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 What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?                                  

[ To Clark after Cat Grant kisses him. L&C:TNAOS ]

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05/07/2006: Here's the latest on L.L.D.J.


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  • Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 DVD and Adventures of Superman DVD are out for sale! Buy your copy over at Amazon.com right now!
  • Superman Returns movie will be out on June 30th, 2006!
  • Lois & Clark's 10 Wedding Anniversary Celebration Plans on October 6, 2006. [Date and plans are still in its early stages and are subject to change] Visit the Lois & Clark 10th Wedding Anniversary site.

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  • Superman Documentary DVD and Trailer: The trailer and DVD cover for the documentary "Look up in the Sky: The Amazing story of Superman" by Kevin Burns and Bryan Singer is now out for all to see. Be sure to check it out to relive your Superman history from the past to the future. Visit this link now!
  • Teri and Dean Reunite: It feels like L&C:TNAOS all over again as Dean Cain reunites with his Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher on her book launch for "Burnt Toast: And other Life's Philosophies". Visit HELLO magazine to read the article.
  • Set Visit Reports at Bluetights.net! Fly off to Bluetights.net now to read J's Superman Returns set report and interviews. Be sure to read Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris' interview for it's got a lot of interesting information about the movie what what you'll expect -- especially with Lois and Clark's relationship.
  • [Updated] Superman Returns at Kitson Charity Auction: Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh will attend the unveiling of Superman Returns fashions and toys at the Kitson Charity Auction. Visit Iris', BrandonRouth.com for more details. Visit the NEWS Page for the Superherohype interview with Brandon and Kate.
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  • My WonderCon 2006 article is up! Scroll down to the Writer's Corner.
  • Wizard 175: According to Iris from BR.com, Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth will appear on the cover of Wizard Magazine 175. The issue will go on sale this Wednesday, March 29!
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  • steam7
  • Myron Waldman dies at 97: Superman animator, Myron Waldman, responsible for the wonderful animation of the Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons (and one of the most beautifully drawn Lois Lanes ever) along with Raggedy Ann and Betty Boop's sidekick passed away at the age of 97. Read the article at SupermanHomepage for more details.
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  • Plans for Smallville Lois. Kryptonsite recently conducted an interview with Smallville producer Al Gough. Check the INTERVIEW out to find what he's got to say about Lois Lane!
  • It was a Cross-Generation Lois & Clark at the 2006 Golden Globes when Teri Hatcher-LnC's Beloved Lois and Brandon Routh the NEW Superman presented Best Supporting Actress in a series, mini-series or motion picture made for TV. Click on this LINK to watch the clip now. Special thanks to Olea for the screencap.
  • Congrats to Teri Hatcher and the otherDesperate Housewives for winning Best TV Comedy Show at the Golden Globe Awards!
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  • BELATED HAPPY 85th Birthday NOEL NEILL!Noel Neill, 1st Live action Lois, celebrates her 85th Birthday with friends at the Beverly Garland Hotel in Noth Hollywood, CA. Click on this link to see the images from her special day. Special thanks to idahoprime for providing the link.
  • Silverbulletincomics.com interviews Smallville's Lois, Erica Durance! Special thanks to Ryan for this article.
  • The Columbia University website has an article about Journalism which includes Lois Lane, Clark Kent and a bunch of other famous comic book journalists. Click on this link to read the article.

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by Ficassidy

For older Writer's Corner articles, visit the Editorials and Specials Page.




* First of all, I would like to apologize for the 2 month long delay of this article. I could easily say that I was busy, but there were other factors to why this article didn't come out as soon as I wanted it to be. Right now I am also very disappointed with Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon's relationship in the comics...aside from Lois & Clark/Superman and Bruce & Selina, Dick & Babs was another relationship that I'm highly supportive of.


I LOVE San Francisco…know why? Because the annual WonderCon event and the Chinese New Year Parade always go hand in hand, it’s like having your cake and eating it too! Not only did attendees get comics and movies galore, but they also got to party Gung Hay Fat Choy style afterwards with San Franciscans celebrating the Year of the Dog!



That Saturday, February 12, 2006 marked the WonderCon’s 20th anniversary and just like the year before, the event was again held at the Moscone Center. The WonderCon may be smaller than the more popular and sought out Comic-Con International in San Diego that’s up this summer, but smaller doesn’t mean it’s miniscule in the enjoyment factor—especially when this year’s anniversary convention included a special presentation from this year’s highly anticipated movie, Superman Returns.


The Superman Returns presentation was the highlight of my 2nd WonderCon visit but I originally intended to attend the WonderCon for another reason---- the lovely Noel Neill!



NOEL NEILL wasn’t just any actress who played Lois; she was THE FIRST actress to ever play Lois! She got to play Lois beside 2 great Supermen--- Kirk Alyn from the serials and George Reeves from the popular Adventures of Superman television series and she gets to hang out with 2 more Supermen--- Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Movie and the newest Superman, Brandon Routh in the upcoming Superman Returns…4 Supermen in a lifetime! She’s practically an iconic figure to Superman fans and is always supportive of anything Superman related!


It was such a great honor finally meeting her! She was very sweet and was easy to chat with as she signed the Lois Lane picture I had. I told her I was a big Lois Lane fan brought out my copy of her autobiography Truth, Justice & the American Way: The Life and Times of Noel Neill. I think I made her smile when she saw it!


That was also the perfect opportunity for me to ask her what she thought of Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane in the new movie since Noel was also involved with Superman Returns. Unfortunately, she hasn’t met Kate but she did say that she wishes Kate good luck and that…


“…she’ll be the BEST Lois ever”


I have to say I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t heard much Noel Neill/Lois support from other Lois fans before the event. There were hardly any Clois/Lois fans around the WonderCon to show some Lois support to Noel either. When it comes to another Lois Lane in particular [Erica Durance] most Clois fans [Clark & Lois—a term derived from the Smallville TV series relationshipper fans] get so over-excited and prepare so much fan support, letters etc., but this lady who has contributed so much to Superman in Pop culture was practically non-existent to them! 


I’m NOT saying it’s wrong to show a lot of fan support for a favorite actress playing Lois Lane and there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite actress who played Lois—we are all free to do that (I in particular often site Teri Hatcher as my most favorite)…but where’s the love and support for other Lois Lanes especially when we call ourselves Lois Lane fans?


This had been bothering me for some time and while I am extremely happy for the growth of Clois [Clark/Lois] fans, I sometimes ask myself are everyone really fans of the characters Clark and Lois or are they just fixated on the actors playing Clark and Lois? All I have to say is…if we really call ourselves LOIS LANE FANS we have to realize that the Lois Lane character doesn’t begin and end with whoever is playing her, the same applies to Superman/Clark Kent too.


Just giving my 2 cents on that. It’s like a wound that just wouldn’t heal so I’ve been discussing this countless times with other Lois fans that feel the same way. I really had to bring the topic up one way or another and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. It bothered me so much that I lost the drive to continue on with this website for a while. Thankfully a few Lois fans helped me get back to why I created this website in the first place---that this is a Lois Lane fansite that’s open to EVERYTHING Lois Lane and that’s the way I’ll keep it forever!


Before I digress any further, let me go back to talking about the WonderCon. Like I mentioned earlier, the Superman Returns presentation was the highlight of my WonderCon visit ---I can honestly say that I enjoyed this Superman Returns presentation even MORE than the SR panel from the SDCC [San Diego ComicCon] because of the surprise that Bryan Singer promised but I will get to that in a minute.


Earlier that day, I met up with other Bluetights.net members. It was good to see Justin and Iris again and it was great meeting more fellow Planet forum members like superdude, whitley, Pegasus, Dankalel and more (Sorry if I forgot your names and whoever else I missed!) One of these days there definitely needs to be a huge Planet forums member meet-up, it’ll be a lot of fun seeing everyone from BTN.


The SUPERMAN RETURNS presentation was the last panel held at the 2nd floor level that afternoon. Before SR were previews and presentations for Mission Impossible 3 with JJ Abrams, Clerks 2 with the hilarious Kevin Smith [His presentations are ALWAYS a Must See], Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animated film Cars and the creepy and visually disturbing Silent Hill which was based off on the games of its namesake.


I was highly anticipating the Question & Answer portion from the SR presentation because I wanted to pry more information about Lois Lane. Basically, just like I mentioned earlier about my feelings towards Clois fans, there’s a lot of reluctance in accepting Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. The reasons range from her not having that Lois Lane Look [What is the Lois Lane look exactly? Does being a good journalist have everything to do with appearance and not the skill?], her hairdo not looking right [I am actually partial to this because I think they could have picked a better wig or should have just colored her hair brown], her Lois being too fragile, looking too much like a teenager, not looking as hot as Erica Durance or Teri Hatcher—and not being Erica Durance or Teri Hatcher, her looking ugly…the list goes on and on.


Anyways, I went and lined up in a rush before Bryan Singer appeared because I wanted to make sure I’d get my chance to ask a question. The room was packed with people eager to check out the sneak peek from Superman Returns!


Prior to the SR presentation, they squeezed in some spoiler footage from the movie Silent Hill that’s due to premiere around April. There was a very disturbing scene involving the protagonist called Pyramid Head and that unfortunately left me very weak kneed, faint and disturbed for sometime. The scene played in my head countless times that I hadn’t noticed Bryan Singer saying a hello to the audience. It even affected my whole Q&A encounter with Bryan and his WonderCon surprise.


Before the Q&A, Bryan presented the same film footage that was featured at the SDCC last year but with a few changed scenes that were quite a treat! The footage dispelled any lingering doubts that I had about Kate’s portrayal of Lois. In those few scenes, she played Lois the way Lois should always be—a lady with spunk and determination, intelligence, aggressiveness, tenderness and still have the traits that make her a woman without getting too butch-like or too fragile at the same time. In short, Kate’s Lois is definitely Lois!


Here are a few positive comments about Kate that I collected from those in attendance:


And if you could all see what I saw, there wouldn't be any more doubt about Bosworth. She's simply perfect as Lois. There's was a mixture of warmth and spunk and attitude that I really liked. – Superdude


[In regards to Superdude’s review] I agree totally with what you said about Lois. I was unsure of her part until I saw the footage - Dankalel


I'm looking forward to her Kate Hepburn-"based" portrayal of Lois Lane. Her LL looks looks tough yet sensitive. Bring it on. -  Iris



After the footage, Bryan started a few Q&As before he finally unleashed his WonderCon surprise!




What’s the surprise?

















I never though the day would come when I’d be face to face with Superman!!! At that moment, I didn’t know what to think and what to say! In one corner of my mind, the disturbing Pyramid Head scene kept on replaying, and at the other corner--getting to talk to Brandon and Bryan at the same time---in front of thousands of fans was making me nervous…so nervous that I let another guy go ahead of me---and I am glad for that because he wanted me to hand out his business card to Bryan if I went ahead of him. If I did that everyone would’ve booed me…whew!


Brandon oh Brandon…he is so Supermanly that pictures couldn’t even capture that essence he radiates when you see him in person! He was a towering figure in the room and was dressed casually that day. He looked like a person who was very approachable and that’s a plus for me in visualizing Superman because Superman is a friendly hero—a hero we can trust, and you definitely get that vibe from Brandon Routh. According to other articles, that was his first convention so it was easy to see why he was a little nervous. But even when was overwhelmed by it, I’m just glad that he stayed positive, ready to give out smiles to everyone.


Photographers went crazy over him, getting into a snapping frenzy that I had to wait a couple more minutes before I asked my question. I wasn’t just the ONLY girl who got to ask a question, I was also the ONLY person who asked something about Lois Lane—I had hoped that other Clois fans would be there to ask more questions about the Lois & Clark romance from the movie but unfortunately that didn’t happen.


When I finally got to speak, I went overboard with my Lois praising that I forgot to clarify my question. That left all three of us, Bryan, Brandon and me, confused. I told them that my question was about Lois Lane and that Lois had always been a role model to women, she was always the “unconventional damsel in distress” because she was intelligent, independent, strong-willed, aggressive reporter and I wanted to know if Kate will play her that way.


Both Bryan and Brandon tag-teamed to answer my question the best way they can and here are the answers as quoted by the following media sources:


Comics Continuum


Singer on Lois Lane: "She gets into trouble, y'know," he said. "And this time she's got other people in her life, so she drags them into trouble."

"I think she's very tenacious, as she was before," Routh said. "And she gets in a little bit in over her head, as we see in the film. Because she has other people in her life now, that brings complications into what she's going to do about it. She can't just run away."

Singer said that actress Kate Bosworth plays Lois "quite mature" for such a young actress




The central relationship in "Superman Returns" is, of course, between Superman and Lois Lane. A female fan complained about Lois sometimes looking and seeming "too fragile" and hoped that Singer's version would be stronger. Singer assured the fan that "Kate [Bosworth] plays her more mature. She has a boyfriend and child; she's at the peak of her career [having just been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize], and she's achieved a lot." Routh added that Lois has "always been strong and tenacious. She still gets into trouble, because Lois gets into trouble, it's just not as easy to get out of it."




They were asked if Lois would be the usual (?) damsel in distress. Singer explained how this Lois "has achieved things. She's up for the Pulitzer. She's fiesty as always." When asked why Lois had a new love when Superman returns, Singer said "besides kryptonite, there's not much that can hurt him. This will hurt him and test him." Routh added: "it's the only un-moveable obstacle for him.


Aside from that, there were 2 notable Lois Lane related quotes that I loved from both Brandon and Bryan:


Brandon Routh: [On his favorite moments from the Reeve Superman films]

"all of the original, though I think fondly of the Niagara Falls scene in 'Superman II,' when Lois wants a hot dog."


Bryan Singer: [On a scene that made him want to make Superman Returns]

"It was the first date between Lois and Superman. She falls for him at first and asks why he does what he does. He answers that he's here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. She replies, 'You're gonna end up fighting every elected official in this country!' He looks at her with total seriousness and tells her, 'I never lie.' That one idea and one conviction; they're one of his greatest virtues and one of his greatest liabilities."



After the Superman Returns presentation was over, it was back to reality for me but the party wasn’t over yet because as soon as the panel was done, I had to rush, push, and shove my way through a crowd of people just so I may be able to catch a glimpse of the traditional Chinese New Year parade of San Francisco! 



With a roman candle in my right hand and  a trumpet on the other as my sister and I watched a group of Lion dancers perform their tricks at the corner of Union Square, I thought back to the earlier events at the WonderCon. I didn’t stop by for anime this time nor did I look for comics to buy…I didn’t even take pictures of the people in attendance---not even the group of Storm Troopers who always loved to pose---all I know was that I was bursting with happiness after getting to talk to Brandon even from a distance….it was a good day! I hope everyone had a…








Ficassidy's SAY ANYTHING







I remember a time when I was about 8 years old and I used to live in the Philippines. My grandmother and my family would usually visit our relatives living in a provincial town called Mexico, Pampanga. She [my grandmother] also owned some properties in the area that she often visited for her routine rent collection and if anything else was needed to repair. On one of our trips, we decided to visit a wet market situated close to the entrance of the gated community her properties were at, and my sister and I were ecstatic that we wouldn’t have to be bored sitting through my grandmother making deals with the real estate agent and all that business stuff. We spent about an hour or so roaming the place around, haggling the price down for some merchandise or buying fresh fruits from the stall vendors. As we were about to head for the parking lot, a man came up to us and to his left was a Philippine native dog which looked like a yellow Labrador retriever but only smaller in size and to his right were several puppies that obviously belonged to the older dog. He held on to them with a chain leash that I’m pretty sure was very uncomfortable for these dogs and asked my grandmother if she was interested in buying one or preferably all of the puppies and the mother dog. It was at that moment that I looked into the mother dog’s eyes and in there I saw sadness and hope that we would take her home and give her our love. When I held out my hand, she licked it and I knew what fate awaited this dog and her puppies---I was sure that if no kind animal lover would take then, someone who eats dogs probably would. I didn’t have to think twice because I had a strong feeling in me that the dog and her puppies probably suffered a lot and weren’t wanted so I asked my grandmother to buy them. My grandmother pitied the dogs so she asked him how much he was selling them for. Just like what vendors do at bargain places, if they figure out that you are a wealthy person they would often raise the price---so he told my grandmother that he’s selling all of them for 40,000.00 Pesos…IN CASH ONLY. Unfortunately it was too much to pay in cash and the man wasn’t willing to receive a check or wait till we have enough cash to pay for the dogs, he deals on a first come first serve basis. Sadly we had to leave the dogs and head for home. All throughout our ride back to Manila I couldn’t stop thinking about that mother dog and her puppies---and I couldn’t stop thinking about the sad look she gave me and the hope she had in her eyes.


I still think of that moment up till this day and probably will do so forever. There was a time when I just shut the images of dog cruelty out of my mind and pretend that it doesn’t happen but I just couldn’t go on pretending forever. Dog meat is a rare delicacy in the Philippines cooked in a style we call “Kaldereta” (stew); this was usually eaten as an appetizer to go along with beer. Thankfully the number of people against dog eating and other kinds of animal cruelty outweighed the people who do still want to eat dog meat so a ban was placed on selling dog meat and killing dogs for their meat called the Republic Act 8485 - The Animal Welfare Act.


Just when I thought the worst dog cruelty was over I find out about the abuse dogs and cats receive in China with the illegal fur trade [ http://www.furisdead.com ] and especially in Korea where about 2 million dogs are slaughtered every year for dog meat. These dogs have to suffer a slow and horrific death just so their meat will taste better when they are cooked into what they call a Boshintang soup! Cats are pressure cooked for long hours until they are reduced to liquid that these people believe will help cure rheumatism! Seeing those numerous images of the dogs and cats in their cramped cages waiting to be butchered made me remember that time so long ago when I encountered that man selling a dog and her puppies. In the eyes of all the dogs in the pictures I’ve seen was the same sad look that I so remember. It was a sad look that they have suffered so much. Then there again was that look of hope…hope that someone will bring them home and offer them love.


It was too much for me to just ignore again so now I’ve decided to do what I can to help, but I also learn that there were negative implications with the way help was managed. Outbursts like what Paul McCartney had blurted out against the illegal fur trade had angered not only the Chinese community but other Asians as well [ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4476664.stm ] He meant well when he let the world know about this cruel fur trade, but he also generalized every Chinese citizen of being uncivilized. This is a problem that Peta or other anti-animal cruelty folks are often guilty of when it comes to Korea or other countries such as Vietnam and China. It is a bad move to generalize everyone in a country to be guilty of the animal cruelty acts. In the past, and maybe up till this day, Filipinos as labeled as dog eaters. Yes, there are people who eat dogs in the Philippines, but generalizing everyone as dog eaters is wrong especially when there are also a lot of people like me who are disgusted by the acts of dog cruelty. I believe this is the same thing going on with Korea. Not all Koreans eat dogs, in fact according to Sunnan of KAPS (Korean Animal Protection), many Koreans are disgusted by the dog meat industry and the fact that some powerful political individuals are planning to legalize the dog meat trade. So much misunderstanding had happened that the pro-dog meat people feel even stronger about pushing dog meat to show Westerners that they will not bow down to what they think is Imperialism, and some anti-dog meat people continue to generalize all Koreans as disgusting and uncivilized for eating dogs. It’s really hard to remedy all of that now, but I believe that if we all take a minute to look at the problem, we can come up with ways to stop dog cruelty without having to label dog eaters as uncivilized or disgusting.


Another problem I encountered from someone else was WHY just dogs? We eat cows, pigs, and other animals---what makes a dog so different. This was truly hard for me to answer and I later learn that there’s just no winning when it comes to this. But just because there’s no winning in this doesn’t mean I won’t be able to help. Donating what I’m able to give to animal shelters can help save the life of a dog or two. I admit that I’m just as guilty of eating pigs, cows, chickens or other animals and it’s an industry that is really hard to stop as a whole---but with the dog meat industry, we still have that chance to stop it before it turns into the popular meat industries we have today. If we know that what we have now is wrong and can’t be stopped (beef, pig, poultry), why can’t we stop something we already know is wrong before it becomes even worse (dog meat industry).


To end this message of mine, I just want to say I’m not pushing people to donate, petition, hate dog eaters or do something about the situation…I just want people to be aware of these events so rarely heard in mainstream media. If people would like to help out, then I leave it up to them to help in whichever way they want.


Thanks for taking the time to read this long message of mine. Here’s a link to a beautiful speech made by KAPS founder Sunnan Kum regarding the situation of dogs in Korea.



Here are also a couple of websites that has more information on Dog and Cat cruelty













FACT: Millions of Dogs and Cats in China are being bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur can be turned into fur trim and trinkets.


PLEASE HELP STOP THIS! Visit JCruel.com for more information and support.



FACT: The Sudanese Government, using Arab "Janjaweed" militias, its air force, and organized starvation, is systematically killing the black Sudanese of Darfur. Militias also reportedly come into towns to commit terrible attrocities such as murder and rape. 


Visit http://www.darfurgenocide.org/ to help save lives.


Children in Nagappattinam



Fact: Many orphaned victims of the tsunami are vulnerable to being adopted for the Sex Trade. Please help stop this! Join the Tsunami Relief Effort. A little help can go a long way.

Visit http://www.google.com/tsunami_relief.html

for websites that provide information and handle donations for the tsunami victims.

Image from Newsday.com


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Rumors can be a drag, but they are interesting to read...and there is always the possibility that the rumour could be true. Here are the latest rumors surrounding the Superman Returns movie.

RUMOR #1: From the Planet forums http://www.bluetights.net/theplanet/showthread.php?t=1867

Special thanks to Mary of the Lois Lane Webpage.

- Lois is engaged to Richard and they are raising a boy Jason. Superman saves a plane that Richard is flying.
- Superman visits Krypton and is weakend by it.
- Lois interviews Superman again.
- Earthquakes and power blackouts plague metropolis.
- Headline in Daily Planet-SUPERMAN IS DEAD.
- Lex finds the Fortress of Solitude in the arctic - and discovers that it is made from Krypton crystals.
- Lex Stabbs Superman with Krypton crystal, Lois pulls them from his back and he tumbles into the ocean, Lois catches his cape them jumps in after him, and brings him to the surface.
- Lois throws Krypton crystal out the window of a boat and Superman goes after it, Richard and Jason see New Krypton.
- Superman hurls New Krypton into the sky, where it travels through the galaxys to where it belongs.

RUMOR #2: From MovieHole.net news http://www.moviehole.net/news/5456.html

More Superman Returns rumours
Posted on Fri, 15-Apr-2005

A few weeks back, scooper King Solomon told us about a huge 'Superman is dying' vigil sequence that was due to set to be filmed for "Superman Returns". Last week such a scene was filmed. Gold sticker on the tipsters chart.

The same scooper checked in again today with the latest whispers on the super-sequel. As he got it spot-on with the last scoop - we thought we'd give him his stage...

"This weekend (Saturday) more filming will take place in the city of the same sequence from last weekend....with a lot less extras...like 200...not 1000 like they had last time. Singer needs reshoots and better coverage I'm being told", he says. "Did you see that new S? It's exactly the same silver one that was used in the doomsday death of superman black superman suit...and what would you like to bet, considering the last scene being filmed was superman 'dying'.... hmmm...sure looks possible to me, considering Latino review spoke of Superman having a kid and a black suit months ago".

A couple of days ago The Herald Sun reported a rumour that Brandon Routh might be filming all his scenes in L.A. Not true, it seems.

"Many of his scenes are being filmed in the fox studio backlot - which was the whole point they chose fox (among budget concerns), was because they needed extensive greenscreen area for the flying sequences. Some of his major scenes have already been filmed and they include the Branson scene where superman saves the shuttle in space. Think green screen".

Talking of space shuttles and the like, "...there were some space flight signs on the bustops during last week's filming that give hints about the whole theme of space travel in this film. Lex Luthor is a not only a man with many resources (including financial) but has a stake in space travel....It's a major plot point in the film and part of what lures superman into trouble.... so I'm being told".

The scooper later told me the look of the flick's going to be quite slick - it's being filmed on a HDCAM-SR with newly debuted 'Genesis' Panavision camera and lenses. All digital, in other words.

RUMOR #3: by Darth Nata dated on November 2004: Are these true or not? I leave it up to you...the readers.

source: http://www.superherohype.com/forums/showthread.php?t=154971&page=1&pp=25

- The code name of Red Sun is not a sub title for the film but "Red Sun" is a major plot point
- When Clark arrives at the Kent Farm it is in ruins. He cleans it up as only Superman can. I have seen storyboards of this sequence and it will be amazing onscreen.
- They are no longer filming at Warner Bros. in Queensland. The script is still been rewritten because of this. All filming will take place at Fox Studios except for the farm scenes which are been done at Tamworth and will be the first scenes filmed.
- Although not a direct sequel to Superman 1 and 2, the story will fit in seemlessly with those two movies. I was told that in years to come people wont even acknowledge Superman 3 and 4. There will basically be two sets of movies, the first 2 with Reeve and the second two with Routh. There are plans to bring out a set with 1 and 2 on DVD just before the new film comes out. Apparentely Singer and Donner will callaborate to change some parts of the films.
- Lex Luthor will be the only major villian.
- The story is more a personal story like Batman Begins. The focus of the movie is Clark and Lois's relationship and the battle between Superman and Lex Luthor. Although there are amazing action sequences that will use some very groundbreaking SFX and will blow Superman fans minds.
- While there are rumors of WB wanting to still make Batman vs Superman, I can tell you all that they are leaning more towards a "The Justice League of America" movie. Batman will not be featured as he will be based in a different universe, but it will feature Superman, The Flash, Wonderwoman and The Green Lantern if it gets made.
"The opening of the film will be a recap of what happened in Superman and Superman II. I believe that they are refilming some classic parts of those movies to bring everyone up to speed. In this regard there may be people cast as Jonathan Kent and General Zod. Superman is possibly going to be the narrator telling his story but there may be someone else to do it"

This is no longer happening although I believe that Pa Kent will be in a flashback.
Superman doesnt die although is injured very badly which everyone has come to the conclusion of anyway.

Im still trying to get info on the kid, IMO (and this is my opinion only) the boy is Richard Whites from a previous relationship

Lex Luthor definately tries to shoot down the Virgin spaceship , although most people knew that aswell.
- The character that Kal Penn is playing wont be corny and the chances of Martha Kent surviving the film are pretty slim… (is this where the funeral scene comes in?)
- The Daily Planet is looking very modern as are the majority of the sets. I dont know how to describe the set but it looks a lot better than The Daily Bugle from Spiderman I can tell you that.

- Expect some pictures of the primary cast to be released in May/June.

- Pa Kent died in Superman: The Movie and thats what SR is sticking with. I wonder why there were a whole heap of black extras (male and female) auditioning at Fox today???

- Lex wont be campy like Hackmans version

Here are a list of DN’s reports that were correct:checked by Ruhanv of SHH

- Red Sun was the code name until Superman Returns was announced.

- Filming moved from WB in Queensland to Fox Sydney.

- SR will use STM and SII as a vague history and could be seen as a sequal.

- Lex Luthor will be the only major villian. No Supervillians but there are seeds planted for one or two in the sequels...

- Suit will be classic and there will be two suits used.

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