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English Lab Puppies
Cute white lab puppy in a santa suit
White Labrador Puppy and Puppies for sale.  Buy a white Lab puppy.
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White Lab puppy
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White Labs
English Labrador puppy

English Lab Puppy

Here are some of Selah's Puppies Fully Grown

 feel free to send photos of your Selah puppy for me to post!  Make sure you include permission in your email.

                                                     Leila ~ a Selah puppy


This is Loyal Labradors Lightning Flash living in CA with Sandy of Labs to Love!



This is Bjorn (white Lab male on the left).  He lives with Lynn and her family in WI.  Lynn is a DVM and has bought 2 Labs from us.


This is Blanca:

This is Perry who is living with the Goldens:

                                            Loyal Labradors Luke

"Crocket" living with the Lurvey family