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white lab puppies for sale
white labrador puppies for sale
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White Lab Puppies For Sale
(English Lab Puppy)

Temperament testing & Volhard Evaluation

We help guide you in the selection of your puppy.  We don't choose a puppy for you.  But, you are not alone in the selection of your new family member.  We specialize in "matching" puppies to their homes.  We use a combination of several methods when evaluating our Lab puppies.  Many of our puppies have gone to service and therapy dog homes.  It's important to us that we help you find the correct match to your home, though all of our puppies have excellent temperament.

We use the Volhard puppy apptitude evaluation for the following:
Social attraction ~ Following ~ Restraint ~  Social dominance ~  Elevation dominance ~ Retrieving ~ Touch sensitivity ~ Sound sensitivity ~ sight sensitivity ~ Stability

Click here to learn more about the Volhard puppy aptitude test