Love & Luck Ladybugs

A Special Touch for Your Special Day

What You Can Expect

  • Your live Ladybugs will arrive in individual bags...10 or more to each bag.
  • Each bag is approximately 3x4 inches. 
  • You have a choice of color bags:  White, Ivory, Gold, Silver, Natural, or A Colorful Variety. (Other colors available upon request.)
  • When they arrive at your home, store them in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.  DO NOT FREEZE.  This will keep them dormant until the wedding day. 
  • Each bag of Ladybugs comes with a Ladybug Lore Card explaining to the guests why and how to release them.

After the wedding ceremony, (or at the the appointed time) hand the ladybugs out to your guests and release them when you are ready.  Ladybugs tend to crawl before flying away, so do not be freaked out.  The idea is not to fling them at the bride and groom, but rather to allow them to crawl out of the bag, and fly away ...  Most people like ladybugs and are not afraid to hold them.  Most likely, everyone will have a ladybug or two land on them.  Ladybugs are harmless, and cute...AND GOOD LUCK! 

And for those guests who prefer NOT to handle the Ladybugs, they can open the bag then place it on the ground, in a shrub, or on the grass.

Shipping & Receiving

The ladybugs will arrive to you by United States Postal Service or by FedEx.  They will be safely packaged in a box with holes for mailing.  Inside, you will find that they will be in their individual 3x4 bags with the instruction/lore cards attached and placed in a large mesh bag for storing in your refrigerator.

Your ladybugs will be shipped so that you will receive them a day or two before your event.

On the day of your event, just take the bags out of the frig and place them in a basket or tray...and they are ready for the taking.  We suggest you place a trusted family member or friend in charge of handing them out at the right time or place and then be in charge of collecting any bags left behind.

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