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Do Not Avoid The Word

By Pete Macinta

Just a few week ago I spoke with a man well versed in the local history of the area I had lived in. He had just finished discussing some historical facts with another man. Both had mentioned Biblical first names of people who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries, names like Absalom, Moses, Noah, and Jacob.

For some reason, the name Absalom made this man curious, and knowing that I am a minister of the Gospel of Christ, he asked about the Bible story.

In a nutshell, I told him that Absalom was one of the many sons of King David, and that Absalom rebelled against his father as partial fulfillment of the prophetic rebuke levied against David that the sword would never depart from his house because he had sinned with Bathsheba and had her husband, Uriah, killed. In essence, Absalom was killed after his flowing head of hair got stuck in tree when fleeing from his father's soldiers who promptly surrounded him and killed him.

The man then explained why he had asked about Absalom, saying that though he went to church, the church he attended seldom taught or preached from the Bible. This particular church is not far from where our currently meets. Oftentimes, that particular church has far more cars parked by it than what our church location does. There are many more cars there around Christmas and Resurrection Day, what the other church might call "Easter."

I can very well see why it has a greater attendance -- the Word of God is not being preached.

Now, grant it, there are some big churches and mega churches that do preach the Word of God. However, they are big enough that some can go incognito and slip away without coming to grips with the Gospel message.

Either case is a shame, because the Word of God is good, pure, and life changing because, after all, it speaks of Christ Himself. "The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul:"-- Psalm 19:7.

Do not let satan, your flesh, or anything else convince you that the Bible is boring, meaningless, or the like. Go ahead, pick up your Bible now, read it, and ask God to help you enjoy it. You will find that the Word is the very Life that you and I need.

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