Loki Creek Angora Goats

Bucks of Loki Creek

ISF Adam

DOB: 3-18,2015

Sire: ISF Jeremiah

Dam: ISF Penny 

Adam is a wonderful Buckling from the well known Indiana Springs Farm. ISF was been breeding Colored Angoras for well over 20 yrs. Their goats are known for their soft & fine mohair loaded on a very correct body. His pedigree goes back to the very well known ISF herd sire ISF Spike... He will be my herd sire for 2016 !!





DOB: 4-21-2015

Sire: MEA Bocephus (where he gets his brown color & fine coat)

Dam: CCF Deitryce (where he gets markings & compact body)

Argyle is a home bred buck. He is brown with a white belt and white spots, frosted ears.

Argyle, is going to be a smaller buck,( which I like), with a very fine & soft coat of mohair on a cobby body. He will be used on a select group of does in 2016.


Reference Bucks

           Loki Creek's Nicholas Reg, AAGBA  2 yrs (White)     

SIRE:BeamsRidge Dick 

 Dam:ThreeWillow's Jezabella 

Nicky has a very sweet disposition, wonderful fine fleece with great luster, squarely built body, straight rear end, and beautifully curved horns. He has kids of the same top quality as himself. 

                                            SOLD !!!!!!!


 Loki Creek's Aloysius Reg. CAGBA at 1 yr (Fading Red)

Sire: Ruble Farm's Loki (Reg.AAGBA)

 Dam: Three Willows Jezabella (Reg AAGBA) 

AL was born RED( with sweeping red horns & hooves)  although both his parents were Reg Whites . He will be very useful in a colored breeding program. He has the uniform long silky fleece like the whites with the added Bonus of COLORAl's personality is somewhat mischievous but,harmless! !  Sold  to Mary Beth Jewel:  

Hell Cat Farm                                                                                     



Introducing the newest Buck, PSF Casablanca

AKA Cassey

Sire: KHF Star Anise (KHF Play it again Sam X KHF Robin) Black

Dam: NOOK Druscilla (NOOK Charlie Brown X NOOK Bronwyn) Red

DOB: 3-12-2014

Cassey, is an Enchanting little guy with his charcoal colored mohair & deep brown ears that frame a sweat face.

His pedigree is loaded with wonderful ancestors, Grand Champions & fiber winners.

 All new bloodlines for my little herd

 MEA Bocephus

Sire: Red Falcon Ranch Micah ( ISF Gideon X PLF Deirdre)

Dam: Mea Coco (Kair Luther X Mea Vanna)

DOB: 1-29-2013

This is Bo, he is silvery brown with wonderful mohair. He has a very laid back & friendly disposition. You just fall in love with him !  His pedigree is fantastic: Sire is out of top show winning Indian Springs line Dam: is out of the Kai line also noted for show winners & wonderful fleeces. His grandsire, Luther is a producer of Champions !

I will be using this wonderful guy on a few of my does this year.










Look for his kids next spring.


PRF Louie

Sire: CCF Cedric

Dam: PRF Macarena

Meet Louie, my home grown future herdsire !

He is WELL COVERED with mohair and is retaining his dark color. All the things I need in my breeding program .

He gets his coverage from both sire & Dam and his non-fading color from his dam !

He is a bit on the ornery side which, I guess he gets from me, LOL !

Can't wait to see what this little guy adds to my herd !!! 




                                 SOLD !!!!






  GGF Shamrock


GGF Shamrock Reg. CAGBA ( white- color factor !) 



 Sire: Hill's Marley(Reg. CAGBA)

Dam: Hill's Claire(Reg.CAGBA)

Shamrock is just a wonderful buck, from the tipps of his wide curving horns to the tip of his mohair covered tail ! He has wonderful long uniform Buttery fleece on a stout square body, along with a gentle disposition and an engaging personality . You can't help but fall in Love with this guy !  His pedigree goes back to some of Hill Shepherds Greats like : Kodiak & Peppermint, Also Mohair farm's Great MHF Mufasa. He is producing AMAZING  offspring in a rainbow of colors ! Even at the age of 5 yrs his coat is still very soft & tightly curled 






Shamrock's pedigree









      Shamrock has a nice wide head. Pictured after shearing so you can see his face & wide spaced horns.

                                        SOLD !!!!

CCF Cedric


Angora Bucks have gentle dispositions & wonderful personalities which makes them a joy to own !









Sire: FF. Sirus (Black)Reg. 

Dam: Mandy (Red ) Reg. 

Black & White Pinto



Cedric is a flashy little guy , with the contrasting colors of his creamy thick coat makes him really stand out. His face is so heavily covered that you can't even see his soulful eyes. He has the sweetest personality. His Grandsire is the very nice Hill Cuervo(Black) who's twin sister(Hill's Bombay) was the '04 CAGBA Nation Champion Colored doe, & half brother of the '03 Great Lakes & VAGMA Champion Colored Buck. He has produced the most wonderful doelings for me that I've decided to keep them all this year !!!!!!


Cedric sired many amazing kids for me, some were even Pintos !! I just love this buck !!!!!!!



  After shearing you can see his pattern(& eyes) better. Now, you can see what a nice body this guy has  !





Meet Loki Creek's Tango, I've kept this wonderful Buckling to use for future breeding. He may lack the rich color but, he more than makes up for it in type and WHAT a coat even has a mohair covered tail and his face is so heavily covered that you can't even see his Big eyes ! Such a sweetheart, bottle baby personality and a Love bug, he will sit in my lap....really ! LOL 


Sire: Three Willows Spacek (Soild Black)

Dam: Loki Creek's Mae-Bell (Soild Copper/Red)

CAGBA Reg  Sold







 Tango, has a light red ,very soft & thick coat of  delighteful ringlets. As an added bonus he is so Friendly ! His pedigree combines: Old time Angora breeding, Purebred white, & Colored Purebred. He he had beautiful babies for me this year 3 does, 1 buck, 3 colored & 1 white.

CHF 606

Sire: CHF Sterling

Dam: CHF Hollyhock


His breeding is all Coon Hollow Farms, known for their show winning and breath taking Angora goats. CHF606 has been used mainly on the East Coast and now coming to Ohio to work his magic on my farm.

His sire CHF Sterling was himself a Grand Champion winning many champion ribbons all over the country and has sired many Grand Champions. He is known for his soft and very long fleece.

His dam CHF Hollyhock has many Champions in her pedigree, most noted of them was CHF Maverick. Hollyhock has many wonderful qualities, very soft and lovely handle to her fleece, is well covered and nicely built. Noted for having beautiful babies.

I so love this buck ! He will be adding wonderful qualities to my herd. 606 is built like a tank, well covered with dense velvety mohair and is solid black.

~~~~Dreaming of babies from this Guy !~~~~~





Old time breeding


Three Willows Spacek            

Reg.  Solid Black

   Sire: Three Willows Flash (Black Pinto)

   Dam:Three Willows Starlight (Solid Black)

DOB: 2-1-2003

This BIG guy has it ALL, Color: Black, still good and dark even at 7 yrs old,Coat :Covered with Soft mohair , Type: great size and solid body. Pedigree: full of some wonderful Three Willows , Coons Hollow & Kai breeding. 

Spacek was produced many wonderful kids for other farms and now it's  time for him add to mine !













 Spacey's Pedigree

                                                   What a set of horns !