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Protestant Gospel

We are four Loyal English Orange Lodges, based in the West Midlands. Some of our brethren are descendants of Loyal citizens of Ulster and Scotland, some are from patriotic English and Welsh families, but whatever their background they all share a passionate belief in the Union of the United Kingdom and are Loyal to the Crown and Queen Elizabeth II and the Reformed Faith.

All our brethren live and work in the Midlands, we are proud to be British and Protestant. We are all pledged to each other as brothers and to the Loyal Institution of the Orange Order.

We have all taken a solemnly binding oath of Loyalty and allegiance to the Orange Order and live our lives to the Qualifications of an Orangeman.

Loyal Orange Lodge 242 is named after one of the founding fathers of Orangeism in England. His name was Lord Cairns  For over one hundred and fifty years men from Birmingham and the Midlands area have come together for monthly meeting and Parades; continuing  the fine example of men like Lord Cairns, who was a Past Deputy Grand Master of England.

Loyal Orange Lodge 224 is the second Lodge in the City of Birmingham. It is named after James F McCord. This Lodge is also based in the West Midland.

Loyal Orange Lodge 1012 Lieutenant Colonel Blair Maine Memorial was re-opened in 2006 and meets in the Daventry area.

Loyal Orange Lodge 31 Loyal Victory was reopened in 2016 and meets in the Stourbridge area.

Our Lodges hold monthly meetings in the West Midlands and brethren from all over Central England regularly attend. Only members of our institution (and visiting brethren from other Lodges) are admitted to these meeting, but if any loyal citizens of the United Kingdom are interested in joining us, we would be more than pleased to extend our genuine hospitality, and arrange to meet them anywhere in the Midlands to explain why we are so passionate in what we believe. Please contact one of our Secretaries; via E-mail. We love to explain our history and beliefs to anyone who might be interested in joining us, see the web page Qualifications of an Orangeman and discover if this fits in with your beliefs.

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Remember what Edward Carson
did for the Union

Forward to the Parade

Our District on Parade in Brixham November 2006


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