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The Buried Event

By Pete Macinta

October 31 is a very important day. Most people think about Halloween when they hear that date. However, too few realize something special occurred on that day almost 500 years ago.

All the original apostles had died by the early years of the 2nd century AD. By that time, the Church had been hit by waves of persecution and sin began to creep in. Persecution continued for a time, but soon Christians became acceptable to society. As persecution eventually ceased, power and greed birthed a nominal church. Sin grew worse as the centuries progressed.

However, there were always a few who clung to Christ, who would not give in to idol worship or any other sins of the religious of those times. These who clung to Christ had a genuine concern for the nominal church, and would pray for those in authority asking God to touch hearts afresh.

After some time they were persecuted for not giving in to the sins of the religious. Many paid a dear price, even with their life, to see that the Holy Bible was translated into another language besides Latin. The discontent continued to grow.

But then a priest at Wittenberg was assigned to teach the Holy Bible. Though he reluctantly accepted that position at first, his troubled mind and heart were touched by God as he began to earnestly study the Holy Scriptures. He eventually came to see that religion could not save his soul -- only Christ could. He also saw the Word of God was unchangeable and pure, unlike man's traditions and rules.

He desired discussion on some matters, specifically the sale of indulgences, so he wrote his points down and nailed them to the door of the Wittenberg church. Church doors often served a bulletin boards in those days.

That, of course, was Martin Luther, and he posted his request for discussion October 31, 1517. Church historians mark that day as the start of the Protestant Reformation, but others had been seeking reform decades and centuries prior to that time. Luther's posting stirred many to action -- and reaction.

After that date, and as the Holy Bible began to be printed in numerous languages, true, life-changing revivals sprung up in Europe, and later in North America.

Good, powerful things happen to people when they listen to God's Holy Spirit as they read the Holy Bible. They often find, as I did, religion is one thing -- Christ is everlasting life. Man's rules will fail. But Jesus said, as recorded in Matthew 24:35, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

Most people in the English speaking lands have a Holy Bible, but too few read it. Many are satisfied by what religion teaches them. But religion does not one free from sin. Only Christ can.

Martin Luther found that out and, the more he studied the Holy Bible, the more he was used of God to proclaim God's Truth, the Truth that can set anyone free if they dedicated their life to Jesus Christ.

Satan has done somewhat of a "good" job using Halloween to bury the fact of Luther's action, but nothing can bury the truth of Christ.

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