Poetry and Other Writings


Sunshine in the Woods

Sunshine in the Woods


I’m that oak leaf

Floating downstream

Soft ripples of a creek

Heading somewhere

Not a care in the world

Just going and floating

I am the sunshine in

The wooded area about

Me as I keep moving

Lolly-gagging along

Clear waters atop the

Blues and grays of pebbly

Shadows underneath


©Copyright 12/03/2011


Hello Mr. Moon

Hello Mr. Moon


I saw the moon

Smiling down at me

In between the

Thunder clouds above

The lake below

Was gray and swaying

With the whitened

Tops of the waves

‘G’d Morning’ he said

‘Hello Mr. Moon’ I said

And he stayed there

As I drove off to work


©Copyright 12 October 2011


Grandpa's Iris

Grandpa’s Iris


Spring is here

When Grandpa

Arrives in his

Finest glory

Even though the

Temperature is

Still a bit chilly

Hues of blue

Set upon green

Stalks of its body

Stand tall against

The Oklahoma wind

Mourning dove coos

Above the rafter high

Sunshine peeking

Through the silky,

Clouded gray sky


©copyright 20 April 2011


What is Beyond the Moon?

What is Beyond the Moon?


What beauty lies…

Beyond the full moon?

Will the tide keep one safe

From a harming gloom?


What surreal sounds

Will plink upon natures’

Evening sky as one glides

Across its silken avenues?


What ancestor will meet

With opened arms for me?

Would it be safer there

Than here with all that is ugly?


What strings of mourning

Will greet with sweet rapture?

Shall one become lesser than

What has been given in nature?


What are the trusting ways

That soars upon dusky skies?

Will there be greetings of love

Or are there vultures in disguise?


What shall one feel beyond

The warmth of a yellowy orb?

Please tell us cry out the innocents

For its protection we seek to absorb


©Copyright 11 April 2011; MahTame

Song inspiration: ‘Vibrant Dusk’ by Deuter

Butterflies are Free

Butterflies are Free


She moves into the night

Posing underneath the stars

Pausing for only a moment

To flee from hidden scars


When the morning dew

Arrives with a fresh glow

And the sun beams down

Hurts take flight and go


Dragon fly and ladybug

Drink of the same fleur

As the honey bee buzzes

She clings to its shelter


Hummingbird flits on by

Sparrow sings its tune

Red robin gathers twig

As her life once a strewn


She flaps her delicate wings

Through the willow tree

Hoping one more time

As butterflies are set free


©Copyright 20 March 2011


Thunderstorm of the 'Morn

Thunderstorm of the ‘Morn


Early morn’ thunder storm

Rumbling across the gray sky

Dropping raindrops to wash

Away the sorrows of the heart


Darkening cloud cover above

Pitter-pattering of showers

Take a strong hold of mine soul

Release the watery deep within


Rivers of solitude form below

Streaming in the curves of life

Cleansing of hurts and tears

Drowning the emotional pain


©Copyright 16 May 2010; MahTame

Dandy-Lion in the spring


Dandy-Lion in the spring


A dandy

Feller all


in royal










has come



in a




tulips of red


creeping phlox


amethyst fleur





and sniffles


to watch



of royal



the turf





the sea


old man’s








pale blue



















of the









09 April 2010



Snow and Ice on the Plateau

Snow and Ice on the Plateau


Ice and snow have made their way

On mountain tops and hills below

Creatures lurk cautiously through

As the wintry wind continues to blow


Blue gray skies cover up sun’s warmth

Chilliness conquers the atmosphere

Puppies shiver in their masters’ arms

After taking care of their business near


Snowflakes flown about and land

On frozen grounds, rooftops, ‘n me

Sheds and lean-tos provide some cover

While waiting for dachshunds to flee


No squirrels playing in the trees

Or chattering birds flying to and fro

Just crackles and crunches all around

As you walk through this hardened plateau


©Copyright 29 January 2010; MahTame

Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun




through the clouds



with its laughter



with its warmth



‘n said ‘be happy’



19 January 2010



Flo In the Snow

Flo In the Snow


Once upon a time

There was a Flo

Who dined on green slime

In the freezing snow


When the sun came out, though

She cashed a silver dime

That gave off a shiny glow

Right before her melted time


©Copyright 12 January 2010

Melanie Campos, Zachary Coley, Jose Rubio,

Adriana Mancinas, Maria Ceballos,

Antonio Ramirez, Cesar Grani

2 Haikus

Cold Weather


A chill in the air

Shivering through freezing wind

Knitted scarves blowing


©Copyright 11 December 2009






White falling snowdrops

Sprinkling from high above tree

Cascading sparkles


©Copyright 11 December 2009


A Welcoming of Wintry Weather

A Welcoming of Wintry Weather


Sparklies falling down from sky

Dancing to the tune of Bruno Coulais

Gleaming moonbeams on them

As they softly fall to where they lay


Snow fairies prance to and fro

Pirouetting on top of white drifts

As they cheerfully greet in the chill

While sending off fireflies on the swifts


Welcome in the wintry weather

Ring on the bells of icicle charm

A kaleidoscope of brilliant colors

Intersperse the night without harm


©Copyright 07 December 2009


Leaves that Fall

Leaves that Fall
























Crunchy, Crinkly, dried leaves




19 November 2009



Fall is Here!

Fall Is Here!


Fall is here!

My favorite time of year

The leaves change colors

To orange, yellow, and red

When they turn brown; they all fall dead


It gets windy and cold

And the bare trees look old

Mr. Squirrel gathers up nuts

While the other animals hibernate

All during the season, I relate.



©Copyright 22 September 2009

MahTame and her P.M. Students


Mary found a butterfly today

Mary found a butterfly today
she said she feared because the bush had thorns
But it landed in the flower
lightly and without thought of wings torn
it drank of the flower so lush
as though Mary was not a bother in any way
It danced away filled of the bush
as it smiled for Mary to return another day
by Garland Young ~~August 30, 2009
*All Rights Reserved*

A Welcoming Summer Rain


A Welcoming Summer Rain


Oh welcome the thunder and rain

Bring in refreshing water to earth

Quench its parched thirst again

Making its flora alive like a rebirth!


The air has been freshened with it

Rose of Sharon opens her blossom

Hear the laughter of the fairies emit

As they dance within earth’s bosom


We, the human being, with our dog

Relaxing near an opened window

Cool breezes caressing; I’ll not hog

How lovely this is, a feeling I bestow


Sprinkles, here, there, ‘n everywhere

Making melody on the hardened dirt

Gardens holler out in a loud declare

‘Thank you, for this watery squirt!’


Linger a bit longer this wonderfulness

We’re all grateful to have you here

The whole of us are in agreeableness

As this makes your visit quite dear!


©Copyright 08 July 2009, MahTame



On the shore of Galveston

On the shore of Galveston


Rainbow bubbles poppin’ on the beach

As they were riding on top of the tide

Sunshiny sparkles rivet through each

Bubbled-headed mass that lay outside


Gulls come flying over my head laughing

Looking for food on seaweed or a crab

‘She’s got the shell of timbuktu’s king’

As they spoke with granduer;  not drab


Waves traveled from afar to Galveston

Adventures of pirates and booty lay

Wee folk romp and play with much fun

At the beach where we spent the day


A sea crab was a tossin’ and a turnin’

As each salty wave came in and out

Guess he lost out to the salty churnin’

Cause I ne’er saw him again with clout


Pelicans flying over the brimy ocean

Windy breezes blowing through my hair

Fishes swimmin’ and jumpin’ in the sun

As I’m breathin’ in the refreshening air


©Copyright 14 June 2009, MahTame


Raindrops and Rumbles

Raindrops and Rumbles


distant rumbles in the sky

to the north, west, or south

bringing in a crackled arrival

with a bang and opened mouth


listening to its grumbling sound

while my fierce dachshund hides

only to leave the bed with a fury

barking at the mailman, he decides


an odd sort of rainstorm now

sending roves of raindrops thickly

while the sun peeks through clouds

to be covered over by them quickly


little dog hidden under covers

pretending to be sleeping sound

as I listen to the thunder roll on by

just a relaxin’ with my silly hound


nothing like a morning rainstorm

to come through loud and clear

then leaving behind leftover rain

randomly falling on everything here


©Copyright 09 May 2009, MahTame

Oh Red, ya done did it Now!

Oh Red, ya done did it Now!


‘Oh Red, how stoic you stand!

‘N is that lil Miss Scarlet hiding

among her green curtain cloak

as the dry leaves stay clumping?’


‘I do declare Mista Butlah, is

that the dear lady, Rose of Sharon

standing dormant in your midst

or you just abiding the time yon?’


‘please tell Miss Scarlet that a

Missy still don’t know nothin’

bout birthing babies, ‘n I see ya

two done had a crop of youngins!’


‘Ah Mista Butlah, Red, you is

a mighty fine standing there with

them two ladies you love so well

ya definitely aint no silly ole myth!’


‘This aint no a Tara, but tis home

of the charming lady of Melanie

ya done planted ya self in her yard

but shh, it’s our lil secret, ya see!’


©Copyright 03/21/2009, MahTame

Awakening to Spring

Awakening to Spring


Opened the back door

To hear the wind blow

A light misting of rain

Decorate the soil below


Fresh aroma lingers in

Birds chattering away

A lone crow caws yon

In the morn’ part of day


Spring is here for a visit

Flowering quince blooms

Tulips sprung and open

Colors weave like looms


Coolish air blowing thru

Budding branches of elm

Swaying with the flow

Back and forth in its realm


A calming settling within

Welcoming in the season

New flora rebirthing again

Gives living a good reason


©Copyright 03/21/2009


The Old Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree
In my front yard looking out my window
An old Oak Tree still is with leaves
Many Cold seasons he seen them all
For many years he still stands tall
The Autumn Winds are Fierce and Harsh
Although they are his leaves still last
The heavy winds blow swaying them
But none fall off they will not give
It's like so many who give up
Stay strong and show your Hearts
Sway with problems that you have
But don't let go stay strong don't fall
This is a lesson for us to learn
The Old Oak Tree tells us this
Even when life looks so Glim
Hold on tight and think of him
Copyright ©Nov.2008 Butterfly Dancer

End of November

End of November


Blustery day in the end of November

Chilled air twirling through branches

Leaves have fallen to mix with nature

Tints of reddish browns and oranges


Restless wind agitating naked trees

Lonely whooshing sound off goodbye

As autumn ends with nipping breezes

While winter sits on the horizon nigh


Gray skies covered with wispy clouds

Palest of blue taking glimpses below

Peering through timber of the crowds

Of swaying trees as the coldness blow



©Copyright 30 November 2008



A Song Sung of Thy Blustered Wind

A Song Sung of Thy Blustered Wind

 O November day, full of winded desire

Blustery, thy wind blew full force upon

Thy trees as leaves danced in all direction


Such a gale, thwarting any passerby near

Back and forth created havoc among all

Grappled any form of stability to forestall


Intense whooshing of thy branches sung

A song of thy blustered wind very loud

Intertwine as applauded leaves enshroud


©Copyright 14 November 2008


Colors of Citrine


Colors of Citrine


citrine in the garden

leafy branches aglow

crepe myrtle is golden

singing autumn’s flow


tints of topaz ‘n amber

peering through the trees

leaves a-changing color

before the chilly freeze


golden yellows mixed

intertwined with reds

sedum tops transfixed

as the ivy still spreads


©Copyright MahTame

10 November 2008

morning glories in the sand



         in the sand


dawn’s arrival

     ocean’s distance

salty atmosphere

     sand crabs dance


morning glories

     warming erupts

green leafy vine

     whitened cups


sunny greetings

     awakens flora

waving melodies

     beachy plethora


©Copyright MahTame

02 September 2008


Pale Yellow

Pale Yellow


Sitting atop petunia’s petal

Was Pale Yellow a fluttering

Poised gently with delicate

Stature while freely drinking


Sweet nectar delights Pale

Floating off to another fleur

Satiating its thirsty delight

Releasing aromatic myrrh


Daintily she seeks other tastes

From pinks, coral, orange, and

Whites of portucala grandiflora

Then sets off into another land


©Copyright 24 July 2008



Ripples and Reflections!

Ripples and Reflections!


The water holds my eyes with its gentle breathing,

fascinated by the way Mother Earth's heart beat is here

without denying.


A small pool created so long ago as the water

itself moved the mountain, one small stone at a time

around the edges gathered.


Upstream a short way it holds such raging power,

it tumbles down the hill in frothing youth so alive as it

dances to the ground in

such a hurry.


Misty spray rainbowed by the sun and moon,

a roaring sound echo'd around the opened hollow,

bare bones of Mother Earth

washed clean and gleaming.



Emerald greens seem to glow with health,

every changing in depth and shadow, ever calling

to those who hear,

holding captive in awe

all who travel near.


Strange how just feet away can be total


muffled by the leaves, absorbed into the trees,

the shouting of that

avalanche of water.


Here, at five winters gather four generations,

mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and me

her last trip says the Elder,

above heated, pleading, protests.


It is so, says this tiny frail woman, who

holds secrets ages old,

this is the way of life and I, would not change it

if I could, her smile rivals

the very sun.


Look little one she calls, touching my arm

she guides me, into the water here, see and hear

what the water tells

and remember.



Someone not much bigger than myself,

so full of life and mischief,

hair that trailed the gorund, and bones seen

through the skin,

I loved her so.


Together we explored the quiet face of

the waters,

reflections of ourselves looking into the depths

to see the pattern of the stones,


she dropped a pebble in.


There, the ripples, do you see, the water seemed

to dance away,

wave after wave, that is the circle of life said she,

and every human that lives

adds their part.


We are gifted life, one moment still, the next

in hurried movement,

not ours to control, but ours to learn acceptance

to learn to move

with it.


One day you will understand, we perhaps would

sit still allowing the flow to move silently around us,


another's stone dropped

will cause the ripples to

drown us.



Always be alert, prepared to move quick,

into the stream or against it, but take the time

as well to simply


and become a part of the reflection.


Today, another child is here, sadly there is no

great grandmother to guide,

grandmother am I, and to me this duty falls, and

my heart is heavy.


Her sweet face watches me, trusting eyes turned

to see the water,

here I say,

come little one with me, and I, will teach you about

the ripples and reflections.




08 July 2008

All Rights Reserved



The Flower Garden


The Flower Garden


Sweetly lingers the lilac

It has married with the wild rose

A perfume made in heaven

Pleasing the winter starved nose


Smiling petunias fill the air

With a perfume all their own

Daffodils trumpet a royal fanfare

Guarded by rows of marigolds


The rose queen is before her court

Wearing a crown of morning dew

She listens to the geraniums report

Speaking of a rose prince of royal blue


The flower garden is in full bloom

Advertising bright color to the bees

Bees know fall will be here all too soon

Now they pollinate the flowers and trees


©6/15/08Terry Sutherland





songbird singing

in the



way up high

in the



melodious song





comfort throng



very hard

not to even sigh



keep the

melodies swinging


©Copyright 26 April 2008





buds blooming

dancing flowers

scented air

lawns greening


bird chattering

rebuilding nests

babies born

tuneful singing


insect buzzing

pollinating florets

sneezes burst

allergies forming


trees forming

oscillating winds

branches sway

breezes swooning


air warming

snowing deceases

frosted cover

melted landing


kids playing

springing prances

adults watch

joyful sounding



19 April 1008



Restless Wind

Restless wind


O wind, restless in the sky

Blowing and howling through

Agitated minds of thought

As clouded gray colors fly


O wind, whistling in window

Speaking of uneasy moments

Tales of troubled souls rivet

As branches swaying in tow


O wind, sounding off worries

Hollering and wailing aloud

Telling of tales long since gone

No more sorrow blown, please!


©Copyright 16 April 2008


Where I Long to Belong

Where I Long to Belong


I want to go to the pasture

And lay down in the grassy

Big blue stemmed prairie

And close my eyes and see


View of the surrounding area

In my mind’s eye; ‘Ah me’

Listening to the crow caw

Welcoming a child with glee


Feeling sun’s warmth blanket

Glistening in the Indian grass

On top of where I lay across

The open land spreading past


Opening mine eyes slowly

Watching wispy clouds above

Traveling to their destination

As I’m grounded in earth’s love


Boundless quiet; calm breezes

Speaking consoling with song

Proving its power over distress

This is where I long to belong


©Copyright 03/05/2008





still winter

still winter


winter has not left yet

it lingers in the air above

sending shivers through

bundled wraps of love


Snowstorm or ice storm

blizzard, blustery wind

wish those chilly bumps

would go away ‘n abscind


don’t mind watching from

in my warm, cozy home

all the snowflakes falling

and sticking to the loam


just hope to not have to

drive in this wintry mix

in the icy or snowy road

it’s what the radar predicts


©Copyright 02/15/2008




Born in the rage of the bitter North Wind
Steered by the west wind’s gusts and gasps
Wandering a prairie with no place to begin
Taking refuge together; while stillness lasts
Wandering again through a long winter storm
Tumbling always across the windswept plains
March winds welcome reluctant spring with scorn
The tumbleweed seeks shelter from the rain
Summer growth has captured the weed
Consumed and drawn to mix with the earth
Burying with it replenishing seeds
In a warm fertile bed for rebirth
©1/8/08Terry Sutherland

The Sun's Sea


The Sun’s Sea


Overlooking across the bountiful sea

Sun smiled down and shone brightly

Rippling on tops of waves’ movements


Sparkling sun drops flicker to and fro

Dolphins dance across salty, wavy tops

Sun shining down on me, let me be free


Happily and merrily how all can be

Floating across gentle waves of living

Embrace me with your warming ways



© 12/06/2007 MahTame


Inspired from: Haffsol – by Sigur Ros


november's day

november’s day


northerly wind sending shivers through

blustery cold spells have come a visiting

autumn leaves have gone flying away

yellows glow in and out of nature’s wing


grayish, cloudy skies travel slowly above

threatening frosts and snow to decorate

flora have clothed themselves for winter

amber fires glowing as the heat we await


animals preparing for winter’s presence

summer fowl make plans to travel south

trees dance in the windy gales all around

ancestors’ stories are told again by mouth


warmthness settles inside native homes

children, fathers, mothers, grandparents

gather together for fellowship and love

laughter spills over thru late night hours



Copyright © 11/23/2007




Dance of Autumn

Dance of Autumn


I saw wee dancers in the wind

Twirling and swirling around

Holding hands, curtsies bend

Frolicking and swaying round


Red, yellow, browns and green

Colorful movements turning

Keeping in step, air in between

Autumn leaves freely dancing


Copyright © 10/13/2007





In the autumn season

Full of colorful scenes

More night, less sun

Leaves changing things


Blankets and blankets

Across the mountain tops

Orange, yellow, and reds

Golden hues falling, plops


Pitter-patter, falling leaves

Crunching, scrunch, crinkle

Swirling in the windy gales

Decorating with a sprinkle


Birds journeying to the south

Animals storing up food

Many nuts filling a mouth

Playful scurrying is viewed


Crispy, fresh autumn air

Light jackets and sweaters

Walking amongst beauty there

Preparing for the cold winters


Copyright © 09/28/2007




Geraldton Wax, Bottle Brush, and Weeds

Dedicated to my Australian Friends


Geraldton Wax, Bottle Brush, and Weeds


Dog on a mission, traipsing across land

Colors of red, yellow, green and purple

Most people think weeds are to be banned

But these are such a delight and ample


A loving, dark brown horse named “Prinnie”

Lived nearby, eating fences and saying ‘Hi’

To friends and neighbors, near and far of me

Such a beautiful lass that greets all passersby


Geraldton Wax would have said hello too

But his medium shrub self was flowering

To be pruned, picked, and placed in view

For all to enjoy his beautiful flora singing


Not like the Bottle Brush, waving along

In the country breezes by the road up there

With its red brush-like flowers swaying

To and fro, back and forth, in Rogue’s air!


But, one must be careful of the busy bee

A devilish sort of thing, stealing nectar

From flowering plums off a Col’s tree

Always be wary of this stinging inspector


These parts of land, far across the sea

In a country nicknamed: ‘down under’

Seems to be the place I would like to be

Absorbing the flora, life, and scenery there


Copyright © 09/22/2007



On a cool October morning
When leaves are orange and bright
A mist and fog is forming
Hiding all from open sight
Just the shuffle of fallen leaves
Can be heard this early morn
A cold western breeze
Carries the scent of autumn born
What wondrous colors are fall
Brighter in the crisp autumn air
To hear autumn’s call
And the colors October wears
Soon orange will turn to brown
And be covered in winter’s white
But now autumn is nature’s crown
Shining in morning’s early light
©9/4/07Terry Sutherland
Sans Peur

All Along a Weaving Lake's Shore Line

All Along a Weaving Lake’s Shore Line


Following footsteps in the sandy soil

All along a weaving lake’s shore line

Carefree breezes blowing carelessly

Throughout long hair tresses that’s mine


Water birds diving for a fish or two

Mallard ducks swimming lazily across

Chattering amongst themselves in view

In and out on top of the waves that toss


Beauteous scenery across this lovely land

Refreshing aromas filling the air around

Playful animals pulling my leash in hand

Trying ever so hard to run, leap, and bound


Sparkling sunshine rays atop gentle waves

Tree shadows dancing in their reflection

Lulling one’s weary soul to restful ways

As the day lingers with soothing affection


Copyright © 08/06/2007


Molly, a Siamese Cat


Molly, a Siamese Cat


My grandmother had a white and black Siamese

Who would always holler for “Mollllllllyyyyyyyyy”

I didn’t realize this cat was of Asian Thailand-eese

Who would rather not be bothered and just let be


Molly had short, soft whitish fur, and black mask

With Chinese slanted beautiful bluish colored eyes

Killing small rodents was not much of a hard task

You could see her pink raspy tongue when she cries


I loved that cat of grandmother and she did too

She mewed, purred, and made baby-like sounds

Wish I could see and pet Molly’s creamy fur hue

And keep her forever in my memory’s bounds


Copyright © 07/30/2007


(cat was not my grandmother's, it's just close to the one that she had) 


If Red Roses Were Gangsters and Outlaws

If Red Roses Were Gangsters and Outlaws


If red roses were gangsters and outlaws

And their sharp thorns were weapons

What a massive profusion to cause

The police to make quick accommodations


What masses of these would have to be

Roses pilfering jewels, opals and monies

By shoots of demanding vines with glee

Entering and leaving like lil’ scared bunnies


Some trumpet vines would come to aid

Calling all troops to help camouflage

The stealing duties these roses made

Thru the escape into the wisterias lodge


If red roses were bad gangsters and outlaws

What an outrage these climbers would be

Stealing away through brick and wood flaws

Sending the owners on an exterminating spree


Copyright © 07/29/2007



Received 07/31/2007

Sea of Times Gone By

Sea of Times Gone By


Drifting along lazy waves at sea

Nary a trouble nor a worried mind

Floating to distances afar of yore

Such beauteous encounters of life


Seagulls flying above and over me

Chattering and singing happy tunes

Near the shorelines of yesteryear

Living carefree lives ‘n taking care


Waves hitting across sides of rock

Slapping as they approach them

Salty ebbed tides journey backward

Sending me farther out to times ago


Copyright © 07/28/2007



Watching the Stars

Watching the Stars


In the twilight sky

When most are asleep

I lay awake and look up

Millions and millions of stars

Twinkling and shining brightly

Stars far away into the galaxy

Are of faint colors of blue ‘n yellow

Patterns of things outlined

Look how lovely they decorate

The dark, night sky, illuminating

Across the vast heavens


“If stars could speak what would they say?

If stars could hold our wishes, would they

Count into the millions too?

Would I really be rich if wishes for money

Came true when one of you falls from the sky?”


As I lay there, thinking to myself, with my eyes upward toward those stars..


Copyright © 07/20/2007





what lies yonder

in the distant horizon

cosmic showers of

kaleidiscope prisms

seas of sparkling

waters glistening under

the sun's bright rays


what lies yonder

in the distant horizon

mountains of grandeur

majestic peaks arising

snow capped high above

lush green cedars and

poplar trees below


what lies yonder

in the distant horizon

colorful wildflowers

dotting the lush, rich

meadowed landscapes

busy with wildlife

young and old animals


what lies yonder

in the distant horizon

plateaus, buttes, 'n

canyons interrupt

the long, flat plains

prairie grasses dancing

from windy breezes


Copyright 07/13/2007


Today’s Early Mornin’ Rain

Today’s Early Mornin’ Rain


Early mornin’ rain

Thunder resonates

The dawning sky

Birdies chirping

Perhaps telling

Each other to be

Safe in their homes

As I stay awake

From night to day

Listening to hushed

Chirping chatters

And relaxing to the

Pitter-patter of rain

Falling on the leaves

Outside my bedroom

Such calmness resides

Slight breezes blow

Lulling my weary

Soul to sleep as the

New day awakens

‘G’day to you and

G’night to me!’



Copyright © 07/10/2007







Gladiolus, how slender your stems and leaves are

Such vibrant floral shoots on each tall planted flower

Reds, pinks, deep orange, and yellows, and rares

Who named you this lovely name? Gladiolus or

Gladioli? Whence forth came a meddling picker

To cut your florae and placed in vases of water

Been arranged in various positions among lilies

And deep green palms, ivies, and some baby breath

Occasionally a flor del sol is sitting nearby you

Competing for the sun’s rays and heat of the day

So strong and sturdy, until the windy breezes blow

Through and knock you down or cause you to bend

Then you are fragile and weak, dear gladiolus or –li




Copyright © 07/02/2007



Driving Near Midnight


Driving Near Midnight


Driving down the highway

Window down, feeling wind

Not too many cars cause it’s

Close to the midnight hour


Semi-clouded darkened night

Moonshine peeking through

One or two stars twinkling

Amidst the heavenly things


Feeling warm inside my soul

Thinking of good times of yore

Listening to sounds in passing

Bullfrogs croaking in the city!




Copyright © 06/29/2007


The Summer Breeze

The Summer Breeze

The smell of Summer in the Flowers Beauty of the leaves The fragrance
Love all around us
Feel it in your Heart it's there to see
The warmth of Loves touch someone gave to me The Fireflies the Crickets
with their sounds The storms the thunder lighting off the grown The
grass hoopers running all around
The June bugs peaking saying watch out for me The snakes under foot
wiggling and saying I dare you to touch me The Popsicles and
with the heat of the day The Butterflies that come out to play
Bumble Bees along the Trees
Taking the nectar from Flowers near you and me
Take it all in grasp what you may
It's all in the summer Breeze of the day

Copyright ©2006 Butterfly Dancer

In Memory of Mohawk ZicaHota

Wind Outside my Window

Wind Outside my Window


Listening to the wind outside my window


Feeling the tension and worries of the day


Mellow away from this soul and calms in


Cracking the window, feeling its breezes


Rushing through the metal weaved screen


Air softly caressing across my sleepy body


Taking me back to memories of grandpa


And his farm on the hill of the Diamond R


Lying on a cot or old sofa feeling the wind


Through the old wooden window screens


Watching the pale, lacy sheers rise ‘n fall


Or sleeping on the grand patio on an old bed


Swing, swinging lightly back and forth


Branches sway as its leaves rustle and move


As the wind blows through them to and fro


What comfort on a weary soul to feel and


Hear the gentle winds blowing freely outside




Copyright © 06/21/2007 MahTame


Sun Followers

Sun Followers
Sunflowers follow the sun
and when their day is done
in the evening.. looking west
..they put the sun to rest
All the dark night long..
slowly  turning the other way 
.. ready to greet a new day
©June 21, 2007
Faye Sizemore

Sun Follower Song


Sunflowers dream through the night

Of the embracing warmth of light

When they welcome back the sun

Celebrating a new day begun

Radiating silent, unfeigned joy

As awakened golden petals deploy.



@June 22 2007

Thurman P. Woodfork



Stormy Night Tonight


Stormy Night Tonight



Storms passing through


Lots of lightening and


Loud, rumbles roaring


Across the dark sky


Pondering of the noise


Wondering if it is anger


Or just a passing phase


Fearless mongrel sleeps


Occasionally awakened


From boisterous claps


Of the thunderous night


Raindrops beating aloud


All across window panes


Or just running off roofs


Down the drainage pipe


Into the gardens and soil


Stormy skies cleansing


Polluted airways of life


Quenching thirsty land


Drenching downpours ‘n


Flooding cemented roads


Listening to the thunder


Rumbling above the earth


No more natural flash show


Time to quiet down and go


To slumber land peacefully




Copyright © 06/20/2007 MahTame




Speeding toward me

on the ground..
wings outstretched. .
a shadow..earthbound

Lifting my eyes to the skies
I see the hawk as he flies..
his feathers reflecting the sun`s glint
Magnificent. .just magnificent...



June 2007 Faye Sizemore


(Faye Sizemore is a poet/writer, and has alot of her work published in the IWVPA war/club website. I am pleased to know this beautiful person.~~ mahtame)

Goin' Fishing


Goin’ Fishing


Goin’ fishing, don’t know

If I’ll catch anything, but

Just want to go, anyways

Taking some fat, garden

Worms or use some store

Bought minnows for bait

Grasshoppers will do if

Nothing else, or run out

Maybe, or I just might

Catch a huge gray catfish

Or maybe a big fat bass

Ahh, shucks, only croppy!



Getting all tangled in line

Been poked from the hook

Catching and losing many

Only watching snakes or

Turtles stealing my catch

Ahh well, just keep fishing

Sweat in the evening sun

Spray on lots of skin-so-soft

To keep the mosquitoes away

Watching the evening dusk

Catching many a biting fish

Goin’ home empty-handed




Copyright © 06/16/2007 MahTame





Watchin’ a roly-poly


Scurrying around my porch


Do your legs tire out?


Can you rest one while the others keep moving?


What destinations


Do you seek?


Is it the cool,


Concrete floor in the shade?


Are the leaves of ivy


Protecting you from the sun?


Where did you go little guy?




Copyright © 06/07/2007 Melanie C. Campos





Pine Tree

Pine Tree


Some nine years ago

When you were only

About six inches tall

Watching my son’s

Glowing happiness

As your roots were being

Planted in the ground


Originally there were two of you

Only you survived


Now, standing tall, Mr. Pine

We tended to your needs

Watering, trimming,

Pruning, feeding

Through each season

Now look at your needles

Healthy and strong

How graceful you sway

As the wind glides through



Copyright © 06/07/20007 Melanie C. Campos

Windy Day, Today

Windy Day, Today


The wind is quite blustery today

Blowing with all its might

Shaking limbs and tree branches

Making leaves twist and turn

Rushing breezes sounding strong

Like the incoming tides of the sea

No amount of pulling up long hair

Nor pinning it away, a hat is blown

And blinded by wisps of locks

‘Must cover my eyes, protect me,

For if I do not, surely dirt gets in’

But being still out of the wind

Watching the tree tops dancing

And listening to the sounds of wind

It is not angry nor sad, but wild ‘n free


Copyright © 06/06/2007 MahTame





Come take me away

My dear tree

For you provide protection


Let me fly in

Your branches

As the wind blows through


I shall not breathe

As I take comfort

Among your cover


You give me freedom

From the abusive

Traitor of my body


You hold me tightly

Among your strong

Arms called branches


I can become you

As a camouflage

In the day and night


I am safe and

Unseen from the

Cruel predator seeking me


Thank you loving tree

For out of it

I have been given life


©Copyright 04/10/2007 Melanie C. Campos



 author's note: this poem was written after a buried memory came to the fore. A dear VietNam veteran said that the Trees give life, for they are a fortress and a protection from many things.