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White English Lab Puppy
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white labrador puppies for sale
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English Lab Puppy

Loyal Labradors Calm Reflection


Lovely ~ Sweet ~ Serene

Phill 4:8

6/21/12  Best of Winners under Judge Mrs. Carolyn Kraskey , 3 pt major at AKC Anoka Summer Solstice

6/23/12 1st place open female & reserve winners female under Judge Mrs. Patricia Trotter AKC Summer Solstice

7/12/2012 Best of Winners under Judge Mrs Helen Lee James, 1 point at Duluth Kennel Club

7/13/2012 Best of Winners under Judge Mr. Roger R Hartinger, 1 point at Duluth Kennel Club

7/15/2012 Best of Winners under Judge Mr. Steve Dainard, 1 point at Duluth Kennel Club

more wins and more to post soon....


OFA hips Good - LR-201250G24F-VPI

OFA elbows normal ~  LR-EL57246F24-VPI

AVCO Cleared normal - CERF # LR-354087

OFA Cardiologist Normal - LR-CA7165/35F/C-VPI

OFA Hearing Normal - LR-BR4/35F-VPI

PRCD - Genetically clear/normal

Degenerative Myelopathy DNA - Genetically Clear/normal (two copies of normal gene)  LR-DM311/14F-VPI

Centronuclear Myopathy DNA test - Genetically Clear/normal (two copies of the normal gene)  LR-CNM922/14F-VPI

Cystinuria DNA - Genetically Clear/normal (two copies of the normal gene)  LR-CY28/14F-VPI

Hyperuricosuria DNA test - Genetically Clear/normal (two copies of the normal gene)  LR-HU10/14F-VPI

EIC - Carrier, Coat color DNA test ~ yellow does not carry chocolate, black pigment

Patllar Luxation ~ Normal (OFA) LR-PA1232/59F/P-VPi


OFA link to health testing

Serene has 2 majors and a total of 14 points towards her AKC championship

She will soon be retiring from breeding but still will be showing in the ring. We have her daughter Posh and son Ace.



"Serene"  4 months old

Above product/advertisement photo:  Serene at 1 year old. 

She has done several photo shoots for products. Here she is on the product cover for 3M Pruven pad gripper.  She also did a Target circular ad when she was a puppy. 

Serene at 8 weeks old.  Snow white backdrop in beautiful snowy Minnesota.

 Click here for more photos of Serene

This is Serene, an English Lab puppy from our very own litter.  We bred our UKC CH Goldberry's Dori, CGC to Can CH Goldberry's Cold Drake . She's one point away from her AKC CH title.  She is 8-9 weeks old in the young puppy photos.  These were photos that were taken for a children's book on Labradors. Serene is an English style Labrador in a light shade variation of yellow. Though she appears totally white, she is registered with AKC as a yellow Labrador Retriever. To see our upcoming litter page for yellow Lab (in a light, white shade) puppies please click here.




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