Team Crush Claw


----New news----

- Visit "Fun Stuff" link and feed the sites new mascot. (Phantom)

- Aishi has returned peoples :D

- There is no chance Ace is quiting Pokemon

----Old news----

- Visit "Fun Stuff" link and see site theme song.  :D



This is Team Crush Claw the battle and trading net work im Lord-Ace the founder of the site. We have 2 open gyms, see "About Me" for contact infomation and "Gym Leaders" for Gym battling info. Thank You, and have a nice day :) Team Crush Claw rulez!

trade battle and talk

Utilizing the wifi battling, tradeing and voice chat capabilities by exchanging "friend codes" u can acsess these applications. Below, the Team Crush Claw chat room is for exchanging fc's but the rulez arent that strict so dont be scared to chat and dont be afraid to ask questions (;


Team Crush Claw Chat 

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1: limited swearing

2: no spam

3: u no wats rong so dont do it

4: not a rule but have fun!