Maddiston School

Historic Scotland's verdict on the school

Thakn you for you letter of 16th September in which you ask that the above building be considered for inclusion on the Scottish Ministers' list of historic buildings.


We have considered the property against the criteria for listing and, from the information available to us, following consultation, we do not find that it meets the necessary rigorous standards for inclusion as a building of special architectural or historic interest. You will appreciate that we must maintain a high standard for the lists or we risk diluting a designation that must be defensible against legal challange.


In our current state of knowledge we found that the case for the inclusion of Maddiston Old School fell on the following grounds. The building is of quite a late date (1896-7 with additions in 1911 and 1930), and is of a common typology for school buildings of this period. The building has some well executed architectural details, but these are of a predominately standard type and design. While the additions of 1911 and 1930 are an interesting document of the development of Maddiston, they dilute the original form of the building, and the addition of 1930 is particularly uncharacteristic of the original. The later windows are also out of character with the original design and period for the building.


Than you nonetheless for alerting us to the interest of the property and for the valuable information which you provided. There is always a value in cosidering a subject for inclusion in the statuory lists and in most cases a level of recording results


Yours sincerely


David Fleetwood

Inspector of Historic Buildings


Some points worth considering here

Maddiston School may not be of National importance but what about local importance, as the only significant building in the village.

Why is there not a lesser listing when it comes to and area so bereft of anything over 100 years of age.


David E Leask


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Wecome to my new site exclusively about Maddiston School.

There's still a lot of work going on here so please forgive me if things don't always go the way you expect them to.

Once the first lefts register is fully loaded I'll carry on with the second and third but I'll have to be careful as it gets more up to date as it can be quite sensitive data for some people.The lefts registers are quite good for family historians, it's great to see where families came from and in some cases where they were moving to, most were moving around the coal mining areas of the UK and elsewhere.

The Log Books are only as good as the headmasters who wrote the enties in and as you will see when you read the last one the headteacher was so overwhelmed with other work that the entries were made about once a year.

The book I wrote about the school is here in glorious technicolour, of course the new school should be finished by now but part of the building was destroyed by fire last year, the children are supposed to be going in after the summer holidays - we'll wait and see.


The school is now open and I've added a new album of photo's (see photo albums) to let those who haven't been in the school or the village view it.  Your next port of call should be "The end of an era" which is the book with some added information and photo's.

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