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Radio is not Everywhere

By Pete Macinta

"Radio -- it's everywhere," is an advertising catch-phrase used by a local radio station in Dorchester County where I reside. While I would disagree with the thought that it is "everywhere," since I don't care to have one droning all day while I work, it certainly is in a lot of places.

While some like to drive around town with music or "music" blasting away, I don't. When I turn sound on in the car it's for news or, if we are on a long trip, weather and traffic updates by radio and Christian music usually by CD.

Most times when I operate a vehicle I do not care for any added sound. For safety reasons I want to hear the various sounds of the engine and the sounds around me. I would like to know if an emergency vehicle is heading my way, so I get out of the way.

Driving from Cambridge to Grantsville, Maryland, we pass by Frederick, Maryland. If a radio or CD is on, the volume is turned down or completely off so I fully concentrate on any merging traffic.

It is extremely important to listen. By listening, there are times that one can detect if there will be some type of malfunction with the car and in many case accidents can be avoided if drivers would listen to their surroundings.

Hearing spiritually is even more important than hearing physically. When we think of it, the physical hearing often crowds out the spiritual hearing. Many in today's society have cell phones and other gadgets that not only grab their attention but disturb those around them.

Sometime back on local forum that I participate in a member of the forum started a discussion on naming some beautiful things. Scores of people responded, but one member, Poundhound, had a response that caught my eye: The sound of utter silence and nature while fishing!

Yes! That brought back memories when I first caught the fishing bug. We were pastoring in Flintstone at the time. Not far away was Town Creek, and as I ventured along the banks of it, far from US 40, I was tremendously impressed with the sound of nature and, as a result, tremendously impressed with the awesome presence of the Creator. I stood upon ancient rock as I fished and had to think of when God created the world and later brought a flood upon the whole earth.

I think some people go fishing to hear from God, even commune with Him, away from the noise.

While you may not live near such a rural setting, you most certainly can live in the presence of God if you completely commit your life to Him. Make time to be in Him. "Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still," -- Psalm 4:4

Radio is not everywhere. But God is. Listen to Him!

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