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This advanced traffic system gives you the steps you need to take to get maximum traffic.  Using this system, you can get up to

Two Thousand Hits Per minute

(More if you upgrade to paid membership)

(1) Click here to download the Mozilla Firefox browser if you don't already have it.   Using their "tabbed browsing", you can open up to 20 programs in the same window, so surf loads of programs at the same time. 

You can join all the programs below for free and upgrade to pro when you are ready: 

(2) Click here to join Page Swirl.  You will need to use this program to rotate your sites.  Add your sites - you can rotate five sites at a time for free and add an unlimited number when you upgrade to Pro. 

Make sure you add your own member links (not mine).

You can also join Free Rotator.com if you want to rotate more than five sites at a time. 

Traffic Splash also has a free rotator. 

(3) Click here to join the best programs I recommend.

Click here to join lots more great programs. 

Remember to click 'enter' when you add each link within Mozilla Firefox.  That way, the information will be saved on the browser.  Then bookmark each page and save it within a folder.  Give the folder a name that you will remember.  When you open that folder, you can open all the programs at the same time as tabs. 

(4) Promote your Page Swirl link on these other programs.  Surf the traffic exchanges.  Remember, the more you surf, the more hits you earn for your sites.  Once you start attracting referrals - people joining under you - you can earn an unlimited number of hits. 

Set surfing goals like viewing 100 sites on each traffic exchange per day, or 500 per week. 

(5) Remember to view other sites that are advertised, to be fair to the people advertising other programs. 

(6) Join the top 20 traffic exchanges at Traffic Hoopla.  This will help you gain maximum traffic to your site - up to 2000 hits per minute (that's Two Thousand hits per minute).

Click here  to check it out.

Remember, you will get more traffic when you upgrade to Pro. 

(7) Use the traffic you get to PROMOTE YOUR PROGRAMS. 

Are you ready???



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