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         ~ Goldberry's Dori X AM CH Goldberry's Nash Puppies ~
Sire of puppies: AM CH Goldberry's Nash (CH Ghostones Louis Downtown X Int. Ch. Goldberry's Nessa the Dancer CGC) Penn Hip,Distraction index of .44 and .40, CERF, Heart Clear, Optigen A.OFA Good, Clear Elbows, CERF

Dam of puppies: Goldberry's Dori (AM CH Lubberline Martingale (Westminster breed winner) X Goldberrys Lucy in the Sky).  Penn Hip 90th percentile, OFA hips good/clear elbows, Eyes CERF normal, optigen B, OFA heart normal.


                        ~ Goldberrys Dori ~                                       ~ AM CH Goldberrys Nash ~
Hi Jennifer, Chewy is doing great! The kids and I are already in love!! He's sleeping through the night (10:30 - 6:00)and house training is going great as well. I had a similar experience as another family... he seemed to almost already know the sit command, or he learned it very quickly.  We took him to his first "puppy social" last Sunday, he was a little shy the first 10 mins. then something clicked and he played and played for the rest of the time. He starts puppy classes tomorrow, and likes going to the clinic with me. He gets to see so many other dogs and cats, he just sits and watches all the activity. I have some great photos of him on my camera the delay in sending them to you stems from my computer incompetence!As soon as I get one of the kids to show me how to send them I will forward them to you. Oh, I registered Chewy...Loyal Labradors Chewbacca. Bye for now,  Dr. Lynn DVM (Wisconsin)  ABOVE PHOTOS
 Hi Jennifer, Chewy is doing great! He's 33# and losing baby teeth. He's a very smart dog and very trainable. We taught him how to "High Five" in just a few days. He starts advanced puppy class this Sunday and was valedictorian of his puppy kinder garden class. They had a large dice with the basic commands on each side and you would roll it and have your puppy do the command, no treat and you could only give the command once. Chew beat all the other 15 puppies, he didn't miss once! He loves water(he jumped in my parents pool the other day) and playing with other dogs.I really owe you an apology for not sending pictures yet,I will get some out this week. Hes quite photogenic and I may have more pictures of him then my kids! I am contemplating taking him in the ring and would like your opinion of his potential from the photos I send. I've come to realize there's a lot more to showing a dog then I imagined and am not sure I'm qualified but I think he is! Shelahs puppies are BEAUTIFUL and I saw they went quickly... I was very tempted to call you to see if any were still available. Thanks again for providing us a truly remarkable addition to our family! Dr. Lynn (WI)
Hi Jennifer, Yes everything is going well. Bo is adorable. We are just adjusting to all the new things of having a puppy in our family. I have definitely got my hands full! LOL Between my two year old and Bo, it's kinda like having two children =) Bo is calm and wonderful in many ways, he loves playing with Landon (my two year old)........ My son refers to him as "my puppy" and wants to play with him the first thing he wakes up in the morning!  You were right! Bo is a mama's boy. He definitely loves following me around, and I love it too. I am not sure if I told your husband, but that first evening my sister and I went to take Bo and the kids to the park nearby and Bo didnt even want to walk there, a block down the sidewalk he just hopped in the back of the stroller and fell asleep. I thought that was really cute. He had a long day!  He sleeps in his crate good at night from around midnight to 6am. Then during the day he takes several naps.Well that is all I can think of at this moment to fill you in on... I will send you a few pics of him for now cause he is already growing,.....After searching through website after website I now know why yours appeared to be the best to me, because it was!  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!!! 
Talk to you soon!  Kaela ~ Wisconsin  (above photo)
Jennifer and Darrin,  Cedar is AMAZING!  We had a wonderful ride home, no crying, just tail wagging, playing and napping!!!  She is so beautiful and we are so happy.  We have settled her in just fine for the evening as you can see by the photos!  Thank you again!!!   How is Saleh doing?  She must be close to having those pups! Cedar is keeping me busy and makes it hard for Mike to leave to go to work, she's so cute!  She has a fan club with pictures on the email, everyone keeps asking me to send more...... She knows how to sit already!  Well the little angel just woke up so outside we go!  I think she's close to being housebroken as well! Talk to you later,  shelly 

Good morning all!
Awwwwww, you all are so sweet to say what you did.  After meeting you, I can see why I chose your family to get our puppy from.  We are so blessed, thank you.
As you know, we are home safe and sound and Riley is a HUGE hit with everyone!!  I was so lucky to have been able to get on an earlier flight and the gate agent gave me an entire row!  YEAH!  However, they never let me take him out of the carrier on either flight.  In fact the first flight attendant was very stern while I was boarding to tell me not to take him out but the wonderful puppy he is, he never even cried.  He only whimpered a couple of times while we were taxing out and then again once we landed and were taxing in to the gate.  Guess he just wanted to have his presence known but like I said, they were the smallest of whimpers!  (Not like his cries last night, LOL!)
I want to thank you for paper training him.  He was great about pottying on the paper toilet covers when I put them on the floor in the "family" bathroom or handicap ones at the airports.  That was perfect!!!  By the way, he's been very good here too.  I'm not planning on putting paper down here but we take him out very frequently and the boys know to carry him out and not let him walk out on his own for now.  I told them he would squat and it would be too late by the time you look down.
Right now he's in his crate in my room on his little bed asleep on his back while Sam is asleep on my little sofa.  We're all taking a break.  Haven't had much sleep still but that's ok.  It's soooo worth it.
Now, for the surprise.....I was holding Riley at Nicholas' bus stop and when he saw him he just said, "Awwwwww, how cute!!"  and I said, "Nicholas, he's our new puppy.  I didn't go to Orlando for a meeting, I flew to Minnesota to get him." and Nicholas said, "Really?" with the biggest smile (teeth and all) on his face!!  Meanwhile while all this was being said, all his friends were coming off the bus too and crowding around.  They were loving Riley too!  We went back to the car and Nicholas held him on the way home through our neighborhood never loosing any of his huge smile.  He kept saying how he couldn't believe it and he also brought up how he saw that other puppy the other day while at Pet Smart so I asked if another yellow lab was ok and you know his answer, "YEAH!!!  Thank you Mom!" 
Sam is also loving the new addition.  He wants to play and run around but Riley is still not too sure.  First thing Riley did when Sam approached him was he rolled over on his back.  He just stayed that way.  It was very funny.  Then once back on his feet, Sam tried to come up from behind and put his foot on Riley to get him to run around and play, but Riley turned around and snaped at Sam so that caused Sam to start barking at him.  This was out in our front yard and it went on that way for the first 10 mins or so.  Then once Sam ran off Riley wanted to go after him.  They are sooo cute together.  For now the cats aren't out.  We wanted to give Sam and Riley a chance to get acclimated first.  In a week or so we'll let them out again.  I have one in my bathroom and two in our laundry room for now.
I will upload photos this evening.  I have some really good ones!!
Talk with you soon and thank you again,
Tammy, Christopher and Nicholas, FL (above photo)
Oh my gosh Jennifer....I think you gave me a dream puppy!!  Here I was expecting the worse of everything, and he is better than i ever could have imagined!!  As soon as we got him home, we let him outside to sniff around a little.  Then we brought our other dog, Bella to meet him.  Bella is still not sure of what to make of him, as he just wants to chase her around.  Luckily, she has the couch as a safe spot, where he can't get to her!  Every time I have taken him outside he has gone potty, almost immediately...like he knows that's why he's out there.  Amazing!!  And...I was curious to know if you taught him how to sit on command...because he does that too, which shocked me!  So I'm assuming you taught him that?  He pretty much sits for anything he wants...which is exactly what I was preparing to teach him!  Last night I made everyone have a turn at telling him to sit, and he sat for everyone! 

I put a towel in his crate, and he went right in and took a nap for a whole two hours while we watched a movie.  

 Oh...and the best part...he slept through the entire night without making a peep!!  I'm thinking maybe it's because he was so exhausted from the flight.  But I put him in a cage in our room at about 10:30, and he barked and whined for less than 5 minutes and then was knocked out.  I kept waking up every hour to see if he was still asleep an d he was!  He even slept through the huge thunderstorm that came through!  I thought for sure he'd wake up and I'd somehow have to take him outside in the storm, which would not have been fun for either of us!  But he slept through it all, and this morning I woke up at 6:45, and there he was just siting his his cage looking at me...not whining or barking.  I couldn't believe it!!  And he has yet to have an accident in or out of the cage!  

RIght now he is asleep on the floor next to the tv, so I figured that would give me a chance to run up to my office and write to you!  Thank you again SO much and I appreciate everything!  I will keep you updated and send pictures soon!

Thank you!!!

Krysti ~ Geneva, IL (above photo)
Hi Jennifer-

Things are going well!  Willie cried for about the first 20 minutes on 
the way home and then slept the rest of the way. He has not cried at 
all!!! We took him out twice during the night. Both times he just sits 
up in the kennel and looks up in the bed at us.  The potty training is 
going pretty well too.  He likes to go outside and will go when we 
take him out. I feel like I was outside about every 30 minutes 
yesterday , and I think I was!!   He seems to be pretty easy going. We 
were just so shocked about no crying at nighttime!!  He's a great fit 
and so fun to have in our family!!

(Photos of Willie at left)  I hope these photos will work. Willie is doing great. As you can see, he is turning into a bit of a baby. The potty training is going really well. He seems to have it down. When he needs to go out he sits by the front door and barks!  He is such a good puppy.  Yesterday it was quiet for a few minutes and I got nervous. When I walked into the laundry room he was just laying there sleeping. 
Darrin and Jennifer,
I finally got Willie out for his first pheasant hunt now that he is 10 months old.  Despite minimal training he did better than I expected and we found some birds.  Willie was very steady to the gun and you could see the light coming on by the 3rd field we hunted.  I think he is becoming wiser to the "bird smells" and was getting better at tracking and flushing as the day progressed.  I think we will both have some sore muscles in the morning!  Thank you for such a wonderful dog.    Paul


Duke is going so great.  I have a TON of pictures, but I'm totally not a computer person and have no idea how to email them to you.  I'll probably just end up going to a store, printing some, and mailing them to you.  Is your address on the business cards you gave me?  If it isn't on your cards, let me know what it is and I can mail you some pics J 

He's actually going to the door now when he needs to go to the bathroom…major bonus.  He had a lot more energy now than a couple of weeks ago.  We have actually started to take him for walks, and he does pretty well.  We also start puppy classes the middle of this month.  We brought him to the vet for some shots, and that went fairly well.   

He is definitely loved, and as sweet as can be.  He still follows you around everywhere, and loves to cuddle J