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Welcome to lunar entertainment

Welcome to Lunar Entertainment, the only computer game and hobby shop in Fleetwood!

We have a small but friendly team of staff, and we are also avid gamers ourselves.  Because of this we have a diverse knowledge of gaming, as well as hobby games.
We sell most formats of computer game and console, ranging from Modern consoles like the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, right back to the likes of the NES and Master System.  On occasion we go even further back than that, for nostalgic and historic reasons..  

We also customize and repair systems, please take a moment to stop by Lunar Customs (Accessible easily from the Navigation bar above) for a brief explanation.

Now, that's the computer and video games side of things!
In addition to this, we also stock a broad variety of Trading Card games.  We have YuGiOh, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel Vs system, and also some more obscure card collections, like Star Wars and for those who remember the 80's, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS!!  They have been revamped for the modern age, but not officially released outside of the USA.  We have them and they are great!! Kids love them!

On the Hobbygames side of things, We are the Fylde Coasts premier supplier of the Wizkids HEROCLIX collectible miniature game!  These hand-painted miniatures are great quality representations of all your favorite Superheroes and Super-villains. The game itself is also great fun to play, and we are also providing in-store gaming tables for Heroclix, all Games Workshop games,  and Trading card games as well!  Perfect for the kids to waste an afternoon! Of course, the big kids are welcome too!

We also provide a Wi-Fi area for people who require this sort of internet access, at the cheap price of only 5 for a weekly pass (Mon-Sun).

So if you want to have a great time, be greeted warmly, or even just want some new games for your computer, drop on by!   We are always happy to see you!

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