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LodgeRopes Custom Sizing Info &Rope Colours


Donít Panic!!!!!!Itís easy if you have just two things, a horse that will stand still and a cloth or plastic dressmakers tape.  Please do not use a metal builders tape as we have heard of an eye injury occurring.  If you donít have a soft tape, use a piece of string around the nose then measure the length of the string.

If you are unsure of the correct halter position, this is even easier.   Your horse will show you where it should fit. The noseband knots sit in the depressions either side of your horses face just below the facial crest,  the gullet knot sits in the hollow under the jaw and the poll knots sit behain the cheek.

This info is for a standard Rope Halter but the same measurements will also allow us to custom tie the LodgeRopes Half Bosal , Rope Hackamores and Enduro Bridle.


LodgeRopes colours of 1/4" (approx 6mm) & 1/2" rope (approx 12mm) for Halters, Leads, Hackamores & Reins.

We also stock.....................

8mm in Black, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple Black/blue fleck for larger halters & 6ft strings

10mm rope in Black, Brown, Pink, Purple 

14mm rope in White/blue fleck

16mm rope in White/red fleck

We also have a wide range of clips & fittings and always pleased to help out if you are having problems finding what you need locally.

Email with any questions, anytime.



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