We are seeing reliable results with our methods and this ensures that you can purchase your horse with confidence knowing that your new partner is ready to take on all the challenges that you throw them. 




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