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Hi Jennifer,
How are things going?  I just wanted to give you an update on Finnegan.  He is doing great of course! I attached a couple pictures so you can see how big and handsome he is!He finished puppy kindergarten yesterday.  We found that he easily learned commands in our home before he ever went to the class, but the class itself was very distracting (especially the treats!!! This dog is SO food oriented!).  At any rate, it was a great time for socialization and for Matt and I to learn new things.  Finn is very comfortable in his crate and we continue to work on the schedule.  This weeks' lesson is how to sleep past 5AM and he is doing very well!  We absolutely love this puppy and have to make an effort at times to stop paying so much attention to him!  Life has gotten easier now that we are all sleeping through the night and Finnegan is on a consistent potty routine- outside : )
We took him to Cape Cod last week and he had a great time at the beach.  He went in the water  after two golden retreivers showed him the way but once he got in he quickly swam back out!  We'll be taking him to more parks and swimming trips on the weekends this summer now that he has had all of his shots. 
Thanks again for the great dog- he is part of the family and we adore him!
Take care,
Past adopters, I'd love to publish your photos and emails. Send me a reminder or send a request if you'd like me to do so.  Thanks, Jennifer