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29th May 2018.  We've been so busy it's taken me so long to get back to put updates on the website but as the weaning of our 2017 draws to a close in the coming weeks I'm hoping to have more time for the website again (wishful thinking??), in the meantime please please head over to our Facebook page and 'Like' it so you can see the regular photos/updates that I post there.  So many exciting developments over the last few months to provide photos and updates for especially with some of the older Picaro PM and Rayadillo SG progeny now getting started under saddle.  We've also just had the 2018 AHAA National Show and were proud of all the Majestic horses & owners who attended but we must make a special mention of the achievements of MAJESTIC BREA who, at her very first show outing, has won the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION FEMALE SPANISH ANDALUSIAN with her very proud owner Michelle, Congratulations!  And to Kristen and MAJESTIC LOBO who was attending his first ridden show after only five months under saddle and had a string of success including, 1st (72%) Classical Dressage Young Horse, 1st (94%) Lungeing, 1st for age/Reserve Champion Led Spanish Andalusian Gelding, 1st for age/Reserve Champion Ridden Spanish Andalusian Gelding amongst other wins/awards.  Congratulations Kristen!

Majestic Brea and Michelle.  

2018 National Champion Female Led Spanish Andalusian.

Photo Credits: Paula Markey

Majestic Lobo ridden/owned by Kristen, competing here to win their Classical Dressage Young Horse event with over 72%.

18th December 2017.  As 2017 draws to a close we reflect upon the developments of the year with pride of the multiple showring successes, the reward of seeing some of the 2012/2013 born horses now commencing their ridden careers, the joy of the youngsters embracing their new lives with their new families and the excitement of welcoming our new season foals into our family.  It's been a special year all round and we look forward to sharing our horses with you in the coming year.  

I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and joyful Christmas and hope you're able to spend it with your loved ones close to your heart.  May 2018 bring you good health and happiness...  and the horse of your dreams!

The website updating is ongoing with the pages most likely to be referred to being kept updated often and information pages progressively updated.  In the meantime if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me either directly or via Facebook.

In progeny news we are delighted to congratulate Ally and Majestic Emperador on the success as the 2017 National Champion Entire; Courtney and Majestic Caminante on their success in winning the 2017 AHAA Queensland State Supreme Led Exhibit award - following hot on the heels of Julie and Majestic DeOra who won the top award in 2016.

Most of our 2016 born weanlings have now left and are settling in to their new homes, in their place foaling season is coming to an end the safe arrival of some beautiful fillies and handsome colts, including one colt who is the first purebred perlino bred in Australia - Majestic Mozart joins our 2016 born Majestic Kalico who is Australia's first/only purebred smoky cream colt.  

This year we have also been blessed with another palomino colt, full brother to Majestic Matador, our stunning palomino PRE colt (Picaro PM / Imp x Alazana de Montarco / Imp) who is standing at public stud for his first season (select mares).  Expressions of Interest now being taken for his first progeny, due 2018.

With so much of the website now out of date please be sure to contact us directly with your enquiry and to receive the most up to date information/photos on available youngstock as they grow so quickly I don't get time to keep their details up to date on the website.  Head over to our Facebook page for more regular updates!  See you there and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Picaro PM, now started under saddle.


Check out a few of our 2013 youngsters learning to play and have fun with their oversized ball!  Follow this link to view our very own  "Ball Fighting Horses" including Majestic Dorado, sold, (pictured here having a ball!).


July 2014.  A new photo gallery has been created of our 2013 weanlings during their first year.  Rayadillo has had his photo gallery updated with more photos and there are some exciting new additions to our For Sale page.



Picaro PM is the feature stallion in the June/July 2014 issue of Baroque Horse Magazine!


Congratulations to Angela who has just recently won Overall Breed Champion with Majestic Romanza at the 2015 Townsville Ag Show.



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What is meant by the expression 'dilute'?

We would like to clarify that our imported dilute horses are Pure Spanish horses - P.R.E.'s.  They have all been inscribed into the Spanish studbook and have had their official passports issued.  The expression 'dilute' refers ONLY to their colour and the inclusion of the CREAM GENE into their genetic make-up - giving them the buckskin colour you see.  The cream gene is also responsible for producing palominos, on a chestnut base.  Picaro PM has two cream genes (double dilute) giving him his pink skin and blue eyes; he is therefore guaranteed to pass on one cream gene to each of his foals - guaranteed to make them buckskin or palomino (excluding the influence of grey genes inherited from the dam).  Picaro's foals WILL NOT HAVE blue eyes OR pink skin unless the mare already has a cream gene (ie is a buckskin or palomino base), in which case, there is a 50% chance of a perlino/cremello.