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We Need The Unchangeable In Changing Times

By Pete Macinta

I have been over a half-century old for a few ("a few" I said) years and have seen many changes over those decades. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just not fair.

If you are curious about that last phrase when I was a tyke I had to wait until those who were older had finished speaking before opening my mouth. Now the tables are turned and despite my slightly (I said "slightly") gray hair I can't get a word in edgewise as those younger than me blatantly interrupt a few milliseconds after my lower jaw drops from its counterpart in my attempt to speak. I will save the rest of that for another time.

Nonetheless, I remember the days when we were told "Eat eggs. They are good for you." Years later we were cautioned to restrict our consumption of them, and now a middle-of-the-road approach has been presented to society.

Speaking of food, have you seen the Food Pyramid lately, if the health wizards have not done away with it? That geometric guide keeps changing.

Ah, here is another one. This GemLight was composed when the hype drummers were sending out dire warnings about global warming, and God forbid if you disagree with some that state the earth is warming up. I distinctly remember in High School (late 1960's) my class was told we could expect another ice age around 2015! Honest! There are even a few scientists that warn this still hold true. (If you were told about an impending ice age in our time please e-mail me the details at or

These examples are just part of the reason why I am very dubious when I hear what the "experts" say.

No wonder I found great comfort when I committed my life to Christ, became born-again, in 1970!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and for ever." -- Hebrews 13:8 KJV21

Though things around us constantly change, all that Christ is stays the same: holiness, vindication, authority, love, mercy, forgiveness, and more. What an anchor for the soul in the tumultuous sea of life!

It would be a great help to anyone to listen to the voice of Christ through the Word of God instead of permitting one's mind to be badgered by things that change. Trust what He says. Rate what you hear from others by what the Bible says.

I am so glad that Christ can dwell within us if we let Him. In this constantly changing society where yesterday's good is declared by men to be evil today, it is great to have the unchangeable Christ within.

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