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Pet Loss Poetry

Here are some touching poems about losing your beloved pet.

Where possible, I've added the credits. If I've misused or misquoted

anyone, please let me know.

In Memory of Zoey…


I know that it must be different

Now that I am no longer here

I realize how much I was loved

And how all of you did care.


I know it will be hard at first

When you look around for me

Expecting to find me in my bed

Or beside my favourite tree.


Someday you will begin to see

Although it’ll take some time

The happy times you shared with me

The memories are yours and mine.


I’ll remember you, my family

And how much you meant to me

So please don’t grieve and don’t be sad

It was just my time to leave.



By Alexander Theodore, Bouvier, Fourth Year resident.


On the morning of September 11th 2001, there was an unprecendented amount of activity at the Rainbow Bridge.  Decisions had to be made. They had to be made quickly. And they were.

An issue not often addressed here is the fact that many residents really have no loved ones for whom to wait. Think of the pups who lived and died in hideous puppy mills. No-one on Earth loved or protected them. What about the many who spent unhappy lives tied up in backyards ? And, the ones who were abused. Who are they to wait for ?

We don’t talk about it that much up here. We share our loved ones as they arrive, happy to do so. But we all know there is nothing like having your very own person who thinks you are the most special pup in the Heavens.

Last Tuesday morning a request rang out for pups not waiting for specific persons to volunteer for special assignment. An eager, curious crowd surged excitedly forward, each pup wondering what the assignment could be.

They were told by a solemn voice that unexpectedly, all at once, over 4000 loving people had left Earth long before they were ready. All the pups, as all pups do, felt the humans’ pain deep in their own hearts. Without hearing more, there was a clamouring among them-“May I have one to comfort” ?

“I’ll take two, I have a big heart”. “I have been saving kisses forever”.

One after another they came forward begging for assignment. One cozy-looking fluffy pup hesitantly asked, “Are there any children coming ? I would be very comforting for a child ‘cause I’m soft and squishy and I always wanted to be hugged”.

A group of Dalmatians came forward asking to meet the firemen and be their friends. The larger working breeds offered to greet the police officers and make them feel at home. Little dogs volunteered to do what they do best-cuddle and kiss.

Dogs who on Earth had never had a kind word or a pat on the head stepped forward and said, “I will love any human who needs love”.

Then all the dogs, wherever on Earth they originally came from, rushed to the Rainbow Bridge and stood waiting, overflowing with love to share-each tail wagging an American flag.

Enjoy the little things for one day you might look back and realise they were the big things.-Robert Breault.

Remember me with joy and laughter

For that’s how I remember you all

If you only remember me with tears

Then don't remember me at all


Don’t Cry, Mommy.


Don’t cry Mommy

I’m okay !

The angels came

I couldn’t stay.


God brought me home

He loves me too

He said that I can

Watch over you.


I know you love me

I love you too

That’s why I’ll do

My best for you.


That’s my new job

To wait for you

Until you come

Here’s what I’ll do:


I’ll run and romp

And play with glee

(I’ll lift my leg

when I have to pee) !


But most of all

I’ll guard you well

I’m up here watching

Can't you tell ?


Think of me

I’ll hear your voice

And know you made

The perfect choice.


You saved me once

I’ll not forget

You took care of me

But better yet…


You Loved Me.




Member of the Family by Hope Harrington Kolb.


What would I do without you

My precious furry friend ?

Part mischief but all blessing

And faithful to the end !

You look at me with eyes of love

You never hold a grudge

You think I’m far too wonderful

To criticise or judge.

It seems your greatest joy in life

Is being close to me

I think God knew how comforting

Your warm soft fur would be.

I know you think you’re human

But I’m glad it isn’t true

The world would be a nicer place

If folks were more like you !

A few short years are all we have

One day we’ll have to part

But you, my pet, will always have

A place within my heart.


Lord, teach me to laugh again

But never let me forget that I cried.


Your love knows no bounds. God blessed us with you for 11 beautiful years. I know you are over the Rainbow Bridge preparing a place for all those dear to you. That is the way you are. We will remember you always and look forward to our grand reunion in God's kingdom. wear your wings proudly, my love.


I am certain that if Doggie Heaven exists our little pal is there, ridding Paradise of vacuum cleaners and playfully running off with dirty socks.

Goodbye, little girl. You were as good a friend as we could  ever have asked for.

Joel and Annie Genung.




Sometimes I look for traits in you

Of a little dog you never knew

A dog that loved me all his days

And understood in special ways.

But that’s not fair to you, you elf

You’re not a substitute, but yourself

You’ve eased the loss and soothed the pain

And tugged my laughter home again.

Yet, puppy, at times I almost start

When your eyes recall him to my heart

You’ll never lack for love, that’s clear

Because of him you’re twice as dear.


Author-Lee Avery.


Dogs Have Souls, Do They ?-Ronald J Gollonik-Land of Midnight.


I remember bringing you home. You were so small and cuddley with your tiny paws and soft fur. You bounced around the room with eyes flashing and ears flopping. Once in a while, you’d let out a little yelp just to let me know that this was your territory. Making a mess of the house and chewing everything in sight became a passion and when I scolded you, you just put your head down and looked up at me with those innocent eyes as if to say “I’m sorry, but I’ll do it again as soon as you’re not watching”.

When I had a tough day at work, you would be waiting for me with your tail wagging just to say “Welcome home. I missed you”. You never had a bad day and I could always count on you to be there for me.

When I sat down to read the paper or watch TV, you would hop on my lap looking for attention. You never asked for anything more than to have me pat your head so you could go to sleep with your head over my leg.

As you got older you moved around more slowly. Then one day, old age finally took its toll, and you couldn’t stand on those wobbley legs anymore. I knelt down and patted you lying there, trying to make you young again….you just looked up at me as if to say you were old and tired and that after all those years of not asking for anything, you had to ask me one last favour.

With tears in my eyes I drove you one last time to the vet. One last time you were lying next to me.

For some strange reasion you were able to stand up in the animal hospital-perhaps it was your sense of pride.

As the vet led you away, you stopped for an instant, turned your head and looked at me as if to say “Thankyou for taking care of me”.


I thought “No-thank YOU for taking care of ME”.


The Little Dog Angel


High up in the courts of Heaven today

A little dog angel awaits

With the other angels he will not play

But he sits alone at the gates.

For I know my master will come, says he

And when he comes he’ll call for me.


The other angels pass him by

As they hurry towards the throne

And he watches them with a wistful eye

As he sits at the gates alone

But I know if I just wait patiently

That someday my master will call for me.


And his master, down on the Earth below

As he sits in his easy chair

Forgets sometimes and whispers low

To the dog who is not there

And the little dog angel cocks his ears

And dreams that his master’s voice he hears.


And when at last his master waits

Outside in the dark and cold

For the hand of death to open the door

That leads to these courts of gold

He will hear a sound through the gathering dark

A little dog angel’s bark.


Heaven’s Doggy Door


My best friend closed his eyes last night

As his head was in my hand

The doctors said he was in pain

And it was hard for him to stand.


The thoughts that scurried through my head

As I cradled him in my arms

Were of his younger puppy years

And oh..his many charms.


Today there was no gentle nudge

With an intense ‘I love you’ gaze

Only a heart that’s filled with tears

Remembering our joy-filled days


But an angel just appeared to me

And he said “You should cry no more

God also loves our canine friends

He’s installed a doggy door” !!


Dear God,

Our little dog Tramp is coming home today.

Please watch for him and let him in.

Keep him close to you so that he will not miss us too much.

But when it snows, let him run, he loves the cold.

When night comes, please let him sleep on your bed.

He will like that and we will say


Dr.Lawrence Hay.





















You were the best, I want you to know

You raised me, love me then let me go.

Through all our years, eleven or so

The memories we made will keep me close.

This past year when times got tough

You care and loved but you never gave up.

The friends we made that helped us hope

Please turn to them to help you cope

My body’s tired and I must go

You loved me, raised me

You let me go.


Jennifer Westerman.


If It Should Be


If it should be that I grow weak

And pain should keep me from my sleep

Then you must do what must be done

For this last battle cannot be won.


You will be sad I understand

Don’t let your grief then stay your hand

For this day more than all the rest

Your love for me must stand the test.


We’ve had so many happy years

What is to come can hold no fears

You’d not want me to suffer so

The time has come, please let me go.


Take me where my need they’ll tend

And please stay with me until the end

I know in time that you will see

The kindness that you did for me

Although my tail its last has waved

From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.


Please do not grieve, it must be you

Who had this painful thing to do

We’ve been so close, we two, these years,

Don’t let your heart hold back its tears


May I Go ?


May I go now ?

Do you think the time is right ?

May I say goodbye to painfilled days

And endless lonely nights.

I’ve lived my life and done my best

An example tried to be

So can I take that step beyond

And set my spirit free ?

I didn’t want to go at first

I fought with all my might

But something seems to draw me now

To a warm and living light.

I want to go, I really do

It’s difficult to stay

But I will try as best I can

To live just one more day

To give you time to care for me

And share your love and fears

I know you’re sad and afraid

Because I see your tears.

I’ll not be far, I promise that

And I hope you’ll always know

That my spirit will be close to you

Wherever you may go.

Thankyou so for loving me

You know I love you too

That’s why it’s hard to say goodbye

And end this life with you.

So hold me now just one more time

And let me hear you say

Because you care so much for me

You’ll let me go today.


Susan A.Jackson




God knew that you were suffering

That the hills were hard to climb

So he gently closed your eyelids

And whispered “Peace be thine”

In tears we watched you sinking

We watched you fade away

Our hearts were surely broken

You fought so hard to stay.

But when we saw you sleeping

So peaceful, free from pain

We could not wish you back

To suffer that again

It broke our hearts to lose you

But you did not go alone

For part of us went with you

The day God called you home.


Poem for Zoey
It's hard to believe it's been a
the memories of you are still so

I think about you often and
remember you well.
I often wonder why you were taken
from me, I guess that is something
I'll never know.

You are in heaven running free and
I wonder if you miss me too.
I miss you alot and think of you
I'm so glad you were part of my

I remember that day so well,
as you lay in the chair as I left
for work.
The kids at school were looking
forward to Friday
for a picture they wanted taken in
their DARE shirts with you.

I wonder if I
would have petted you longer,
held you tighter,
would it have a difference if I
knew how that day would be?

I remember all the times we had,
but most of all how tiny you were
when I first laid eyes on you.

You were the cutest Westie I ever
did see
and I fell in love in an instant,
my heart was yours forever.

All the friends we made along the
way as you grew into a beautiful
girl with style and personality

The obedience classes you passed
with flair,
your AKC Canine Good Citizen,
Jake and Ben, your friends and
classmates through it all.
I remember it so well.

The Terrier Club, all our good
friends there,
you knew them and enjoyed the time
you spent there
They were there when you left me
and remain ever so dear.

I figure you are running around
with no boundaries to hold you.
Mom sent you to me and found you so
dear that she wanted you in heaven
to be with her there.

I had you for a short time, it just
wasn't long enough
just long enough for the memories
to be there for many a year.

Enjoy your time at the Rainbow 

Bridge with all your friends there. 
You sent me a beautiful pup named
Kelsey to help ease the pain here.
I'll love you foever and keep you
close in my heart,
till we meet one day at the bridge
over there.

In Memory of Zoey

July 30,1999 to May 15,2001 

Request from Rainbow Bridge

Weep not for me though I am gone;
into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will but not for long,
upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace,
my soul's at rest.
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was blessed;
for all those many years.
There is no pain,
I suffer not,
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these
things out of your thoughts.
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath;
remember not the strife.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
but celebrate my life.

~by Constance Jenkins~


Author Unknown
You have a special place, Dear Lord
that I know you always keep.
A special place reserved for dogs,
to peacefully fall asleep.
A place with fluffy pillows,
and a yard for hiding bones.
With maybe a little babbling creek,
that rushes over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers,
for those who never knew,
of running, playing freely,
under a sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know you keep this special place,
and so to you I pray,
for one oh so special dog,
who came to you today.
He was full of strength and love,
and so very, very wise.
The puppy look he once had,
this morning left his eyes.
He will be dearly missed, Dear Lord,
This special love of mine.
But, now he'll romp and play,
in your land that's so divine.
Speak to my baby softly, please
with a hug and a warm hello.
He's a special gift to you, dear Lord,
from me-who loved him so.

Loved You Best
Copyright © Jim Willis 2002,
all rights reserved

So this is where we part, My Friend,
and you'll run on, around the bend,
gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you'll surely find.
I will go on, I'll find the strength,
life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
share one last look, before I grieve.
There are others, that much is true,
but they be they, and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
will remember well all you've taught.
Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,
the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
take with you this...I loved you best.


Paw Prints on Your Heart


She was yours, you were hers,

You shared a common bond,
She was small and warm and kind,
And of you she was so fond,

Now she's gone so far away,
No more laughter, no more play,
I can see it in your eyes,
Tears of sorrow in you lies,
But another will in need,
Find you and be yours indeed,
For we've got a thing to do,
That's find another pet for you,
She was yours, you were hers,
One that makes you smile again, (and)
Puts paw prints on your heart


MJM (31)@1999




"It's only a dog" is what everyone said
As sobbing beside him, I stroked his still head.

Only a dog with his own special charm,
the kittens around him had no fear of harm.

He was only a dog that would lie at my feet,
went to bed with the children, guarding their sleep.
{And shook hands with all that he happened to meet.}

He came at a whistle, his tail waving high
No emotion but love ever clouded his eye.

Only a dog, that was easy to see,
He wasn't a purebred, had no pedigree.
{But still, he was special, if only to me.}

I buried him out by a tree near the wood.
Regained my composure, as best that I could.

And without out even thinking, once I reached the gate,
I turned, and I whistled, then caught my mistake.

My whistle unanswered, no welcoming bark.
The silence was roaring, and tore me apart.
{"Only a dog?" He was only my heart.}


I Wanted To Go

Each time I left, you wanted to go,
I'd pick up my keys and you would know.
Your whole body shook, your eyes had that gleam,
"A ride in the truck, oh please take me!"

So many times that you couldn't go,
I'd try to explain, so you would know.
"Not today baby, you have to stay,
I'm going to work, there's no place to play."

"Another day Gizmo, no dogs in the store",
All of those reasons and so many more.
And when I came home, there you'd be,
Waiting in the window, watching for me.

Today I told you, "Let's go for a ride",
As ever before, you came to my side.
We got in the truck, I buckled your belt,
No gleam in your eyes, you sensed what I felt.

We arrived at the office and went inside,
My mind was racing, "This was our last ride.
The Bridge is waiting, please find your way there,
The others will help you and treat you with care."

I held you close to calm your fears,
My whole body shook, my eyes filled with tears.
You took your last breath and I want you to know,
This time you left me.....and I wanted to go.

And a Little Dog Waits....

A little dog waits patiently,
'Neath the shade of a big leafy tree.
He watches the others romp and play,
But he's found his spot and there he'll stay.

A woman waits with a broken heart,
Remembering it all right from the start.
A funny little pup with a squeaky bark,
A first night at home, a first walk in the park.

The little dog knows there'll come a day,
When the woman returns and comes to play.
He remembers her tears, the sound of her heart
As it shattered the day Death tore them apart.

The woman waits with her silent tears,
Her sorrow, her anger, her quiet fears.
Who's caressing this little dog's golden head...
Who lets him sleep on the foot of their bed?

Ever so patiently the little dog lies...
Ignoring the bunnies and butterflies.
She said she'd come and that makes it true,
He remembers so clearly she wanted to go too.

He understood that she had to stay,
On that hot July day when he went away.
And a little dog lies in the shade of a tree,
And ever so patiently.....he waits just for me.

'Mo's Mom Carol
August 6, 2001


I Kept Some Things

A little red coat in its usual place,
A soft blue cloth to wipe your sweet face.
A plush doggie bed on the living room floor,
Muddy little pawprints still mark the side door.

Brushes in the cabinet all in a row,
A blue one for me and a red one for

Your harness and leash still hang on the hook,
And on the end table your Memory Book.

Medicine on the shelf in the door of the 'fridge,
No need for this now, good health at the Bridge!
Toys in the basket in the office nook,
(Those who come here cast a sideways look.)

Your dishes in the curio, all washed and clean,
I know others wonder, "What does this mean?"
I have all your things but no longer have you...
You don't need them now...but I certainly do.

'Mo's Mom Carol
October 29,2000


Have You Forgotten Him?

Some months ago I lost my friend,
a little dog so sweet.
Remember how he stayed by me,
always at my feet?
Remember his big brown loving eyes
and his golden silky hair?
Remember how he'd sit by me,
in the rocking chair?
Remember how he'd race outside
to chase the birds away?
And how he'd bring his stockin' out,
asking you to play?
At first friends called,
and some stopped by.
They'd sit with me and talk of him...
together we would cry.
The calls now come less frequently,
the visits now are rare.
Perhaps they think I'm "over it"
and no longer need their care.
Sometimes I want to make a call,
or go and visit them,
ask why they never speak his name...
Have you forgotten him?

'Mo's Mom Carol

November 1st 2000 

"Just A Dog"

You told me he was "just a dog"...
like a knife your words cut my heart.
He was there to help me through
right from the very start.
In times of joy and happiness
you were both right here with me....
but in my moments of quiet despair,
where were you? .... he was there!
And on those days of silent sorrow
he gave me the hope of a brighter tomorrow.
And while most times you were too busy
to hear my tears being cried in the dark,
he was the one who comforted me
on a long walk in the the park.
After you left, through tear-filled eyes,
I gradually came to realize,
though your words caused me pain, it's true,
please know I have forgiven you.
How sad it is that you'll never know
"just a dog" who loves you so....

'Mo's Mom Carol

January 2, 2001 

Perhaps You Remember...


You sent me a puppy years ago,
Perhaps You remember...I named him 'Mo.
A golden little dog who came to be
a special angel You lent to me.

We shared so much together, we two,
for all that You gave us, I'm grateful to You.
We laughed, we talked, we ran and we played,
I'm grateful for every year that he stayed
A while ago You called for him,
to return to You in Heaven again.
I gave him back with tears and a prayer
that You'd hold him for a moment when he got there.
I know You're busy, with so much to do...
but could I ask a favor of You?
I know there's so many who need Your care,
but if You have just a moment to spare...

Could you check on the angel You lent to me?
Make sure he's where he's supposed to be?
He had that tendency to wander, You know,
perhaps You remember......his name is 'Mo.

 'Mo's Mom Carol 

November 3rd, 2000


Forever Fourteen

One more birthday at Rainbow Bridge...
As today you turn Sweet Sixteen.
But in my heart, my dear sweet Mo,
You will always be
Forever fourteen.

I have no presents to wrap today,
No scraps of paper litter the floor.
For fourteen years we shared this day,
Oh, how I long for just one more... So, as you remember, and run and play
In the meadows of grass, so green...
Know that I'm remembering too,
My forever baby, forever fourteen.


If I'd've known the way that this would end-If I'd've read the last page first If I'd've had the strength to walk away-If I'd've known how this would hurt I would've loved you anyway-I'd do it all the same Not a second I would change-Not a touch that I would trade-Had I known my heart would break I'd've loved you anyway .....


When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me,
and I'm not there to see;
If the sun should rise and find your eyes,
all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn't cry,
the way you did today,
while thinking of the many things,
we didn't get to say.
I know how much you love me,
as much as I love you,
and each time that you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me,
please try to understand,
that an angel came and called my name,
and took me by the hand,
and said my place was ready,
in Heaven far above,
and that I'd have to leave behind,
all those I dearly love.
But as I turned to walk away,
a tear fell from my eye,
for all life, I'd always thought,
I didn't want to die.
I had so much to live for,
so much yet to do,
it seemed almost impossible,
that I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays,
the good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared,
and all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday,
just even for awhile,
I'd say goodbye and kiss you
and maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized,
that this could never be,
for emptiness and memories,
would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly things,
I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did,
my heart was filled with sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven's gates,
I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me,
from His great golden throne,
He said,
"This is Eternity, all I've promised you".
Today life on Earth is past,
but here it starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow,
but today will always last,
and since each day's the same day,
there's no longing for the past.
But you have been so faithful,
so trusting and so true.
Though there were times you did some
things, you knew you shouldn't do.
But you have been forgiven
and now at last you're free.
So won't you take my hand
and share my life with me?
So when tomorrow starts without me,
don't think we're far apart,
for every time you think of me,
I'm right here,
in your heart.

Author: David Romano

She did not whimper
She did not cry
She did not tell me she was going to die
Her little heart was always there to give her steadfast affection
She will be missed in the hearts of many
For she gave the world her very best
Her earthly life is no more, for she has blessed us for eleven years
Flossie, you were the very best and we loved you very much
We miss you, good bye our dear friend


When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set on me,
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room,
Why cry for a soul set free.
Miss me a little, but not too long,
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared,
Miss me, but let me go.
For this is a journey we all must take,
And each must go alone.
It's all a part of the Master's Plan,
A step on the road to home.
Miss me, but let me go.


I wrote this poem for my Paddy:

Our local vet is in the house but you don't wag your tail
Your breathing's very shallow and you look so frail
There's nothing I can do for you, except to help you go
This is the final kindness I can do for you, I know

You were always by my side, you made me feel so proud
You were so majestic you stood out in a crowd
But now your eyesights failing, your days of fun are gone
When I take you out the house you lay down on the lawn

As I look into your eyes I see the pain within
I lean to you and kiss your nose you lick me on the chin
You know how much I love you, I whisper in your ears
My heart feels like it's breaking I cannot hide my tears

If you could only understand the things I want to say
But now it's time to say goodbye we'll meet again someday
I know this is the last time we'll ever have to part
My lovely Irish Wolfhound, your pawprint's in my heart

Paddy 5.8.92 To 3.12.98


A prayer for Tasha

You have a special place Dear Lord

That I know you will always keep

A special place just for dogs when they quietly fall asleep.

Lord I know you keep this special place

and so to you I pray,

For one special Westie

who quietly died today.

She was full of love and strength and so

very, very wise.

The puppy look she had

had long since left her eyes.

She is so dearly missed my Lord

by a very good friend of mine

Tasha went to join her ancestors

in your land that is so divine.

So speak to Tasha softly, please

And give her a warm Hello

She's a special gift to you Dear Lord

From Eve who loved her so.


From Brenda.


Gold ball of fur just lying there,
Shining softly in my headlights' glare.
Left on the road. All alone she died.
Someone's loved pet, Oh, let's help her, I cried.
If my own dear cat lay here, I know
l'd bless the soul that would this kindness show.
Accidents happen; they always will.
Now four white mitten paws lay silent, still.
Cars whizzed by. I didn't care.
I cradled her and breathed a prayer
Dear God, please have a home for her up there.
Now, there's a small wooden cross in my garden
Where pretty flowers bloom and grow.
And, every time I look out on it, I know
The little gold cat with four white mitten paws
Is happily now playing on Heavenly shores.

Special Friend


I lost a special friend today  
the kind you can't replace,  
and looking at her empty bed  
I still can see her face.

I see the endless energy  
the sparkling puppy eyes,  
Not the tired, fragile friend  
I had to bid goodbye.

I know she's in a special place  
our Lord has for such friends,  
Where meadows, fields & flowers  
help make them strong and whole again.

I remember how she'd run to me  
to play her favorite puppy game,  
And how her ears would perk right up  
When she heard me call her name.

But as those precious years went by  
And we both aged and grew,  
I'd find her often slowing down  
But we had still so much to do.

Easter stands out in my mind  
As she would always find the eggs,  
The kids would have their baskets full  
And she'd be there to beg.

Then there was the Christmas tree  
with lots of candy canes,  
As she devoured all she could  
Surely, hoping it'd  look the same!

She did her guard dog duty well  
Each time the doorbell rang,  
Strangers surely couldn't see  
My gentle friend--behind those fangs.

I've noticed in the recent times  
Her ears were not as sharp,  
Where is that running ball of fur  
The years have shown their mark.

She started sleeping next to me  
Was this her special clue,  
Because she felt the end was near  
I only wish I knew.

My Candy was a special dog  
I know she gave her best,  
But as I looked deep into her eyes  
I knew it was time, for her to rest.

It will truly be a struggle  
I don't know how I'll face each day,  
I have to let her go--I know  
But in my heart she'll always stay.

This special place our Lord has made  
Health and strength, wait for her there,  
So with my very special friend  
I'm sending all my prayers.

I know she's watching over me  
She'll be with me when I cry,  
So with one more kiss on her beloved head  
I told my Candy Dog goodbye.

By Christina L. Tronnes for my beautiful Cocker Spaniel Candy


In Loving Memory of Stormy

If I had one more day with him,

I would put down my book of philosophy

when he came and laid his tiny head on the page,

wagging his poof of a tail ever so lightly.

We would take the leash from the closet

and dance for joy at the sight of it,

we would leap into the car like skipping children;

we would walk once more around a lake at sunset,

or once more we would sit side by side

under a tree not far from home,

and sighing, watch the sun paint the hills orange

until all light and color faded from the mountains.

We would take the old familiar route home in the soft dark,

hearing only our footsteps and the jingle of his license

against his little blue collar.

If I had one more day with him,

I wouldn't say, "We'll go someplace tomorrow,

because today the sky is gray,"

we would go anyway,

if I could only have one more day.

--Mary Ann Honaker


I bought some love the other day in the form of a furry pup. I saw her in the pet shop cage, she kissed me when I picked her up

 Her ears would fit a Doberman, a tail that's far too small; her heart as big as all outdoors, with eyes that say it all.

She shared her life with total joy this 6 pound canine clown; and brought me smiles though all the years whenever I was down.

 But when her sight had dimmed with time, her step had slowed with age; I knew too well the end was near; we'd turned the final page.

 She passed from life with peaceful grace as my heart filled with despair; 'cause there'll be a hole in my lonely life and I'll keep my Westie  there.


Slowly and careful

Your steps find their mark

Over paths well travelled

Through our favourite park.

Eyes that could syp

A ladybug's flight

Now search for the ball

that's plainly in sight

A nose that would search

cool breeze blowing free

Is unstirred by the scents

of a squirrel in the tree

Agile and spry, a marvel to watch

A deer could only compare

Is sadly a memory tucked away

as I watch you tackle a stair

Although your body has grown tired

And Life has taken its toll

I still see only my friend, my companion

through your wonderful loving soul

A soul with a lock

where old age holds no key

Keeping youth perpetual

If only for my eyes to see

We continue our walk as we've done so before

But soon we will reluctantly part

Our paths will divide but you need not fear

For with you, you'll be taking my heart.



I remember:

        soft puppy kisses,

        warm puppy smells. 


        I remember:

        wiggle butt greetings,

        clumsy puppy falls. 


        I remember:

        young girl strutting,

        rock solid standing. 


        I remember:

        no-fear protection,

        feisty lady prancing. 


        I remember:

        unconditional love

        in big brown eyes gazing. 


        I remember:

        eyes closed forever

        in sad eternal sleeping.


        I remember.

Angels in The Garden
by Fran


I made a Garden just for Them
to Run and Dig and Play
It is R very
Special Place

that we go to every day

There are Angels in the Garden
who watch us from above
they too have Flowers here
named for them with Love

My Four White Flowers
of the Westie Kind
They are my Favorites in My mind

They help me dig
and when they see
a Flower that they think should be
over by that OTHER Tree
they move it very carefully.

Many years of playing are still ahead

and tho I think of it with dread

I know they will be happy here

by the white Hydrangea and the Lilac tre

that is where their resting Place will be 

When They Are
Angels in the Garden

Older Dogs
Old dogs are the grandparents of the dog world. They are sweet, experienced,
and not too demanding. They are happy just to curl up next to you and snooze
away the day.



They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.



A good dog never dies

she always stays
she walks beside you
on crisp autumn days
when frost is on the fields
and winter's drawing near
her head is within your hand
in her old way.
-- Mary Carolyn Davies


... if he wakes in Your arms...
by R. A. Spreeman
I can hardly see through my tears... today I sent my best friend of years
and years somewhere he had to go, where pain and sickness he won't have to
He's been with me ever since he was a pup... today I've had to give him up.
He was sick, we both knew it and I wouldn't put him through it.
Thinking back to the day my wife brought him, I told her then that I didn't
want him...
"Noise and mess and bills to pay!" - I can't believe I felt that way.
Didn't know that in the end, he would be my dearest friend.
Didn't know that he would be the greatest gift that came to me.
How did one like me deserve a friend who wanted just to serve?
What was there that made him love me, with nobody else above me?
When I looked into his eyes, never did he criticize,
never did he hold a grudge, never did he try to judge.
Recently, an anxious day. "How come you don't want to play?"
Took him to the vet to see what might be wrong with my "puppy".
Worse by far than I expected, fatal illness was detected.
Nothing much that we could do but keep him comfy til he's through.
Back at home I tried to tell him of the bad luck that befell him
All I could see in his eyes was wondering why his master cries.
I don't think he understood - his eyes just asked "Wasn't I good?"
"How come now I make you sad? Let me kiss and hug you, dad!"
Two last weeks I had to try to find a way to say goodbye.
In that time I told him more than I ever had before
just how much I loved my pup, how it hurt to give him up.
How though gone, he'd always be inside my heart, a part of me.
Then today was no mistaking, I made the decision, my heart was breaking.
I called and asked the vet to come by - I didn't have to tell him why.
He arrived in awhile and asked "Are you ready?" I sighed, I nodded, I felt
so unsteady.
Got down on the floor by my boy who was dying, and I just didn't care if the
vet saw me crying.
As my pup slipped away, the last things he felt were the kisses and hugs of
his master who knelt
On that "blankie" beside him to bid him goodbye, who had just one more
minute to tell him, to try
to say thanks to his boy for a lifetime of love.... "Dear God, let me see
him in heaven above!
But for now Lord, please hold him, watch over his rest... if he wakes in
Your arms tell him I love him best."
Please keep this poem in its entirety and attribute it to the author if you
download it and use it in any way. Thank you.
Copyright © 1996 by R. A. Spreeman


Passing of a Friend.
What do you say to a dear old friend
Who has come, at last, to the journey's end?
The only way you can thank her for
The wonderful times you enjoyed before
Is to be right there at her end of day
And hold her tightly as she slips away.
Memories surface, albeit sad,
Of the good old days, and the fun you had.
Comfort, perhaps, but I'd rather see
My dear old friend still here with me.
No matter that projects you had on hand,
Were small or stupid, not great and grand;
She would be there with a happy smile
To go with you on that extra mile.
She never judged you as some will do
But, warts and  all, she accepted you
And made the best of it- as needs must-
How could you ever repay such trust?
Companions can argue about whats best
And she was no different from all the rest.
But who never held grudges or paid me back
As some have done when they thought me slack.
Many there are of whom we're fond,
Who may forge with us a lasting bond;
But this friend was different from me and you-
For she walked on 4 feet instead of 2.
(In memory of Maude)


I Walk Alone
We've walked a special walk
down life's rocky road.
We've had special talks,
to you many secrets I have told.
We've shared all we had to share,
no better friend could I have had.
You never needed explanations,
my moods you knew from sad to glad.
With you there, I was never alone,
I'll always remember your "welcome homes".
I look at the path that we used to walk,
where sometimes we'd stop to just sit and talk.
For hours we'd sit and you'd just listen,
so still by my side as I told of my day.
So patient you were as I babbled on
and I knew you preferred to go run and play.
As I look down the path we used to walk,
I see you there where we sat and talked.
Even your pawprint preserved in the earth,
there to remind me of your hearts worth.
Never again will I have such a friend
and I wonder inside will my heart ever mend?
Words lost now for the pains so deep, so well honed.
To walk life's path now means, I walk alone.
Kathy Henderson 1998



When you were here.

Every morning we would sit and
watch the morning birds
But that was when you were here.

As I pass the places
where we played,
I feel a tear start to fall,
Because you see I then remember
that was when you were here.

I wake up to what I think
is the sound of your bark,
I rush to see where your at,
just to say Good morning.
But then,
That was when you were here.

I see a butterfly,
and think of you,
I think of how you ran and
seemed to dance,
as you went from place to place.
But that was when you were here.
I wait for the day when I can say
This is where we are now.

Written by her Mom

Eve For Tasha


When you bring a pet into your life, you begin a journey - a journey that will bring you more love and devotion than you have ever known, yet also test your strength and courage. If you allow, the journey will teach you many things, about life, about yourself, and most of all, about love. You will come away changed forever, for one soul cannot touch another without leaving its mark.

Along the way, you will learn much about savoring life's simple pleasures - jumping in leaves, snoozing in the sun, the joys of puddles, and even the satisfaction of a good scratch behind the ears. If you spend much time outside, you will be taught how to truly experience every element, for no rock, leaf, or log will go unexamined, no rustling bush will be overlooked, and even the very air will be inhaled, pondered, and noted as being full of valuable information.

Your pace may be slower - except when heading home to the food dish - but you will become a better naturalist, having been taught by an expert in the field. Too many times we hike on automatic pilot, our goal being to
complete the trail rather than enjoy the journey. We miss the details - the colorful mushrooms on the rotting log, the honeycomb in the old maple snag, the hawk feather caught on a twig. Once we walk as a dog does, we discover a whole new world.

We stop; we browse the landscape, we kick over leaves, peek in tree holes, look up, down, all around. And we learn what any dog knows: that nature has created a marvelously complex world that is full of surprises, that each cycle of the seasons bring ever changing wonders, each day an essence all its own. Even from indoors you will find yourself more attuned to the world around you. You will find yourself watching summer insects collecting on a screen. (How bizarre they are! How many kinds there are!), or noting the flick and flash of fireflies through the dark. You will stop to observe the swirling dance of windblown leaves, or sniff the air after a rain. It does not matter that there is no objective in this; the point is in the doing, in not letting life's most important details slip by. You will find yourself doing silly things that your pet-less friends might not understand: spending thirty minutes in the grocery aisle looking for the cat food brand your feline must have, buying dog birthday treats, or driving around the block an extra time because your pet enjoys the ride.

You will roll in the snow, wrestle with chewie toys, bounce little rubber balls till your eyes cross, and even run around the house trailing your bathrobe tie - with a cat in hot pursuit - all in the name of love. Your house will become muddier and hairier. You will wear less dark clothing and buy more lint rollers. You may find dog biscuits in your pocket or purse, and feel the need to explain that an old plastic shopping bag adorns your living room rug because your cat loves the crinkly sound. You will learn the true measure of love - the steadfast, undying kind that says, "It doesn't matter where we are or what we do, or how life treats us as long as we are together." Respect this always. It is the most precious gift any living soul can give another. You will not find it often among the human race. And you will learn humility. The look in my dog's eyes often made me feel ashamed. Such joy and love at my presence. She saw not some flawed human who could be cross and stubborn, moody or rude, but only her wonderful companion. Or maybe she saw those things and dismissed them as mere human foibles, not worth considering, and so chose to love me anyway. If you pay attention and learn well, when the journey is done, you will be not just a better person, but the person your pet always knew you to be - the one they were proud to call beloved friend.

I must caution you that this journey is not without pain. Like all paths of true love, the pain is part of loving. For as surely as the sun sets, one day your dear animal companion will follow a trail you cannot yet go down. And you will have to find the strength and love to let them go. A pet's time on earth is far too short - especially for those that love them. We borrow them, really, just for awhile, and during these brief years they are generous enough to give us all their love, every inch of their spirit and heart, until one day there is nothing left. The cat that only yesterday was a kitten is all too soon old and frail and sleeping in the sun. The young pup of boundless energy wakes up stiff and lame, the muzzle now gray. Deep down we somehow always knew that this journey would end. We knew that if we gave our hearts they would be broken. But give them we must for it is all they ask in return. When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a place we cannot see, we give one final gift and let them run on ahead - young and whole once more. "Godspeed, good friend," we say, until our journey comes full circle and our paths cross again.


Beyond the Rainbow

As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,
I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
I saw a wondrous image then of a place that's trouble-free
Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.

I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side
Were meadows rich and beautiful--lush and green and wide!
And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see
Were animals of every sort as healthy as could be!
My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.

I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I'm alright
That this place is truly wonderful, then a bright Glow pierced the night.
'Twas the Glow of many Candles shining bright and strong and bold
And I knew then that it held your love in its brilliant shades of gold.
For although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.
C.G. 1995


So do not grieve for me, my friend, as I am with my kind...

My collar is a rainbow's hue
My leash a shooting star
My boundaries are the milky way
Where I sparkle from afar.

There are no pens or kennels here
For I am not confined
But free to roam God's heavens
Among my special kind.

I nap the day on a snowy cloud
With gentle breezes rocking me
I dream the dreams of earthlings
And how it used to be.

The trees are full of liver treats
And tennis balls abound
And milk bones line the walking ways
Just waiting to be found.

There even is a ring set up
The grass all lush and green
And everyone who gaits around
Becomes the "Best Of Breed".

For we're all winners in this place
We have no faults you see
And God passes out the ribbons
To each one--even me.

At night I sleep in angels' arms
Their wings protecting me
And moonbeams dance about us
As stardust falls on thee.

So when your life on earth is spent
And you reach heaven's gate
Have no fear of loneliness
For here, you know I wait.

Author Unknown

Dear God,

Please remember these few things when taking care of my boy.

He likes to walk back and forth in the pond, chasing the blue gills, watching close for you to reel in the "big one." He will then "hold" the stringer for you. Please take him fishing.

The lizards in the tree stumps won't be safe anymore, so you'd better hide the lizards. If you put dog bones in your robes, he will "wave" at you until you give him one. Give him two.

His day bed is the one closest to the fireplace. If there is a girl lying in it he will come and rest his head on your knee until you remove her. His bedtime is
; please help him up the stairs.

Don't leave freshly baked pies on the counter, no matter how crippled he becomes, he will always eat it. Blueberry is his favourite, with just a little cinnamon.

If there is a child in the water he will bring it out, especially if it is having a good time. If there is a small child walking with a cracker, he will keep the child from overeating. Please give him a child to follow.

Don't leave any ladders leaning against your house, he will be found on the roof. I hope there is a playground nearby with lots of kids, he will wait his turn at the slide, and bark when he gets to the bottom.

Be careful when you spell out words like "C-A-R R-I-DE" and "E-A-T," even "B-U-N-N-Y." He knows how to spell, you had better be ready to follow through. When you take him on a trip, and stop to rest, just tell him to "be a good Boy," he will lift his leg whether he has to go or not. He can't "go" with a leash on, it makes him cough. In fact don't even show him a leash, he will choke. He also can't go for a walk without his Dummy in his mouth, He can't make it past the gate, he likes the orange one the best.

The top of his head will become pointed if you don't kiss it often during the day. Then his hats won't fit. He can't sleep unless he is on the right side of the bed.

When you give him a marrow bone, make sure his mom is there too, he likes to use her back as a table and get her all slimy.

If you tell him to "stay," make sure you come back to release him, he will stay there for days.

During the football games, if you get a chip, he gets a chip. He doesn't like the nuts with the shell on them, peel them please. If you go to the lake then stop for ice cream on the way home, he always gets the first lick and then the bottom of the cone too, please.

Don't use a Buoy to tie off your boat, he will spend all afternoon trying to drag it to shore. If you take him camping, he has to sleep between you and Mrs. God, on the softest part of the foam pad.

Don't get mad at him when you come home and his head is in the dog food bin, He has to stretch his stomach muscles every now and then.

That's all for now God. Tell him we love him, miss him and hope he likes the food up there.

When I Am Gone

When I am gone release me....
Let me go - to find out all that I can be.
You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had our precious years.
I gave you love. You can only guess
How much you gave me in happiness.

I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it's time I traveled on my own.
So grieve awhile for me, as grieve you must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust,
It's only for awhile that we must part;
So bless the memories that lie within your heart.

If you need me, call and I'll be there.
Though you can't see or touch me, I'll be near.
And if you listen with your heart, you'll hear
All my love around you soft and clear
And then, when you must come
This way on your own...
I'll greet you with a smile
And say, "Welcome Home"!


Farewell Master, yet not
Where I go, ye too shall dwell.
I am gone before your face,
A moment's time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped,
Ye will wonder why ye wept.

Author-Edwin Arnold

Sorrow Fills a Barren Space

You close your eyes and see my face
and think of times I made you laugh,
the love we shared, the bond we had
the special way I needed you -
the friendship shared by just we two.

The day's too quiet, the world seems older,
the wind blows now a little colder.
You gaze into the empty air
and look for me, but I'm not there -
I'm in heaven and I watch you,
and I see the world around you too.

I see little souls wearing fur,
souls who bark and souls who purr
born unwanted and unloved -
I see all this and more above -
I watch them suffer, I see them cry,
I see them lost, I watch them die.
I see unwanted thousands born -
and when they die, nobody mourns.

These little souls wearing fur
(Some who bark and some who purr)
are castaways who - unlike me -
will never know love or security.
A few short months they starve and roam,
Or caged in shelters - nobody takes home.
They're special too (furballs of pleasure),
filled with love and each one, a treasure.

My pain and suffering came to an end,
so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.
But think of the living - those souls with fur
(some who bark and some who purr) -
And though our bond can't be broken apart,
make room for another in your home and your heart.

Author Unknown

~ An old dog's prayer~

For now I lay down my weary old head
all snuggled so deeply in my cozy warm bed
my bones are brittle, my legs weak with age
a long life I've lived to get to this stage
the tears in your eyes tells me it all
the angel of death is coming to call
fear not for my safety, my journey is done
my life is complete, my race has been run
A good life I've had, I cannot complain
but now my old body is wracked with such pain
My end is a blessing, oh why can't you see
the greatest gift you can give me is to set my soul free
the memories I gave you will help you to cope
to get over my loss and still hold out hope
that one day you will see me in when your race is run
at the bridge we will meet, it will be joyous fun
To run and to play as we once did years ago
but for now my dear master, you must let me go
No tears should be shed for my life was so grand
Please laugh and please smile when you think of me and
remember the life we once shared me and you
and open your heart to a new dog or two.
So now I must go, I love you my friend
you've been a good master, right up to the end

Touch Me

Touch me with your voice as a puppy young and new,
And let me know my presence is what is pleasing you.

Touch me with your spirit, for God sent me here to you,
To teach you of that precious bond known by the choicest few.

Touch me with your hands as I grow tall and strong,
I need you as my mentor through out my whole life long.

Touch me with your lips, and brush them softly on my brow,
Please kiss away the fears that I am feeling now.

Touch me with your eyes as I become full grown,
To validate unspoken love that we have always known.

Touch me with your heart as our bond keeps growing stronger
And words need not be used in our language any longer.

Touch me with your breath, so soft and warm upon my face,
As I try to bring you comfort in life's never ending race.

Touch me with your love when my muzzle turns to gray,
I live my life to please you, each and every single day.

Touch me with your scent when age has dimmed my sight,
To reassure me always that you will be my light.

Touch me with your face when your tears are meant for me,
So I may bear your pain and let your heart be free.

Touch me with remembrance when I have traveled on,
And, I will hold your heart in mine forever when I'm gone.

Susan Krauser 2002

*Friendship's Tapestry*

           So often when I think of you and all the times we’ve shared

       My heart is filled with thankfulness to have a friend who’s cared

                   Enough to listen to all the joys and trials.

     You're being there has been enough to change my tears to smiles.

           The subtle love between two friends is so hard to define,

              especially when one is human and one is canine

               It is not a square or circle or even a straight line.

            It's somehow like a tapestry with colors soft and bold

         Yet deep within the weaving there are tiny threads of gold.

       Yes, rare and oh so lovely are your friendship’s threads of gold.

          For they will last a lifetime and then when my story's told.

         Someone will hold my tapestry and turn it towards the light,

    And tiny points, those threads of gold will gleam and shine so bright.

       And they may think - it's just a thread like green or red or blue-

        Perhaps they'll never ever know that golden thread was you.

        I've been thinking lately how you've touched my life just so -

    Of how you are so dear to me - with your warm heart and cold nose-

       That even when you're next to me or if we're miles apart

       Your golden thread of friendship still will weave within my heart.

                             --Author Unknown


We've wandered together
In all sorts of weather,
The sun on our coats and the wind in our hair.
We've traveled the highways,
The streets and the byways,
In country or city, with never a care.
In summer's lush greenness
Or winter's gray leanness
Through fields, over hills, just you and I, Boy.
And stopping or going
Or hasting or slowing
My word was your law, and my will was your joy.
No hills' rocky steepness,
No roaring stream's deepness
Could stop your swift leap or your brave onward stride.
With eyes full of laughter
You'd watch me crawl after,
But always you'd wait till I stood by your side.
But we've come to the lonely
Dark crossroads where only
One may go on, and the other must wait.
Do you watch my feet blunder
With slow steps, and wonder
Why I linger so long, why I'm coming so late?
They'll be long years and hollow
For me, till I follow,
But I think you'll be waiting for me as of yore,
And then at our meeting,
You'll bark a glad greeting,
And we'll start out anew, together once more.

~ Ethel Blumann ~

You were the epitome of love
Your love was unconditional and constant
The world could have learned a lot from you

You got me through all the hard times
Never faltering, never leaving my side
I'm not quite sure how to live without you

The end was horrifying for me
But painless for you
And in my tears I am still grateful

For you, my ever faithful friend
Deserved to die with dignity
You deserved the world and more

Run free, my sweet dog
Eat all the treats you wish
Wait for me, I'll come find you

And when we reunite
You can take back the piece of my heart
That went up to heaven with you

Fly free, sweet Bobby
You've done well
And will forever remain my puppy

My love is forever constant
My sorrow in time will fade
But my memories of you live on forever

©Minkie Productions-Updated-18/3/17

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