<CENTER>Jedi Master - Guild Leader - NJO Council Member</CENTER>

Beginning of a Legacy

"You are Korto Vos of the Clan Vos, a child of the Force.

I swear that the darkness will not touch you.

Your life and your destiny are your own.

May the Force be with you, Korto… always."

Name - Macevelli

Date of Birth - 19 BBY

Species - Kiffar/Human

Mother - Human, Father - Kiffar

Homeworld - Nar Shaddaa

Place of Residence - Volcano Bay, Lok

Profession - Jedi Master, NJO Council Member, Leader of TPV

Hilt Type - 2 Handed Old Republic Lightsaber

Blade Crystal - Adegan Crystal, used by former Master Jedi, Nomi Sunrider

Style of Combat - Vaapad


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