Work of Year 3 pupils 2005-6

Take a look at the personalised learning logs of the year 3 group

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I use my collaboration learning muscles with my mum and dad.  I used my perseverance learning muscle because I found it a bit difficult, but I carried on and done it.  Then my mum and dad were talking in the background but I managed my distractions.  I enjoy doing my learning log and I put lots of colour into it  and put lots of hard work into it as well.










I can collaborate with my mum and dad and other people when doing my learning log.  I had fun when I was doing work about landscapes.  I did some capitalising with cardboard, pens and sellotape.Skye Year 3



I enjoy doing my learning log and I persevere with it because sometimes I find it hard, but when I give it to my teacher she tells me that I have done really well.  Itís really fun and we can stick things in, go on the internet and use the Argos catalogue.  We also draw things and write things. 

Aisha Year 3




When I get home I open my learning log straight away because it so much fun.  Sometimes I am so absorbed in my work I do it at the table with my dinner.  Sometimes the teacher writes questions in my learning log and I enjoy trying to answer them.  I thing I am good at being resourceful.  I used a straw to show it was a stem because a stem carries water and so does a straw.  I made a link. 

Leah Year 3 




I like doing my learning log and sometimes my teacher writes a message to me and I write a message back. 

Maxine Year 3




I enjoy doing my learning log, my mum and dad help me all the time, I use my imagining learning muscles and I imagine how I could set it out. 

Philip Year 3



I like my learning log and I think it is the best in the world.  I need to plan things because I need to put stuff in the right place, I have to manage distractions when I am doing my learning log as my baby sister sometimes cries. 

Rianna Year 3




I like my learning log because it is interesting and I like the pictures of Joseph and his brothers.   

Stanley Year 3









I think my learning log is fantastic because it is a good way of showing what you have learnt. Mason Year 3


I persevere with my learning log and sometimes I collaborate with my sister who also has a learning log.  I plan where to put things in my learning log.  I really liked the story of Joseph that I put in my learning log.  It was fab. 

Tyler Year 3






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