Highland Creek Loyal Orange Lodge #2934

Toronto, Canada

Sir John Alexander MacDonald


Sir John A. MacDonald, first Prime Minister of The Dominion of Canada, 1867

John A. Macdonald was born in Scotland, then emigrated to Canada as a young boy. After practicing law in Kingston, Ontario, Macdonald went into politics and during the 1860s championed the confederation of the Canadian provinces. He was instrumental in securing passage of the British North America Act, and is considered the primary organizer of the Dominion of Canada, serving as its first Prime Minister. From our birth as a nation under the guidance of Sir John A. Macdonald, himself an Orangeman, to the stressful times in which Canada now finds itself the Orange Association has held fast to its principles.

Macdonald joined the Orange Association in Kingston in 1841 when he was initiated into L.O.L. No. 6 and was to remain a member for the remainder of his life.

Sir John A. MacDonald's Orange Certificate



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