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A little determination......
and a whole lotta HEART!!

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In a little over 2 years......same PANTS, different LORI


My name is Lori (BASEBALLMOMFL) and I joined WW in April 2004.  I have been overweight since I was 10, obese since I was 14, and morbidly obese since I was 24.  I decided to finally do something about my weight!

YES! YES! YES!  I workout A LOT and I follow the program strictly.  If I cheat the program then I am only cheating myself.  I want to be healthy!  My  husband is a personal trainer and that has helped tremendously!  I am currently studying to become a personal trainer myself.  I want people to know that they can make these changes WITHOUT pills and surgery!

I also have a very supportive 12 year old son. He is an athlete and often gets up at 4:45am to hit the gym with his mom.

This is the most recent picture of my 12 year old son. (July 2007) He plays travel baseball and we are at the Wide World of Sports for a national tournament.  He has always been one of my biggest supporters in my journey.  In this picture, I am 4 weeks out of plastic surgery (tummytuck w/muscle reconstruction, breast lift, and thorocoplasty).  I am VERY SWOLLEN!!

  ***Notice the water's like my third goes everywhere with me!

My GOAL.......

As of January 2007, I have lost 150.2 pounds.  I am at my WW goal weight and I am currently a LIFETIME member!  yep, that's right...I get to keep my $$$ !


Here are a few pictures from that wonderful night!  My leader, Lucile, is a blessing!  She was such an inspiration to me and honestly kept me going during those rough times!

These are my AWESOME meeting buddies!  I think they were just as happy when I screamed that I had FINALLY made it to goal!  That's my 11 year old son next to me.  He has lost 24 pounds on the Core plan!

                                                                         That's me in the black sweater!


 My husband has been the most supportive person I could have asked for!  Besides the fact that he is a certified personal trainer, he has given me 110% through the entire journey!

Here is the convertible he bought me the week I made it to goal!

Can you see the beautiful diamond necklace around my neck?  It's called "Our Journey" and my husband surprised me at the WW meeting when I reached GOAL!!

And this is my HOOTCHIE MOMMA picture with my new HOT MOMMA car!


a HUGE accomplishment!

In September of 2006, I ran the Irongirl 10K race in Clearwater, Fl.  It was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life!  Here is a picture of me crossing the finish line in 74 minutes.  YES, I am crying but it's because I never dreamed I would run a race!


Through Weight Watchers, I have met a wonderful, dear friend!  This is Erika (5ECATS) and me at the Irongirl.  She also completed the 10K.  (Please do not pay any attention to my "hair don't".  I can't stand to run with my bangs in my eyes!)


October 21, 2006  This is the Mayor of Tampa and me!  I participated in the "walk with the mayor" and she told me that I was an inspiration!

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