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The Boy That Was Freed - Part 2

By Pete Macinta

Freedom for some means to be free to do whatever they want. However, that theory falls apart in the light of our human limitations and in the process of social interaction. The Word of God also shows we are all sinners, "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" (Romans 3:23), and later in the epistle Paul, by the Holy Spirit and speaking for all mankind, says, "I am carnal, sold under sin" (Romans 7:14) adding to the picture he painted by the Holy Spirit in the previous chapter that we are slaves to sin before we come to Christ. Once we come to God through Christ, we become God's servant and His friend. So, simply put, one is the servant of either sin or God. Though we have a freewill, we are limited by the domain we choose to be in.

On January 25, 1970, through His grace, I was transferred from the realm of darkness to the kingdom of His son. As noted in part 1, I immediately sensed I was freed from guilt and failure. I was also freed from unhealthy fears of death, the unknown, peer pressure, and other fears.

One of the greatest reliefs I had was in the realization that now I could live by one standard, God's standard. No longer did I have to yield to the will of friends, employers, coworkers, relatives, and anyone else, unless that will matched the standard of God's Word and was approved by the Holy Spirit. I sensed that particularly on the first date after coming to Christ. Before, when I dated, I never knew where the lines were drawn and who draws them. With Christ within, there's no question.

Along with the new freedom within God's kingdom I found direction from the Holy Spirit, if I would listen to Him. That is a mighty powerful asset, for as one listens to God, one is continually strengthened against their old nature, adding even more true freedom to life.

The truth is, when one becomes a Christian, they are set free, really free, to do the right thing.

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