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How To Order Online




How To order Online



We really donot like the online ordering systems usually associated with websites, so impersonal, inflexible and usually add costs to the purchase process ..


If you wish to purchase any LodgeRopes equipment, simply email us at

Let us know which items interest you, give us colour and sizing requirements and a delivery address or state and post/zip code and we will email you to confirm pricing and give a shipping quote.

We welcome any questions or requests for custom or modified work.  It is because we treat each order as custom work, we can easily and without any additional delay, make your rope equipment to suit your requirements.


To order LodgeRopes equipment

1)  Email

2)     List items, colours, sizes and postal address, also any special requirements.

3)     We will email to confirm prices, shipping and arrange payment via direct deposit, money order, cheque or for international sales, Paypal.


Email anytime with questions :0)


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