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Hi there!! 

Welcome to the "Survivors" website.


My name is Madge Jenner (aka Esther Paul).

I was born in 1973 to my parents Helen and Billy Paul.


I had quite a strict upbringing from my wonderful dad who was a well known Birmingham session musician, of which i really appriciate.  My upbringing gave me the morals and respect i have in life today and also of how life is short as i lost my dad at the age of 17.

This of course had a massive impact in my life which led to a long lasting depression, which has lasted many years and probably the reason i suffer from bi polar disorder.

I have learned over the years that we have to keep on surviving no matter what life throws at us and to keep our memories alive otherwise it can turn out that you can be on the wrong path in life which can lead to unpleasant situations and mere devastation.

It can be very hard to carry on at times but with the music in my soul and my fantastic memories of my childhood and friends and musicians of my dad i decided to do a radio show in my time.

I think i had always had an interest of hosting my own music shows from the day my dad bought me my first tape recorder when i was very young with one of those plug in mics.

I hope my music and my company during my shows which are aired on a Thursday evening between the hours of 8pm until 10pm can help others feel the fight and bring people together through our love of music.

I have been broadcasting for about 10 years now where i started on a channel called "DMR Radio" owed by Sherry Link, onto "IjoyRadio" owned by the wonderful Mark Barrs now run by Sir John Dixon, onto "Ace Radio" which was run by the late Mark Alexander who i build a close relationship with and yet one more person which has left a big hole in my life and i was very lucky to have been taken under the wing of my best friend now Mr Geoff Hobbs who ran "Caifox Radio".

 RFTK Radio launched on the 24th October 2009 and i was asked by Geoff to help run the station which we do as a team now.  Our shows which feature the internet's top presenters reflect our " most music variety " policy .

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