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Loyal Labradors Posh Princess
Serene X Moses

OFA Hips prelim ~ good

OFA Elbows prelim ~ Normal

PRA ~ clear by parentage

CERF ~ eyes clear/normal  LR-EYE512/1F-VPI

Degenerative Myelopathy ~ clear/normal   LR-DM490/36F-PI

Centronuclear Myopathy ~ clear/normal   LR-CNM1255/36F-PI

Cystinuria clear/normal ~  LR-CY81/36F-PI

 EIC ~  LR-EIC3541/36F-PI-CAR

Hyperuricosuria  Clear/normal ~  LR-HU48/36F-PI

Posh is a sweet, calm temperament sort of girl and excellent mother.  She's always happy and smiling.  Posh is daughter to Serene and Moses.  She is a 3rd generation girl for us.  We own/owned her grandmother Dori (our Pearl).  Her mother Serene is here and only one point away from her AKC championship title.

 She's adorable, smart and built very solid with a blocky head.  She's an excellent mother and is very gentle.  She's a water-loving Labrador.  We can't keep her out of the pool.