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Lodge 12 Ft Training/Lead Ropes

The Lodge 12 Ft Lead Rope is made from 100% Australian manufactured 1/2" marine double braid rope.  Soft and smooth yet strong and tough.  Ideal for training or everyday use around the yards.


The rope has a Heavy Duty Bull Clip attached with a correctly constructed double braid eye splice then hand awl double stitched.  The running end is correctly back spliced to give the weighted effect preferred by many Natural riders and trainers, then finished off with an Australian leather latigo flapper.


The picture below left shows a Lead Rope we made about 7 years ago and is used everyday, so they do last!  On the right of the pic is a new lead rope.  The 2nd pic on the right shows a "snappy" Solid Red 12 Ft Lead. 


Price  Aud$35.00        Colours: Purple, Red, Black, Blue, Hunter Green,  Beige,  Dark Brown,  Slate Grey .Pink/purple fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/purple fleck , Black/red fleck, Black/ pink fleck,  Black/beige fleck, White/blue fleck, White/red fleck and Beige/Brown  or Pink/Purple zig zag pattern


LodgeRopes 12ft x 14mm Lead Ropes

If you prefer a heavier rope, we also stock 14mm marine double braid rope in Black/blue fleck and wWhite/blue fleck, 12ft x 14mm fitted with Bull Snap & leather popper $40.00


Please note:  We no longer recommend the Brass Twist Snap for equine applications.  Although popular  with some trainers and clinicians, we have found that the snaps cannot withstand such everyday accidents as a horse standing on the leadrope and pulling back. We expect all our leadropes to be able to survive such common accidents. 



Lodge 22 Ft Training/Lead Rope


The Lodge 22 Ft Training/Lead Rope is made from 100% Australian manufactured 1/2" marine double braid rope.  Soft and smooth yet strong and tough.  As with the 12 Ft Lead, this quality rope gives the feel required for Natural Training.


The 22 Ft Lead is fitted with a Steel Ring and removable Carabina style snap.   The running end is back spliced and finished with an Australian Leather  latigo flapper.


The picture below shows the Lodge 22 Ft Rope tied to a Rope Halter as a Natural Hackamore.  If you already have a quality Rope Halter, the 22 Ft Lead Rope will allow you to play with a Hackamore style combination before adding one to your tack shed or Christmas list.


Price Aud$45.00  Colours:  White/red fleck as pictured, also available in Solid Red, Black, Purple, Blue,  Hunter Green,  Pink, Beige,  Dark Brown, Slate Grey,  Black/red fleck,  Black/blue fleck,  Black/purple fleck, Black/pink fleck, Pink/purple fleck , and Beige/Brown  or Pink/Purple zig zag pattern.


Lodge 12 Ft Advanced Training/Lead Rope

The Lodge 12 Ft Advanced Training/Lead Rope is known around Cypress Lodge as “Sharon’s Rope”.  Sharon wanted a lighter, softer and “kinder” rope to play with her advanced horses.  The benefits soon became obvious.


Removing the clip caused  a dramatic change in the “mechanics” of the path of communication.  The clip had provided extra points of movement to act as subtle aids when increasing ‘pressure’.  The pivoting of the snap in the halter loops, the movement of the rope rotating in the snap, plus the weight of the snap itself, were eliminated, resulting in a direct path of communication.  This is why we call this Rope ‘Advanced’, it is designed for work and play with an advanced horse that already has attained a suitable level of softness.  


This Rope is excellent if you have a ‘sensitive’ horse that objects to the weight, movement or noise of a lead clip. 


The snap clip is also the weakest part of a Lead Rope.  No matter how much you pay, all snaps will rust or break eventually.  


The first picture shows the Advanced Lead Rope attached to a Lodge Halter.  Simple, strong and easily changed from Halter  to Halter.  The second shows how different snaps for different jobs can be attached when needed.


Price Aud$32.00    Colours:  White/red fleck as pictured, also Solid Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Hunter Green, Pink, Beige, Dark Brown, Slate Grey,  Black/red fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/purple fleck, Black/pink fleck, Black/beige fleck, White/red fleck, White/blue fleck, Pink/purple fleck and Beige/Brown or Pink/Purple zig zag pattern.



Lodge Pocket Rope

The Lodge Pocket Rope is the only item we use that has no definite specification.  The design is simple, a 6 Ft length of quality Double Braid rope with an eye splice at one end and a weighted back splice with a leather latigo flapper at the running end.  What we don’t agree on is diameter of rope.  We use 6, 8 & 10mm thick rope to suit each person’s preferences.  Sharon uses a 10mm Pocket Rope because she likes to ride with it as a single rein and feels its ‘softer’.  Rob likes the 8mm as a good general purpose ‘all rounder” and India likes the 6mm because we make them in purple

So, because she is only eight and cute, we have made India’s 6mm purple rope “The” Pocket Rope.

 The 6mm Lodge Pocket Rope is one of the handiest items around Cypress Lodge.  We have them hanging by the front door, in the stable and on the dash of the ute.  They are used everyday for catching, leading, one rein riding, attached to a training stick and once, as a replacement for a broken stirrup leather while out riding.


NOTE: Design Change!!!!!!!! For years we have made the 6ft strings to a set design BUT we believe there is a better way.  The poppers on the string have a hard life, whipped into the ground, stood on, pony chewed, they just simply 'cop a flogging'. So to make it easier to replace the popper, we now double braid eye splice a small loop onto the popper end of the string, the leather popper simply mounts thru the eye loop. The splice still weights the end but makes it so easy to replace a worn or damaged popper in seconds without any special tools.  We want our customers to have gear that is user friendly and the design change also makes the popper end look like a vaquero style romel rein popper. Pic of new popper mounting is in the top right corner of the main pic. Email if you have any questions or concerns but we believe that although it involves more work for us, it makes a better product for you.

6mm Pocket Rope

Price Aud$14.00  Colours: Purple, Red, Black, Hunter Green, Blue, Pink, Beige, Dark Brown, Slate Grey,  White /red fleck,  White/blue fleck, Black/purple fleck, Black/blue fleck, Black/red fleck, Black/ pink fleck, Black/beige fleck, Pink/purple fleck and Beige/Brown or Pink?Purple zig zag pattern.

8mm Pocket Ropes are also available in Black, Black/blue fleck, Purple, Pink, Brown.

Price AUD$18.00


Lodge Competition Lunge

We had custom orders for Competition Lunge Ropes, then requests for Mecate Reins suitable for younger riders and those who find the standard rope a bit of a handful.  In response to these orders, we have combined the features of both into this item, our Competition Lunge Rope.

The Lunge is made from 22 Ft of Aussie made 10mm marine double braid rope.  Features an eye splice at the halter end to allow easy attachment to a halter or you can attach the snap you need for a specific application.  The pic below shows a range of snaps that can be easily interchanged as required.  The running end is weighted with a back splice and finished with a latigo flapper.

We have found the "test" prototype to be a very handy rope around the horse yards.  The Lunge was designed for competition and everyday use. 

So far this item has been used for.....

Competition lunge, we are pleased to customise the lunge to your requirements.

Mecate rein, attached to a rope halter as a lightweight hackamore setup.

Float Loading lead.

22 Ft long line/Training lead, a lighter version of the Parelli style long lead rope.

Filled in for the top gate while i had to weld the mongrel for the 3rd time.

Price AUD$32.00  Colours: Black, Purple ,Pink, Brown only.


LodgeRopes Ezi-Ty

The Ezi-Ty  is on of those things we made for our own use, then forgot about it.  We have a couple in our horse float, a friend asked us to make some for use at the pony club.  Then someone saw them and wanted a couple for their wash bay area…and so it went.

The design is simple, a nickel plated Panic Snap (one handed quick release) at one end of 36” of ½” marine Double Braid rope with a class 1 eye splice loop at the other end. 

The design is reversible…you can loop the rope around a rail or post, as in the pic, and use the panic snap attached to a halter OR attach the eye spliced loop to the horses halter and attach the panic snap to a ring or tie mount in a trailer or float. 


The ½” quality marine double braid is tough & strong, UV resistant, low stretch and has a smooth outer braided cover. 


We can custom make your new Ezi-Ty in any of the rope colours we have in stock.

Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Red, Beige, Grey, White/blue flk, White/red flk, Black/red flk, Black/blue flk, Black/pink flk, Black/beige flk, Black/purple, Pink/purple, Brown/Beige zig zag.

Price AUD$14.00 ea.

 Please Note, some riders have emailed and asked if the ezi-ty can used for teaching a horse not to pull back.  We strongly suggest that using the ty for this application could result in either a broken ezi-ty or horse.  A horse not tying or pulling are training issues that need to be addressed with specific techniques that address a horses response to pressure, not a bigger rope.  The ezi-ty is a short lead with a quick release panic snap for convenience and safety

Email anytime if you have any questions or need more info.


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