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Rules and Guidelines

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If any rule undergoes a change, a notification will be posted to inform players.

Rules listed are fairly loose and as such, any loopholes will be closed if they are discovered.
Players are expected to follow basic courtesies and not seek to find loopholes or 'missing rules.'
In the event that something like this occurs, Staff will discuss the appropriate course of action to benefit the largest amount of players.


1. All players are, of course, expected to respect one another. We encourage players to help cultivate a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
2. Players may freely approach Staff members with any problems or suggestions they have. The Staff include Lz, Sol, Meryl and Riley. Their contact details are listed on the Members page.
3. The site is free to evolve. This mean site-wide plots may take place, packs and 'free lands' may change and so forth. Players are also welcome to discuss their own 'large-scale' plot ideas, such as new 'cultures' and weather-based events (eg. predator population boom or drought). Player-organized plots will be cleared by Staff.
4. Players may join up to 10 wolves. A 'joined' wolf is any character not born in-game. There is no limit on in-game born characters and additional 'joined wolves' may be cleared by Staff.
5. Puppies joined that are less than a year old must find an adoptive parent within one week of joining. If joined in spring or summer, their surrogate must have a litter of pups; those joined in winter or fall may be adopted by any adult. 6. Players may earn points through mini-games found under the 'Convene' page. These points can be used to purchase prizes. Prizes and relevent rules are found on the Point Keeper or game pages/boards.
7. Theft is, of course, not acceptable. This includes taking characters, descriptions, HTML, images and so on. If a player is caught stealing, they will be placed on probation. Multiple instances may result in a ban.


1. Lunar Children takes place in a land called Moladion. "Old" refers to a period of time before the meteor strike (more information can be found in "About") and "New" refers to the present.
2. Swearing and mature themes are permitted but use discretion and appropriately label posts.
3. This is an intermediate to advanced semi-realistic wolf rpg. Only wolves are allowed - no hybrids (cross dog/maned wolf/dingo/etc). Talking is allowed, eye colors can be uncommon, and imprinting can apply. Some unrealistic markings will be permitted at the discretion of the staff. More information on these topics can be found on the "Fact Sheet".
4. There is a post requirement of 200 words minimum. Any post under 200 words will be tagged and deleted within 72 hours if not edited.
5. Power playing is prohibited unless you have gained the consent of the other party.
6. "God Moding" is prohibited, which means characters cannot know things to which they do not have a reasonable means to knowing, dodging every attack in an unofficial fight, etc. Please be realistic with character's actions while playing.
7. Wolves may range from 22 - 42 inches (56 - 106 centimeters) in height and from 32 - 210 pounds (15 - 95 kilograms) in weight.
8. Wolves here have never encountered humans or manmade structures.
9. Wolves can join packs or remain as loners. Loners may not have organized groups resembling packs but may have social groups.
10. Before you join, be sure to check the names on the members page, hiatus, and the reserve board! These names cannot be used. It is also highly discouraged to use names listed on the epitaph. Easily search all four pages here: Name Search, by using CTRL + F to search all four frames at once.
11. When a character is posted as dead/killed on Away/Quit/Updates or In Character, they are dead for good. Be sure you want your character to be dead before you post them dead! (You can always have them 'wander off' instead!)
12. All deadlines are done to the hour/minute. e.g. If you are given 5 days to reply, and the last reply was on June 1st at 3:01pm, you have until June 6th at 3:01pm. Board time is Eastern Standard Time, and is listed on the main page.
13. The use of a proxy to post on our boards is not permitted.
14. If a pup goes inactive, the players of the parents' may reclaim the pup to play or adopt out if the following requirements are met: the pup is under two years old; they have been posted less than three times; the pup was not created using a custom stat or +1 unless the prizes were purchased/donated/split by the parents' player/s. If the player of a pup goes inactive (misses activity check) or on an indefinite hiatus, the parents may reclaim the pup at any time (use discretion, however!).

Away and Hiatus

1. "Away" is being absent from posting for up to two weeks. A "Hiatus" is more than two weeks, and to quit is to be completely removed from the game and related channels (eg. Discord)
2. Members who miss an activity check will be automatically placed on Hiatus. Those who miss two consecutive checks will be removed from the list unless a Staff is contacted regarding the hiatus.
3. Characters on Hiatus cannot be posted, and posting characters will 'break' an 'Away' unless it is updated with additional information (e.g. able to post for a day before needing to go back 'Away' for another few days)
4. Characters may also be placed on what is known as an 'Active Hiatus.' This is when additional information is provided regarding a character's whereabouts or actions during their time on Hiatus. This may include information regarding them leaving Moladion (e.g. going on a quest; an Active Hiatus would allow specific wolves, such as their family, to know about said quest) or their actions in the free-lands or pack.

Example 1: Wolf X is a Healer in Iromar and is being placed on Hiatus. Their hiatus post reads: "Wolf X is in Iromar performing their usual healing tasks - small wounds are no big deal! Otherwise, they spend most of their time gathering new herbs and other useful trinkets. They're busy providing extra food for the new mothers of the pack, and have been burying extra food around the pack's meeting area just in case." Now, wolves of Iromar can include in their posts that they've witnessed said wolf, gotten help from them, been given food or used their hidden food. They cannot power-play, such as mentioning something that character has said specifically, but can still include them in their posts.
Example 2: Wolf Y is a loner going on Hiatus. Their post reads: "Wolf Y has receded into the Grotto, biding their time and being on the lookout for easy prey. Anybody who roams too close might find themselves followed and stalked as he tries to find an easy target. He's especially active at night, and can be heard talking to himself at times - but always at a distance! Characters could then 'feel' a presence in the Grotto, or notice being followed, forced to outsmart their unseen hunter! Or, they might hear distant talking, maybe even think it is a ghost.

5. 'Active Hiatuses' are useful for keeping a character 'alive' in the environment and building the world around Moladion, so you can be as brief or in-depth as you require in your scenarios. You may also state what characters can or cannot know, and which characters, where and what the character can be seen doing and so on.
6. As a very new concept and system, the rules are likely to change. We, Staff and Members, will navigate any issues that arise as a team.

Seasons and Aging

1. Seasons change on the 1st and 15th of every other month. For example, if Spring begins January 1st, Summer will begin on February 15th, Fall on April 1st. A calender is provided on the "Maps and Weather" page.
2. All wolves age in spring.
3. Each season has prey levels and weather rolled for. This can be found on the "Maps and Weather" page.
4. Wolves can live up to 25 years old. Not all wolves will live to those final years.
5. Wolves come into their imprinting age at 2. Some female pups born to imprinted pairs can be imprinted on from birth.
6. Wolves are considered adults at age 3; where they can claim a mate, battle (except for pack leadership), steal, etc.
7. Characters at four or older, when they are full grown, may claim/challenge for a pack.


1. All packs may be challenged for. Check the "Fight" board for more information.
2. Both males and females can fight for and lead packs.
3. A player may have one alpha, and each wolf can only formally be in one pack at a time.
4. Alphas may rule without a mate, imprint or secondary. Players whose characters are mates or imprints with an Alpha may take up the role of second-in-command even if they have an alpha. However, their second-in-command cannot take challenges for their alpha unless they are away.
5. When a pack goes up for claims, Staff will post a 72-hour window for characters to attempt to claim. If more than one character wishes to claim, battles will be held to determine the winner. Characters cannot fight on the behalf of another in these instances.
6. Staff create boards and players maintain the ranks. Alphas may change the password but Staff must be notificed of the new password. Rank HTML is provided by Staff but may be altered for new ranks, less ranks, different named ranks and so forth.
7. If an Alpha does not post for two weeks without notification (eg. being "Away"), the pack will be placed up for claim by a pack member. If no pack member claims within 72 hours, it will be reposted and any wolf will be able to claim. If an Alpha is inactive but in the middle of challenge (on the "Fight" board), they will not be considered inactive.
8. If a new alpha takes a pack via claiming, they cannot be challenged for two weeks. If the pack is 'given' to a new wolf, there is no challenge-free period.
9. If a pack alpha is away for 2 or less weeks, the pack is un-challengable during that time.
10. If a pack alpha is away for more than 2 weeks, challenges will fall to the appointed second-in-command wolf. If no such wolf has been appointed, any pack member may receive the challenge.
11. Pack alphas are permitted minor power-play when a character intrudes on their territory. This is within reason, so use discretion. For example, murder or disfigurement is not permitted but preventing a wolf from going any further or forcing submission may be. Alphas cannot power-play stolen wolves.
12. Alphas may 'hand over' packs to other wolves, be it amicably or through a pre-planned plot (eg. an usurper chasing out an alpha). However, the alpha must have had the pack for at least one full in-game season. The wolf who receives the pack will be immediately challenge-able.


1. Any wolf may be a loner. This simply means they do not have a pack and live in the 'free lands.'
2. Loners that mention hunting, prey or give birth in the 'free lands' may be attacked by predators.
3. Loners can be stolen but cannot steal. Loners can only block or challenge for themselves of their mate, child or imprint.
4. Loners have a maximum of 2 puppies per litter.
5. Loners can join or challenge packs at any time. They may also intrude but risk being power-played by alphas.


1. Imprinting is comparable to soul mates. However, imprinting does not always mean the pair is romantically compatible or that they must be together.
2. When a pair imprints, they will often be able to 'feel' one another nearby. They are drawn to one another and those that are exceptionally close may even subtly feel the other's emotions.
3. If a character's imprint dies, they may be reassigned if their player makes the request. Otherwise, they will not find a new imprint.
4. Not all wolves can imprint, or must imprint. Wolves can be joined or born unable and some may 'lose' the ability if their imprint dies. Born wolves cannot change their imprintability but those joined unable/able may change it only once.
5. Imprints can only find one another through meeting in-game. When they post together, "Fate" will make the announcement in the thread. Imprint hints can be used but the pair must still meet in a thread.
6. All characters can imprint starting at age two. Female pups born to imprinted pairs can sometimes be imprinted on from birth.
7. Imprints are randomized. Because of this, along with gender imbalances and so on, not every wolf will have an imprint at any given time. The list is updated regularly, however.
8. As a general rule, two characters that meet and do not imprint will not imprint even in the future. An exception to this are pups who meet before they are able to imprint. When they turn two, they will be able to imprint on any character they have met before.
9. In general, the death of an imprint is quite traumatic for a wolf, even if they are not close with their imprint. It will be 'felt' by the other one way or another.
10. If a character's imprint is inactive for 12 weeks or is placed on hiatus/quit, they may request a new imprint. The character hoping for a new match must have been posted within two separate threads within the last game year to apply, however.
11. Only active characters are assigned imprints. Characters are generally removed from the imprint list after 12 weeks of not posting.

Mates and Breeding

1. Breeding occurs in winter on the breeding board founder under 'Roam.'
2. Only mates, imprints and Casanovas may breed. Wolves must be three years or older to do so.
3. When a couple become mates, a link to the thread is to be posted on the 'Updates' board.
4. All wolves wishing to breed must complete at least one thread with their would-be partner. A "complete thread" is considered to be at least two posts from each character.
5. Breeding simply entails posting the stats of parents (grandparents may also be included) on the relevent board. Further information and the stats needed can be found on the board.
6. Females have two attempts to conceive. When successful, wolves are pregnant for one season and give birth in spring.
7. Infertile wolves cannot use automatic conceptions, choice of litter size or +1 pup to a litter. They do, however, still have two attempts and can be Casanovas.


1. Casanovas are wolves without an imprint or mate who are able to breed with anybody. Wolves with mates or imprints can also become Casanovas with staff approval.
2. Males can father two litters. Females may have a litter split between two different fathers.
3. In Fall, six "slots" will open. You can nominate a character and a coin will be flipped to decide their success. If you do not succeed and the slots are open, you may try again in two days.
4. Wolves are Casanovas for an in-game year.
5. Casanovas cannot imprint for the year that they are a Casanova. "Slots" are first come, first serve. However, a wolf may be a Casanova year after year if luck is on their side.

Birth and Pups

1. Puppy stats are generated by Staff. You can access the formula used on the Breeding board. Markings and physical appearance are created by Staff or by players if they use a Custom Stat.
2. Loners are limited to two pups per litter. Pack wolves may have up to four. As wolves age, their chance of conceiving becomes more difficult but will not impact the number of pups.
3. Wolves give birth in spring. They must post an in-character post and post the link beneath their Stats on the Breeding Board.
4. Pups must be named and claimed by a player before their birthing date. Those that are not may become stillborns.


1. Players may request that prey be posted for their wolves. Staff generally play prey but with approval, players may also.
2. Special HTML for the prey is used. This indicates the type of prey, how many wolves are needed and so on.
3. Hunts are generally roleplayed out in full. This includes a risk of injury to characters and the chance of hunts not succeeding.
4. Hunting is not required. However, it can be a fun way for players to 'bond' their characters or for packs to bond. Failing to hunt, or failing a specific hunt, will not impact packs directly.


1. Steals are completed through 'riddles' that describe the wolf/wolves being stolen. They must make sense when explained, however.
2. Only wolves with packs may steal, but any wolf can be stolen. If an alpha is stolen, the pack will not go up for claims. Wolves must also be two years old to execute a steal, but two year olds may only steal wolves who are two years old or younger. After a wolf turns three, they may steal any wolf regardless of age.
3. A wolf may steal up to two wolves at a time but must express in their riddle/post how many wolves are being stolen.
4. Family members (child, parent, mate, sibling), assigned pack members, imprints and alphas may block steals. The wolf being stolen may also block themselves. Wolves may block the amount of wolves being stolen plus one but must provide reasons. e.g. If two wolves are being stolen, a wolf may block three.
5. When blocking a steal, a wolf must explain why they believe the riddle relates to the wolf they are blocking. The reasons do not have to be 100% correct, they only have to make sense in relation to the wolf being blocked.
6. Wolves have 72 hours to block the steal. After the 72 hours, the thief posts with the solved riddle (explaining the clues) and Staff will validate if the steal has been successful.
7. When a wolf is stolen, they are 'taken' to the thieves pack. They must post in two threads with pack members of the pack in order to escape. However, if they post and do not receive a reply within 5 days, they can escape and will be considered 'free' after the 5th day.
8. If a pack-wolf is stolen, their alpha may challenge for them immediately. Mates and imprints can also challenge for stolen wolves.
9. If an individual character makes a steal, successful or not, they must wait 7 days before making their next attempt. This 7 days is counted from the date of reveal, or the date of the successful block. 10. All 'steals' are to be validated by Staff after their reveal. If Staff believe the steal was too vague or too difficult, they may invalidate the steal. In the case of invalidation, the thief may try again in 7 days as usual.


1. Battles/challenges generally occur to decide new leadership for a pack. They may also take place as 'spars' (practice), to decide ranks, to challenge for mates/imprints, to free stolen wolves and so on.
2. There are three types of battles: coin flip, dice roll and roleplay.
3. Challenges for pack ranks are at the discretion of the alpha - it is best to make sure the rank is challenge-able! Loners, however, cannot challenge for ranks without first joining the pack or through an agreed upon plot.
4. When a challenge is made, the challenger may propose the type of battle they would like to use (and in the case of a roleplay battle, which format they would like to use). However, the challenged wolf may decline and propose an alternative option. If a decision cannot be made within 72 hours, Staff will intervene and mediate.

Coin Flip battles involve the wolf being challenged choosing heads or tails. Staff will then flip s virtual coin and the winner is decided.
Dice Roll battles involve Staff rolling three virtual dice (three per wolf) for both the challenger and wolf being challenged. The wolf that rolls the highest collective result is the victor.
Roleplay battles are more intensive and require both parties to complete the fight through written posts.

5. There are three available 'formats' involving posting order, number of attacks and number of defences. Roleplay battles are judged by several Staff. More thorough information can be found on the Battle board itself.
6. When challenged, the challenged wolf has 72 hours to accept or begin negotiating the challenge. If no reply is made in that time frame, the challenger wins by default. This timeframe is the default used for roleplay battles too unless an agreement is made beforehand.
7. 'Time extensions' may be given to players involved in a roleplay fight. The player needing an extension can contact Staff who will validate. One extension per player, per fight is standard and the extension must be requested within the 72 hour period.
8. Alphas can only be challenged every 12 weeks. Pack challenge statuses (open/closed until X date) are listed on the challenge board.
9. If the challenger wins, they have a 2 week challenge-free period before the pack is opened to challenges again. If the pack is given to a wolf (inherited, won through a plot etc.), this challenge-free period does not apply.
10. If the challenger loses, they must wait 3 weeks after the date of the results to challenge another 'open' pack.
11. If a challenger 'backs out' of a fight, they retain all injuries and still be unable to challenge for the three week period as above. Backing out is the same as 'losing' a challenge.


1. Wars between packs have occurred in the past. This involves one pack declaring against another pack.
2. Players must inform staff beforehand of any intention to declare 'war' on a pack so that Staff can prepare rules and ensure the other alpha's player agrees.
3. The challenging pack's alpha then posts their arrival, along with their party of wolves, alongside a statement of their intentions. The opposing leader then responds with their own arrival and acceptance.
4. The maximum number of wolves participating will be decided beforehand, with each participating wolf having a maximum of 5 posts. There is no formal order of posting, only that the thread must alternate between challenger-challenged. eg. Challenged pack member can post after a challenging pack member, but not immediately after one of their packmates.
5. The war concludes either when every participant has used their five posts or after 2 weeks from the initial acceptance post unless otherwise specified (eg. both parties want to continue)
6. Full rules and explanations of judgement will be posted before the war commences. In general, wars are treated like larger, multi-participant roleplay battles with a limited number of attacks, defences and so on per wolf.

Conduct Warnings

1. Staff may give players 'strikes' if their behavior has received substantiated complaints from other players.
2. First strike is an informal warning, a request to amend the behavior.
3. Second strike is a formal warning given by all Staff members.
4. Third strike means a probation. If another serious complaint is received in 3 months, Staff will intervene.
5. Fourth strike is to be banned from the Discord server and all boards.
Please note that warnings are a courtesy and serious misconduct can warrant a ban at any time regardless as to whether strikes were given or not.