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Sure Prophecy

By Pete Macinta

In the past week or so at a local store you might have seen tabloids and magazines with prophetic headlines. Some might have mentioned Jeanne Dixon, Nostradamus or other well-known names.

I sure hope you did not waste your money on that malarkey. In the case of Nostradamus, such media interpret his material to fit what they think might sell. And, the contemporary psychics are no better than their predecessors in that they make numerous predictions with some being quite broad in scope -- if one happens to come true, then that is emphasized and the person glorified.

Not so with the Holy Bible. It glorifies God and its prophecies are fulfilled literally. God spans all space and time. He's already into our "tomorrow," knows what will be, and has decreed certain things to happen.

In Luke 21:32 we read, "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled." In this context, "generation" speaks of a type of person -- not a generation span of years. God's chosen people, the Jews, will undergo one final national calamity. Then, as Zechariah declares by the Holy Spirit, the remnant will have true repentance, see Jesus of Nazareth, repent and be truly saved.

Those who actually have Christ in their hearts now should be aware of the prophetic events that will occur before this happens so that they will not fall into the sin of the world and thus be be destroyed with the world.

Those that do not have Christ in their heart have reason to be afraid. I know I was deathly afraid of what I read in Revelation until I surrendered to Christ. However, once I asked Christ to forgive me and live within me, His very Person gave me faith, strength and peace to face an unknown future. He still does.

If you do not have Him within, if you have not been cleansed from sin, trust - fully commit to Jesus Christ, and He will be with you to the end.

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