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2014 Congratulations .....

KCGCDS - We have had a good number of successful participants across the KCGCDS Levels achieving their Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards - congratulations all.

Agility -

Mandy Trendell and Isa have started  the year well with picking up a G3 agility win at one of the winter shows so taking them to Grade 4, they have since also won out of Grade 4 and have one win towards Grade 6


David and his Papillon Caeyn competed at Crufts in 2 events, qualifying for the small team event with the first ever Papillon only team and also the Small Championship final. They put in some fabulous runs and coped with the atmosphere superbly


David and his Papillon Caeyn were once again selected to represent England at the World Agility Open in Italy, unfortunately after travelling all that way, Caeyn was unable to compete due to injury and has had to retire from agility for the foreseeable future.


Kennel Club International Agility Festival

Ceri and Taezyr had yet more Grade 5 wins taking the total to 6 still waiting for that final agility win to go grade 6. They won the Novice cup jumping round and got a good solid place in the Novice cup agility round (the 2 classes results combine to select the top 30 to go through to the semi final so is important to try and get round both the courses to increase chances of qualifying). These two results qualified them for the Novice Cup Semi final to be held on the Saturday of the KCIAF, the top 10 Large and top 8 small and Medium then qualify for the final to be held at Crufts 2015.

Mandy Trendell and her Border Terrier Isa also put in 2 solid clear rounds in the small novice cup to also qualify them for the semi final. The top 15 qualify with 8 going through to Crufts.

Saturdays Novice cup final had Ceri running 5th from last in the large height category and Mandy running first in the small height so it was a bit of a tense wait. Taezyr put in a beautiful run with a couple of wide turns to take the lead in 34.162 with only 4 to run so knew they had definitely qualified for Crufts. The very final dog managed to scrape less than 0.2 of a second off relegating Taezyr into 2nd place not bad when there were originally over 570 large Novice dogs competing.

Mandy and Isa put in a steady run in 52.074 picking up 5f but still managing to finish 8th and so also qualifying for Crufts.

Dogs in Need Agility

Ceri's Taezyr got his 8th Grade 5 win and this time it was an agility run so taking them to Grade 6.

Davids young Papillon Kyto has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and managed to quailify for the DINAS Classic Grade 3 tournament Final where they came an excellent 3rd coping fabulously with the crowds around the ring. This was Kyto's last show at Grade 3 as they won 6 grade 3 classes at the end of July/beg of August.


Prestbury Park was David and Kyto's first Grade 4 show and Ceri and Taezyr's last grade 5. Both dogs decided they needed to win and their landmark show, Taezyr winning yet another Grade 5 agility, tally now 9 Grade 5 wins, Kyto won his first Grade 4 agility run to move up to Grade 5.

During the year Taezyr had also managed to qualify for the Camddwr cup final to be held at the end of September in conjunction with the Agility Secrets Jumping Final. This event is sponsored by Camddwr Canine with loads of amazing prizes on offer to the successful participants.  The morning warm up Jumping event was the finalists from both events competing against each other, Taezyr put in an amazing run, slightly scary at the end as he looked at the straw bales stacked in the ring but still did enough to WIN!! In the Camddwr Agility final again Taez put in a lovely run, again just a slightly scary moment at the end with an extremely wide turn but it was enough to put them into 2nd place just 0.14 behind the winner and bagging themselves some amazing prizes.


First Grade 5 shows for David and Kyto, first Grade 6 shows for Ceri and David. Kyto wins an amazing 8 Grade 5 classes over 2 shows to take him well and truly into Grade 6 next season and Taezyr wins a Grade 6 agility, only 3 wins needed for Grade 7.

Janet and Codi had a rare outing to an agility show picking up a place in C4-5 Agility. 

2013 Congratulations....



David and his Papillon Caeyn travelled to Gerona, Spain to represent the UK at the IFCS agility championships. They put in some fabulous runs but generally nothing could touch the Russians. Together they put in a very tactical run in the Snooker to be crowned IFCS Bronze medallists. 


David and Caeyn again were selected to represent England at the World Agility Open in Oveido, Spain. Unfortunately Caeyn picked up an injury just the day before setting sail for Oveido but with intensive therapy from Tace Allen Hunt he was fit enough to run. The first couple of runs were very tentative for fear the injury may return as David had elected to rest him up and not do anything much in the training sessions so picked up 5f in the pentathlon and 5f in the biathlon. All his other runs were foot perfect. After R2 of the pentathlon they were in 20th, after R4 in 12th and after the final round 7th so who knows where they could have finished with a better start to the competition. Caeyn also ran in one of the complicated Team Pentathlon runs after David was confident that he was fully fit, coming 3rd and therefore helping Team England to secure the overall Silver Medal.

David and Caeyn WON their first Kennel Club Agility Championship Certificate at Hinckley Champ show in May and amazing achievement by such a small but brave dog, this has qualified them to compete at Crufts 2014 in the Champ class.


David and Caeyn qualified for the British Open Final at the KCIAF and as part of Team England won the Nations cup team jumping, finishing 2nd overall in the Nations Cup with Wendy Clay and Suzanne Phillips.

Ceri and Taezyr her young BC had their first show mid July when he turned 18mths. at his first show once he realised what it was all about they picked up an 8th in G3 agility and at their 2nd show they won G3 agility taking them to Grade 4 already. DINAS was therefore their last G3 show where Taez picked up another G3 agility win and a 2nd in Jumping.

Caeyn and Taez have continued on their winning ways through the remainder of the season with Taez picking up another 3 G4 wins to go G5 for next season where Ceri intends to try on hold him for a while. Ceri's Tekcyn continues to put in some lovely runs, finally winning into G7 at Easter, something we never thought would happen following his back injury, he and even managed a clear in the Champ agility at Chippenham, Champ Jumping at DINAS and a G7 win in July. Mandy Trendell and her Border Terrier Isa have now got the agility bug and have been making good progress in the ring picking up some excellent places.

2012 Congratulations....


Ceri's Tekcyn has managed to come back from a horrible back injury in September last year and after months of rehab and a very tentative return to the ring, won Grade 6 Agility in a time 2.2 seconds quicker than the G7 winner, only one more needed to go G7. Not bad for an 8yr old dog who's disc popped out.

The Biggest news of 2012 - David and his Papillon Caeyn went to Belgium to represent England at the World Agility Open Championships, competing in the Individual Pentathlon (5 events combined) and the Team Pentathlon. Caeyn was part of the team to get 2nd in one agility run. Individually Caeyn WON the first Agility round and overall after the 5 rounds Caeyn and David were crowned pentathlon 320 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

In July David, Ceri and Caeyn travelled to Kristianstaad in Sweden for Caeyn to represent Great Britain at the European Open. They had some lovely runs at an amazing event and made the final but unfortunately Cae took a dislike to their tyre so picked up an elimination.

Caeyn also had some fabulous Champ runs finishing up 3rd in the Final at Hinckley and Reserve CC at Nottingham.


2010 Congratulations....


Caeyn - Petitichien Maitre de la Mer has continued to be successful having gained the Reserve Championship Certificate (Agility) at Beacon on May 8th. At the same show Caeyn (part of the RSCTA Ruff Diamonds team) also qualified for Crufts in the team event, can't wait to see him running on the green carpet (at least he knows what its like since the back garden is covered in the 2009 main ring!)

Celtyr - Myndoc Luck O' The Draw has won Grade 5 Agility and G5 Jumping at LAE to take him to G6 

*update* From Celtyr's first show in Grade 6 at Nottingham he has continued to gain many good places, including winning C1-7 Agility and Jumping at the Agility For Britain show taking him half way to G7. He has followed this up with 2 further wins in G6 Agility and Jumping thus from the end of September will be Grade 7!!

Tekcyn - Talacae Trick O' The Light continues to improve and have a number of places. He is becoming slightly more controllable and finally getting at least one clear a weekend. He had a very successful Dog Vegas show at the end of August gaining 3 3rd places, 6th and 9th in G6 Agility and Jumping and could so easily have had some wins if he decided to turn the right way all the time 

Jessica & Chelsea - Dunnellons Gottabe Chelsea won G3 Agility and Jumping at TAG to take them to G4!. Since TAG, Jessica and Chelsea have continued to have many successes including winning G4 Agility and Jumping so from mid September will be G5, and qualifying for the UKA Beginners Steeplechase in which they came 5th!!  Dashin Dogs Sept show Jess and Chelsea won a couple more classes including G5 Agility so G6 now beckons!

Sophie & Gizmo - Gizzy Gadget Go Go. Sophie and Gizmo have only done a few shows but have worked a lot harder and better together this year which has paid off. At Dashin Dogs in August Sophie came home with a number of places including a Grade 1 Agility win thus, at their next show at the end of September they will be G2!

2009 Congratulations....


Caeyn - Petitichien Maitre de la Mer has won into Grade 6 having won 5 Grade 5 classes at just 2 shows; Wye Valley & TAG, a fantastic achievement for such a young dog - Grade 1 to 6 in just 10 months!

          - Cae continues with his winning ways and by the end of July had won his 4 G6 classes necessary to take him to G7

          - Dogs in need Agility week, Caeyn qualified for the 6-7 Agility finals and came a fantastic 4th (he was still G6 using up his spare runs)

          - Dog Vegas - only Cae's second show at G7 and he wins 2 G7 Agility classes 

Celtyr- Myndoc Luck O' The Draw won Grade 3 Agility at just his 2nd show (TAG) to take him to Grade 4. He also gained 2nd in Grade 3 jumping.

          - Celt has also won 4 G5 Agility classes but each time with 5F so does not yet have to progress to G6!

Jessica & Buddy - Steps of Fire won Grade 3 Jumping at TAG

Crufts 2009

Massive congratulations to Lauren (9yrs) and Caeyn - Petitchien Maitre de la Mer (Papillon) for a fantastic 5th place in the YKC Starters Obedience finals at Crufts. We are so pleased for them both, beaten by 4 pesky collies lol!!

Vicky Bowe with the brothers Tek & Twist, Talacae Trick O' The Light & Wannabe Twister who came away with 3rd and 4th in the YKC Intermediate.

Our Junior flyball team who did really well at Crufts, 3 superb runs from Tek, Twist & Swift but unfortunately due to losing a handler (Sam W who had his major Rugby final) and Chase little Caeyn was sustituted in for the ahhhh factor. The box was a little stiff for him but everyone was cheering!

2008 Congratulations



Special congratualtions must go to Vicky who within 3 weeks has managed to qualify for Crufts in the Obedience with 2 dogs and the Flyball, nothing like getting it all out of the way as soon as possible to get rid of the pressure!!!


  • Obedience

Janet and Codi have won their first Novice class

Ceri & Caeyn (Papillon) had a lovely round in their first competitive Novice class and had it not been for a leg injury hampering his retrieve, would have left him in a run off for 1st! (against Codi!!)

  • YKC Obedience

Congratulations go to:

Vicky Bowe & the two brothers:

Twister winning YKC Intermediate at Rugby (04.05.08) losing 8.5 and therefore qualifying for Crufts 2009!

Tekcyn winning YKC Intermediate at Loughborough (17.05.08) losing 4.5 and therefore qualifying for Crufts 2009!


Abigail Edmunds and Peggy (Labrador) coming 2nd in both YKC Starters and Elementary at Loughborough and gaining 2 of the 5 diplomas needed to get to Crufts.

Ros Smith and Zoe gaining a diploma in YKC Graduate and gaining 2nd place in doing so at Loughborough.


Abigail Edmunds and Peggy won both YKC Starters and YKC Elementary at Cheltenham


Lauren Jones and Caeyn (Papillion) won YKC Starters at Stonehouse on their first time in the ring together to qualify for Crufts 2009



Ceri & Tekcyn - Gained a number of places already this year including winning Novice Agility at Agility Addicts and coming 2nd in the KC Novice (grade 3-5) Olympia Qualifier at Packington and therefore qualifying for the semi finals to be held at the end of august at Stoneleigh.

At PADS on 31.05.08 Tekcyn went on to win Grade 4 agility by nearly 5 seconds, completing the course in 27.15 so from the beginning of August will be Grade 5. He also picked up a 5th place with 5F, If he had left the pole up that would have been another convincing win! Teckyn picked up another 3rd in Agility at North Derbys 08.06.08 after a very messy round, just think what it would have been if clean turns!!! Not that he needs another Grade 4 win.

At High Peak Tek stormed around a 3-5 Combined Agility to win by over a second. Just a shame he missed to be Grade 5 by just one day otherwise that could have been his pass straight to Grade 6 (senior).

Tekcyn has had a good summer, qualifying for the 5-6 Genisis Finals at Dogs in Need, getting a number of 2nd and 3rds in Grade 5, 6th in Combined 5-7, winning Novice agility at Agility Addicts to go Senior at their independent shows and finally having been in Grade 5 for just a month, winning Grade 5 agility at WBSDS (31.08.08) to go Grade 6 - Senior! Tek has now gained enough points for his Bronze Agility Warrant. (To see a video of Tekcyn's Grade 5 win visit Talacae dogs and see "Tekcyn's" page)

Tekcyn has managed a few more decent agility runs, winning his last ever Grade 5 Agility round by 1.5 seconds at Lune in October. His next KC Show was Newton Heath (22.11.08) which was his first time in Grade 6 where he managed to storm round the Agility course with just a few minor errors to finish 2nd!


Caeyn (Papillon) at his second show with David handling managed a 2 clear rounds in jumping rounds, one of which resulted in a 3rd place in Grade 1, only missing out on 1st by 0.25 of a second!

At Caeyn's third weekend of competing he has now added another 2 clear rounds to his tally and WON combined 1-2 Agility so moving him up to Grade 2, winning by nearly 5.5 seconds.

Caeyn has gone onto win a total of 7 classes so far including 2 at High Peak(19/20th July) and 2 at Derbyshire (26th/27th July) , one of which was a combined 1-3 agility. Only one more weekend to play before he can try and win into Grade 3!

Caeyn has had many wins this summer including his first Grade 2 Agility run at the KC International Festival thus going straight into Grade 3. Cae also qualified for the small 1-2 DINAS Finals and also won combined 1-4 Agility at WBSDS. As of the end of September he will finally be running as Grade 3! In 2.5 months Cae had achieved enough places and therefore points for his Silver Agility Warrant and after just 3.5 months (To see a video of Caeyn visit Talacae dogs and see "Caeyn's" page).

Caeyn won his first ever Grade 3 Agility run at Dashin Dogs to take him straight to Grade 4 in November. He followed up this win with another Grade 3 Jumping win and a Grade 3-5 Agility win. What a way to start an agility career and end a season!

Caeyn won his first ever Grade 4 Agility run at Newton Heath so, as of the New Year he will be Grade 5. He also picked up a 2nd in Grade 4 Jumping, and there we were thinking he had ended his successful season following his Grade 3 wins at Dashin Dogs! Grade 1 - 5 in just under 6 months of competing, he is such a fab little dog!

Caeyn has also won the Grade 1 & Novice Trophy for the Papillon Agility League 2008, a nation wide league in which he gained over 900 points which I think is probably one of the highest points total seen in this level of the league.


Janet & Codi have also had a good start to the season picking up a number of places and clear rounds in both Grade 1 and combined G1&2 Classes. Codi has gained a number of good places over the summer despite not attending many agility shows including a 4th and 7th in Agility. He has now gained enough points to move to Grade 2 if Janet chooses.


Vicky Bowe running her mums dog, Swift, won Grade 1 Agility at Wirral taking them to Grade 2 as of the beginning of September. Vicky and Swift have since won Grade 2 Jumping, only 2 more to go (or 1 agility) before Grade 3!


Congratulations to our Flyball team who have already qualified for Crufts 2009

Vicky Bowe & Twister

Abigail Edmunds & Tekcyn (those two brothers again!!!)

John Bowe & Swift

Josh Whittaker & Chase

Sam Whittaker & Molly

Sophie Jones & Trim.

Leanne Griffith (box loader)

There were some lovely runs from the dogs to gain 2nd place in the competition at Beacon (10.05.08), in particular the speed freak Tek who missed his ball, sent it over the backstop, managed to go after it, find it and still return over all the jumps faultlessly, and that was all still done with extreme speed!!! Bless him!

Crufts Congratulations

All at Longden Dog Club would like to send their congratulations to those members that competed at Crufts, you all did so well.

In particular to

Vicky Bowe and Tekycn who gained 6th place in the YKC Intermediate Obedience

Sam Morris with Tekcyn and Caeyn who did 2 HTM displays, one on Friday and one on Sunday, Caeyn got the Ahhhh factor!

and Sue Jones in the Midlands Inter-regional team, joint 1st Novice

Jessica Busswell for her various places with her dogs in YKC Agility.

also to:

YKC Elementary - Sam Whittaker & Molly

YKC Graduate - Josh Whittaker & Chase

YKC Advanced - Sam Morris & Fyz and Vicky Bowe & Twister (again, Father and 2 sons competing!!)

YKC Flyball - Ceri (Captain), Vicky Bowe & Twister, Abbie Edmunds & Tekcyn, Sam Morris & Panda, Sam Whittaker & Molly, Josh Whittaker & Chase, John Bowe & Trim, and Sophie Jones (Box loader)